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Website Design for Credibility and Impression

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

In the late 19th century when the mass public was largely unfamiliar and uncomfortable with personal banking, newly established banks had to go a long way to build credibility, trust and confidence in the bank with its investors and customers. As part of the confidence and credibility building process, banks would design their facilities with grand entrances, impressive architecture, ornate lavish decorations, fancy furniture and secure vaults. All to make potential investors or clients feel secure and confident when placing their life savings into a trustworthy bank. To this day, our banks still follow the same concept when establishing a new bank or banking branch. However, in today’s world, the confidence-building factor has been taken to a whole new level. Banks build impressive skyscrapers, hire executives with lengthy resumes and spend millions of dollars on marketing to build that same trust and confidence once required to operate a professional business.

Why am I talking about banks in a web design article? Because the same factors of confidence, credibility, value and trust that banks try to achieve apply to most, if not all online businesses.

Upon the initial visit to your web page, your prospective clients will decide whether or not your company and your website can help them and service their needs. Within the first 8 seconds upon landing on your web site your visitors will determine:

  • Is your company Credible?
  • Can your company provide Value based on their needs?
  • Can your company be Trusted to do business with?

As a business owner, you only have a short moment to make the right impression, and your website design plays a crucial role in conveying the message of confidence and value. This confidence, established properly, can convert your website visitors into lifelong customers.

Consider these statistics:

  • The number one reason why potential clients leave your site is due to Bad Design.
  • Companies lose 48% of their sales because websites fail to build confidence and value.
  • Over 90% of your potential clients will visit your website when considering doing business with your company. I know I will. How about you?

A professionally designed website with proper search engine optimization will go a long way when building the necessary confidence in your business that visitors expect. When hiring a web design firm, choose a team that can develop your company website with confidence factors to build value, credibility and trust, and in turn grow your overall brand awareness and equity. A property designed professional website can:

  • Automatically change the perception of your business in the marketplace
  • Build confidence with prospective clients
  • Increase your company’s overall value
  • Maximize your client conversion rate from all advertising channels

In modern day marketing, if you fail to impress your clients and can’t offer them helpful, valuable solutions when visiting your website, then all facets of your advertising and marketing campaign are damaged.

Chris Nation Named 2015 AAF Hot 10 Award Winner

by Josh Hampton @ Quantum Communications | Advertising + Marketing Agency | Louisville, Kentucky

We’re excited to announce that our very own Director of Client Services, Chris Nation, has been selected as one of the 2015 American Advertising Federation of Louisville’s Hot 10. The announcement was made Thursday, June 18 during the AAF’s 2015 Hot 10 Awards Luncheon at The Olmsted. According to AAF Louisville, “The Hot 10 Awards recognize those advertising and marketing professionals under 32 in the Louisville industry that go beyond the 8-5-work day in big and small ways.” Chris commented,  “I am incredibly grateful and honored to be a recipient of this award and look forward to serving and investing in the advertising industry in our community.” We couldn’t be happier that Chris has been recognized for his strong work ethic and positive impact on the Louisville advertising community. We are proud to have him as part of our team and look forward to what the future holds! About AAF-Louisville: American Advertising Federation – Louisville, formerly the Advertising Federation of Louisville (AdFed), with more than 650 members, represents Louisville’s $1 billion advertising industry and is a Division I member of the American Advertising Federation. Originally incorporated on January 30, 1908, today’s AAF-Louisville is the area’s oldest membership organization for marketing, advertising, and other […]

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Downtown and Goshen Campuses Have a “Field Day”!

by Marcy Jackson @ St. Francis School

By Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus and Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus This Tuesday brought one of our most fun events of the year – our Two-Campus Field Day, held at Goshen. With our two campuses 20 miles apart, our students don’t get to interact together nearly as much as we wish they […]

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Getting Listed: Using Local Business Citations to Boost Online Visibility

by Garrett Bonistalli @ One Thing Marketing Louisville, KY

Implementing an effective digital marketing strategy to grow your business will likely include several moving parts at once. From website design to strategy, the formula for achieving success in the digital space can seem complicated. That’s why we are going to focus this post on explaining how business citations – a large chunk to the local SEO equation – can benefit your business. What is a Local Business Citation? Generally speaking, a business citation is...

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Your local corporate video pitch maker and seo company in Washington County Wisconsin. online video production or creation and editor in Richfield WI

by root @ video commercials

Why Each Business  Should Have A Commercial Made…   Are you aware that getting a video for your business will help you in several ways?   Incredible First Impact �” Having your own commercial allows you to make an incredible first impression.  I don’t know about you…but if I were reviewing multiple companies in my area, and one of them had this eye-catching video, and the other did not…well I know who I would pick Videos Actually Tell A Story �” Videos actually tell a story.  It is a hard hitting way to show more information with your potential clients, because when presented in the form of a story, it pulls you in.  It makes a connection with the viewer.  It’s impactful. Right? Video Commercials Are Really Surprisngly Affordable – If you were to hire a regional video production company to come out to your offices, it would be very expensive.  Several thousand dollars, at least.  Our custom animated commercials, are available for you at a reasonable cost. Our rates are surprisingly affordable.   Powerful Statistics on Video Marketing for Small Businesses   Today I would like to share some great statistics with you about how  a video commercial can help your company.   You see, video gives you the opportunity to interact with your potential customers, unlike ever before.  You can let them get to know your business, and feel comfortable with you.   Are you aware that a video is 53 times more likely than text pages to show up on page one of google?  And that’s not all…are you aware that adding a video in an email that you send, increases a customer’s activity by about two to three hundred percent?   When you have your own commercial for your business, you are marketing yourself.  You are sending a message to your target potential customer that you are top notch, and deserving of their business.   You could find a video production agency and have them make a video commercial for you…   But that’s will  be very expensive.  We specialize in using cutting-edge technology to develop videos for small companies that are amazing, eye-catching, and converting.  In essence, they are going to get more floor traffic business.   For best Videos visit at

Boost Your Company’s Reputation… Or Else

by Dan Skaggs @ One Thing Marketing Louisville, KY

People talk. Wonder what they are saying about your business? More than 25% of a company’s market value comes directly from its reputation. Whether you’re a local business or a multi-industry conglomerate, your reputation plays a major role in your company’s success. But just how important is reputation management to your business? Infographic by WebpageFX

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Using Effective Keywords to Maximize SEO

by dklaymon @ Laymon Designs

Welcome back! This week, we’re looking at the KEI, or Keyword Effectiveness Index, which is a very good indicator for you to use to determine the best keywords to use when performing SEO. If you have any further questions about search engine optimization or website design, please feel free to contact us through our website or […]

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Who Uses The Internet in 2013 - A Demographic Breakdown of Internet Users

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

Several years back, in the hope of further understanding the conversion tactics for internet users, we wrote an article regarding internet users and internet demographic breakdowns. Considering the nature and speed of change online, internet data that’s over three years old might as well be considered ancient. Here is a look at a more up to date demographic structure of the usage of the internet in 2013, and a comparison to how it has changed since 2010.

In 2013, 85% of the United States population is online - that's 85% of males and 84% of females. The age breakdown is:

  • 98% of users between ages 18-29 are online (up 5% from 93% in 2010)
  • 92% of users between ages 30-49 are online (up 11% from 81% in 2010)
  • 83% of users between ages 50-64 are online (up 13% from 70% in 2010)
  • and 56% of users 65 and over are online (up 28% from 38% in 2010)

Compared to the user data three years go, each of the demographic age groups experienced growth in usage. The vast majority of people under 50 are online, and those older are starting to catch up. Interestingly, it is the senior age group of 65 and over that experienced the highest increase in usage (up 28%) over the three year span. The 50-64 age group had the second largest usage growth (up 13%)..

The breakout by number of users in various household income levels also experienced a slight change:

  • 76% of users online have income of less than $30,00/year (up 16% from 60% in 2010)
  • 88% on online users have income levels of $30,000-49,999 (up 12% from 76% in 2010)
  • 94% of online users have income levels of $50,000-74,999 (up 11% from 83% in 2010)
  • 96% of online users have income level of $75,000 and higher (up 2% from 94% in 2010)

Most of the change in internet adoption by income came from the lower income groups of the country. With $30,000 and under users experiencing a 16% increase in the past three years and the $30,000-49,999 income group experiencing a 12% increase in users. Compare that with the $75,000-and-up income group experiencing only 2% growth in the last 3 years.

The demographic breakdown of users by level of education experienced a similar increase, with most of the user adoption in the lower educational level groups.

  • 59% of individuals without high school diploma user the internet (up 20% from 39% in 2010)
  • 78% of high school graduates use the internet (up 15% from 63% in 2010)
  • 92% of individuals with some college user the internet (up 5% from 87% in 2010)
  • and 96% of individuals with a college degree or higher user the internet (up 2% from 94% in 2010)

To further break down the demographics, with regard to race:

  • 86% of the white, Non-Hispanics population is online
  • 85% of the Black, Non-Hispanic population is online
  • and 76% of Hispanic population is online

With regard to urbanity:

  • 86% of urban population being online
  • 86% of suburban population being online
  • and 80% of rural population being online

The most interesting change came in the usage trend data of why users go online. Considering all the new possibilities and new features that the internet has come to offer within the last several years, it’s not surprising that online habits have become more diversified. However, a surprising percentage of users who access the internet for reasons previously listed in our original article remained about the same. Here are some of the reasons with more recent survey data that we found interesting:

  • 91% of individuals went online to use a search engine to find information (up 3% from 88% in 2010)
  • 88% of users access the internet to send or read e-mail
  • 84% of users access the internet to look into a hobby or personal interest
  • 84% of users access the internet to search for driving directions or maps (down 2% from 86% in 2010)
  • 78% of users access it to get news
  • 74% of users go online to pass time or for fun
  • 71% of users go online to purchase a product (down 4% from 75% in 2010)
  • 71% of users go online to watch video on YouTube or Vimeo
  • 67% of users go online to access social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Google +
  • 65% of users go online to make hotel reservations
  • 61% of users access the internet for online backing
  • 53% of users access online looking for information on Wikipedia
  • 51% of users go online to search for information about someone they know or might meet
  • 46% of users go online to upload photos for future sharing
  • 30% of users go online to make a phone call using Skype or Vonage
  • 16% of users go online to use twitter

Considering this updated demographic and usage data, the question is no longer "does your target market use the web?". Instead, you should be asking what is the best way to capture your target market's attention while your target market is using the web, considering their browsing preferences. By using this data, marketing experts and business owners alike can tailor their marketing efforts to coincide with their target market's online browsing patterns and areas of interest.

Bluegrass Indoor Karting

by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Bluegrass Indoor Karting is the best indoor racing facility in Louisville Kentucky.  Equipped with top-performing cars with top speeds exceeding 40mph, this is not the go carts you grew up with.  Helmet and neck-guard required!  As the agency of record ...

Read More

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A client asked, “What five tech trends should I watch for in 2015?” Here’s what I said and how she can profit…

by Matt Langan @

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Flying? Traveling in time? Something else? When I was ten, it was to dunk. I know what you’re thinking, that power isn’t super. But to a short, chunky white boy who spent hours each day trading basketball cards and dreaming about playing in the NBA, it was. When I was fourteen, it was mind reading. If I could only read my crush’s mind, I could get her to like me, I thought. I still wish I had this superpower at times 😉 Now, it’s predicting the future. Imagine the actions you could take (or avoid) today if you knew what will happen …

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Online Reviews: Why Your Local Business Needs Them (and How to Get More)

by Dan Skaggs @ One Thing Marketing Louisville, KY

Warning! While you are reading this, someone is talking about your business. Someone is sitting down right now to tell their friend, co-worker, or family about their recent purchase, how your product works, or what they think of your service. Of course, this is nothing new. For generations, word of mouth has been one of the most reliable ways to build...

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Cost To Build A Web Site

by SEODESIGN @ SEO Design Company

Helpful Info Regarding Your Next Design Hire Once your business has decided that it’s time to get in the game and create a website (and, in 2011, that shouldn’t be a hard decision), it’s time to face the daunting task of designing and creating the site that will introduce your brand to the Web. This […]

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Common SEO Myths

by dklaymon @ Laymon Designs

Over the past couple of years, I’ve worked with several dozen clients, in a variety of different industries, from tattoo parlors, to realtors, to hospitals, and everything in between. In that time, I’ve heard several search engine optimization myths that people believe. This article is intended to debunk some of those myths. Search engines, lead […]

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Amazon SEO: A guide to improving your rankings on Amazon

Amazon SEO: A guide to improving your rankings on Amazon

by DPadmin @ Guardian Owl Digital Boutique

Did you know that 55% of online shoppers turn to Amazon to begin product searches? “Amazon has become the reference point for shoppers,” Jason Seeba, head of marketing for BloomReach told Bloomberg Tech. “Shoppers will go to Amazon first to find a product and check prices.” If you are looking for a launching pad for your products that […]

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Punch Up Your Copy (and Search Ranking) with SEO Keywords

by Josh Hampton @ Quantum Communications | Advertising + Marketing Agency | Louisville, Kentucky

By know, the importance of search rankings is common knowledge. If you want your audience to find you on the web, you’ve got to pay attention to optimizing your site. But implementing SEO can be a daunting task for those who don’t know much about programming. In fact, we always recommend seeking the help of an SEO professional to take full advantage of all the benefits of optimization. There is, however, a more accessible way to get the SEO ball rolling—add keywords to your copy. It’s one of the simplest things you can do to help boost your rankings. You don’t need a programmer. You won’t have to learn the complexities of back-end coding. With just a little thought and research, you can make an impact—and here’s how. Keywords Are Your Friends Nearly everyone knows how to use a search engine like Google or Yahoo. You type in a few words that you think best describe what you’re looking for, then you let the search engine do its thing. Search engines find what you’re looking for by seeking out those words on relevant websites. So to stack the odds in your favor, make sure those popular search terms—whatever your audience […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

by Chris Nation @ Quantum Communications | Advertising + Marketing Agency | Louisville, Kentucky

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with 1.1 billion users and 25 million active small business pages. Those kinds of numbers mean the potential to reach and engage your customer has never been greater. To help take advantage of this enormous user base, Facebook developed an advertising platform—called simply Facebook Ads—to help businesses, brands and organizations generate more awareness and better reach their target audiences.   1.  Identify Your Audience Much like Google AdWords or Bing Ads, Facebook allows users to finely target their audience by key demographics (age, gender, interests, location) and optimize campaigns for likes, clicks or interactions. For instance, you can target all individuals 18+ that live in the United States who like arts and music. Or you could identify more specific segments, such as women living in the south end of Chicago, age 30 – 50 who like the show Grey’s Anatomy. How? When a user creates a profile on Facebook they are asked to share demographic information. Additionally, the pages they like and the interests they discuss on the site further factor into the Facebook search algorithm. Using this information Facebook can display ads only to the most relevant audiences—and the more […]

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Hatfield Media - Louisville SEO Company

Hatfield Media - Louisville SEO Company

Hatfield Media

Hatfield Media specializes in SEO for companies across Louisville Kentucky. Search engine optimization helps your website reach the top of Google search!

Louisville, Kentucky: The City Without A Name (In Google Maps)

Louisville, Kentucky: The City Without A Name (In Google Maps)

Search Engine Land

Here's another Google Maps oddity, tipped to us by "emallaich" earlier this week: Louisville doesn't appear in Google Maps. The city is there -- Louisville

SEO Optimization, PPC Performance & More!

by storybook @ Blackstone Media

From search marketing to SEO optimization to social media, there’s plenty out there keeping digital marketers busy. In order to stay up with the constant changes in standards and practices, a lot of research is required. Of course, that can take many forms, but one of the most prominent ways it happens here at BSM […]

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Where Did the Ads Go? Google Removes Right Side Ads | Friday Finish Line

by Garrett Bonistalli @ One Thing Marketing Louisville, KY

You likely don’t have time to sift through the inner workings of the Web searching for the most relevant digital marketing news. That’s fine, you don’t need to do that. Luckily, we’ve compiled seven articles throughout the last couple weeks that grabbed our attention. Check them out. SEO/SEM 5 Ways to Increase Local Online Exposure As local search continues to factor in to the decision-making process of consumers and inevitably plays a part in deciding which...

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Custom Web Design vs. Template Layouts

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

Recently, one of my clients asked me a question regarding a web design service company that was attempting to sell him a $90/month website package that allowed him to make unlimited changes to the website himself at “no additional” cost.

Considering the vast number of companies providing a wide range of web design products, it’s hard to truly compare apples to apples if you’re not sure where and what you should start comparing.

Based on that question, I’ve decided to write a brief series of articles to address the issue, clarify some confusion and provide web site shoppers a baseline to start with when considering what web design option best fits their needs.

First, it’s important to consider what type of website you’re looking for. Basically there are two options to choose from, custom web design or template layout.

A template website consists of a pre-developed page layouts that allow web designers to make new pages with a similar design and style by simply inputting a client’s specific information into the pre-designed layout. Functionally, there is nothing wrong with template websites, but some disadvantages do exist. One of the major disadvantages is that the template sites are not unique, and there is nothing preventing your competition from buying the exact same “template layout” and designing a website similar to yours. Also, these websites often consist of table-based layouts instead of CSS, which caries design limitations and can hurt SEO/lead generation efforts. Due to the un-unique nature of the product, template layouts are generally sold at lower cost.

Custom websites are designed based on the unique needs of each client and the actual layout, design and development of the site reflect the client’s preferences, coincide with existing marketing materials and the overall scope of their business. Custom websites are designed from the ground up and coded from scratch, using various programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript just to name a few. They frequently have server-side components that allow websites to run advanced functions such as calendars, blogs and other custom software. Properly done custom websites are not table-based and generally generate better SEO/lead generation results. Due to the custom nature of the product, these websites take longer to produce and generally cost more then template layouts.

In the long run, when compared to the polished look of the design and superior lead generation, custom sites actually generate a better return on investment. At Logic Media we specialize in custom website design and focus on providing our clients with superior design and lead generation solutions.

Building Conversion-Friendly Websites

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

By now, most business owners have heard of and realize the importance of concepts such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click programs, Search Engine Marketing and the general value of Internet marketing. But what most individuals don’t hear about is the importance of proper Conversion Optimization to go along with SEO and PPC programs.

The goal of SEO and PPC programs is to generate traffic to your website. Business owners can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on the proper setup of SEO and click buying with PPC programs, but unless your website has been built with conversion optimization features in mind, your investment dollars, time and resources could potentially be wasted. Conversion Optimization turns that traffic into quality leads for your business.

As I mentioned before in my previous blog post, Conversion Optimization is a process in which websites are established and designed with features to provide your visitors with an engaging experience. That experience in turn persuades them to take the desired course of action while on your website, whether it’s making a purchase, scheduling a service, contacting you for a quote, or as simply subscribing to your newsletter.

When starting the process of Conversion Optimization, the first step every business owner should take is to:

  • Define the desired course of action you’re seeking from your visitors.

Position your mindset as your user and identify the most important message you would like to communicate to your audience within first 8 seconds of visiting your website. Next, evaluate your design:

  • Is your design and layout welcoming?
  • Does your website design build trust?
  • Does it appeal to your target market?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Does your design incorporate “call to action” features into its structure?

Conversion friendly designed websites will not only generate a higher quantity of leads, but will also increase the return on investment for your existing marketing efforts including SEO and PPC.

Are You Winning at Local Search? | Friday Finish Line

by Garrett Bonistalli @ One Thing Marketing Louisville, KY

Before slamming our computers shut and running out of the office and into the weekend, we’ve accumulated a round-up of the latest in digital marketing news over the past couple weeks. Give it a peek below. SEO Small Businesses and Local Search Needs According to a recent survey by local marketing news company Street Fight, 25 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses consider SEO to be the area of marketing where the most help is needed....

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Easy tools to check your website performance and SEO

Easy tools to check your website performance and SEO

Imagination Base

Easy tools from Google to check your website health The Internet is full of helpful information where you can check the health of your website.Google has several methods they use to rank a website including if your site is mobile friendly, speed of your site, if it has original content and others.  They offer tools

Websites and Google Keyword Search Terms

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

Late in 2011, Google made a change where all U.S. users logged in to a Google account were automatically redirected to the secure (https) version of Google search. In order to prevent hackers from snooping on your web sessions with Google and possibly capturing user search results and website browsing history with Google.

While this was definitely a positive move for individual security, it had some interesting side effects. Most notable from the SEO point of view, the change prevented the actual search term used from passing through to the target website as the referrer.

In the past, most Google searches would pass on the search term that users typed in to find your website. Information that is extremely valuable to website owners and marketers. Knowing the actual search terms that visitors used to searched for to find your website would help companies and marketers alike to further gain insight into understanding website audience and make necessary changed to better serve and target the audience. Under the guise of “security", however, Google started to phase out the feature. Note, paid Google search still continues to pass keyword data, in what many consider to be a hypocritical move by Google.

Since 2011, Google has been opting-in more and more swaths of the public into their “secure by default" program. Searches via the Chrome omnibox, all Google account users worldwide, and even searches in Firefox started going secure. Little by little, website owners were losing their precious term information.

The final death blow came in September of 2013, when Google forced everyone onto secure search wherever possible and as the result, these days, it's rather rare for a non-paid Google referrer to contain a search term.

But there is a silver lining to this. While it's certainly not as accurate or precise as it used to be, Google Webmaster Tools now provides search terms for Google clicks to your site. This can be a gold mine of information, and should be checked periodically to make sure website's are on the right track with their marketing efforts, SEO, and content strategy.

Other search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing have yet to start hiding search terms data, and we certainly hope it continue that way. Also, remember that paid search still provides keyword terms data to the users, and the consensus is that despite the hypocrisy, it would infuriate markets so much that Google probably won't start holding terms back on that front any time soon.

If you're interested in learning more about Google keyword search terms data and all the optimal way to utilize the information in order to analyze your website traffic and search engine optimization for your relevant keyword terms, contact our Louisville web design team at (502)252-1446 or via email at

Google Analytics Announces Demo Account Access For All

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

Google Analytics, the powerful website analytics tool from Google, can be a complicated and daunting product to navigate, even for those experienced with it’s quirks and nuances. Add in e-commerce product data, and the complexity can skyrocket. Luckily, Google recently allowed everyone access to a Google Analytics Demo Account that is fully populated with data from their own Google Merchandise Store. The demo account contains e-commerce transaction data and traffic source data, as well as content data showing how users behave on the website.

This demo data can be added to your own analytics account, allowing you to see how a fully functioning analytics setup can be interrogated, sliced, and diced, and the types of information that can be gleaned from it. Google’s examples of ways to use the demo account include:

  • View all standard reports populated with real data from the Google Merchandise Store
  • View AdWords and Search Console integration related data
  • Alter reports by adding filters and secondary dimensions, and by changing the report view
  • View predefined dashboards and segments imported from the Solutions Gallery
  • Compare audience, acquisition, behavior and conversion performance to a previous date range period
  • Segment the data using your own custom segments
  • Create your own dashboards, custom reports, and attribution models

Read the full release here.

Google Changes Guidelines for Google Places

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

In the endless and already confusing world of Search Engine Optimization, marketing agencies and individual business owners alike are trying to gain better rankings for their websites, clients and keyword terms. And now, Google throws another wrench in the works making things even more “complex”, yet again.

Those who have done their research and due diligence for basic SEO tactics have probably registered themselves with Google Places. Their listings have been approved, verified and posted on the happy world of Google search—possibly for years. All is well. Well, not really! Based on Google’s newly released guidelines for “quality” listings, your business listing might no longer meet their new criteria, and, in turn, be rejected from Google Places. And what’s worse, your account could be permanently suspended without any option for reactivation. And you won’t even know unless you actively check your Google Places Dashboard.

Things you can do to get back to normal:

One, if your listing is still active and functioning on Google Places in “Approved” standing, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to read over the new guidelines and make sure it meets the newly established requirements.

2. If your listing has been rejected, but without account suspensions, you can correct your listings to adhere to the new guidelines to prevent any rejections in the future.

3. In the worst case scenario, if your listings have been rejected and your account has been suspended, you will need to create a completely new Google account/profile, resubmit your business listing (make sure to adhere to the new guidelines!) and go through the regular verification, registration and approval process.

Of course, that’s the easy party. The most complex questions lay in the Guidelines themselves. If you consider the fact that when you submitted the business listing initially you have provided the most accurate and quality information possible (after all, why would you not?), now Google is saying that this information or the presentation of that information is inadequate. But, instead of identifying what part of your listing information they found inadequate, they simply disable the whole listing, or entire account, with one blanket statement of “rejected” because it didn’t adhere to Google quality guidelines.

Having researched this issue, I’ve found that it is not uncommon at all, and never is any difinitive reason provided for the rejection or suspension. Now, I understand that Google doesn’t have time, resources or interest in helping thousands of businesses adhere to Google guidelines. However, as I function in the world of software it would be pretty accurate to assume that the system that scanned the business listing has precisely identified what "quality guidelines" any particular listing has failed to meet. It would have been trivial to extend that helpful information to the kind folks who freely give Google their information and marketing dollars.

St. Francis Day, Uniquely St. Francis, and “Honest Abe!”

by Marcy Jackson @ St. Francis School

By Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus It’s been an active week on the Goshen Campus! Tuesday, of course, brought one of everyone’s favorite events – St. Francis Day! And this year the weather cooperated gloriously, as did the menagerie of animals (for the most part!). I think we may have had our most varied […]

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Get In On The Baby Boom

by Josh Hampton @ Quantum Communications | Advertising + Marketing Agency | Louisville, Kentucky

The Secrets of Marketing to Seniors As the Baby Boomer generation grows older, the senior age group has become the largest in the US in terms of size and percent of the population. With that share of the market comes great buying power. In fact, today 77% of the country’s wealth is controlled by senior citizens. They’re living longer and becoming more active. That’s why, now more than ever, understanding how and why they buy is critical to any company hoping to maximize their marketing efforts. Build Trust—and a Relationship Seniors like to know what they’re spending their money on. They devote more time researching and planning their purchases than other age groups. That means earning their trust is critical. How do you that? Great customer service is one way. Seminars, workshops and other sponsored events are another. Give them the opportunity to spend time with your brand and get comfortable with it. If they like what they see, they’re more likely to become loyal customers. Referrals Can Make the Difference When compared to other demographics, seniors are more likely to respond to word of mouth and referrals. They put a high value on personal recommendations from people they know. […]

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Join us in the fields of St. Francis!

by Marcy Jackson @ St. Francis School

Each fall, with the help from a wonderful committee of volunteers, St. Francis hosts its Annual Gala. We have two galas that rotate annually — Our Good Earth and Imagine! Art Auction + Scholarship Fundraiser. This year’s event is Our Good Earth, an outdoor farm-to-table dinner and auction that is set in the fields of our Goshen […]

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SEO | Quantum Communications | Advertising + Marketing Agency | Louisville, Kentucky

SEO | Quantum Communications | Advertising + Marketing Agency | Louisville, Kentucky

Quantum Communications | Advertising + Marketing Agency | Louisville, Kentucky

Quantum Communications (QtheAgency) is a full-service advertising, marketing and digital agency located in Louisville, Kentucky that specializes in marketing research, public relations, media buying, digital design and award-winning creative.

Is Your Online Marketing Meeting Your Customers’ Needs? | Friday Finish Line

by Garrett Bonistalli @ One Thing Marketing Louisville, KY

Customer satisfaction is largely based on whether you’re meeting consumer needs or not. Is your online marketing strategy doing the trick? This week, we rounded up seven articles that could help you cater your digital marketing tactics to online customers. SEO Google Experiments with Business Cards and Google Posts Recently, Google released an experimental feature that will allow businesses to publish content directly to Google. This content will then appear on the search engine results...

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Strategic Communications

by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Strategic Communications is a provider of technology services to US Government and Commercial verticals.  Headquartered in Louisville, KY, Strategic services clients of all sizes across the United States by providing a variety of IT products and services including infrastructure, communications ...

Read More

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DBS>Interactive is a digital agency with expertise in Louisville SEO and Kentucky search engine optimization. Shoot us an email and let's start talking.

Your Website Rankings and Social Media

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

In the world of Search Engine Optimization, things are always changing. However the importance of staying active, or at least present, on social media continues to remain an important part of SEO.

When making the decision to establish a presence for your business on social media, first it is important to research, evaluate and determine which social media channels you should stay involved on. The most popular social media options include Facebook, Twitter, Gooogle+, LinkedIn and YouTube. The type of content any one business has available to share will help you determine which social media channels would be the right fit for your business. In most cases, the type of content shared on Facebook can also be shared on Google+ and Twitter without much requirement for modification. Other channels, such as LinkedIn and YouTube would call for a different type of content and target a different purpose.

Finding the right mix of social media channels and setting realistic social media expectations are the keys to determining your social media strategy.

Once you have made your social media selections, it’s important to properly set up your social media accounts, with the proper classification of your business category, business information, links to your website from the accounts, as well as links from your website back to the social media channels. And for true social media fans, your social media feed or feeds can be incorporated into your website for further business promotions.

The main thing to remember when maintaining or increasing your website’s SEO rankings with the help of social media is making regular social media posts with quality content that your followers would consider reading and sharing. Setting up a realistic social media involvement plan ahead of time will help a business to constantly stay up to date on their social media channels and prevent the account from going stagnant. Unmaintained accounts will not only fail to gain new quality followers, but will also lose existing followers (customers). The goal of social media is to keep your business current in the news, build a loyal customer base and promote your business online.

Initially, all business owners have the best intentions when it come to staying active on social media and following their social media plan. Sometimes the busy-ness of running the business on a regular basis starts to take away from the these intentions and cause accounts to get overlooked and outdated.

In order to avoid this issue, a few easy social media best practices can help business owners set up and continue to maintain a solid social media plan.

  • 1. Decide and make a plan for the type of content you plan on posting on all your media channels. Will it be news or short updates? Photos or videos? Any or all of these can work.
  • 2. If possible, assign a designated social media individual in your office or schedule daily or weekly time for yourself to make social media posts.
  • 3. When posting on your social media channels, make sure your content is worth following and seeing on a regular basis for your followers. Avoid posting just to post—instead, have something to say.

Social media strategies and goals shouldn’t be complex or unreachable. The set-up of a realistic social media plan for your particular company’s needs and remembering to stay active will help your business improve SEO rankings and in turn grow your customer base.

Web Design: The Bottom Line-Cost vs Investment

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

As I have mentioned in some of our previous blog posts, having a website that can’t be found by your potential clients during their time of need does not help your business. After discussing web design with many business owners, the “bottom line” starts to play a final role in their decision process. But when making that decision, a very important factor to consider is “you get what you pay for.” An unprofessional, poorly designed website without any search engine optimization could, in the end, actually cost a business more money than not having a website at all.

When business owners consider developing a new website or redesigning their existing one, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factors should play a crucial role in their decision making process, as SEO is directly linked with return on investment. One sure way to miss out on proper lead generation from the search engines is to disregard some of the major SEO requirements such as:

  • Proper registration of the website with major search engines
  • Writing site content with search engine optimization features in mind
  • Clear on-site navigation
  • Proper development of on-page structure

When choosing a web design company, make sure to choose a firm that not only designs professional, top of the line websites, but also optimizes your design with all the major search engines to maximize your return on investment. At Logic Media, we strongly believe that no marketing effort, including web design, should be considering a “cost”, but instead be a long-term investment that continuously generates leads and expands your company’s market share year after year.

How Rebranding Can Help You Expand Your Audience and Marketing Capabilities

by storybook @ Blackstone Media

In the age of online marketing and constant digital advancements in the business world, it can be easy to feel out of touch with your expanding audience. However, expanding your brand and building brand awareness among newer generations is easier than you might think. Effective online marketing, SEO, and strong web design are all important […]

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Your local corporate video pitch maker and seo company in Mckean County Pennsylvania. online video production or creation and editor in Westline PA

by root @ video commercials

Why Every Business  Should Have A Commercial Made…   Did you know that having a video for your business will help you in many ways?   Incredible First Impression �” Having your own commercial allows you to make an incredible initial impression.  I don’t know about you…but if I were considering multiple companies in my area, and one of them had this professional video, and the other did not…I would probably pick the video guy Video Commercials Actually Tell A Story �” Videos actually tell a story.  It is a very powerful way to show more about your business with your target audience, because when shown in the form of a story, it pulls you in.  It connects you with the viewer.  It’s riveting.  Isn’t that cool? Commercials Are Really Surprisngly Not That Expensive – If you hire a regional video production company to come to your place of business, it could be pricey.  Several thousand dollars, possibly.  Our custom animated videos, are available for you at a much lesser cost. Our charges are surprisingly affordable.   Powerful Statistics on Video Marketing for Small Businesses   Today I would like to share some great statistics with you about how much  a video commercial can help your company.   You see, a video helps you to interact with your potential customers, unlike ever before.  You can let them get to know your business, and feel comfortable with you.   Did you know that video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of a search engine?  And that’s not all…are you aware that embedding a video in an email that you send, increases a customer’s activity by about two to three hundred percent?   When you have your own video for your company, you are marketing yourself.  You are sending a message to your target audience that you are top notch, and worthy of their business.   You could hire a production company and have them make a commercial for you…   But that’s will  be very expensive.  We specialize in using cutting-edge technology to produce videos for small businesses that are compelling, visually stimulating, and converting.  In essence, they are going to get more people through the doors of your business.   For best Videos visit at

Long Term Investment vs. Short Term Fix

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

After discussing the state of today’s economy and its effect on retail buying patterns with one of my customers, I’ve discovered that in almost every industry, the public’s buying pattern has changed to purchasing items for a long term investment instead of short term fixes. This got me thinking on the implications the economy has on marketing and what should be considered “smart marketing solutions” in the current economic situation.

As all economists and financial analysts have indicated, the shopping and investing patterns of the general public depend on their economic outlook. When the overall financial situation of the country stands on shaky ground, their perspective on the economic outlook starts to change. Individuals start to think more into the future and develop more long-term goals for their business. Questions such as these arise:

  • What is a smart, long-term financial investment?
  • What can I do long-term to make my business not only survive but grow?
  • What can I do to (for the lack of a better word) “outsmart” my competition and capture a larger market share in my industry?

When trying to analyze various marketing efforts and their implication in the long-term vs. short-term range, I’ve tried to position our company and examine where our products and services fit into the mix. What we offer with web design, search engine optimization, conversion optimization, and general online marketing perfectly fits into the long-term criteria of a marketing mix. Instead of investing your limited advertising dollars into a short-term medium that has a limited exposure time with your target market, why not invest into a service that not only functions without an expiration date, but actually presents itself as the way of the future in marketing.

Don’t get me wrong-I’m not saying that short-term marketing efforts such as direct mail, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV ads are the wrong way to advertise. These media can be great when trying to stir hype and generate quick leads. However, when it comes to the duration period of these efforts and overall return on investment, the results fall short of most marketing expectations.

Unlike short-term marketing efforts, web design and search engine optimization can and do produce long lasting results when implemented property. A properly designed website with accurately positioned conversion optimization techniques and advanced search engine optimization produces outstanding, quantifiable results with high return on investment ratios.

I’ve always been a numbers person (not saying I’m great at math), but when presented with the number of overall clicks generated to a website, the number of those that came from search engines, and the number that converted to leads and sales, it’s not hard to extrapolate and calculate the potential return on investment for website design. Even if a business owner has a poor conversion ratio, when it comes to incoming leads to generated sales, the investment still pays for itself over and over.

As a business owner, instead of considering quick fix, short term solutions that almost never pay for themselves, contact our professional team of experts and see how an affordable investment into a proper website and search engine optimization set-up can set you on the right path for long-term profits.

Uber Leading Innovation

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

Innovations and changes in technology standards usually drive innovative changes that lead to a better experience for the consumer. Through this change, some industries that are otherwise stuck in the pre-technology era of operations are forced to take notice, reevaluate their business models and improve their functionality and services, in order to keep up with the new innovations from competition and to stay in business.

Without this innovative and revolutionary thinking by some, none of our user experiences would improve and they would remain in the dark ages of pre-technology. Today, well known companies such as Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Square and YouTube are part of our everyday lifestyle that we can't imagine functioning without. But, as recently as 5 years ago some of these didn't exist or were considered to be risky startups that were taking an innovative approach into an industry that otherwise didn't exist or existed under a different set of rules. Their innovative approach to business and services sparked a slew of new types of companies that now exists solely because of the new industry concept and approach. It also forced industries and companies that otherwise would have remained unchanged to step up their game to compete or shut their doors forever. In other words, by creating better products and services for us, they drive and force others into change (and hopefully innovation).

Just like these companies, Uber is at the forefront of such innovation and industry change. The company is now completing its next round of funding for $1.4 billion, and now valued at $18.2 billion, but didn't even exist 3 years ago. A Silicon Valley start up that took its origins in offering a luxury cab service geared around a mobile app, is now offering all around taxi services all over the world and causing the outdated taxi service providers to take notice and rethink their operations that have been stagnant for over 100 years. These incumbents must come up with their own version of consumer friendly technology oriented services that competes with Uber in order to stay in business.

Uber, who claims to be adding 20,000 new jobs every month and has a company mission of turning “ground transportation into a seamless service and enable a transportation alternative in cities that makes car ownership a thing of the past" doesn't have it easy. For starters, many are criticizing their “dynamic pricing model" that adjusts the fare rates based on the demand of service by increasing rates during the periods of extreme demand. Others are accusing the company of operating under the radar of existing taxi laws, stealing the competition's drivers, and price gouging. Most of this criticism and bad press is generated by those holding an interest in the old-school taxi industry, an industry that is heavily “regulated" by the government and operates under what I would classify as a “mob" or “cartel" type of approach. Despite the existence of multiple competing taxi companies in every city, they all stick together, determine pricing structures and hold the market hostage under their rule.

Because of companies like Uber, who are coming into their new markets and offering consumers a better and easier choice unaffected by miles of red tape and unethical operations, old-school taxi companies are now scrambling to find ways to compete with this new business model, hoping to keep their slice of the market and stay in business.

In the world of innovation, who is being hurt? Those who have failed to adapt to new demands of the market and technology on their own. Companies who have been happily growing by making easy money through their own price fixing, under the table deals and holding consumers hostage to their own comfortable ways. With technology being at the forefront of everything, I hope more old-school companies will start to take notice and start offering consumers better experiences not out of necessity and the pressure from competition, but because it's the right thing to do. Otherwise, in another 5 years, no one will ever care that one day they even existed.

Current360 | 7 Ways to Boost Your Organic SEO in the Retail Industry

Current360 | 7 Ways to Boost Your Organic SEO in the Retail Industry


With the increasing trends of online shopping and “webrooming” – the process of researching products online before purchasing them in a store – the importance of being found via organic search in…

Cat Videos and Marketing

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

Ahh, cat videos--known and loved by all. Besides the general knowledge of the huge popularity of cat video views, the sheer numbers behind the phenomenon are staggering.

In addition to having a very long list of cat-related search terms, Funny Cat Videos is leading the number of searches by a huge margin.

  • On average 7,179,710 searches are performed each month worldwide
  • 2,424,475 of those searches are done in the US – Over a third
  • 1,012,080 of those searches are done in UK
  • 55% of those searches are done on standard browsing devices such as desktop computers
  • 31% of searches come from mobile devices and remaining 13% from tablets

With so much human eyeball traffic being dedicated to entertaining cat videos, smart marketers are savvy enough to use the trend to their advantage. Over the last month, GMC has been running YouTube ads before top played funny cat video search results, targeting and designing their ad for the proper audience.

YouTube ads longer than 14 seconds can be skipped after the first five seconds, but designing an ad good enough to capture the audience and keep them from not skipping the ad is tricky. GMC’s marketing team has hit the spot with their cute cat video commercial advertising their new line of vehicles and did so by capturing their audiences attention all the way to the end of the ad.

Our family, with two animal-loving children, is fascinated with cute cat videos along with the rest of America. We find ourselves watching cute funny cat videos non-stop all hours of the day. Unlike all the other commercials that go skipped, the GMC cute cat video is watched over and over, and in fact is sought after as a treat.

YouTube advertising might still be considered a new concept to some marketers, but with a staggering number of users now using YouTube as their primary video viewing platform instead of regular television, marketers should take note of the change, take some lessons from GMC’s marketing department, and get creative.

Over the next decade, “traditional” marketing channels such as television or radio ads, direct mail, or print will reach less and less individuals. YouTube is the platform that has drawn in audiences of all ages, especially the younger population, and captures their “undivided” attention all day long. A phenomenon like that should not go unnoticed.




Makespace! is Louisville, Kentucky's best web design company. We offer full website, branding and logo design, internet marketing and more. Get started today.

With CMS Comes Great Responsibility

by Josh Hampton @ Quantum Communications | Advertising + Marketing Agency | Louisville, Kentucky

Content Management Systems (CMS) have changed the face of websites, no doubt about it. Where in the past clients had to rely on their web agency or a programmer to make even the smallest changes to their sites, now CMS makes many changes as easy as editing a Microsoft Word document. However, this increased access and control can also bring a few pesky (but easily avoidable) challenges. The most prevalent of these is changing content without thinking about how it might alter the design, layout and look of the site. At the Q, we spend a lot of time making sure your site looks great and functions perfectly before it’s launched. We want all the pieces to fit together. We want the best keywords to be included in the copy in all the right places. However, sometimes with a CMS component what may seem like a simple change can end up being a big one that can alter a site’s look, feel and function. Here are a few guidelines we suggest our clients keep in mind when making revisions and additions on their own: When changing copy, take into account how much copy will fit in the space you’re working […]

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Search Engine Optimization | Search Engine Marketing | SEO SEM

Search Engine Optimization | Search Engine Marketing | SEO SEM

Video Production & Internet Marketing | Force Media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important in achieving a position one on page one of a Google search. We offer Free SEO consultations t take improve your site.

The new face of yahoo

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

It’s not that the world of search engine optimization and search engine marketing needed any more complication and caveats. With Verizon’s purchase of Yahoo, the SEO world has received yet another level of complication and confusion.

Yahoo, in the previous years, has partnered with Google to display Google ads through display networks. In addition to Google, they have also partnered with Yext on their directory management services in hopes of gaining revenue there. And in recent years, launched the new small business subsidiary of Yahoo called Aabaco Small Business for their small business directory and marketing services, which is expected to merge in with Verizon in first quarter of 2017.

The convoluted and unnecessarily complex subsidiaries and small business portal changes make it almost impossible for the average small business to optimize their company profile and property register their websites with the company.

In addition to all the complication with Yahoo’s subsidiaries and partnerships, Verizon has it’s work cut out for them. Considering that Verizon already owns the former AOL’s small search engine market share, it is now facing the task of merging the two search engines into one.

Of course, Google still holds the vast majority of the search market share, so Yahoo’s new acquisition still has very little effect on the primary SEO efforts for marketers such as ourselves. However, questions still stand for what will happen to Yahoo’s existing small percentage of the search market share and how complicated the process will be on simply registering small business listings on Yahoo’s/Abacco’s/Verizon’s directories.

2017 SEO Strategies & Trends

by brownie @ Crosby Interactive

Performing SEO in Your Online Store

by dklaymon @ Laymon Designs

Search Engine Optimization For Your Online Store Performing search engine optimization in your online store, blog, or website is not necessarily a simple process, but if you dedicate time and effort to the process, it will pay off with a high ranking site. The process of SEO is a continual process, and one that should […]

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IPIC 2016 Presentation

by Dan Skaggs @ One Thing Marketing Louisville, KY

International Print & Imaging Conference 2016 IPIC started as a small buying group in California over 30 years ago and is now an international association that provides a broad range of business services to members across the world. At the conference in Las Vegas, Dan and Brittany presented “10 Ways to Improve Your SEO Now” to an eager crowd of people looking to promote their business. This actionable list engaged the audience, prompting them to re-evaluate their own...

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Launch of 2013 with Latest Search Engine Market Shares

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

Based on the latest Compete, seoMOZ, Nielsen-Net and Alexa search engine traffic analysis, Google yet again has a slight gain in market share on both national and global levels, while Bing’s market share increased slightly at the expense of Yahoo’s loss.

Here is the summary of the United States Search Engine market share and its change from one year ago:

  • Google – 86.3% - increase of .03%
  • Bing – 7.3% - increase of 2.15%
  • Yahoo – 3.1% - decrease of 5.13%
  • Facebook – 1.4% - decrease of .18%
  • – .08% - almost no change

What is interesting to notice is that Bing experienced an increase in traffic and Yahoo took a significant hit. With attempts to compete in the search engine market share war, it looks like Bing’s marketing efforts with their “Challenge” campaign might have had a positive outcome toward their market share gain.

Another interesting observation is the decrease of Facebook’s market share over the year. Despite their attempt to compete for search engine revenue dollars and all the hoopla of them going public, one would think Facebook would be able to gain a bit of market share over the year, not loose it.

From the business marketing stand point on search engines, yet again these numbers reinforce the importance of being optimized for and on Google, and making sure to at least cover all the important bases with the other search engines.

If the predicted trend continues year after year, Google will continuing to monopolize the search engine market share with the likely outcome of completely pushing the others out of the game. Unless Yahoo and wake up one morning with an epiphany, their existence in the search engine world will soon vanish.

Harrodsburg, Danville Ky Website Design | Self Managed Website Specialists

Harrodsburg, Danville Ky Website Design | Self Managed Website Specialists

Laymon Designs

Website Design, Online Stores and Search Engine Optimization Offering central Kentucky Website Design, Hosting and Website Maintenance and Management since 2003. We are locally owned and operated in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, and serve small businesses and organizations in Versailles, Nicholasville, Lancaster, Danville, Lexington, and Lawrenceburg. We don’t stop there, however, as we have clients as far away as North Carolina and …

School Notes for Week of October 2 – October 6

by Marcy Jackson @ St. Francis School

As a reminder, the Goshen Campus will dismiss at NOON on Wednesday, October 11th for staff professional development (Preschool students have a normal school day). For students in JK through 4th grade, childcare will be available on the Goshen Campus from 12:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Please sign up no later than Monday, October 9th at […]

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Tools Of The Trade #1 - 1Password

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

The nature of our job (web design, SEO, and online marketing) is unique in ways that were unimaginable a decade or two ago. We have tremendous flexibility in how and where we work, and even the methodology we use. Results are expected, as always, but it is now, more than ever, our own burden to define our work process and the tools we use to accomplish it. Certain software and services have proven themselves over time to be surprisingly useful and save us time, money, effort, or stress. This is the first article in what I am hoping will be a recurring segment about the tools that we use to do our work.

Several aspects of our work require us to deal with login information for various sites. We frequently maintain client logins for google apps/gmail, google places, content management systems, email newsletters, online directories, web servers, and countless other online services as a service to our clients. These logins are often sensitive—a good deal of trust is placed in us to hold this information. Maintaining hundreds of these accounts used to be complicated.

Enter 1Password. I learned about this software from a podcast, and have seen it recommended on several high-profile sites. Basically, 1Password is an intelligent password management system with integration into various web browsers. It allows us to maintain a large set of accounts and passwords in a secure, but very efficient and easy to use manner. While most modern browsers have a password manager of some form that may suffice for lighter use, when you do a large amount of cross-browser testing, a tool like 1Password really shines.

Besides passwords, the program can store software serial numbers, credit card information, personal information, server accounts, and even arbitrary notes, all secured. It's a one-click process to fill out a shopping card address/credit card form.

Since we have a few people working on the same projects, we discovered that 1Password can even sync over Dropbox. Adding a new password on one computer will push it to all other synced computers in seconds! The iPhone and iPad applications also sync, so you can have access to your private information wherever you go. Gone are the days of separate lists of passwords all out of sync and out of date.

1Password is one of the first things I install on a new Mac, and it's hard to imaging what we did before. I highly recommend it to anyone who has struggled with password or account maintenance.

Autumn Ridge, Louisville, KY neighborhood | Nextdoor

Autumn Ridge, Louisville, KY neighborhood | Nextdoor


Over 156,000 communities across the U.S. are using Nextdoor to strengthen their neighborhoods.

Your local corporate video pitch maker and seo company in Anasco County Puerto Rico. online video production or creation and editor in Anasco PR

by root @ video commercials

Reasons why All Businesses  Should Have A Commercial Made…   Are you aware that getting a commercial for your business will assist you in many ways?   Definate First Impact �” Having your own commercial allows you to make an incredible initial impression.  I don’t know about you…but if I were looking at two different companies in my area, and one of them had this eye-catching video, and the other didn’t…well I know who I would pick Video Commercials Actually Tell A Story �” Videos actually tell a story.  It’s a very powerful way to show more of your story with your potential clients, because when shown as a story, it draws you in.  It connects you with the viewer.  It’s riveting.  Isn’t that cool? Videos Are Really Amazingly Affordable – If you hire a regional video production firm to come out to your offices, it would be pricey.  Several thousand dollars, at least.  Our individually made commercials, are something we can provide for you at a much lesser cost. Our rates are surprisingly affordable.   Powerful Statistics on Video Marketing for Small Businesses   Today I will tell you about some powerful stats with you about how a video can help your company.   You see, video helps you to interact with your target customers, unlike ever before.  You can let them get to know your business, and feel comfortable with you.   Did you know that video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on page one of a search engine?  And that’s not all…are you aware that adding a video in an email that you send out, increases a customer’s interaction by about two to three hundred percent?   When you have your own video for your business, you are marketing yourselfbroadcasting to your target potential customer that you are professional, and worthy of their business.   You could find a video production agency and have them develop a video for you…   But that’s going to  be very expensive.  We pride ourselves in using cutting-edge technology to develop commercials for small businesses that are compelling, visually stimulating, and converting.  In short, they are going to get more customers for your business.   For best Videos visit at

Website Design and the Google Hummingbird Update

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

With Google’s latest algorithm update "Hummingbird" making news around the web, our company has received a few good questions from our clients about the update's effect on their website, website content and specifically their Google search engine rankings.

Considering the effects of Google’s previous algorithm updates such as Panda and Penguin, a fair question on everyone’s mind is "What type of change will this update bring to my website rankings? And considering the algorithm changes from this update, what should be done differently with the website and SEO efforts going forward?

Thankfully, despite the media attention of the update and Google themselves calling it one of their biggest algorithm changes, the update itself doesn’t bring significant change to SEO efforts when compared to Panda and Penguin.

Unlike previous updates that focused on reducing ranking of websites that included Web spam, the Hummingbird update focuses on improving the semantics for the algorithm itself through better content awareness and the visual help of Google’s Knowledge graph.

What is Knowledge Graph?

Upon a user's search for specific topic or category, Google search results may now (and have been for couple of months) include the knowledge graph (see header picture above). A visual carousel of items and/or businesses related to the user's search now appears above the paid and organic searches on the first results page and will allow users to further engage and explore their topical search results with in-depth category classifications, better results and visual interpretations.

In Google’s video example explaining the graph, individuals searching for museums in a specific city will be able to browse the knowledge graph consisting of the specified area's museums and in-depth categories related to the "museum" search term such as artists or works of art associated with a particular museum or museum topic.

From a more business-related standpoint, the Knowledge Graph will effect the display of popular “location” searches for commercial businesses. Of particular note are Restaurants, Bars, Art Galleries and other Local Attractions and Venues that in the past might have been categorized in the map display of Google’s “Places” feature that was discontinued some time back with one of their earlier updates.

With the Hummingbird update being in full effect for several months now, businesses who are seeking to maintain and improve their existing search engine presence and rankings should once more ensure their business's proper registration with the Google+ service, proper set up of their business page, and location extensions on the site. Regardless of the importance of other SEO efforts, the latest update further instills the importance having a proper presence and staying active on Google + with proper a business page set up, and Google's own SEO advice continues to be produce high quality content. With this in place, the Hummingbird update should not seriously effect any other business rankings for relevant keyword terms.

However, with all this being said, even though the Hummingbird update doesn’t throw many new unpredictable wrenches into the mix of SEO, Google still continues to make algorithm changes and new algorithm releases under their existing Penguin update, with ongoing effects to the keyword term rankings of everyday businesses, their SEO efforts and Google’s perceived Web spam efforts.

How To Create Local Content For Local SEO

by DPadmin @ Guardian Owl Digital Boutique

Local SEO can help you get an edge over the national competition by reducing competition to only your own geographic locality. To do this, you’ll need local-specific content on your website. If you run a small business and you’re exhausted from trying to compete with your national, big-business competitors in search engine rankings, there’s no […]

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Vac2Go - Website Design & SEO for Louisville Business

Vac2Go - Website Design & SEO for Louisville Business

Hatfield Media

Vac2Go provides vacuum truck rental services and repair. Hatfield Media was chosen to redesign and optimize the site for Google SEO, search engine optimization.

Local SEO: 3 steps to get your local business ranked on search engines

by Matt Langan @

Running a business is tough. Really, really tough. But running a business is infinitely more tear-jerkingly difficult and frustrating when your business offers an amazing product or service that people are actively searching for but can’t find. This is happening every single day to businesses with websites that aren’t optimized for local search and social media. Because I don’t like to see people cry, this post will show you several online marketing steps you can use right now to help your website rank higher on popular search engines like Google and Bing. Keyword research for local search First, you have to identify the keywords and keyword phrases you should optimize your website for. …

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Craft(s) Gallery and Mercantile - Site Info - Louisville, KY

Craft(s) Gallery and Mercantile - Site Info - Louisville, KY

Crafts Gallery

All the information about Craft(s) Gallery and Mercantile Exchange brand new website and store.

Linda Schuster featured on StyleBlueprint

by Josh Hampton @ Quantum Communications | Advertising + Marketing Agency | Louisville, Kentucky

By Heidi Potter, StyleBlueprint Photo by Adele Reding “Linda Schuster is tiny, but don’t let her stature fool you. Her marketing firm, Quantum Communications (or Q the Agency), services clients such as Brown-Forman, The University of Louisville and YUM! Brands, just to name a few. This woman is connected and committed to Louisville. Running her portfolio and raising a family definitely keep her on her toes, but this self-proclaimed foodie always manages to try the latest local restaurant. Welcome today’s FACES profile, Linda Schuster. What made you decide to go into public relations as a career? I was an accounting major in college and bored to death working in an accounting firm my junior year. So I called my dad and said I was switching majors! I decided to do an internship at an agency in Austin for fun. I loved it and here I am. How long have you owned your own business? 21 years What kind of advice would you have given yourself 20 years ago? I don’t think anyone can tell you what it’s going to be like to own your own business. It’s both rewarding and frightening every day. Mostly rewarding. I guess I would say get […]

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Why All Businesses  Should Have A Commercial Video Made…   Did you know that having a video commercial for your business will help you in several ways?   Incredible First Impression �” Having your own commercial assists you to make an top notch first impression.  I don’t know about you…but if I were considering multiple companies in my area, and one of them had this professional video, and the other didn’t…I would probably pick the one with the video Videos Actually Tell A Story �” Video commercials actually tell a story.  It is a impactful way to show more information with your target audience, because when shown as a story, it draws you in.  It makes a connection with the viewer.  It’s riveting.  Isn’t that cool? Commercials Are Amazingly Affordable – If you were to hire a regional video production company to come out to your place of business, it could be very expensive.  Several thousand dollars, possibly.  Our individually made videos, are something we can provide for you at a much lesser cost. Our charges are surprisingly affordable.   Powerful Statistics on Video Marketing for Small Businesses   Today I would like to share some great statistics with you about how video marketing can help your business.   You see, a video commercial helps you to interact with your target customers, unlike ever before.  You can let them get to know your business, and feel comfortable with you.   Did you know that video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of a search engine?  And that’s not all…are you aware that embedding a video to an email that you send, boosts a customer’s interaction by nearly two to three hundred percent?   When you have your own video commercial for your business, you are marketing yourself.  You are sending a message to your target audience that you are professional, and deserving of their business.   You could find a production firm and have them make a video for you…   But that’s will  be very expensive.  We specialize in using cutting-edge technology to create commercials for small companies that are compelling, eye-catching, and converting.  In short, they are going to get more customers for your business.   For best Videos visit at

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by root @ video commercials

Why All Businesses  Aught To Have A Video Commercial…   Are you aware that getting a commercial for your business will help you in several ways?   Incredible Initial Impact �” Having your own commercial allows you to make an incredible initial impression.  I don’t know about you…but if I were reviewing multiple companies in my area, and one of them had this captivating video, and the other didn’t…well I know who I would pick Videos Actually Tell A Story �” Video commercials actually tell a story.  It’s a very powerful way to show more about your business with your target audience, because when presented as a story, it draws you in.  It makes a connection with the viewer.  It’s impactful. Right? Video Commercials Are Remarkably Affordable – If you hire a local video production agency to come out to your facility, it would be pricey.  A few thousand dollars, possibly.  Our custom animated videos, are available for you at a fraction of the cost. Our rates are surprisingly affordable.   Powerful Statistics on Video Marketing for Small Businesses   Today I will tell you about some eye opening statistics with you about how a video can help your company.   You see, a video commercial helps you to interact with your target customers, unlike ever before.  You can let them get to know your business, and feel comfortable with you.   Did you know that a video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of a search engine?  And that’s not all…are you aware that adding a video in an email that you send, boosts a customer’s activity by almost two to three hundred percent?   When you have your own video commercial for your company, you are marketing yourselfbroadcasting to your target potential customer that you are professional, and deserving of their business.   Of course you could hire a production company and have them make a commercial for you…   But that’s will  be pretty expensive.  We specialize in using cutting-edge technology to make videos for small businesses that are compelling, visually stimulating, and converting.  In essence, they are going to get more people through the doors of your business.   For best Videos visit at


by Kenny Marcum @ 301 Interactive Marketing

  The Internet is serious business beset by a sea of competitors fumbling for that top spot on Google. I’m here to help you begin the steps to forming a plan to quit fumbling for a better SERP (search engine result page) position. It’s rather simple, so the cold sweats and shaky hand trying to

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Easy tools to check your website performance and SEO

by misswebweaver @ Imagination Base

Easy tools from Google to check your website health The Internet is full of helpful information where you can check the health of your website. Google has several methods they use to rank a website including if your site is mobile friendly, speed of your site, if it has original content and others.  They offer [...]

Fluctuating Results: Major Google Algorithm Updates and The Evolution of SEO Strategies

by Garrett Bonistalli @ One Thing Marketing Louisville, KY

Digital marketing and search engine optimization have moved at rapid speeds throughout the past decade. Algorithm updates have changed the search landscape and heavily modified strategies, while new algorithms altogether have created opportunity for unprecedented user experience. This article will take a look at Google’s most infamous algorithm updates and will then discuss the change in strategies taken to rank in organic search results. Furthermore, a SlideShare presentation and quiz are included to provide readers with key takeaways...

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Stock Photography or Photo Shoot?

by Jim Miller @ Quantum Communications | Advertising + Marketing Agency | Louisville, Kentucky

Every new creative project has its challenges. What’s the theme going to be? The tone? What do we need to say and what’s the best way to say it? And among all those decisions (and a thousand more) is another one we make on nearly every project that requires visuals—do we need a photo shoot or will stock photography (licensed, pre-shot photos) suffice? Below you’ll find an overview of the benefits and drawbacks of each. Easy & Affordable Two of the biggest benefits to stock photography are price and availability. Stock is usually relatively affordable when compared to the larger cost of a photo shoot, which requires a professional photographer, art director, and many other expenses. Stock is also available to buy on the spot. There are dozens of stock photo companies on the web that offer high-quality images around the clock for download. There’s a lot of great stock out there to choose from. Every day it gets easier to find very artistic and stylish stock images. In fact, you’d be surprised by how many well-known brands use it in their advertising. It’s all about finding the best image for the concept at hand. A True Reflection of Your […]

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3 Essential Reasons To Update Your Business Website

by Garrett Bonistalli @ One Thing Marketing Louisville, KY

Rarely do we ignore important assets by allowing them to go neglected for extended periods of time. A business website shouldn’t be any different, especially considering that most buyers shop around and read about a company’s products and services before making a purchase. Given the fact that online research has become a focal point of the buying process, website maintenance and upkeep is critical to ensuring that your company’s site has relevant and up-to-date information...

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The Key to great SEO Keywords

by Nikki @ Task Guardian

Keyword research is arguably the most important part of your entire SEO strategy. Before you can even begin optimizing , you need to identify your keywords. But how do you go about keyword research? Follow the steps below and you will find yourself with a list of solid keywords in no time. 1. Brainstorm and create […]

Why You Should Consider Search Engine Marketing

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

Over the years, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has received a bad rep, with discontent stemming from business owners and the general online public. Business owners are afraid of paying enormous fees and user fraud, and the general public feels like the ads displayed on search engines do not accurately represent their search criteria. SEM Pay-Per-Click (PPC) programs have had their fair share of unfavorable opinions and outcomes.

But, being in the world of online marketing and search engines, one things is for sure: SEM PPC programs are more popular now than ever before, and, believe it or not, they produce real, easy to measure results and make lots of businesses thrive.

Now, considering the high cost and potential unfavorable ROI and, at times, poor conversion rates, why would someone want to consider a PPC program?

1. SEM Programs Can Produce Immediate Results In Sales and Lead Generation

Unfortunately, as much as I support Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s not an immediate overnight process to first page rankings on Google, and you must take many factors into account in order to achieve results. If a company is looking for immediate results for business promotion and lead generation, SEM can get them there in less than an hour. With Google’s quick ad set-up options, individuals can get themselves on Google’s first page for their relevant keyword terms and start growing their business right away.

2. SEM Campaign Can Guarantee 1st Page Rankings

In the world of online marketing, everyone (qualified or not) is way too eager to start marking promises to business owners for first page rankings on Google. The unfortunate truth is that through SEO efforts, first page rankings can not be “guaranteed”. In the volatile world of online marketing, a site’s rankings, ranking processes and ranking longevity are always changing. SEM programs are the only guaranteed way for a business to be not only on the first page of Google, but lock up the first listing in the ad area.

3. SEM Campaign Can Place You Ahead of Your Competition

Even with first page organic rankings, a business can be lost in the mix of other business who rank around them organically. One of the best ways to generate leads through search engines is to lock up the search engine’s first page real estate. Just like in general advertising, locking up your target market’s active awareness is what drives them to think of your business instead of your competition during their time of need, and the same principal applies with active real estate on Google.

4. Unlike Other Advertising Options, It’s Easy to Track the Performance of an SEM Campaign

One of the hardest and probably most overlooked things in advertising is tracking the performance of an advertising promotional campaign, both online and traditional included. Businesses can spend thousands if not millions of dollars on advertising and at the end of the day may not even know if their investment was worth the efforts. The overall nature of SEM campaigns is designed in such a way that business owners can easily track their PPC investments and control their budgets on a daily basis and stay on track toward a positive return. This allows the business owner to make an intelligent decision for their future marketing efforts when deciding whether or not they should continue the advertising efforts through the SEM program.

Having said all this, I don’t want it to sound like that the SEM PPC program is the right and the best solution for every business or every scenario. With proper examination of each business’s marketing model, online presence and industry patterns, a well designed and administered SEM program can be a very powerful aid in growing a business and generating quality leads. In my opinion, it’s always worth a thought.

Google Analytics Makes New Changes

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

Google recently announced a change to how Google Analytics collects and displays website and app usage data.

There are four major changes to be aware of:

  • What used to be called “Visits" are now called “Sessions"
  • What used to be called “Unique Visitors" are now called “Users"
  • If you have an app and a website both pointed to the same Google
    Analytics account, the data is combined (unless you manually filter)
  • App and Website data metrics, dimension, and segment names are now the same
  • For the vast majority of Google Analytics customers, this change is nothing more than learning the new names “Sessions" and “Users". More advanced users will have to understand the implications of web and app data being combined, and possibly take action to segment their data.

    In the advertising world, where “uniques" is the term everyone uses, it may be a while before Google's new language gets fully adopted, if ever.

    The official announcement:

Your local corporate video pitch maker and seo company in Richmond County North Carolina. online video production or creation and editor in Rockingham NC

by root @ video commercials

Why Every Business  Should Have A Commercial Made…   Are you aware that getting a video for your business will assist you in several ways?   Incredible Initial Impression �” Getting your own commercial assists you to make an incredible initial impression.  I don’t know about you…but if I were considering multiple companies in my area, and one of them had this eye-catching video, and the other didn’t…I would probably pick the one with the video Video Commercials Actually Tell A Story �” Videos actually tell a story.  It is a very powerful way to share more of your story with your target audience, because when presented as a story, it draws you in.  It connects you with the viewer.  It’s powerful. Right? Videos Are Really Amazingly Not That Expensive – If you hire a regional video production company to come to your facility, it could be very expensive.  Several thousand dollars, at least.  Our custom animated videos, are something we can provide for you at a fraction of the cost. Our rates are surprisingly affordable.   Powerful Statistics on Video Marketing for Small Businesses   Today I will share some great stats with you about how a video can help your company.   You see, video gives you the opportunity to interact with your potential customers, like never before.  You can let them get to know your business, and feel comfortable with you.   Did you know that video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on page one of a search engine?  And that’s not all…did you know that adding a video to an email that you send, boosts a customer’s activity by about two to three hundred percent?   When you have your own commercial for your business, you are marketing yourself.  You are sending a message to your target audience that you are professional, and worthy of their business.   Of course you could find a video production agency and have them develop a video for you…   But that’s will  be very expensive.  We pride ourselves in using cutting-edge technology to produce videos for small companies that are compelling, eye-catching, and converting.  In essence, they are going to get more people through the doors of your business.   For best Videos visit at

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO | Media Venue

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO | Media Venue

Media Venue

When it comes to SEO everyone talks about Keywords. They are the key (pardon the pun) to a strong SEO campaign. While many years ago, it was all about creating content stuffed with those desired words and phrases; now search engines have increased their sophistication....

Louisville SEO - Locally Provided Search Engine Optimization Services

Louisville SEO - Locally Provided Search Engine Optimization Services


Louisville SEO and local search engine optimization. We work in Louisville KY and Southern IN. Call 502-709-9760 and get on the road to real rankings.

IPIC 2017 Presentation

by Dan Skaggs @ One Thing Marketing Louisville, KY

Last week, our own Brittany Murphy presented at the 2017 International Print & Imaging Conference (IPIC). During the Las Vegas presentation, Brittany highlighted the importance of local SEO in growing your business. With a helpful step-by-step breakdown of the most important factors in ranking locally, the audience learned tons of useful information on how they could implement these actionable tactics today to start greatly improving their online presence.

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Your local corporate video pitch maker and seo company in Oldham County Kentucky. online video production or creation and editor in Goshen KY

by root @ video seo company Goshen Kentucky – video commercials

Why All Businesses  Should Have A Video Commercial…   Are you aware that having a commercial for your business will assist you in several ways?   Definate Initial Impression �” Getting your own commercial assists you to make an top notch first impression.  I don’t know about you…but if I were considering two different companies in my area, and one of them had this captivating video, and the other did not…well I know who I would pick Videos Actually Tell A Story �” Video commercials actually tell a story.  It is a impactful way to share more about your business with your target audience, because when presented in the form of a story, it pulls you in.  It makes a connection with the viewer.  It’s impactful.  Isn’t that cool? Commercials Are Surprisngly Affordable – If you hire a local video production agency to come to your offices, it would be very expensive.  A few thousand dollars, at least.  Our individually made commercials, are something we can provide for you at a reasonable cost. Our charges are surprisingly affordable.   Powerful Statistics on Video Marketing for Small Businesses   Today I will share some impactful statistics with you about how much video marketing can help your company.   You see, video gives you the opportunity to interact with your target customers, like never before.  You can let them get to know your business, and feel comfortable with you.   Did you know that a video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on page one of a search engine?  And there’s more…are you aware that embedding a video in an email that you send, boosts a customer’s interaction by almost two to three hundred percent?   When you have your own video for your business, you are marketing you.  You are sending a message to your target audience that you are top notch, and worthy of their business.   Of course you could hire a production company and have them make a video for you…   But that’s going to  be very expensive.  We specialize in using cutting-edge technology to develop video commercials for small businesses that are compelling, eye-catching, and converting.  In essence, they are going to get more traffic business.   For best Videos visit at

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO

by Media Venue @ Media Venue

When it comes to SEO everyone talks about Keywords. They are the key (pardon the pun) to a strong SEO campaign. While many years ago, it was all about creating content stuffed with those desired words and phrases; now search engines have increased their sophistication....

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Thomas Car Wash Louisville, Kentucky - Full Service and Express

Thomas Car Wash Louisville, Kentucky - Full Service and Express

Thomas Car Wash

Welcome to Thomas Car Wash! We have two convenient locations in Louisville, KY. Full Car Wash and Express Car Wash available.

Moving well ranked pages

by SEODESIGN @ SEO Design Company

If you have  just redesigned some pages on your site and the pages have high search engine rankings that you don’t want to lose, you need to  safely redirect web site traffic from your old pages to the new pages without losing your rankings.  You do this by using a ” 301 redirect ” What is 301 redirect? 301 […]

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Marketing and Communications Intern

Marketing and Communications Intern


New Career Opportunity! ResCare has an opening for a Marketing and Communications Intern in Louisville, KY

Your local corporate video pitch maker and seo company in Cherokee County Texas. online video production or creation and editor in Rusk TX

by root @ video commercials

Reasons why Every Business  Should Have A Commercial…   Are you aware that getting a video commercial for your business will assist you in several ways?   Incredible First Impact �” Having your own commercial assists you to make an top notch initial impression.  I don’t know about you…but if I were reviewing two different companies in my area, and one of them had this professional video, and the other didn’t…well I know who I would pick Video Commercials Actually Tell A Story �” Video commercials actually tell a story.  It is a impactful way to show more information with your target audience, because when presented as a story, it pulls you in.  It connects you with the viewer.  It’s powerful. Right? Commercials Can Be Amazingly Not That Expensive – If you were to hire a regional video production company to come out to your facility, it would be very expensive.  Several thousand dollars, at least.  Our custom animated videos, are something we can provide for you at a much lesser cost. Our rates are surprisingly affordable.   Powerful Statistics on Video Marketing for Small Businesses   Today I would like to share some amazing stats with you about how much having a video can help your business.   You see, video helps you to interact with your target customers, unlike ever before.  You can let them get to know your business, and feel comfortable with you.   Are you aware that a video is 53 times more likely than text pages to show up on the first page of a search engine?  And that’s not all…did you know that embedding a video to an email that you send, boosts a customer’s activity by nearly two to three hundred percent?   When you have your own commercial for your business, you are marketing you.  You are sending a message to your target audience that you are professional, and worthy of their business.   Of course you could hire a production agency and have them develop a video for you…   But that’s going to  be very expensive.  We pride ourselves in using cutting-edge technology to create commercials for small businesses that are amazing, eye-catching, and converting.  In essence, they are going to get more customers for your business.   For best Videos visit at

Getting the Word Out – Tips for a Relevant and Highly Travelled Website

by dklaymon @ Laymon Designs

Have a new website and trying to build traffic? Wondering why your site still isn’t ranked highly on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines? SEO takes time, first of all, but most importantly, it takes effort. Simply building and launching a website won’t guarantee high rankings, in fact, it’ll probably lead to a stale […]

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Your local corporate video pitch maker and seo company in Clackamas County Oregon. online video production or creation and editor in Welches OR

by root @ video commercials

Reasons why Every Business  Aught To Have A Video Commercial…   Did you know that getting a video for your business will help you in several ways?   Definate First Impression �” Getting your own commercial assists you to make an top notch initial impression.  I don’t know about you…but if I were reviewing multiple companies in my area, and one of them had this professional video, and the other didn’t…well I know who I would pick Videos Actually Tell A Story �” Videos actually tell a story.  It’s a impactful way to share more about your business with your potential clients, because when shown in the form of a story, it draws you in.  It connects you with the viewer.  It’s riveting.  Isn’t that cool? Video Commercials Are Amazingly Reasonably Prices – If you were to hire a local video production agency to come to your place of business, it could be very expensive.  A few thousand dollars, at least.  Our individually made videos, are available for you at a reasonable cost. Our rates are surprisingly affordable.   Powerful Statistics on Video Marketing for Small Businesses   Today I would like to share some amazing stats with you about how much video marketing can help your company.   You see, video gives you the opportunity to interact with your target customers, unlike ever before.  You can let them get to know your business, and feel comfortable with you.   Are you aware that a video is 53 times more likely than text pages to show up on the first page of a search engine?  And there’s more…are you aware that embedding a video in an email that you send, increases a customer’s reactive nature by about two to three hundred percent?   When you have your own commercial for your company, you are marketing yourself.  You are sending a message to your target potential customer that you are professional, and deserving of their business.   You could find a production firm and have them develop a video for you…   But that’s going to  be very expensive.  We pride ourselves in using cutting-edge technology to create video commercials for small businesses that are compelling, visually stimulating, and converting.  In short, they are going to get more people through the doors of your business.   For best Videos visit at

Keyword Rankings Are Meaningless: Learn How to Grade Your SEO

by DPadmin @ Guardian Owl Digital Boutique

Keyword Rankings Are Meaningless: Learn How to Grade Your SEO Measure organic success with relevant metrics. Image credit: relif | Getty Images Like many business owners and managers, you probably test the effectiveness of your SEO campaign by Googling the keywords you think are most important to see if you show up on the first […]

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SEO Louisville, KY, Local, Web Design, Internet Marketing Services

SEO Louisville, KY, Local, Web Design, Internet Marketing Services

One Thing Marketing Louisville, KY

Louisville, KY SEO, web design, & internet marketing services for local businesses. Get found by local customers searching for your services by improving your company’s online visibility.

What do you need to know about business promotions on social media networks.

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

The marketing industry is always trying to find new and exiting ways of business promotion, and lately, social network promotions have become the latest hype in the industry. Social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, just to mention a few, have presented companies with opportunities to have a direct communication channel with their clients and customers while creatively handling their PR. However, as important it may be to have a presence on these sites, social media should never replace or act as a primary web presence for any company. Social media can act as a powerful tool toward business promotions only if it is paired with other online marketing methods.

It is always important to target potential leads and clients when they require your type of service and expertise. Social advertising media tend to act as a passive sources of advertising that usually appeals to each individual's interests, while other online marketing efforts such as search engine optimization and search engine marketing appeal to individual's at their time of need. SEO and SEM techniques, therefore, ensure that your company's exposure is maximized at the time when a potential client is ready to make a buying decision.


Even the Worst Super Bowl Spot Is Better Than None at All

by Josh Hampton @ Quantum Communications | Advertising + Marketing Agency | Louisville, Kentucky

According to USA Today, the lowest rated Super Bowl spot of the over 60 spots aired was a short fifteen-second ad for a mobile game called Heroes Charge. It probably ranked so low because it was utterly forgettable rather than inherently terrible (like that now infamous Nationwide spot), but apparently even the most forgettable Super Bowl ad can mean big business. The day before the Super Bowl, Heroes Charge was ranked as the 899th most downloaded iPhone app in the country. In the days after the ad aired, it shot up to 252nd on the downloads chart and 21st on the top grossing US apps charts. Those are pretty impressive numbers—and ones that can be almost entirely attributed to that single spot. While of course not everyone can afford a spot in the Super Bowl, the takeaway resonates with companies of all sizes (and budgets) interested in building their brands and driving sales—if you want to succeed, you’ve got to get out there and market yourself! Even if you’re not the biggest and best in the field, anything you can do to get your company’s name out there is almost always better than doing nothing at all.

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Is Better Than None at All
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SEO: Google Announces HTTPS as a Ranking Signal

by @ Louisville Web Design News | Logic Media

A few days ago, Google announced on their webmaster central blog that HTTPS is now one of the various ranking signals that Google uses to determine website rank. They are careful to state that it is [currently] only a very minor ranking factor, but it may become more important in the future. The original article can be found at

HTTPS is the secure, encrypted protocol used to transfer web content to browsers. Enabling HTTPS requires the website owner to purchase or acquire a "certificate" that is trusted by browsers. These can vary from free to thousands of dollars per year, depending on the level of verification that certificate providers perform to validate that you are who you say you are. Banks and other financial institutions, for example, frequently use the EV or "Extended Validation" certificates to reassure visitors that they are actually on the bank's website and not a phishing site.

The internet community is mostly united, saying that this move by Google is a good thing. In general, HTTPS internet traffic cannot be snooped on by anyone in the middle who has access to your web traffic. This ranges from people at coffee shops to your employer, and even the network provider themselves. A more secure internet is a better internet.

The downside is, of course, the extra cost. While Google has not indicated if any less weight will be assigned to sites using the "free" certificates, most companies will choose to purchase one from one of the reputable certificate authorities. Additionally, any site using HTTPS is required to have it's own dedicated IP address—something that is in dangerously short supply. Most hosting providers charge extra for additional IP addresses. On the other hand, this monetary burden only helps to establish the authority of sites that properly implement HTTPS.

SearchCap: Google AMP updates, SEO content & paid search clicks

by Barry Schwartz @ SearchCap: Daily Search Engine News Recap

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

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Quantum Celebrates Two Decades in Advertising

by Josh Hampton @ Quantum Communications | Advertising + Marketing Agency | Louisville, Kentucky

Yep, you read that right. 2014 marks our platinum anniversary, can you believe it? And it all began with a dream and a sub-subleased space on the fourteenth floor of the Citizen’s Plaza building… In 1994, Jim Miller, Patty Marguet and Linda Schuster left their jobs at prominent Louisville agencies to start their own company. Their vision was to create a different kind of advertising firm, focused on respect for clients, integrity of work, and quality of life for its employees. Originally the three owners made up the entire creative and account services staff. Oh, and there was Sydney, the Australian cattle dog. She helped tear up the delivery boxes for trash day. Over the next few years Quantum’s client list and staff continued to grow until a new workspace was in order. So in 1997 they moved to the office that many of our clients will remember fondly, on West Main Street, right next to the Slugger Museum and above Kentucky Mirror & Plate Glass Company. But after 12 years of downtown parking hassles and the occasional raccoon infestation (ask us about that one some time!), the Q moved to Story Avenue, where we currently reside. And all these twenty […]

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in Advertising
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Assess Your Influence With a Digital Audit

by Chris Nation @ Quantum Communications | Advertising + Marketing Agency | Louisville, Kentucky

Companies everywhere are using digital and mobile platforms more than ever. And as the landscape for customer interaction continues to change, having a firm grasp on your company’s digital influence is pivotal. That’s where a Digital Media Audit can help. Digital media audits assess your current digital initiatives and assets to identify resources and opportunities for increased effectiveness and engagement. For companies using websites, apps, social media, blogs, and email marketing, these audits offer an invaluable analysis that can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your digital marketing efforts. Within an audit, seven core areas are reviewed to determine digital reach, structure and influence. Below you’ll find a detailed breakout of each of the areas, including the key criteria analyzed for each. Reach + Presence Determination of current channels and exposure for organic and paid reach for all digital initiatives including websites, landing pages, SEO, PPC, blogs, social media, email marketing, mobile applications, digital advertising Determination of website grade and rank through Google, Bing and Yahoo Architecture Design review User experience/interface review Functionality review Structure/architecture assessment Content Content strategy Content creation workflows Content Assets Format reviews Grammar/spelling/punctuation SEO optimized/keywords Conversion Clear conversion funnels Opt-in/lead captures Bounce-rate CTA’s Integration Correct linking […]

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Your local corporate video pitch maker and seo company in Codington County South Dakota. online video production or creation and editor in Watertown SD

by root @ video commercials

Reasons why All Businesses  Aught To Have A Video Commercial…   Are you aware that having a video commercial for your business will help you in many ways?   Incredible Initial Impact �” Having your own commercial assists you to make an top notch initial impression.  I don’t know about you…but if I were considering two different companies in my area, and one of them had this captivating video, and the other didn’t…I would probably pick the one with the video Videos Actually Tell A Story �” Video commercials actually tell a story.  It’s a hard hitting way to show more about your business with your target audience, because when presented as a story, it pulls you in.  It connects you with the viewer.  It’s powerful. Right? Videos Are Really Surprisngly Not That Expensive – If you were to hire a regional video production company to come to your offices, it would be pricey.  Several thousand dollars, at least.  Our custom animated commercials, are available for you at a fraction of the cost. Our rates are surprisingly affordable.   Powerful Statistics on Video Marketing for Small Businesses   Today I will share some great statistics with you about how  a video commercial can help your business.   You see, a video commercial gives you the opportunity to interact with your potential customers, like never before.  You can let them get to know your business, and feel comfortable with you.   Did you know that a video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on page one of a search engine?  And that’s not all…are you aware that embedding a video to an email that you send, boosts a customer’s interaction by nearly two to three hundred percent?   When you have your own video commercial for your company, you are branding yourselfbroadcasting to your target potential customer that you are professional, and deserving of their business.   Of course you could hire a video production company and have them develop a video for you…   But that’s will  be pretty expensive.  We pride ourselves in using cutting-edge technology to produce videos for small companies that are amazing, eye-catching, and converting.  In short, they are going to get more traffic business.   For best Videos visit at

Your local corporate video pitch maker and seo company in Mingo County West Virginia. online video production or creation and editor in Lenore WV

by root @ video commercials

Why All Businesses  Should Have A Video Commercial…   Did you know that getting a video commercial for your business will assist you in many ways?   Incredible Initial Impression �” Getting your own commercial allows you to make an top notch first impression.  I don’t know about you…but if I were reviewing two different companies in my area, and one of them had this high quality video, and the other didn’t…I would probably pick the one with the video Video Commercials Actually Tell A Story �” Videos actually tell a story.  It is a impactful way to share more of your story with your target audience, because when shown in the form of a story, it draws you in.  It connects you with the viewer.  It’s impactful.  Isn’t that cool? Videos Are Really Amazingly Affordable – If you were to hire a regional video production company to come to your place of business, it would be very expensive.  Several thousand dollars, at least.  Our individually made videos, are something we can provide for you at a fraction of the cost. Our rates are surprisingly affordable.   Powerful Statistics on Video Marketing for Small Businesses   Today I will share some great statistics with you about how much a video can help your business.   You see, a video gives you the opportunity to interact with your potential customers, like never before.  You can let them get to know your business, and feel comfortable with you.   Did you know that video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of google?  And that’s not all…are you aware that adding a video to an email that you send, boosts a customer’s activity by nearly two to three hundred percent?   When you have your own video for your company, you are branding yourselfbroadcasting to your target potential customer that you are top notch, and deserving of their business.   You could hire a production agency and have them make a video for you…   But that’s going to  be very expensive.  We pride ourselves in using cutting-edge technology to produce video commercials for small companies that are compelling, eye-catching, and converting.  In short, they are going to get more people through the doors of your business.   For best Videos visit at

Relevant Content

by SEODESIGN @ SEO Design Company

What seems to be the most important thing today in search engine optimization? Content! From my experience the search engines are out there crawling websites trying to find what people are looking for. Yeah, there might be a couple of tricks, techniques and secret formulas, but more and more those are going by the wayside. […]

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