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Malik Rosier - Every Passing Down

by Meat @ CanesInSight For those of us who didn't get to see our new QB during the spring and summer. I'm...

New BOT members.

by Firesite @ CanesInSight New members elected to the...

Manny Diaz on his new dbs

by brock @ CanesInSight

Did you all hear how glowingly he talked about dean and Delaney? I'm definitely not concerned about this position...

New Commit - 2018 LS Clay James

by Ohio_Cane @ CanesInSight

885594614622801920 Clay James, Cocoa, Long Snapper (

Canes 9-3 according to USA ToDay..

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes projected to go 9-3 by USA Today (

New Hype Video for 2017-18 Season

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight

Don't worry... this one doesn't have my massive forehead in it!

New Grad Transfer RB On the Market

by Official Cane Gang @ CanesInSight

Juan Day from Arkansas Listed at 6-2 210 Has 2 years to play

Week 3 (Upset) Picks - 9/16

by Tetragrammaton Cane @ CanesInSight

Winners in *bold* *Kentucky* at South Carolina (-6.5) *Kent St.* at Marshall (-15) *Connecticut* at Virginia (-10) Oklahoma State (-14) vs....

New Vid bruhz

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight

Strategic Communications

by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Strategic Communications is a provider of technology services to US Government and Commercial verticals.  Headquartered in Louisville, KY, Strategic services clients of all sizes across the United States by providing a variety of IT products and services including infrastructure, communications ...

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7194 Physical Therapist

by Kanumuri Pirati @ gomillen

Position                                 : Physical Therapist Location                               : 50 Adams Street New Castle KY 40050 USA Duration                               : 03 Month(s) Contract Travel                                   :YES Hrs/Day                                :8 Total Hrs/week                   :40.00 Total Hrs                              :520    Qualifications: Performs evaluations and develops effective resident treatment plans to restore, maintain or prevent decline of resident function, by planning and administering medically prescribed therapy […]

OT: last chance u

by SoFlaSmitty @ CanesInSight

New season is on Netflix now. Good show.

Lorenzo Lingard

by Canesfan1899 @ CanesInSight

Football Recruiting and Basketball Recruiting, Rankings, and News at

The 30 Best Alexa Skills for Professionals

by botauthor @ Marketing Automations

This post was originally published on this site If you own an Amazon Alexa device, you can use Alexa Skills to be more productive; keep track of your day, finances, and calls; make travel easier; hear the news you care about, and more. Alexa Skills are built-in capabilities activated by your voice. New ones are …

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Players lounge upgrade?

by brock @ CanesInSight

876862287038087170 Any news pete?

OT: CNN's new report on what JoePa knew and when he knew it

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

Joe Paterno may have known of earlier Jerry Sandusky abuse claim, police report reveals - CNN...

Who else saw

by datcaneguy @ CanesInSight

Langham line up at the top and knew Rosier was going to go to him? Didnt see Richards in the game and Cager was getting ate up on the deep...

This Escaped Me- DT Jordan Davis

by Gator Hatar @ CanesInSight

Just saw on another site that Mallard Creek DT Jordan Davis is 100% CB to us. Had no idea this was the case. Great news if true. Hadn't seen this...

2017-18 non-conference schedule

by canesstevealum08 @ CanesInSight

Nov. 1 � Newberry College (Exhibition) Nov. 10 � Gardner-Webb Nov. 12 - Navy Nov. 16 � Florida A&M Nov. 22 � vs. La Salle (Reading, Pa.) Nov. 25...

OT: Bad news for the chargers

by Zbrod95 @ CanesInSight

Don't know what exactly happened because I missed the play and replay but Denzel Perryman just got carted off the sideline after hurting his ankle

Bruce Brown news

by casualcane @ CanesInSight

He's going to be scary this year Miami Hurricanes SG Bruce Brown Dominates at Adidas Nations...

Ja'Quan putting in the work

by casualcane @ CanesInSight

University of Miami Hurricanes Official Athletic Site ( Would love...

One on One with the New Canes

by Ohio_Cane @ CanesInSight

Harley up first:

Diaz is garbage

by U2026 @ CanesInSight

Why are we in base 4-3 when they have 4 or 5 wide. And Delaney can't cover my grandma. Keep playing like this and we go 6- 5 if we are lucky. And bye...

Keuchel looks to continue success against Yankees in ALCS

by robert @ Sports Breaking News

HOUSTON (AP) Dallas Keuchel is tired of talking about his success against the New York Yankees.

Perry's new tattoo

by RohanMotor @ CanesInSight

Can anyone upload? I didn't see it on here. He tweeted it out, I'm not on tweet but saw a screen shot on fb. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

OT: Kentucky Derby

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

860991262630871040 860991803515965440 Always Dreaming just smoked it! Don't know how much you guys are into Horse racing, but never bet against...

Nice Article on Fridays Game with an Eye to the Future

by Jetcane @ CanesInSight

Duke Blue Devils vs. Miami Hurricanes | football column, Sept. 29, 2017 | News & Observer...

Njoku calls veteran player "Coach"!

by Ohio_Cane @ CanesInSight


**New Recruiting Rule**

by 337CaneNation @ CanesInSight

I not sure if everyone heard about this new rule!! Check it out.. New Recruiting Rule Will Benefit the Miami Hurricanes...

Moderator, Ethical Issues in Insurance Law: 2015 Update

by Site Admin @ Faculty Activities

Professor Bruce Green moderated Ethical Issues in Insurance Law: 2015 Update, a CLE event sponsored by the New York County Lawyers’ Association.

The sky is falling in Tally

by TheEye @ CanesInSight

From "Unconquered" (How funny is that title?) Noletime1995: How long can FSUs athletic department survive with its cash cow milking it dry?...

High School Spring Games & Jamborees for 2018 Targets

by No_Fly_Zone @ CanesInSight

Somebody asked in an earlier thread and since I was bored I thought I would oblige in a new post. Doing this by game in chronological order (fairly...

New Roster

by canesproponent @ CanesInSight

We have 31 players on the roster. I believe that we can only keep 25, but am not sure. Thought Torral was gone, but he is on the roster. ...

Hard Rock to Get New Turf

by Loose Cannon @ CanesInSight

"The Dolphins also intend to use a different strain of grass than the one that faltered Thursday and are fully confident the field will be impeccable...

FAU +32 vs Wisky

by Cane Dynasty @ CanesInSight

I took Wisky to cover. Can we talk football?

Richt and packaged plays

by FlaSportsFan88 @ CanesInSight

Packaged Plays and the Newest Form of Option Football « ( ...

What kind of leader was Ken Dorsey?

by Sabetta @ CanesInSight

I've been a Canes fan since the early 80's but we didn't have the type of access in New York that we have now outside of an occasional ESPN...

Coach Richt, QB's & more... Post Practice Presser 8/7/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Susan Miller Degnan, bringing the heat...

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

"The good news injury-wise was that linebacker Michael Pinckney, who is nursing a hamstring strain/pull (Mark Richt has used both words to describe...

Pre season injury updates

by PACaneENK @ CanesInSight

Any news on players that are recovering from injuries????? Over all team healthy the day before the season starts???

When the PARTY started...

by BigDikCane @ CanesInSight

Silky Smooth aka the spark plug always starts the party off right.... 4:53 is when the party started

NEW YORKERS- Looking for good place to watch UM-FSU game...

by RepTheGables @ CanesInSight

... in Manhattan. I don't want to do the Brother Jimmy's shitshow. What say ye?

Going to Duke Game

by Ole Blue @ CanesInSight

I am thinking about flying to RDU from New York for this Friday's game. Plane flights don't seem too expensive. Any other Canes headed down? What...

The Mighty Huskers are getting destroyed!!!

by CaneTheGaytors @ CanesInSight

So much for the Arky St. theory that they gave Nebraska a tough game so we were scared to play them. Oregon is putting a beating on NU of epic...

Coach Richt, Diaz & more... Post Practice Presser 10/4/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight


by DC1986 @ CanesInSight

Any news on the severity of injuries to Mark Walton and Donaldson?

Kingston new coach at South Carolina

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Mark Kingston to be South Carolina baseball coach, report says | The State...

in other news...

by ChosenOne @ CanesInSight

LSU is a tough battle with the mighty Orangemen of Syracuse. 28-26 LSU 4th QTR under 6 minutes to go! We'll be taking Surtain off your hands...

Estimated construction date for Miami's new housing complex

by brock @ CanesInSight

Expected start date November 2017 Finish date July 2019 $193 million Big upgrade for Miami's facilities Attachment 45410...

Richt's comment on the 2nd team oline

by brock @ CanesInSight

902568044244885506 This is great news, won't stop the worrying posters worried about depth every 5 minutes but it's good richt is showing confidence...

Higher Perspective

by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Hatfield Media was contracted by Higher Perspective to develop a new website and overhaul the business imaging.  Initially our goal was to standardize all branding aesthetics, which for us begins with logo design.  After several revisions, we arrived at the ...

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Class of 2020: updated as of 5/23/17

by Hurricane Warrior @ CanesInSight

Everything you need to know about the Class of 2020! All updates and news regarding class of 2020. SWAG 16...

**New Uniforms Preview**

by Tweed @ CanesInSight


Good Article On Perry

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Pretty good article on nkosi and why he will work in richts system.


by TerragonSix @ CanesInSight

Well...lets get three for three today. FSU got beat. We beat Toledo. Now lets see some Kentucky Wildcat maul some Gator.

Roll Call: Week 7 of Operation Football - Pittsburgh news - NewsLocker

Roll Call: Week 7 of Operation Football - Pittsburgh news - NewsLocker


Download the WTAE app to receive a mobile alert with tonight's final scores.

Eye-Opening Richt Change + other UM Notes

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

UM with new plan at RB; Eye-opening Golden to Richt change | Miami Herald...

semenholes and gayturds

by getcaned @ CanesInSight

Sorry the info previously posted in a different thread. i missed it. And by the way Arky inbred st AD and Rick the prick nueheisel can eat...

Astros hope Keuchel continues success vs. Yankees (Oct 13, 2017)

by robert @ Sports Breaking News

HOUSTON -- It was difficult to determine whether Astros left-hander Dallas Keuchel was entertained or exhausted by the number of times he was asked the same question on Thursday, a query seeking perspective on his career success against the New York Yankees.

SIAP -- This is Miami

by Fawk_U Haters @ CanesInSight

I suck at pasting videos or tweets, but has anyone else seen the new Miami Recruiting video that Playmaker Narrates?

Panelist, Ethical Considerations for Corporate Investigations: Views from All Sides

by Site Admin @ Faculty Activities

Professor Bruce Green was a panelist in the annual program, Ethical Considerations for Corporate Investigations: Views from All Sides, that explored current issues and recent developments relating to ethical duties and responsibilities of attorneys and other participants in corporate internal investigations involving public companies.  The program was sponsored by the New York City Bar.

New 247 Rankings

by JohnZarrilli @ CanesInSight

247 rankings were updated after Charlotte, D.C., and N.J. Opening, so naturally some of our guys dropped as some of the players who impressed moved...

Davoan Hawkins

by supersaiyanshel @ CanesInSight

Mentioned this kid in the paradise thread Kentucky DE commit who had a good showing at Camp. Earned that offer. These are the kinds of kids I...

2020 QB Drew Pyne receives offer

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

877918481034891264 video/3/7600673/57fe6540688ec4d73cc62361 Drew Pyne, New Canaan, Pro-Style Quarterback...

New coaches Riley, Herman take lead roles for Oklahoma-Texas

by robert @ Sports Breaking News

New coaches Riley, Herman take lead roles for Oklahoma-Texas

New Unis

by skolcanes @ CanesInSight

How does Adidas keep it so simple... I love adidas and actually love the unis BUT how do they not add the small things to make them amazing. Not...

7174 Oracle Consultants

by rajupalli @ gomillen

Position                 : Oracle Consultants Location               :  MillenniumSoft Inc. 8301 Arlington Blvd Suite 504 Fairfax  VA 22031. Multiple Positions. Duration               : 03 Month(s) Contract Hrs/day                 : 9:00 A.M. – 5:30 P.M Hrs/week              : 40 Total Hrs              : 520  Duties: Perform application support (Tickets) and development of new modules and new Change requests. Perform Backend development using Oracle. Develop related […]

New Subscriber

by turbojenkins @ CanesInSight

Long time listener, first time caller (for the most part). I love the canes. Dan Sailho is the best Cane of all time. Franchise is cool....

Did Dorsette get traded to NEW ENGLAND?

by BigDikCane @ CanesInSight

Shit about to get real....

Potential Breakout Prospects for Paradise Camp tonight

by Geo305 @ CanesInSight

These are the prospects I will be keeping a closer eye on tonight. 2018: S Avonta Crim - Vanguard LB Ricky Williams Jr - Blake 2019: LB...

UM's Perry "Looks Like a Natural"

by umhurricane2511 @ CanesInSight

New UM QB Perry "looks like a natural," teammate says | Miami Herald...

The new guy...

by CaneMountain08 @ CanesInSight

Don't know how you guys handle new member intros around here, but I'm a lifelong Canes fan, born and raised in Miami (Kendall). Parents are both UM...

Just watched the Nebraska-ARKY state game

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

Arkansas State is a solid team. They can really move the football. Battled to the end and only lost by 7. Obviously we're much more talented...

Mark Richt is taking a wait-and-see approach - Perry

by Bennubird @ CanesInSight

Another article on Perry. This one from the four-letter network. Nothing really new here, but there are a few quotes from Richt about Perry. SIAP ...

Should we go after either of the UF safeties?

by BTerrinoni @ CanesInSight

We currently only have one safety in Gurvin Hall. With CJ Smith in our backyard, he looks like a good prospect, would love to see more gayter tears....

OT: Ole Piss and burner phones

by pimpcane1 @ CanesInSight LMAO...they are so fuked. If anyone wants...

Al Blades and Tennessee?

by PAPACANE5X @ CanesInSight

One of the headlines from Rivals camp notes suggesting he is seriously considering Rocky Top due to his bond with Kevin Beard? This has to be a...

New NHC Cone, Tropical Depression 16 forms (NATE)

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Attachment 51081 ( *sigh*, the ASCAT remote sensing system has found cyclonic...

Coach Brown & more.. Post Practice Presser 10/3/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

$uckeyestreit Picks 'Noles

by CaneFan79 @ CanesInSight

Aww, all you Kirky lovers can go cry in your beer, your "Miami Loving" man crush just picked F$U. No need to watch today, since he is a everything...

Walton or Duke?

by odfsm @ CanesInSight

So this will be a prediction thread. Who do you think will have a better NFL career? (Also did we have new helmets tonight? they looked...

OT: Bob Stoops retiring from Oklahoma

by RocketsandCanes @ CanesInSight

Wow. Lincoln Riley to take over.

Which ACC coach would you guess said this about Diaz?

by 58straight @ CanesInSight

I saw the new athlon college football preview mag this morning briefly in the grocery store and they had this anonymous quote "Manny Diaz does a...

Bluegrass Indoor Karting

by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Bluegrass Indoor Karting is the best indoor racing facility in Louisville Kentucky.  Equipped with top-performing cars with top speeds exceeding 40mph, this is not the go carts you grew up with.  Helmet and neck-guard required!  As the agency of record ...

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Sporting News Coach Rankings

by rustywalkedaway @ CanesInSight

FYI: Spolier alert: Richt is #9 ( . Ranking college football coaches from 1...

Point Spread predictions?

by CTCANE @ CanesInSight

It is not out yet. Tricky one but I will go with pickem or Miami -1 or 2. A few weeks ago FSU would have been favored by 5 or 6.

Moderator, International ODR Conference

by Site Admin @ Faculty Activities

Professor Jacqueline Nolan-Haley moderated the Online Mediation: Challenges and Opportunities discussion during the International ODR Conference held at Pace University in New York City.

Lo Lingard # 8 overall recruit in new The Rivals 100

by Tweed @ CanesInSight

The season is finally upon us and all the summer workouts & camps are over. He's now 6'1 198 and he is NOTICEABLY faster after his new training...

Broward rules, but we already knew that.

by Ibis Wingz @ CanesInSight

Lockdown corner: Broward County possesses wealth of cornerback riches - Sun Sentinel...

New all Green Uni for Toledo?

by battlecatcane21 @ CanesInSight

Sorry if I missed this discussed, but I remember seeing this earlier in the year. Are we still wearing them this week?

New Kids on the Block...

by Island_Canes @ CanesInSight

REALLY excited about all the 2017 class getting in and starting their Summer sessions. Three kids I really feel like will help this year as Freshmen...

So who's got the details on the recruit BBQ

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

I rarely start threads, but I also love a good BBQ thread. Apparently, it was on a rooftop spot at the Athletic Center. I'm loving our new...

OT: Is this Manny Diaz at Trump Cuba speech today?

by Salt @ CanesInSight Uncanny resemblance. Look at guy in the bottom left...

NEW scholarship back: Crispian Atkins

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

918162707123179521 Means Robert Burns couldn't get the job done....

OT: Food and Other Upgrades to Hard Rock

by DualThreat @ CanesInSight

Hard Rock Stadium debuts 6 new food options – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale...

Arkansas State DB's

by 407cane @ CanesInSight

Arky State Corners #1 ( corner Blaise Taylor - 5'9 #2...

Very interesting....

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

The College Football Playoff Four Teams Will Be … | College Football News...

HOT TAKE: 2017 Youth Movement Offensive Two-Deep Depth Chart

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

In this installment of the new HOT TAKE series, let us examine one possible scenario in which several upperclassmen are relegated to lesser roles to...

LSU issues

by Pete @ CanesInSight

With LSU having issues such as new coach,game losses and perhaps money issues is there any chance some LSU recruits might flip?Or recruits like...


by STORM_FRONT 1964 @ CanesInSight

I apologize for reading info on another board and posting an opinion here based on what I read. Was wondering how odd it was how very few new threads...

Amazon knows what the fans want

by SevnandSevn @ CanesInSight

Attachment 45216 ( Saw this for their Fire Stick/TV. Wonder what made then use Kyle...

Speaker, The Ethics of Med-Arb

by Site Admin @ Faculty Activities

Professor Jacqueline Nolan-Haley spoke at The Ethics of Med-Arb during the New York State Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section Conference.

Do you guys think we should bring in a new play caller next

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

Mark richt is a great leader and master recruiter and can build a elite program but his play calling has been suspect since he has been here. He gets...

Ahmmon Richards will play Friday

by the storm @ CanesInSight

According to Richt on WQAM this morning....Richards is ready to go. Very good news..GO CANES!

Espn game link?

by 1983canes @ CanesInSight

Anybody else having trouble getting an link on ESPN stream ? It's all about college football news, and the Noles going down.

Uniform Appreciation

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight

So it's the offseason, I was bored and was watching all the games from last year on YouTube . The new uniforms may not be Nike but they make us look...

UM Athletic Dept set a new record in fundraising

by djh @ CanesInSight

Miami Athletic Department Sets Record In Annual Giving...

Thornton interested again?

by Esafille @ CanesInSight

Saw one of the other Cane sites indicating he is reaching back out to UM. Maybe jumped the gun in his commitment and regrets it. Any news /...


by Vizslacane @ CanesInSight

In the other thread you indicated your friend lives across the street from the Davonta Smith's new house, given to them for going to Bama. Could you...

Panelist, Corporate Governance: A New Vector for Effective Transnational Labor Standards Enforcement?

by Site Admin @ Faculty Activities

Professor James J. Brudney was a panelist during International Law Weekend.  The panel discussion, Corporate Governance: A New Vector for Effective Transnational Labor Standards Enforcement? explored how domestic corporate governance instruments such as shareholder litigation, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Dodd-Frank Act, and new mechanisms blending public and private regulation might bolster workers’ rights in a [...]

New S&P+ rankings: Miami 11th (3rd wo Preseason Predictions)

by brcane1 @ CanesInSight

Need someone new to step up -who will it be?

by HarryCarayisGoat @ CanesInSight

With Richards (likely out) and Walton out for GT, I really feel someone outside of Homer and Berrios needs to come up big and become an impact player...

Talk offense to me

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

We haven't heard much come out of camp regarding the offense in general. Are we going to see a more up tempo O this year or much more new packages? ...

RJ Mcintosh

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight Dont have a subscription but good to hear Diaz was pissed! Can anyone that has one post it thanks.

OT: For Those That Want to Buy the New Jerseys

by CanesFiend @ CanesInSight

They got them on them on them up on Adidas in stock. "TWENTYOFF" coupon gets you...

Mark Walton Article

by John77 @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes News & Rumors - Sun Sentinel ( Really rooting for Mark on and off the...

Pre-Season All ACC Team

by jmccomber5 @ CanesInSight

2017 All-ACC Preseason Football Team Announced | News ( ...

Hybrid Secondary Defenders the best new thing?

by dukebeeasy305 @ CanesInSight

Ran across this article about hybrid defenders being such an important role for defenses specifically in the secondary. What current player or...

Just seen this on Rivals. Dont know if anybody posted it yet

by BigDikCane @ CanesInSight *Rivals Roundtable: Which cities are producing...

Unique Brissett

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Fake news.

Advanced SEO Analytics Reports that Even Beginner SEOs Can Use

by botauthor @ Marketing Automations

This post was originally published on this siteOne of the most stressful moments in a marketer’s career is when traffic starts to slow or decline. You generated a lot of leads and revenue with creative emails, in-depth content, and shareable social posts, but new ideas are falling flat, and you’re suffering from a severe case …

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Hatfield Media - Louisville Marketing & Web Design Agency

Hatfield Media - Louisville Marketing & Web Design Agency

Hatfield Media

Marketing agency based in Louisville Kentucky, specializing in video production, webcasting, website design and search engine optimization (SEO)!

Week 4 (Upset) Picks - 9/21

by Tetragrammaton Cane @ CanesInSight

Winners in *bold* Duke (-3) at *North Carolina* Michigan (-8) at *Purdue* *Mississippi State* (+6) at Georgia Florida (-4) at *Kentucky*...

Candidates for Switching Positions in 2017

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Depth is kinda shaky at a few spots. here's what I'm proposing: *Dallas to RB* - everyone who covers the team says that if Walton goes down...

Arky State Game cancelled Thread

by BOLTY @ CanesInSight

Just hit the twitters.

Replay of game on Skycam

by FlaSportsFan88 @ CanesInSight

Slim Jim SkyCam - #13 Miami vs. Florida State (Football) - WatchESPN ( Awesome view of the game. Great...

32-30 and 9 in a row

by Cribby @ CanesInSight

Sneaky nine gm streak and regained a two game lead over fsu. And I expect that to grow with Richt

Australian University Nets Multi-Million-Dollar Grant for Cannabinoid Research | Ganjapreneur

Australian University Nets Multi-Million-Dollar Grant for Cannabinoid Research | Ganjapreneur

The University of Newcastle, in Callaghan, New South Wales, Australia, has received $2.5 million from the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Canes Irma graffiti

by RyanCane26 @ CanesInSight

Attachment 49876 ( Saw this on the news earlier

Bad news guys

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

South Dakota 77 Drake 7 I don't think Austin is going to win a natty this year

UMinn coach PJ Fleck......

by MedleyCane @ CanesInSight

Apparently is a fan of our coach. ---Quote--- The episode quickly depicts Fleck�s seriousness. A scene shows him with a thick green three-ring...

Powell, Wilkerson questionable for Jets vs. Patriots

by robert @ Sports Breaking News

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) New York Jets running back Bilal Powell and defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson are questionable to play against the New England Patriots on Sunday because of injuries.


by rokulika @ CanesInSight


Arena quits as US men’s coach after missing World Cup

by robert @ Sports Breaking News

NEW YORK (AP) Bruce Arena resigned as U.S. men's national team coach on Friday, three days after the Americans failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1986.

No turnovers

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

This was big. I know it was only BC but still first game of season with a new qb. Nice accomplishment. Rosier was holding tight on to the rock. Homer...

South FLA QBs can also be massive bussts

by FAKE Chip Brierre @ CanesInSight

see Sean White at Auburn and now John O'Korn at Michigan yet we only hear about winky and lamar balling out. DMoney Peter Ariz

Diaz on the new dbs- Barry Jackson piece

by brock @ CanesInSight

Defensive back additions have UM excited | Miami Herald (

City of New Castle Kentucky

City of New Castle Kentucky

City of New Castle Kentucky

City of New Castle Kentucky

Mark Walton and Canes in White Picture

by hasena75 @ CanesInSight

Hey sorry for the new thread but someone put a picture of Walton leading the Canes out in our white Unis running through the smoke..anyone have that...

Ojomo cant get right

by gogeta4 @ CanesInSight

Former UM player accused of operating illegal personal watercraft business – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale...

Early 2017 Bowl Prediction for Miami

by RichtDawg @ CanesInSight

Early bowl projection:Miami, UGA will meet on New Year?s D...

New Subscriber

by LouCane @ CanesInSight

Just registered, been reading threads on site for a year now, don�t know why I waited so long. I was 13 the last time the canes were in the...

MLS stadium

by Mr. Crabs Cane @ CanesInSight

I saw articles today about the new MLS stadium being 25,000 ppl without parking in Overtown. Seems like it will be a mess. I know UM discussed...

BREAKING: Francois out for season, Blackman to start

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Less than two weeks till Doak, big news that potentially swings momentum our way. Francois has a torn patellar tendon. He won't be playing...

Who Became SALESmanago Customer: September 2017

by botauthor @ Marketing Automations

This post was originally published on this siteEvery month we grow stronger. It is with a great pleasure that we welcome new brands among our clients. We love to observe the huge diversity of the industries they are originated from. It confirms our hypothesis: each and every company can use marketing automation improve their results, …

The post Who Became SALESmanago Customer: September 2017 appeared first on Marketing Automations.

gators stooping to new low

by MiamiJoe @ CanesInSight

On 247 they are showing a Craig's List ad showing Miami looking for a grad transfer RB. One of their fans must have put that up to discredit us

Schwartz + Hecht Renovation =IPF office space

by canesstevealum08 @ CanesInSight

Or is there "new construction" for that? Will those two buildings have an IPF entrance?

Another sofla bust at FSU

by Brock Berlin @ CanesInSight

First the news that Keith Bryant was no longer on the roster now Sh'Mar Kilby-Lane Kid looked like he was going to be an animal out of Hallandale...

Coach brown discusses the backup running backs

by brock @ CanesInSight

� Brown, on where the shaky backup running back situation stands: �I would say Travis Homer has probably made the biggest jump from year one to...

Canes News vid

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight

"Rutgers gets probation for failing to monitor program"

by dfagundo @ CanesInSight

Rutgers Scarlet Knights get probation for failing to monitor football program under former coach Kyle Flood...

Manny Diaz putting too much pressure on new DB's

by amanan28 @ CanesInSight

While the stat line of 41-13 might look alright on the box score, it doesn't tell the whole story. Defense lacked juice today and I'll chalk it up...

Opening article (UM recruits)

by uprising @ CanesInSight

Recruiting whirlwind for Mark Richt and the Miami Hurricanes - USA TODAY

Moderator, Thurgood Marshall’s Legacy

by Site Admin @ Faculty Activities

Professor Bruce Green moderated a panel discussion during the Law and Literature Award Ceremony and Program sponsored by the New York County Lawyers’ Association.  During the program, the Law and Literature Award was presented to Gilbert King, author of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize winning book Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys and [...]

UM announces crowdfund of remaining $2M for interior of IPF

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

University of Miami Hurricanes Membership ( Take a look at the new site miami just opened. Help if you can. Getting a...

Hurricanes Defensive Line Embrace Expectations

by umhurricane2511 @ CanesInSight

Hurricanes defensive line embrace expectations ahead of new season - Sun Sentinel...

Willie Williams and Kenny Phillips High School Highlight

by BravoK9851 @ CanesInSight

Willie Williams and Kenny Phillips were animals! Crazy to think that 2003 Defense had both of them and Ricky Jean Francois! Willie Williams...

New 2018 offer out

by The U Code @ CanesInSight

Jeremiah Salaam from frostproof Florida is reporting a Miami offer, rivals lists him as a 3star athlete and shows him having some pretty good offers...

Vegas O/U odds out - Miami at 8.5

by SouthernM @ CanesInSight

Las Vegas sports book releases over/under for college football 2017 win totals | NCAA Football | Sporting News...

Notre Lame in talks to join ACC as full member

by yeyo @ CanesInSight

Dumb Question about recruiting numbers

by citizenkane @ CanesInSight

With the new rule changes I"m a little confused. So a program can have max 85 football scholarship players and 25 per recruiting class. However,...

DREAMer Aid @ The U

by CaneFan79 @ CanesInSight I know politics...

Go Gata! Stand up guys, at it again!

by Port Knox @ CanesInSight

Our new #1 RB & Dallas getting hype in tunnel pregame(video)

by Dy-lan @ CanesInSight

Unfortunetly I can't seem to get the link to embed. Worth the click tho. Canes fans were amazing yesterday and the players really seemed to...

FSU rain game Payton and Taylor

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

New to board but I go back to the Charley Tate years.Since this game Saturday could have rain it is essential to get our run game going well.I like...

Winning old school never say die Canes

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

A new era has now been confirmed.

Davoan Hawkins

by mikegrinder @ CanesInSight

Any news on this kid.

Pat Riley’s 50th anniversary in the NBA has arrived

by robert @ Sports Breaking News

MIAMI (AP) Pat Riley often was forced to wonder if his time in the NBA was over. Like when he got pulled out of a drill in his first training camp with San Diego and was told he had to get better. Or when Portland cut the newly married Riley a week after his father died. Or when he realized that his playing days were finished.

Robert Burns

by reidz5 @ CanesInSight

I know he was expected to miss the season opener this year ... but any news on this guy? Since he should be healthy at this point shouldn't he maybe...

2017 Canes = 2003 Canes (or 2005 UGA)

by ghost2 @ CanesInSight

With Rosier under center, does anyone else see similarities between this team and the 2003 team? Championship defense, stout running game, new QB...

FSU Tailgate

by calicane33 @ CanesInSight

**Sorry if this is in the wrong section.** I am in the New Orleans area and will be at the game this Saturday. Whos going to be in Tally for the...

New offer at OT: Jalen Goss

by Zbrod95 @ CanesInSight

From Valdosta, GA & is reportedly 6’7 265 ...

Lecturer, Civil Recourse and Pragmatic Conceptualism in Tort Theory: The Case of Online Defamation

by Site Admin @ Faculty Activities

Professor Benjamin C. Zipursky lectured on tort law at Valparaiso Law School in Indiana. Many tort theories are viewed as too ethereal – as excessively caught up in moral platitudes about justice or economic abstractions about what would happen in a world of zero transactions costs. Civil Recourse theory, when combined with pragmatic conceptualism, gets [...]


by U2026 @ CanesInSight

So all I read about was all the explosive guys on offense and all we do is 3 yard passes. And the defense is lucky to only give up 6 so far. Diaz is...

OT: Corrine Brown Keeping Up UFelony's Enduring Tradition

by CaneFan79 @ CanesInSight

I know, another crooked (former) Member of Congress, big deal: ...

Miami Secondary 2017

by sstcane @ CanesInSight

Could the secondary be better than we expect? We know how good the front 7 is, but news on the new players coming in have me excited to see their...

All you weak, spineless, panicky motherfkcers front & center

by OriginalCanesCanesCanes @ CanesInSight

Call yourselves out and take your punishment like real men. We beat the spread, we didn't play a perfect game, but considering the layoff, it...

Gainesville...whiteout....not what you think

by JerseyCanes @ CanesInSight Not Surprising.... JC

Canes Favored by 5 1/2 over Duke

by the storm @ CanesInSight

according to the Raleigh News-Observer. Duke scored 2 TD's over NC in 4th Qtr. to win by 10 points. I hope we have a lot of fans there to support...

New Stadium

by Sofla native @ CanesInSight

do you think well pursue one after the Hard Rock 25 year lease expires? We are almost half way through already. I don't mind hard rock. I just think...

Who is at camp today?

by canesjip @ CanesInSight

What new names are showing up today ? I don't think Jobe was there yesterday .. is he and anyone else showing up today ?

New Commit

by ItJustFeelsRicht @ CanesInSight Willie Herenton, Adlai Stevenson, Point...

ESPN: Miami's 2001 legacy Living on in a new team

by MiamiVice7 @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes carrying legacy of 2001 team ( ...

OT: New Puppy

by pacusmc @ CanesInSight

Looking for names. Attachment 50064 ( 50064...

Speaker, The Mediation Perspective

by Site Admin @ Faculty Activities

Professor Jacqueline Nolan-Haley spoke on The Mediation Perspective at the New York City Bar Association’s International Arbitration Institute.

2018 college football hall of fame nominees

by rccollins @ CanesInSight ray, sapp and...

Coach Brown & more... Post Practice Presser 9/5/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Travis Homer

by WhatTheHell @ CanesInSight

Very impressed with him today. My favorite "oh shlt, he can do that?" player of the day. We all knew he was physically impressive from special...

2 new offers at DE

by Zbrod95 @ CanesInSight

Per ITU: Elijah Wade: 6’5 240 - from Las Vegas, plays for Arbor View Chris...

The City Code of Ordinances

The City Code of Ordinances

City of New Castle Kentucky


NFL Salaries By School

by supersaiyanshel @ CanesInSight

In light of the Linder news -- 2016 1. USC 41 $140.1M 2. Georgia 37 $124.4M 3. Miami (FL) 40 $120.1M 4. Alabama 42 $115.5M...

OT: O$U girl calls out ex boyfriend for dating black girl

by dfagundo @ CanesInSight

Ohio State student's offensive video facing backlash - NY Daily News...

New storm in the gulf headed towards Tallahassee

by CanesFan23 @ CanesInSight

TROPICAL DEPRESSION SIXTEEN ( Projected to hit panhandle early sunday morning.....

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