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Arky State Game cancelled Thread

by BOLTY @ CanesInSight

Just hit the twitters.

Best Cities to Get an SEO Job

by Tylor Hermanson @ Sandbox SEO

Does where you live affect your odds of getting a job in SEO? Do large metropolises only seemingly have more SEO career opportunity until you adjust for population size? Supply and demand – that’s ultimately what I’m after with this exploration. And while there has been research posted on the subject, it didn’t take into [...]

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ESPN on Diaz. Please Don't leave us anytime soon.

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Miami defensive coordinator Manny Diaz is among the handful of assistants in Orlando, Fla., participating in the NCAA Champion Forum, a networking...

Camp Chatfield or Game Chatfield?

by PittsburghCane @ CanesInSight

I know the back story and how miserably his camp season went, but it is really hard for me to ignore his tape. He fits the idea of what coach Rumph...

How Attending a Hunks Show Can Help You Get Over a Breakup

by web_app @ HUNKS The Show

Breakups and divorces are terrible. You scream you cry, you have regrets—but in the end, you always walk away stronger. And look on the bright side: now you have a perfect excuse to get out and meet the Hunks with your besties! Hunks the Show is the world’s number one touring male revue, and these […]

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Could play an FSU team in shambles again.

by FlaSportsFan88 @ CanesInSight

With Blackman, we all know NC State is going to be a tough matchup for FSU. Although NCSU's defense hasn't looked quite as good as advertised, they...

Y'all ready for some Hurricane football. This is West Coast.

by 1983canes @ CanesInSight

Jesus this board is tough. Go Canes. From Cali.

Miami Offers worth more?

by Hurricane Warrior @ CanesInSight

Image: Interesting numbers... OSU & Miami got the #1...

MLS stadium

by Mr. Crabs Cane @ CanesInSight

I saw articles today about the new MLS stadium being 25,000 ppl without parking in Overtown. Seems like it will be a mess. I know UM discussed...

Miami being rusty is showing big time so far in this half

by HurricaneAlex @ CanesInSight

Walton down with injury, the offense a mess, defense is struggling currently down in this game.

Zagacki, Joaquin Gonzo, Manny Diaz,etc twitter response...

by MedleyCane @ CanesInSight

to this idiot Brett McMurphy....good for them!

Paradise Camp and FNL will be held on the same weekend

by King Slayer @ CanesInSight

according to the 247 writers. Would post the date but apparently the coaches don't want it to get out because they only want ballers at the camp....

This game is more important for Miami

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

We need to establish ourselves as relevant.FSU despite their slide has the luxury of current success.Though it's just one game it is finally right...

Game Could be Moved to Miami

by OrlCane635 @ CanesInSight

Looking at the storm predictions, there is a Cat 1/2 storm expected to be off the coast at game time with a direct hit on Tally. We know how this is...

Return Game

by Mr. Dynasty1 @ CanesInSight

When was the last time ours was a serious threat? Punt returns are just a fair catch waiting to happen. I don�t know if the blocking is the problem...

Getting to know 4-star DT target Trevor Trout

by Paranos @ CanesInSight

Great article on UM DT recruit Trevor Trout. Trout's recruitment will be an interesting litmus test of coach Kools recruiting ability since he was...

High bust potential of Lingard

by ALMIGHTYU @ CanesInSight

I'm not sold on Lingard. He doesn't pass the eye ball test and jump off the screen when I watch tape of him. Dalvin Cook jumped of the screen and so...

OT: Domers Game

by Lester Burnham @ CanesInSight

Making the trip down for my first Canes home game and I'd appreciate some tips from local fans to make the best of my pilgrimage to the Holy Land. ...

Richt and packaged plays

by FlaSportsFan88 @ CanesInSight

Packaged Plays and the Newest Form of Option Football « ( ...

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2019 CB Tyrique Stevenson receives offer

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

904149619394969600 video/3/8706354/582cc4685b3cb017d0743779 Tyrique Stevenson, South Dade, Cornerback...

VT vs. ECU

by duke4heisman @ CanesInSight

So far, ECU is moving well against this defense. Ahead 14-7

Get a Jumpstart on Early Planting

by United Country Real Estate @ – United Country – Country Homes

One of the perks to owning your own home in the country is having extra land available to plant a garden. And now is the best time to get that garden planning started. In warmer climates you can already start sowing your vegetable seeds outside. In colder areas, with a little work, you can also start some of the cool season crops right now ...

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Best at position

by reg @ CanesInSight

It is undeniable that we have seen a massive upgrade in talent on our roster over the past couple of years, and #storm18...

College Golf Camps™ – BIG 5 – Junior Golf Exposure Camp – Pinehurst, NC 2016 – Girls

by admin @ College Golf Camps™

CAMP IS SOLD OUT!!! College Golf Camps is coming back to the “Home of American Golf”, Pinehurst, North Carolina, November [...]

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Things You Can Do at a Hunks Show that You Can’t Do at a Standard Male Stripper Show

by web_app @ HUNKS The Show

Ever thought that a strip club or home visit from a male stripper would be a great idea for a girls’ night out, birthday party, or bachelorette? These are fun ideas, and you would undoubtedly have a great time. But let’s face it: the male stripper thing has been done before, and there’s something missing […]

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CanesFest 2017

by Vizslacane @ CanesInSight

I live in Texas and my family and I are travelling to Ft. Lauderdale later this week. I have 2 boys, 9 and 12 year old. Do y'all recommend going to...

Game Week Babaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy

by IndayArtHauz @ CanesInSight

Big game because it's the first game. No way to sugar coat it this feels like the last week of Spring camp, not the first week of the season. ...

2019 Orlando Christian Prep SF CJ Walker talks Canes

by ErickMarreroU @ CanesInSight

Attachment 50183 ( One of the hottest names in the College Basketball scene over...

Defense didn't even get off the buss today (disappointing)

by Cityboy4life82 @ CanesInSight

Was very disappointed in the effort and execution of our defense, Especially the corners. Our corners could not stay in front of anyone which...


by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Littleway Pregnancy Resource Center contracted Hatfield Media to provide a comprehensive website redesign. This included a thorough overhaul of every page from both a visual perspective as well as a content and functionality point of view.  We worked directly with the internal ...

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Breakdown of defenses of Miami, NC St and WF.

by CaneOil @ CanesInSight

To the guys who can break down defenses, your opinions on ours compared to NC ST's and WF's? IMO, this is where the game will be won or lost. I'm...


by USNAVYCANE @ CanesInSight

---Quote (Originally by USNAVYCANE)--- Here is the link to the wEz clan for xbox and the ps3&4

So If Im not mistaken, all the Cane draft choices...

by k9cane @ CanesInSight

plus guys like Colbert and Carter ended up on an NFL roster( at least for opening day). And I'd bet most of these guys will have solid, productive...

Miami section at FSU game

by GladeCane @ CanesInSight

Guys, Little help here: Out of state Cane Diehard who has never been to an away game. How do I get tickets to sit in the Miami section at the...

Hustle to help: Guardsmen deploy to Puerto Rico

by By army Staff Sgt. BALINDA O’NEAL DRESEL AKNG Public Affairs @ - RSS Results

Alaska Air and Army National Guard members are assisting Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Richt's Culture Change

by db305 @ CanesInSight

i just started teaching a base-level class at um that tends to have a lot of freshman players in it. my predecessor warned me that in his experience...


by Cognizantphotos @ CanesInSight

Anyone going? i'll be attending the Manny Diaz Q&A session, ill post any good stuff that gets said during the session.

The Mark Richt Show | Season Two | Episode Four

by pimpcane1 @ CanesInSight

Don Bailey interview in Tampa Bay area 7/19/2017

by Tim @ CanesInSight

Jimbo fisher on ESPN interview

by Hemsleysalmons @ CanesInSight

I just saw Jimbo being interviewed on ESPN. During interview they were discussing his opening game with Bama. Fisher said, no problem we are use to...

What Makes a Good Webinar?

by Alanna Redenour @ jWeb Media

Previously, we discussed webinars and how they can help you and your business. But how exactly do you create one? What separates the good from the bad and how can you create a webinar that people want to watch? Practice Makes Perfect Before you start creating a webinar, it’s a good idea to practice first. [...]

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Signature Game - UM vs FSU

by CaneCounty @ CanesInSight

Who is more likely to have a signature game? ST26's game is one we'll never forget J12 had a game to remember back in '08/'09 i believe. ...

for the HS experts or STA guys...

by 5XNC @ CanesInSight

met a guy out last night who claimed his son is/was the number 1 safety in Florida. said his son goes to STA and tore his acl but he's healed but he...

What You Should Know About Search Engine Optimization Strategies

by educationsupercenter @ Kentucky's Education SuperCenter !

To improve your ranking on the search engines for your website, you need to implement what are called search engine optimization strategies. There are two sets of strategies that must be utilized to achieve page 1 positions. Although many people will use the PPC traffic that they can purchase using Google, many people prefer to … Continue reading "What You Should Know About Search Engine Optimization Strategies"

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Malek Young PFF Stat

by amanan28 @ CanesInSight

913033283616825345 Young and Bandy need to be the Boundary Corners for the rest of the year. Don't care how small they are, all they do is make...

Nevermind - already posted

by BigCaneAl @ CanesInSight

For those that care, went out in 3rd quarter with suspected ACL tear

Is Willis practicing?

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

Porter posted a picture of him in pads.

UCLA Comeback: Props to Josh Rosen and...Jedd Fisch

by Martycane @ CanesInSight

Greatest comeback I've ever seen. Rosen was great and Fisch made great adjustments. Wish we still had him...

I want N'kosi Perry

by Zbrod95 @ CanesInSight

Ahora's ridiculous that we're refusing to stretch the field and take advantage of our athletes. I'm not even going to bring up the D or...

Expectations for the LB's

by Canesfan1899 @ CanesInSight

It's the off-season I'm bored as fuck. It seems like Shaq and McCloud have taken a step this spring I'm curious to see what people expect out this...

Sporting News Coach Rankings

by rustywalkedaway @ CanesInSight

FYI: Spolier alert: Richt is #9 ( . Ranking college football coaches from 1...

Malik Rozier.... The man!

by KANE @ CanesInSight

That took some MAJOR stones to drop that one in. OMG!!! Gotta give major love to Braxton Berrios too. Dude was ballin his a� off! God I�m happy!!!

101 Link Building Ideas for Off Page SEO Backlinking Tactics for SEO

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

101 Link Building Ideas for Off Page SEO Backlinking Tactics for SEO 4.5 {videocomment}

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I'm a little concerned...

by wherrera8 @ CanesInSight

Someone tell me we roll... Making amends with all of you for last weeks debacle: ---Quote (Originally by wherrera8)--- Honestly this stuff...

FSU Players On The Ground In Pain

by Paskudnyak @ CanesInSight

How many times did play have to be stopped so those guys could take their sweet ass time getting up? Hats off to Gus & Co.

The sky is falling in Tally

by TheEye @ CanesInSight

From "Unconquered" (How funny is that title?) Noletime1995: How long can FSUs athletic department survive with its cash cow milking it dry?...

Unc game Section

by Canes91 @ CanesInSight

Sorry if already posted but I will be making the trip to the UNC game. What section is the visiting team section if anybody knows? Thanks

Coach Richt & more... Post Practice Presser 8/21/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Are we still wearing all black unis

by sotacane22 @ CanesInSight


330 ABC

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Didn't see posted yet

Goal line Offense

by UCaneDoIt7390 @ CanesInSight

CMR mentioned in his post-scrimmage interview today that they have not put in a goal line offense yet and he's not sure that we have the personnel to...

Why Hunks the Show Beats a Stripper for a Birthday Party

by web_app @ HUNKS The Show

So your best friend has a big-deal birthday coming up, and as her BFF it’s your job to make sure that it’s a special one, right? And you’ve talked to a few other friends who said, “so and so had a male stripper at her party, why don’t you do something like that?” But you […]

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Strategic Communications

by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Strategic Communications is a provider of technology services to US Government and Commercial verticals.  Headquartered in Louisville, KY, Strategic services clients of all sizes across the United States by providing a variety of IT products and services including infrastructure, communications ...

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Staff Member With The Most To Prove in 2017

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

A look at some of the challenges ahead for each coach... This is in order of hardest to easiest in terms of what's expected of them. *Richt:*...

Is anyone going to the fsu game?

by @ CanesInSight

I got my tickets last month. Is anyone tailgating?

Some images to reduce worry about Gerald Willis' LOA

by LuCane @ CanesInSight

As we've discussed, the top 3 DTs will now, at least initially, likely be Kendrick Norton, RJ Mcintosh and Anthony Moten. From what's been...

Serious Question about WQAM

by #26-MEAST @ CanesInSight

Why does the University of Miami's flagship station interview fsu's head coach weekly? Why give them time on the radio in SoFla? I highly doubt our...

THA 011: Your Website – Tactics To Improve

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

THA 011: Your Website – Tactics To Improve 4.5 Listen to the full episode here: THA 011: Your Website – Tactics To Improve Your Website – Tactics to improve Traffic and other Tech Talk as discussed by two industry experts, Danny Sanchez from Auto Shop Solutions and Todd Westerlund, CEO of Kukui. Along with shop owners Ryan Clo from Dubwerx in Cincinnati, OH and Doug Grills from Autostream in the Greater Baltimore/Washington, DC area. Great talk on being mobile, Google Analytics, SEO, review marketing being sure your site converts customers, website design, analytics and call tracking, and working with Google Premier Partners. {videocomment}

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Richt/Dugans Must Give Playing Time to Langham

by The Svengali @ CanesInSight

In the two games he�s played, he�s proven he can produce and make big time catches. And quite frankly �the catch� shows he has it in him. The man...

Acc and Coastal

by imurcane @ CanesInSight

Not trying to bytch or be a bytch This year because the Atlantic is so strong we won't be at a "Coastal" disadvantage. Call it what you want, but...

Always Overrated

by kryptonite @ CanesInSight "*Which college football teams are always...

Updates from the Dolphins 7v7 tournament

by ErickMarreroU @ CanesInSight

The first game has already concluded. Miramar A-Team defeated Blanche Ely in the first round Miramar A vs Blanche Ely: Miramar A Miramar B vs...

Demetrius Jackson

by DiegoCane @ CanesInSight

Kid has really stepped up his game, inside move on his sack was nice. He creates a lot of havoc when he's in, not much of a drop off at all between...

Davoan Hawkins

by supersaiyanshel @ CanesInSight

Mentioned this kid in the paradise thread Kentucky DE commit who had a good showing at Camp. Earned that offer. These are the kinds of kids I...

JUCO DT Tayland Humphrey

by ILCane2011 @ CanesInSight

Are we recruiting him? 6'5", 350 lbs, he's the #2 ( ranked JUCO DT in the...

Homer = Unusng Hero

by supersaiyanshel @ CanesInSight

Homeboy STEPPED UP last drive. Definitely needs some love.

Higher Perspective

by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Hatfield Media was contracted by Higher Perspective to develop a new website and overhaul the business imaging.  Initially our goal was to standardize all branding aesthetics, which for us begins with logo design.  After several revisions, we arrived at the ...

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News Item

by SMSM Law @ Sullivan, Mountjoy, Stainback & Miller

This is a news item. We will post firm news here.

The post News Item appeared first on Sullivan, Mountjoy, Stainback & Miller.

Miami Northwestern vs Atlantic recap

by CaneShades @ CanesInSight

Miami Northwestern vs Atlantic recap.. Miami Northwestern vs Atlantic – CaneShadesMedia (

What was the announced attendance yesterday?

by Cane_Mutiny @ CanesInSight

Haven't seen it anywhere. I'd guess announced was about 45,000. Actual butts in seats was obviously far less. It was pretty lifeless in there, but...

Braxton Berrios before game in tunnel

by MiamiJoe @ CanesInSight

Best video in long time as it is fitting before his best game. HEART

Antoine Green, WR (Rockledge)

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

Interesting prospect. Unranked but has multiple SEC offers. Verified 6'2, 185, 4.5 and 38-inch vert at the Opening in Orlando. PR of 21.56 in 200M...

Miami Hurricanes Five Most Underrated Commits In 2018

by Hurricane Warrior @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes Five Most Underrated Commits In 2018...

Uncle Luike Predicts...

by caneaddict @ CanesInSight

end of dade starting RB's for noles will equal end of Noles dominance of the series... doesn't think much of Rasul as a dade guy and apparently...

I'm still not sold on CMR the play caller.....

by mikemike @ CanesInSight

Hopefully he does a better job because last year at times he was awful !

HOT TAKE: Nobody Cares About Roukulika's "Hot Takes"

by crimson_cane @ CanesInSight

So please stop making threads.

Murder Needs to Be Reported

by 954canelife @ CanesInSight

Last year we almost killed Frenchie especially Norton with the DDT. Somehow their offensive line has gotten worse so I`m trying to get in contact...

Chad thomas canes cut up highlight

by brock @ CanesInSight

864897504806150146 He was very productive last year and caused a lot of tackles for losses for other players. I except him to have a 8-10 sacks 15...

David Reese...

by STORM_FRONT 1964 @ CanesInSight

Hearing some chatter tonight out on the World Wide Web about a commitment to the U, sooner rather than later. Even if it's just the latest rumor,...

Coach Diaz Has Obviously Forgotten How To Coach...Right?

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

In his first season at Miami, Diaz was a nominee for the Broyles award, given to the top assistant coach in college football. Maybe, just maybe,...

Jeff Thomas tweet

by Problem2 @ CanesInSight

914266276696068098 Dude needs to stick this through. He's getting playing time, only a matter time before he breaks one

The most poorly coached half of football in the rich Era.

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

This team looks terrible right now. This has to be the most poorly coached half of football in the richt Era. We are missing tackle, out of position...

siap- had fsu returned the last kickoff for a td

by db305 @ CanesInSight

it would not have counted anyway for 2 #29s ( on the field. ...

Pete, DT recruiting

by skeeter @ CanesInSight

Most have Oladele as a DE, I think it's a 50/50 shot he moves inside with that huge frame...And I know we are high up on Briggs list. Are you...

Potential Breakout Prospects for Paradise Camp tonight

by Geo305 @ CanesInSight

These are the prospects I will be keeping a closer eye on tonight. 2018: S Avonta Crim - Vanguard LB Ricky Williams Jr - Blake 2019: LB...

Will Gameday board posters ever learn?

by Jaromir Jagr @ CanesInSight

That's our 9th straight win (3rd longest streak in the country) and in *literally all nine* of those games, the idiots on the gameday board were...

(OT, sort of) Heisman Trophy Odds

by Scorpion @ CanesInSight Sam Darnold is at the top of this list at 5/1 odds, and he's my pick to win it. I...

Shawn Burgess-Becker question

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

OK, so I'm reading about him transferring to UCF in this Orlando Sentinel article. It says he wanted to return to Florida (Miami or UCF) but it...

St. Thomas Aquinas game

by CaneStuck@USF @ CanesInSight

Is he not playing for STA tonight or something?

ACC Championship Game tickets

by MetiSkeemz @ CanesInSight

I noticed another poster urging people to buy tickets for the game which I thought was fiscally irresponsible if anyone actually did that. But if...

Harris suspended for 3 games for team rules

by KWConch @ CanesInSight

Guess AR came back just in time.

Our new #1 RB & Dallas getting hype in tunnel pregame(video)

by Dy-lan @ CanesInSight

Unfortunetly I can't seem to get the link to embed. Worth the click tho. Canes fans were amazing yesterday and the players really seemed to...

Espn analysts McElroy Pollack assess Canes acc title chance.

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

ESPN analysts McElroy, Pollack assess Hurricanes ACC title chances thi...

Let's debate... (part 1) Offensive Line

by 1CN @ CanesInSight

Offensive Line 1.Who starts? 2.Who's your top 8 or 9 offensive lineman? 3.Who has NFL potential? 4.Can Jahair Jones contribute? Attachment...

Sacks Per Game - Last 14 Years

by thebutcher @ CanesInSight

Last year we had our best season in Sacks/Game since 2004, when we finished 3rd in the nation. We were 23rd last year. Could only find 14 years...

Latest Crystal Ball Trends 2018 and 2019 recruits

by KrazyCane @ CanesInSight

*This recruiting class is going to be GOAT* The Latest Miami Hurricanes Football Recruiting Crystal Ball Trends: 7/1...

Feels like last year- our fans were confident we'd beat FSU

by The Svengali @ CanesInSight

I've been watching Canes vs Noles for 35 years, and this just feels like a bad omen to me. I'm superstitious as hell, especially when it comes to...

So be honest....

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

How many times have you watched the TD? I'm at about 15+, I've also enjoyed watching their last drive and their jubilation knowing we were...

Florida State in just as much trouble as we are?

by Jaromir Jagr @ CanesInSight

North Carolina missed the tournament in 2015 and 2016 with RPIs of #29 ( and...

Silvera scheduled OV Dec 15

by Bull @ CanesInSight

He scheduled a couple more to enjoy some free trips, but we get the last official visit. He's also recruiting Tyson Campbell to come to the U. All...


by CaneStuck@USF @ CanesInSight

Looks like we made his top 3. Get excited boys!

Tampa Canes

by ItownCane @ CanesInSight

Any suggestions on Cane friendly bars in the St. Pete , Clearwater area. thanks

Shout out to All Canes

by CANEMC @ CanesInSight

Placed an order yesterday and they immediately called to tell me an item wasn't in stock. So instead they gave me another shirt for a better price. ...

Any word on first day of contact in pads?????

by Sooch @ CanesInSight

Anybody get any reports on this?


by I'm james Jackson brother @ CanesInSight


Money Back Guarantee: Every Cane will love these Nole Tears

by North Florida Cane @ CanesInSight

Still remember knocking over my beer AND my brother's beer in the excitement! Barrow said he told...

Playing defense with 10 guys??

by onplane @ CanesInSight

With Manny's constant blitzing from the secondary that *NEVER* gets home, not even close, it sure looks like we are. Is this guy blind?

My .02 FSU Week (Relatively Long)

by Rellyrell @ CanesInSight

Could this have been a better week? Like seriously; think about the last time CFB gave Miami and it's fan a week like this. Forget us beating FSU for...

Player Quotes on QB Battle

by CaneSwag1995 @ CanesInSight

From Barry Jackson's update today: Braxton Berrios, one of the team�s most thoughtful, articulate players, naturally wouldn�t say publicly who�s...

No kidding...

by CaneMountain08 @ CanesInSight

Anyone else just a tad sick of hearing about Georgia Tech�s run game stats? �Second most rush yards in the country! Durrrrr.� Yeah...when...

ND's Malik Zaire to Florida

by bigpurk45 @ CanesInSight Actual article Former Notre Dame Fighting Irish QB Malik Zaire says he's...

HOT TAKE: 3 sophomores on D who will not start against BCU

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

*Pinckney*: For reasons not unknown, Pinckney will have to miss the first half against Bethune because of a suspension related to a penalty in the...

Chosen qb

by Hemsleysalmons @ CanesInSight

It seems to me that the overwhelming majority of posters expect and want Perry to be our starting qb. If he is not I foresee this forum posting very...

Peter: Nigel Bethel vs Keidron Smith at CB?

by Cortez55403 @ CanesInSight

Two standout CBs at the recent 7 on 7 seem to have gained the attention of Cane coaches: Nigel Bethel and Keidron Smith (Oxbridge athlete). In your...

Pro-Canes TD's

by John77 @ CanesInSight

Please post any more that you see. Duke is ballin 917116494642737152 917100518647857152

📍Paradise Camp (some behind the scenes videos)

by Tweed @ CanesInSight

This was yesterday's lunch from 1:30-5:30 before everyone broke off into position meetings & then hit the fields. 888835992169435136

espn doesn't disappoint

by Torocane @ CanesInSight

They just showed a graphic of undefeated ACC teams playing this weekend and complete left us out.

New Roster

by canesproponent @ CanesInSight

We have 31 players on the roster. I believe that we can only keep 25, but am not sure. Thought Torral was gone, but he is on the roster. ...

Best Defensive line ever

by citizenkane @ CanesInSight

OU 24 Taint 13 I see you Schiano Heading for the unemployment line by the end of the season

Golden Nugget Lines of the year

by JgDaCane @ CanesInSight

They list their top 100 games. These are the games they have listed for us. Miami +12 @ Fsu Miami -6 vs ND Miami -6 vs VT thoughts?

Week 7 betting thread

by CaneOil @ CanesInSight

I'm taking NM state -7 against G Southern. Back to a 100 dollar bet. 3-3 so far but up 200 because of the big Miami bet. Miami is down to -5.5...

Big time players make big time plays....

by RohanMotor @ CanesInSight

Know your Canes History! Santana Moss was not the 1st player to say it! It was Rohan Marley! I guess I can understand why some many think he said...

Does any one have a good place to stream the game?

by eric081695e @ CanesInSight

Only get to watch the first half so not going anywhere and don't have cable. GO CANES Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Amazing Celebration video SIAP

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight Berrios and coach hugging it out man almost shed a tear mane

Paging Jaromir Jagr.... Paging Jaromir Jagr...

by txcane80 @ CanesInSight

Sorry that the Miami baseball team keeps winning...... you must be so miserable right now.

Matt corral 5 qb

by Brooklyndee @ CanesInSight

For those that care Matt corral is attempting to commit to us. It's not reciprocated at all. As the staff has not even contacted him. Since were not...

Diaz and Mass Substitution

by 305umking @ CanesInSight

What exactly is Diaz trying to accomplish with this approach? We subtitute what seem to be random and bizarre times during drives. The back 7 is the...

College Football Awards Preseason Watch Lists

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

_*2017 Watch Lists*_ Chris Herndon IV - TE (Mackey Award ( Kendrick Norton - DT (Bednarik Award...

Show this to recruits.

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight Show this to recruits.

Hurricane History

by MiamiJoe @ CanesInSight

Miami won all of its Football and Baseball Titles after the 80s when Miami became the U... Before that it was like a community college after that it...

My Google Back Links Disappeared from Webmaster Tools Overnight

by mplysiak @ Website Design and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

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My first Miami/fsu game.

by Jayhud11 @ CanesInSight

Wow, guys.. that was amazing.. my 2nd canes game ever and my first Miami/fsu game. I was in shock last night when we got the win!! Hopefully Walton &...

2018 Class

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

I haven't been following basketball recruiting so can someone tell me who were looking at? Whats our most likely class? Do we have a legit shot...

''Twas The Night Before...

by tampatony21 @ CanesInSight

'Twas the night before Cookman, when all thro' the house Not a creature was stirring, not even Vern in his FSU blouse; The beers were stocked in...

Deerfield Beach vs Miami Central Spring Jamboree 2017

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight LB Kenny Bastida kills James Cook in the backfield lol! That Deerfield Defense...

Get Noticed with Instagram Business

by Alanna Redenour @ jWeb Media

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The post Get Noticed with Instagram Business appeared first on jWeb Media.

Miami appearal

by AK_Cane @ CanesInSight

Looking to stock up on some gear for my family for the season. Living in Alaska makes it a little more difficult than when I lived in Sarasota. Any...

We are not an elite team but...

by Saltycane @ CanesInSight

We are improving, bring in a couple recruiting classes and we may be. This was a good win for the team against a wounded FSU team, but a win is a...

Delaney will continue to play. 'Doing a good job'

by M5canes @ CanesInSight

The first question to Mark Richt on Sunday�s day-after-Toledo teleconference was about redshirt senior cornerback Dee Delaney�s �tough� transition...

I was banned from the WEZ for no reason, please help

by caneswin @ CanesInSight

I seriously did not violate any rules. It says I've been banned forever. I'm not even a controversial poster. I'm sorry to bother you guys...

United States; one step ahead of high

by jakirase @ CanesInSight

Ohio State vs UNLV Live Streaming...

Rank em - College Career

by Canemang @ CanesInSight

Miami LB's Lewis Barrow Morgan Armstead Webster Vilma Smith Moss

Canes In MS

by asap_lit @ CanesInSight

Born in Miami. Fiance is in residency in Jackson, MS so we're stuck for a few years.. It's tough being a Canes fan due to being in SEC country. They...

OT: Warren Sapp on UM

by ben @ CanesInSight some cool stories about Michael Irvin and Ray Lewis ...

Cager at PR? (Matt Porter article)

by scrantoncane @ CanesInSight

CORAL GABLES � A few updates from Wednesday morning�s practice � * Junior Sam linebacker Charles Perry, running as a second-teamer behind starter...

Which uncommitted prospects are the coaches highest on?

by PittsburghCane @ CanesInSight

Coaches have been killing the recruiting trail this year (obviously) and throughout the year there have been many reports expressing their levels of...

AP Poll: Miami Moving on up

by Kevin @ CanesInSight

Moving up one spot at #13 (

Cager, Langham and Richards

by OrlCane635 @ CanesInSight

I know we were playing it safe with Richards, but why no Cager and Langham in the first 3 quarters? It seemed the offense looked better when they...

Sophomore year WR Slump

by ghetto_gepetto @ CanesInSight

Aldarius Johnson Stacy Coley the list goes on and on of Freshmen phenoms who disappeared in their sophomore season. Can Ahmmon Richards...

Survive and Thrive: Gardening Through the Winter

by United Country Real Estate @ – United Country – Country Homes

Gardening in the winter months is not only possible, it’s a common and fun winter hobby that allows you to enjoy fresh vegetables all year long. No matter what region you live in, you can grow delicious root and leafy vegetables while better preparing other crops for spring. While gardens in the southern regions of the United States can flourish all year long, those ...

The post Survive and Thrive: Gardening Through the Winter appeared first on - United Country - Country Homes.

Local seo strategy 2015 – Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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I hope Scott Frost is a Sodomite tonight. Let's go Knights!

by Ibis Wingz @ CanesInSight

Butch Davis will visit Orlando Regional Medical Center hemorrhaging from the rectum when UCF is done with him.

TV coverage in Orlando, NO................

by onplane @ CanesInSight

no tv coverage of Toledo/Canes game today in Orlando area. Instead Fox Sports Fl is covering Louisville/Kent State. WTF ??

All QB Scrimmage Stats

by ChosenOne @ CanesInSight

============ Mailk Rosier #12 ============ 1st: N/A 2nd: 13-26 142 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT 3rd: 8 for 18, 169 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs (1 Pick 6) 4th:...

2019 OT Spencer Brown receives offer

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

864526402623864833 video/3/6060946/580c1d593bd8146864ca8efa Spencer Brown, Walled Lake Western, Offensive Tackle...

Zach Dykstra

by Sebastian_29 @ CanesInSight

Saw him on campus this morning. He doesn't seem to be handling the hot Miami temperatures very well. Something to keep and eye on here. Just thought...

rokulika, you're still good over here.

by Ibis Wingz @ CanesInSight

We look forward to your increased posting on CIS.

Coach Richt Post Scrimmage Presser 8/24/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Media still considers Miami an elite program

by TimeB0mb @ CanesInSight

Seems we are still considered among the "Kings" of football by FoxSports. Funny that the Huskers got kicked out the club. Access Denied...

Only driving up to Tallahassee if we beat Duke tonight ....

by blackvern @ CanesInSight

:monkey-serious: Am I a real canes fan? Can't stand to deal with another loss on that drive home..


by scrantoncane @ CanesInSight

Mods can delete. Was learning how to embed a tweet/video without disrupting football board.

Hold up, Arkansas St lost to CENTRAL ARKANSAS last year?

by CanesAreAble @ CanesInSight

And got blow'd out at home by Toledo, and people are skeerd? Come on, now. This reminds me of the panic last year after App St almost knocked...

OT: For Those That Want to Buy the New Jerseys

by CanesFiend @ CanesInSight

They got them on them on them up on Adidas in stock. "TWENTYOFF" coupon gets you...

Moten- Toledo Game

by CanesFam17 @ CanesInSight

I thought Moten played four incredibly strong quarters.. Just dominated inside.. had some nice plays.. tipped a ball.. just wanted to give the kid a...

Scrimmage #1 Stats Video (Let's chat about it)

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight

SIAP -- This is Miami

by Fawk_U Haters @ CanesInSight

I suck at pasting videos or tweets, but has anyone else seen the new Miami Recruiting video that Playmaker Narrates?

Post your favorite Canes v Noles Pics and Gifs

by tsimonitis @ CanesInSight

Attachment 50916 ( Attachment 50917...

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Coach Brown & more.. Post Practice Presser 10/3/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

7 Signs That It’s Time to Abandon Your Website

by MedPB @ MedPB

Is your website helping you attract potential patients and motivating them to call your practice? Maybe its time to abandon that old website? Read More >

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Predict Rosier's stats

by brcane1 @ CanesInSight

Assuming Malik starts all 12 regular season games, what type of stat line do you think he'll put up? I'm thinking like 2250 yards, 58% completion,...

Coach macho

by mlw352 @ CanesInSight

I enjoy seeing you post about certain prospects what's your opinion about these coaches evaluation and the difference between them and golden staff...

UM Prez confirms UM under investigation

by atlCanesFan @ CanesInSight

Well now it's official. Ok, now I'm getting worried ...

Other Options? Knowles and Cager

by gambino97 @ CanesInSight

First off, very glad for the win last night in Hard Rock North! Now, on to more pressing matters.... *Robert Knowles*- If Redwine is out for an...

I want a victorious flag-plant at FSU's midfield after we

by yeyo @ CanesInSight

destroy them. Don't care who it is....And they better be wearing the Turnover Chain. EOM

Rosier question for D$

by ghost2 @ CanesInSight

Or anyone that's observed fall practice over the years - Based on his fall camp, how would Rosier's performance stack up with previous QBs? How...

What Is Organic Search Engine Optimization?

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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The post What Is Organic Search Engine Optimization? appeared first on Houston SEO Expert.

Thoughts on Anthony Lawrence

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

This has to be a breakout year.I think we're not getting the most out of him.The kid is so unselfish it hurts his game.I see greatness in the kid...

Ahmmon Richards is a Beast....

by KrazyCane @ CanesInSight

Seriously could be best WR in the country I rewatched a YouTube highlight and I saw everything from one handed catch in the end zone. Breaking...


by @ AL – – United Country – Country Homes

3BED/2BATH NEW CONSTRUCTION just on the outskirts of Hartford, AL. Vaulted ceilings in living room. Granite counter tops in kitchen – lots of counter space – stainless steel appliances. Living area will have hardwood, bedrooms will have carpet and bath/kitchen will be tile. Located on the corner of Shiloh Road and Lakeview Drive. Scheduled for completion 9/30/17 – 1 car carport with large backyard. ...

The post NEW CONSTRUCTION 3/2 ON OUTSKIRTS OF HARTFORD, ALABAMA appeared first on - United Country - Country Homes.

OB vs Hard Rock Question

by Sofla native @ CanesInSight

Were tickets in the OB lower bowl a lot cheaper than Hard Rock lower bowl? That is probably the main reason I hate hard rock over the OB. Other than...

Don Brown, Dave Aranda, Manny Diaz

by WilforkHOF @ CanesInSight

Who will finish with the best defensive unit?

ESPN: Two years and eight laterals ago: The last time Miami

by MiamiVice7 @ CanesInSight

Two years and eight laterals ago: The last time Miami Hurricanes played at Duke Blue Devils...

Manny Diaz putting too much pressure on new DB's

by amanan28 @ CanesInSight

While the stat line of 41-13 might look alright on the box score, it doesn't tell the whole story. Defense lacked juice today and I'll chalk it up...

Badgley and Moten get Senior Bowl Watch List snub

by Hurricane Warrior @ CanesInSight

7 out of 9 is not bad though... Seven Miami Seniors Named To Senior Bowl Watch List...

Gameday: Who wears the turnover bling today?

by GD4 @ CanesInSight

Jojo on Sack/FF and Malek again bein put on theyre #1 ( receiver

Irma might impact FSU Practice/Prep week

by The Svengali @ CanesInSight

I know there are more at stake than a damn football game (lives, property, etc), but since this is a football board I will make a football related...

FSU vs. Louisiana-Monroe game cancelled

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight


Coach Richt & more... Post Game Presser 9/23/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Diaz is garbage

by U2026 @ CanesInSight

Why are we in base 4-3 when they have 4 or 5 wide. And Delaney can't cover my grandma. Keep playing like this and we go 6- 5 if we are lucky. And bye...


by @ AL – – United Country – Country Homes

Clover Hill Farm 67 Ac +/- $589,000   Here is a gorgeous cattle farm with a lot of great improvements in the perfect location.  Clover Hill Farm is a turnkey, 67-acre working cattle operation located in Coffee County less than ten miles from Enterprise, AL.  Nestled in an area consisting of large timber tracts and country farms, Clover Hill offers all the advantages of ...

The post CLOVER HILL FARM 80 ACRES CATTLE FARM NEW BROCKTON, ALABAMA appeared first on - United Country - Country Homes.

Official 1986 and 1987 U of Miami Hurricane Football Posters

by LMCane @ CanesInSight

I want to find a good owner who will take care of these and add them to a decent collection: They are listed on EBAY.

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Suggestions for Out the Huddle content

by ghetto_gepetto @ CanesInSight

1: the seventh floor crew song. how it came to be and the aftermatch from those involved 2: the story behind Najah Davenport allegedly relieving...

BREAKING: Francois out for season, Blackman to start

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Less than two weeks till Doak, big news that potentially swings momentum our way. Francois has a torn patellar tendon. He won't be playing...

False Sense of Security for Rosier?

by umhurricane2511 @ CanesInSight

Let me start by saying he's been the best surprise on this entire team so far. He just looks smooth, like a gamer. He's made mistakes, but they...

OT: Miami Herald Access

by SPAMM @ CanesInSight

A few years ago, I encountered the problem that the Herald would limit access to articles. At that time, someone suggested going Incognito, which I...

Rest of Storm18 needs?

by gatorsSUCK! @ CanesInSight

Sorry if posted elsewhere, but what are the rest of our 2018 class needs? We have 18 commits now. Assuming they stick and we get Campbell and...

How slow are we??***Official Speed Ratings***

by blackvern @ CanesInSight

Went to the game with the fam... Saw Cam Davis and Lingard..Dam that Lingard is a specimen (No ) I watched the first kickoff we looked so phucking...

Name one FSU offensive player that starts for us

by citizenkane @ CanesInSight

Would you trade: Rosier for Blackman? Walton for Patrick? Herndon for Izzo? Richards for Tate? Berrios for Murray? I can't honestly think...

Re watched Clemson v Louisville game that was on ESPN

by Linebacker55 @ CanesInSight

Re watching that game shows a big idea of how it's going to be good seeing Perry at qb. I'm not saying he starts day one or not, but I just don't...

FSU just cancelled classes for the whole coming week

by SpikeUM @ CanesInSight

Have to assume there will be no game for sure.

OT: Kentucky Derby

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

860991262630871040 860991803515965440 Always Dreaming just smoked it! Don't know how much you guys are into Horse racing, but never bet against...

Who's this quote about, give me your best guess...

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

"And, of course, ESPN, with no idea the University of Miami man was unable to speak discernible English, hired him."

Three Day National Junior Golf Exposure Camps – Girls – Dallas, Texas 2018

by College Golf Camps @ College Golf Camps™

Registration Begins: August 1, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT Entry Deadline: July 20, 2018 at 09:00 PM EDT Camp Fee: [...]

The post Three Day National Junior Golf Exposure Camps – Girls – Dallas, Texas 2018 appeared first on College Golf Camps™.

Injury updates???

by hcanes100 @ CanesInSight

Walton and Donaldson? Usually a part of post game, but didn't see anything.

Why are people so negative in here?

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

Man football is back so be Happy! This is just the first game guys, they will get it together they just need to execute better and stop the...

Derwin James aka Ghost

by CaneandAbel @ CanesInSight

Superstar made no plays this game. All year i've been hearing hes gonna kill us. He may be talented but he aint Big time.

OT- Ballers- Season 3

by DC1986 @ CanesInSight

Season 3 of Ballers starts tonight at 9:00pm central time. I know that many Hurricane fans watch this show starring the Rock . Great show.

What level does Ahmmon Richards reach this year?

by LuCane @ CanesInSight

Assuming health, what do you think is his season result? All-American? 1st team All-ACC? Sophomore slump? Of course, a lot will depend on who's...


by svtthis @ CanesInSight

Who's going?

Christopher Herndon�s Off the Field Impact Remains Vital

by David Perez @ CanesInSight

Attachment 48166 ( From Jeremy Shockey to David Njoku, Miami�s lineage of tight...

What will be our identity on offense?

by FrancisSaywer @ CanesInSight

Now that Malik Rosier has been named the starting QB, let's discuss the what our identity on offense will be. We know Richt wants to run an RPO type...

Artie burns training camp stat

by brock @ CanesInSight

In team sessions vs Antonio brown... 897566796995317762 Developing very well

Country home for sale in Jack, AL

by @ AL – – United Country – Country Homes

 What a beautiful home w/a long drive back to your own secluded piece of heaven situated on 6ac., features high cathedral ceilings in the grandroom w/ lots of windows allowing you to enjoy the natural light and the beauty of the surroundings with a beautiful wood burning fireplace. Opens up to a large kitchen w/lots of cabinets, granite counter tops, island & appliances. Lg ...

The post Country home for sale in Jack, AL appeared first on - United Country - Country Homes.

rewatching the game, some 1st half missed opportunities..

by k9cane @ CanesInSight

it's interesting, as you watch the game without the nervousness and emotion, you notice different things. But a few aspects stand out about the first...

Tyre Brady...... remember him?

by Stylie @ CanesInSight

6 catches for 188 and a td in the first half against Nc St. He's fast as fuck.

Bleak's Player Grades Duke

by blackvern @ CanesInSight

My Watch ESPN app has been freezing like no other last night and today WTF I had to rewatch the game this morning ***Rosier***- He played a good...

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New Kids on the Block...

by Island_Canes @ CanesInSight

REALLY excited about all the 2017 class getting in and starting their Summer sessions. Three kids I really feel like will help this year as Freshmen...

Who Is Canefest Tailgaiting

by UknowWhat @ CanesInSight

Where is every body? Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk

2017 Hype video

by SouthernM @ CanesInSight Hadn't seen this posted

What happened

by Salt @ CanesInSight

to pertussis cane's post?

2018 OT Colten Blanton receives offer

by TheUBack @ CanesInSight

Searles just offered Colten Blanton a 4* OT from Cy Ranch outside Houston. Currently committed to the landfill incinerator that is Texas A&M. How do...

Kevin Austin Jr.

by JamesSanMartin @ CanesInSight

Any idea on this guy? Commitment coming soon 889957150189129733

That was Malik's . "Ken Dorsey" moment

by citizenkane @ CanesInSight

only better cause Malik did it on the road. The faces of the FSU fans were completely stunned. A legend is born


by Kempo Cane @ CanesInSight

Wow this game sure reminds me of 2000 .Berrios is a damn stud nuff said!

Miami has offered 2020 Miami Norland DE Samuel Anaele

by ErickMarreroU @ CanesInSight

Miami has just offered 2020 Miami Norland DE Samuel Anaele. He dominated at Miami's Underclassmen Camp today. Offers from UF, Michigan, Tennessee...

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New 2017 Data: Best Cities in America to Get an SEO Job

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Comparing Perry and Mariota. What you all think?

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Pitt stinks

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Never seen a more unprepared defense from a "guru" like Narduzzi. Mark D'Antonio was the real MVP all along.

Tracking Irma thread

by paksat @ CanesInSight

using,16.58,586 I just don't see how this things gonna turn north...

Offseason wish: learn more about the O-Staff's dynamics

by LuCane @ CanesInSight

Don't know if those closer to the team or a journalist would be willing to take on this in-depth look, but I wish we'd hear more about how the...

Hi God. It's me, Swag.

by TheSwagger1 @ CanesInSight

Whatever I did.... I'm sorry. I really am. Please make it stop.

with Early signing period coming....

by Cane44 @ CanesInSight

Will there be a huge shift in EE's request and HS's allowing it? Just thinking of how many of our EE's really benefit and are usually the most ready...

How to SEO Images – Search Engine Optimization

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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Sweet Canes Games

by Verobob @ CanesInSight

Golly, gee I don't which of the 2 games gave me more joy than my marriage: 1) Canes 57 Notre Dame 7. I was there, there, there. Vinnie destroyed...

Props to old school for kicking some Nole azz after the game

by rberryjr @ CanesInSight

Que représente Emergo pour vous?

by Eric Andrade @ Emergo – Services de répit / Fondation

Emergo est une aventure hors du commun. J'ai appris autant à vivre un été merveilleux avec des personnes géniales qu'à découvrir chacun de mes campeurs. Chaque campeur avait quelque chose d'inoubliable et de si enrichissant.

OT- Shalala

by KevinCaneFace @ CanesInSight

918104240467218432 Did anybody know she was on the USSoccer board? This makes so much sense. Extensions are coming for the whole Men's team staff!

Top 40 Miami recruits of the last 10 years

by FlaSportsFan88 @ CanesInSight

Miami?s Top Ranked Recruits In The Last Ten Years...

Micah Parsons 5 star DE from Harrisburg, PA

by Rickyg21 @ CanesInSight

Miami trying to get parsons on campus. Looks like there's mutual interest. What do you think the chances of us landing parsons are? Landing parsons...

Ominous Tweet by 247 team

by Canes1968 @ CanesInSight

They tweeted that it sounds like somebody got hurt but not sure who or how serious. Anybody know if they are just parroting the Pinckney BS, or if...

This is Sad

by ChosenOne @ CanesInSight

Bruh. I might sound crazy and maybe I am but that 2014 Miami Hurricanes team should of been one of our better squad in the past 15 years. I know, I...

Bachelorettes Think They Want a Stripper, but this Show Is Wilder

by web_app @ HUNKS The Show

Bachelorette parties are a rite of passage for any woman who’s taking the plunge, and the maid of honor is traditionally the person responsible for planning this unforgettable night. But many best women stick with basic and conventional activities for the bachelorette party, and this includes the male stripper. But what if someone told you […]

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by Fightinibis @ CanesInSight

Oh well. It's just 1. Fuck u Turds. UM

ESPN Rumph bringing it back

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes carrying legacy of 2001 team (

Thank you Veterans

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

On behalf of CanesInSight, just wanted to thank all who have served. Your sacrifices are the reason we can enjoy hobbies like Canes football.


by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight The West dominated, the score was only 14-7 but...

Concerned with the lack of Experience at the Skill Positions

by sitzee @ CanesInSight

A lot has been mentioned how we may start a True Freshman, but has anybody looked how thin (experienced players) we are at our Skill Positions? I...

ESPN's top OL situations for next year - Miami @ 14

by SouthernM @ CanesInSight

14. Miami Hurricanes Miami returned five starters in 2016 but lost one after five starts and another after nine. They had 152 rushing YPG (4.5...

Miami Hurricanes Hype Poem- Bethune Cookman Edition

by reg @ CanesInSight

What's up CIS? It's Game 1 so you know I had to drop a little something for the crew. I literally just recorded it about 30 minutes ago and uploaded...

SIAP Joey & Jesse Postgame

by CaneSwag1995 @ CanesInSight

Observations: - Loved Braxton's interview. He was channeling his inner Moss there. - It seems like Jesse is bullish on Miami, which, because...

TuTu Atwell = Roscoe Parrish

by Canemang @ CanesInSight

Miami needs to offer this dude. One of S Fl best playmakers

Hard Rock Stadium Question---200 Club

by hasena75 @ CanesInSight

I got tickets for the ND game in section 244. They say club level seating with lounge and bar offering, are food and drink included in the ticket...

Nothing on campbell!?!?

by paksat @ CanesInSight

3.5 sacks in the FIRST HALF??

MaxPreps is a joke

by Ajax @ CanesInSight

They released their First and Second Team Preseason All-American Teams If you don't count IMG where most of the players aren't from Florida only 4...

SIAP Pastor Recruiting the younglins

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight

This dude has charisma and keep$ it 100.....he wants savages only

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) gurus in Australia

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) gurus in Australia 5 Search Engine Seo (SEO) authorities in Australia {videocomment}

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Malik Rosier vs Clemson

by made_in_america @ CanesInSight

I'm watching the tape with him vs Clemson and if he is the starter for this team we're in BIG trouble. He looks like a D1AA QB to me. Awful...

the Dumbo Fisher Fraud is OVER!

by citizenkane @ CanesInSight

Fisher has only been winning because he's been going up against the likes of Blandy, Golidlocks, Mustache and MclTooth. But now that we have Richt...

Po(r)ster with the Most to Prove in 2017

by canedotcom @ CanesInSight

Hint: not OP

Herald article on investigation

by tcgrad1014 @ CanesInSight

UM says L and assistants are innocent. University of Miami basketball coaches hope for "swift conclusion" to FBI corruption probe | Miami Herald...

Miami has the 5th best win streak in the country

by brock @ CanesInSight


Where were you ,when this happened......Part 1

by 1CN @ CanesInSight

Enjoy....Must see!


by Jax Cane @ CanesInSight

One of the nice trends we've seen over the past two weeks is that we have finished strong and pulled away in the 4th qtr. Unlike previous regimes...

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Coach Richt, Diaz & more... Post Practice Presser 10/4/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

I wish I could update this from last year.......

by Jaromir Jagr @ CanesInSight

......but we don't have any post-season games in 2017 to add to the record. *_Post-season record, 2008 through 2017_* 29 wins 24 losses (.547)...

For those of you trhat attended Paradise Camp both years

by the23Watcher @ CanesInSight

question for you. compare last year to this year. what was different, for better or for worse. I'm curious to see what the progression was. One...

MIAMI-FSU Post Game Analytics and Recap (In-Depth)

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Just kidding. Here to reap the souls of the micropenis puzzys that doubted the canes all week. Sad that some 15 year old recruits have more balls...

This Escaped Me- DT Jordan Davis

by Gator Hatar @ CanesInSight

Just saw on another site that Mallard Creek DT Jordan Davis is 100% CB to us. Had no idea this was the case. Great news if true. Hadn't seen this...

Where were you ,when this happened......Part 2

by 1CN @ CanesInSight

Start video from the 9 minute mark.

Big Vince retires officially

by 58straight @ CanesInSight

Retirement in the internet age is nothing like the stuffy press conferences of old. So it should not come as a surprise that Vince Wilfork, one of...

Viewing FSU game from Spain...

by Confirmao @ CanesInSight

I will be in Spain for the FSU game, anyone know for certain how I can stream it? Thanks

CMR is not here to make friends

by cocanes @ CanesInSight

I just heard him today's post practice interview and he is all about business. Linder gone fine with him. he said Tyler, Gaynor and Mahoney kid are...

Sean Taylor.... "All Chest Baby"

by BigDikCane @ CanesInSight

LOL.... Don't know if you guys seen this before, but damn I like to hear these stories... ...

**South Florida Prospects and Recruits**

by 337CaneNation @ CanesInSight

I usually follow South Florida HS football, BUT I honestly haven't this year SO I'm just asking from the ppl that actually live in South Florida and...

Travis homer very solid #2 rb

by brock @ CanesInSight

Homer is the real deal. Miami will have a better 1, 2 punch then most teams in the country outside of a handful. He has been very good against our...

Scholarship numbers for '18

by CanesAreAble @ CanesInSight

Didn't see this posted anywhere, so fuck it. Here's a look at our non-senior scholarship breakdown. *Quarterback (4)* Rosier Shireffs...

Local SEO 2018 UPDATE The Complete Guide (Part 1)

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Abraham Alce?

by the23Watcher @ CanesInSight

got a 247 crystal ball today from Irvins #78 ( rated RB on 247

St Petersburg SEO – Helmut Hampton Search Engine Optimization

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Bishop Gorman vs Mater Dei 10:30 EST

by Barboni @ CanesInSight

Another opportunity to see Brevin Jordan. The top two ranked teams in country. 10:30 EST on Prime (411 on dish network) 903377116548317184

St. Louis mayor picks longtime judge Jimmie Edwards to lead Public Safety Department - Saint Louis news - NewsLocker

St. Louis mayor picks longtime judge Jimmie Edwards to lead Public Safety Department - Saint Louis news - NewsLocker


After he steps down from the bench, his role new will be to oversee the agency that includes the city's police, fire, jails.

Pre season injury updates

by PACaneENK @ CanesInSight

Any news on players that are recovering from injuries????? Over all team healthy the day before the season starts???

FSU - No Excuses

by TerragonSix @ CanesInSight

Last year, we were an extra point away from going into OT against FSU. Didnt happen. Their primary QB is out. Their current QB is a true...

Coach Banda weighs in with an epic rant and a FU to critics

by Ispyin @ CanesInSight

Love. This. Staff. 906219160207847424906219160203644928 906219160182673409

Chocolate Gray

by CANEMC @ CanesInSight

Currently 232lbs, working on his pad level and his mobility is back to normal. Pushing T.Homer for 2nd team reps right now. Stay healthy Choc!

Miami at Florida State puts the state of Florida in the...

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

Miami at Florida State puts the state of Florida in the balance Saturday ...

Instagram Marketing Tips For 2017: 5 Advanced Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Quickly

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Arthur Sitkpwski-first impression

by MetiSkeemz @ CanesInSight

I just watched this entire game against Carol Cityand I can honestly rate sitkowski. I think they're live streaming games for IMG via YouTube all...

Three Day National Junior Golf Exposure Camps – Boys – Pinehurst, NC 2018

by College Golf Camps @ College Golf Camps™

Registration Begins: August 1, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT Entry Deadline: July 20, 2018 at 09:00 PM EDT Camp Fee: [...]

The post Three Day National Junior Golf Exposure Camps – Boys – Pinehurst, NC 2018 appeared first on College Golf Camps™.

For Pete � player survey

by Gator Hatar @ CanesInSight

Something I think we'll all be interested in. Ask several of the participants to anonymously name who they thought were the top performers at each...


by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

picks ohio state to win the championship wow what a shock. Shocked they allow this guy to be on espn still how bias he is. fsu In the playoffs? They...

FSU Game

by Canes91 @ CanesInSight

Thinking of coming to this game but I'm coming from PA any suggestions on which airport to fly into? Hotels Etc...?

So it comes down to this.

by Miami04 @ CanesInSight

Basically lose a game before the ACC tourney and we are done. Up 4-0 on UVA in the 4th. First game of a double header.

Mark walton getting some national praise

by brock @ CanesInSight

861955688167337984 Happy for him, he's becoming a complete back and showed a lot of flashes last year. Excited to see how much better he will be...


by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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The post Position 1 SEO Techniques FOR SEO AND SMO RELATED SERVICES CALL TRISA TECHNOLOGIES @+91 8130205959 appeared first on Houston SEO Expert.

Miami 5 Wake Forest 2 (F) - CANES WIN

by Jaromir Jagr @ CanesInSight

Miami Top 1 - Got the leadoff runner on but no hits. Wake Bottom 1 - Solo Home run Miami Top 2 - three strikeouts Wake Bottom 2 - One runner...

Nick. Bonitto

by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

You think he ends up on Miami radar ? Some one have some info on this kids ability ? Nik Bonitto, St. Thomas Aquinas, Outside Linebacker...

Chickillo making waves with Pittsburgh

by brock @ CanesInSight

He has took nearly all of veteran lb James harrison reps at linebacker for the steelers Started game 1 2 sacks and a touchdown Game 2 had multiple...

UM is the TJ MAXX for NFL TEAMS...

by BigDikCane @ CanesInSight

@umarcher I think started the TJ Maxx story, but damn these teams are stealing 1st and 2nd/3rd round talent for dirt cheap... ...

Devante Bond

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

Starting for Bucs tonight.

Shaq Quarterman

by Canes91 @ CanesInSight Off season strength and conditioning got Shaq Ripped!

Scrimmage Stats

by fincane @ CanesInSight


Amari Carter

by mikemike @ CanesInSight

coverage skills look to be very subpar so far.. he is a striker but that's about it

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Brian mauerer

by mlw352 @ CanesInSight

Kids from west port high big kid long and seems pretty athletic kinda raw but has tools trying to gauge you guys thoughts on him it's been slow on...

Who is at camp today?

by canesjip @ CanesInSight

What new names are showing up today ? I don't think Jobe was there yesterday .. is he and anyone else showing up today ?

Former players still working out at the U

by WilforkHOF @ CanesInSight

Just wanted to point this out to the chicken littles who, for almost a decade, were opposed to firing Swasey bc "the former players wont come back to...

Good hype videos?

by AUcane @ CanesInSight

I recall several years back there was a fantastic one that showed highlights (all the way back to 90s) with a great sound track. Any good ones out...

Full Arkansas State Game

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

It's That Time: 2017 Official Predictions Thread

by WhatTheHell @ CanesInSight

List your predictions for every category. For those of you that don't know, the poster closest overall in every category will receive a prize....

Props to Badgley and Feagles

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

Badge consistently gets it out of the end zone consistent FG percentage and sometimes has made key tackles to save a TD.Feagles is a true frosh that...

Coach Richt, Diaz & more... Post Practice Presser 9/27/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Tally local radio - recruiting

by CanesFan23 @ CanesInSight

The local ESPN radio host said FSU's answer to return to the top is through improving recruiting. Rivals rank 5th, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th the last 4...

Home for sale in Dothan, AL

by @ AL – – United Country – Country Homes

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Mike Smith will start in place of Pinckney

by fincane @ CanesInSight

Pinckney is suspended for the half because of the targeting hit in the bowl game Michael Jackson will start at one CB spot per Diaz

A name to keep an eye on Donte Starks

by jamiecane @ CanesInSight

2019 LB. Rated as the number 2 LB in the nation number 59 player overall. He plays at Biloxi High where my daughters is a cheerleader. He is an...

Week 4 (Upset) Picks - 9/21

by Tetragrammaton Cane @ CanesInSight

Winners in *bold* Duke (-3) at *North Carolina* Michigan (-8) at *Purdue* *Mississippi State* (+6) at Georgia Florida (-4) at *Kentucky*...

Tennessee's "defensive turnover gimmick"...

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

Well, at least we're not as bad as Tennessee, what with this whole defensive-turnover gimmick... ...

best celebration penalty ever

by swampcougar1 @ CanesInSight

Created run back on kickoff that ran the clock out

Ok. So now we have Duke. Duke. I say bust their.

by 1983canes @ CanesInSight

Arse. This season could really open up for Miami's taking. Free shoes already lost twice. Are these Canes ready to go to the big stage? ...

Coach Brown & more... Post Practice Presser 9/5/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Dalvin Cook injures knee

by Stylie @ CanesInSight

I'm sure people will blast me for posting due to the hatred of this guy and Florida State, but it looks like he blew his knee out. I hate Florida...

The Richt factor

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

Call me crazy but this is now Marks team.Last year it was a kinda getting acquainted dynamic.But I think now he has totally put his footprint in the...

Pete, Three Stripe Camp?

by Canes1968 @ CanesInSight

There is a big satellite camp today (in Macon, GA I believe), with pretty much all of the Adidas schools participating, except Miami. Do you have any...


by Canefan@ArkSt @ CanesInSight

I know there's been some talk about Sit's performance/ abilities through his recruiting process, but after watching some of his stuff there are a...

Met Des Howard last week and...

by BeachCanes @ CanesInSight

I live in Miami and Des Howard is one of my firm's clients. Did not directly work with him but as he was passing by I semi-jokingly mentioned they...

Pope finally gets his 5th star

by BeastMode @ CanesInSight

Rivals just updated their top 100. Pope finally starting to get the national recognition he deserves. Now ESPN needs to stop playing and update...

Is OTH gonna be the premium info site from now on?

by canetothemax @ CanesInSight

Just asking. Will there be exclusive recruiting info there or does it even have a message board. Will all team related exclusive info be on...

First big test will be Toledo

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

I say this because Toledo has a good offense for their level and it is following Irma and the week off for the team. First, I will say, I am glad...

OTH Toledo Podcast and Recap

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

912110024012582912 Full podcast for OTH members: Full video recap for members: or...

Coach Richt, Kool & more... Post Practice Presser 8/11/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight


by marshallrc13 @ CanesInSight

I just want to say I hope all of you down in Florida/Ga etc are safe and have minimal damage to your properties. Thoughts and prayers for your...

Anyone have a list of recruits visiting on Saturday?

by KWCOWBOYFAN @ CanesInSight

Just wondering...

Is there an up to date list of Canes on NFL rosters?

by Jmhcane @ CanesInSight

I can't find it on ESPN.

Aflac Trivia Question:

by Cane Dynasty @ CanesInSight

What is the largest margin of defeat for a Top-3 team in poll history? Chris Fowler "Does it involve the :neonu:?" Fvck Chris Fowler in his...

Mike Bakas analysis of Davis

by ageezy @ CanesInSight

Thought this was hilarious, had to share it . . . this is why Pete rising so fast What may concern you: As talented as Davis is, he lacks...

4 tix for F$U available

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

PM me if interested, my brother's family cannot make it.

Davis Reese

by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

Attachment 45166 ( Hurricanes Crystal Ball Target Predictions...

First time to a Miami and hurricane Game

by caneiFannOnt @ CanesInSight

Coming to Miami for the Toledo game from Ontario, Canada. My wife and I are coming. Huge Cane fan since 1980, so I should have picked a better game...

Abrham Alce American Heritage

by MiamiChris @ CanesInSight

'18 Athlete RB/LB said he was offered last night. Kid looks like he'd be a solid FB/RB option.

Tyler Byrd

by pfallstars @ CanesInSight

Byrd stiffing us on signing day a few years back really frosted me, more than most other recruits. The way he took a shot at the U on his way to...

Walton and the draft

by Martycane @ CanesInSight

Draftniks: I know he has a kid but since this year's a bust, should he return for '18? I had him figured for a second or third round pick. Now, I'm...

Do you guys think we should bring in a new play caller next

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

Mark richt is a great leader and master recruiter and can build a elite program but his play calling has been suspect since he has been here. He gets...

NCAA Football Game Predicts Miami vs FSU (Current Rosters)

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight

Not the outcome I expected unfortunately...

Remaining Top Targets for 2018

by dukebeeasy305 @ CanesInSight

Good picture of where things are with some recruits over at State of the U. Reading this confirmed we are headed in the right direction in the eyes...

OL, RB, QB, Offense in Totality, in 2017?

by SmokeyRone @ CanesInSight

Can, and/or is it probable, we have a better OL in 2017? RBs? (and not just because our OL may be better) QB? Is it reasonable to hope we...

ending the L streak vs fsu or getting D Wade back?

by FAKE Chip Brierre @ CanesInSight

which do we need more right now?

Upset Alert!

by holdnorth @ CanesInSight

2-2 Iowa State beating Oklahoma in the 4th quarter. Let’s see what Baker Mayfield is made of. Good game to pass the next 40 minutes.

Last Comment Before Moving on to Tech...

by caneaddict @ CanesInSight

Golf Clap to Mr. McDermott and Mr. St. Louis for playing very well against Sweat and Burns...

Hard Rock turf

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

Still looks patchy and soft.

OT: is Dorito going to run Wefense at Houston?

by Ibis Wingz @ CanesInSight

Or is he going to learn a thing or two from Manny? Image:

GT info/Miami info

by Gtfan @ CanesInSight

GT fan here. Not on here to start anything. Just wondering if y'all have any info on your team, what positions should GT worry about, what are the...


by @ AL – – United Country – Country Homes

4B/3B DBW MOBILE HOME W 51 ACRES & POND KINSTON, ALABAMA Beautiful property in INO Community approximately 20 minutes from Enterprise. 51 ACRES, woods, cutover, pond, country living at its best. Very nice garden site on the property that produces well. Fishing, hunting, and gardening provided on your own property. PROPERTY FEATURES: 51 ACRES FISHING POND GARDEN AREA CLOSE TO ENTERPRISE, AL CLOSE TO ...

The post 4B/3B DBW MOBILE HOME W 51 ACRES & POND KINSTON, ALABAMA appeared first on - United Country - Country Homes.

My Season Prediction

by reidz5 @ CanesInSight

10-4. 9-3 regular season, win the coastal but lose in the ACCCG, then go on to win our bowl game. Boys - I believe we will be seeing our first 10...

UM announces crowdfund of remaining $2M for interior of IPF

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

University of Miami Hurricanes Membership ( Take a look at the new site miami just opened. Help if you can. Getting a...

UNIFORM Combo for Duke?

by Twin_Cane @ CanesInSight

Im thinking all white �storm trooper� look , the same uniforms we beat them last time in

My heart is thumping out of my chest.

by troyskiles @ CanesInSight

Fuoking Eh!!! What a damn game. Just what i expected, a 12 round heavy weight fight. We juckin win! whoooooooooo!!!!!!!!! This brings back...

Shane Larkin signs with the Boston Celtics

by buffalocane @ CanesInSight


Canes Roster contains 13th most nfl caliber talent.

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Miami?s roster with contains 13th most ?NFL-caliber talent...

Scrimmage #3 Stats / Discussion

by dfagundo @ CanesInSight

Malik 18-32 for 222 and 2 TD per Pete Going to post other stats now 900730304918376448 900730522783166466 900730716081844226

The Opening 2017 WR's vs DB's

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight This isn't the entire drills just some from the series, I'll point out some good ones. @ 3:06 - James Cook vs...


by canes_aaron @ CanesInSight

Need him healthy for this year to be a success Homer good but not an every down back IMO Next year Lingard and Davis should be instant impact...

Another DT Transfer

by Tayt21 @ CanesInSight

In addition to former Cane target and 4-star DT Antwuan Jackson Jr. transferring from Auburn earlier this afternoon, DT Jordan Elliot has decided to...

I didn't know that we had Captain Hook on the roster...

by RepTheGables @ CanesInSight


2017 2018 season prediction and potential lineup

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

So much talk about FSU makes my head hurt so im going to talk about the future First off 2017 prediction: I think we win out the season then...

Carol City upset by Deerfield Beach

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

901258887537577984 Defense leads Deerfield to victory over reigning state champ Carol City - Sun Sentinel...

Can anybody find this film?

by LexZapata @ CanesInSight

Denzel Perryman jumping the line vs either SC or Wash St and throwing his man? I'm sure y'all remember this

Shawn Eichorst fired from Nebraska

by CFLCane @ CanesInSight The pillars are still falling.

For Those with the YES Network

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

Replay of game starting now.

Horrific Linebacking Play

by twalcott5 @ CanesInSight

Our LB's play has been horrific this year, specially yesterday. We are just dropping our LB's a few yards off of the line of scrimmage, plugging the...

New Commit

by ItJustFeelsRicht @ CanesInSight Willie Herenton, Adlai Stevenson, Point...

College Football Live......Is "The U" back

by knuck1952 @ CanesInSight

Fast forward to 26min 50sec. Basically dissed UM, McElroy saying we are back only up until 3:30 on Saturday. Hope Richt shows this to the team. ...

Four Starters, Five Players

by UMFarArcher @ CanesInSight

FSU while playing Miami lost four starters to injury this week, and another player who wasn't a starter. We beat the crap out of each other.

Elijah Moore commits to Georgia

by 513CincycaneOSUSucks @ CanesInSight

881518767825592320 Sounds like he had a great showing at the opening. Wonder if that showing was enough for the staff to make him a priority. ...

Pass to run ratio

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

Looked to me like it was 75-25.The only two back is when we put our 2nd string center at fullback in red zone situations.I want to see realistically...

Pastor Richt on 560

by sfowler06 @ CanesInSight

Audio « CBS Miami ( Someone sounds a little giddy compared to last year...


by 561Cane @ CanesInSight

Hope they kick the Shitz out of one of the most over-hyped programs, VAGTECH!!


by marshallrc13 @ CanesInSight

Ok fellas. Never been to a Miai home game. Been to numerous road games being in the military. My friend is stationed in Miami at southcom. Looking to...


by OriginalCanesCanesCanes @ CanesInSight

Just want to get this in here before the board pundits dissect this game and take away the most important thing: WE FŪCKING WON This streak...

Siap: Ahmmon Richards unlikely to play vs Bethune

by FreeVilma @ CanesInSight

Miami receiver Ahmmon Richards unlikely to play against Bethune-Cookman...

Is it possible...

by umiamifan1 @ CanesInSight

...that yesterday we were just flat? I mean I know we played like sh1t (and I also know we hung 70 on them the year before), but it's really hard to...

Coach Brown & more... Post Practice Presser 8/16/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Arkansas St can ball

by Sooch @ CanesInSight

They put up 415 yards passing vs Nebraska. We better sure up a pass rush and tighten up our DBacks fast! Also outside of our first three LB's and...

Ingenuity on Offense - what's on your wish list?

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Since my other thread about the offense was locked, what are some wrinkles you'd like to see from the offense in 2017? I think we'd all agree that...

Will Mallory out for the rest of opening (Concussion)

by I'm james Jackson brother @ CanesInSight

Looks like he ran into someone shoulder. Tough kid he'll be ok best to shut it down.

Okay, which one of you haters threw the flag...

by BigDikCane @ CanesInSight

Besides the WVU game this was probably the best game we played... Anyway, I had to lol when I seen somebody throw a flag on Mark Waltons 80 yarder to...

G.O.A.T. True Freshman QBs

by CAT5Coming @ CanesInSight

True freshman QBs who led teams to the best seasons. | Sports on Earth...

Jeff Thomas

by mikemike @ CanesInSight

I'm kind of surprised he has been non existent thus far..


by Fly1 @ CanesInSight

And inform him there are such things as the NICKEL & DIME defense that can be used from time to time. It's like the ghosts of D'Onofrio have come...

Anybody got a visitors list for this weekend?

by st21wa @ CanesInSight


Porter, and Reynolds "our" media squeezing UM nuts.

by 1983canes @ CanesInSight

I thought Porter was going to get better? Aah, but no. He pokes at Miami just trying to start to practice. Get our team back together and on the...

No better sign of a well-coached D than ...

by North Florida Cane @ CanesInSight

an absence of busted coverages and missed tackles. Remain optimistic with Coach Diaz and this defensive staff. But we need to be very SOLID on...

The National Champion is going to be

by CanesFan93 @ CanesInSight

One of ten teams apparently I'd like to go back the last ten years just to see if...

Clemson vs. Hokies.

by 1983canes @ CanesInSight

Yes, it's going to matter a lot with Miami because Virginia Tech is going to be our biggest division game. So far hokie play calling was weak...

Canes practicing at Dolphins indoor practice facility

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

915216941144559619 Shoutout to Gase and the fins organization, it's been a stormy week in the Gables and the whole city is stepping up to let us...


by Hemsleysalmons @ CanesInSight

Before game almost all posters chastised poster who expressed concern about this game. During game arrogant posters spewed out their hate toward some...

Seriously - Fvck ESPN

by canesfanmpls @ CanesInSight

I pull up their website this AM and everything is about Washington St beating USC. Yet the top 5 headlines include "Miami wide receiver Harris...

Coach Richt Post Practice Presser 9/17/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Coach Brown & more... Post Practice Presser 8/23/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Officially Media Favorites for Coastal

by jmccomber5 @ CanesInSight

Now that it's been established, let's do the damn thing. See you in Charlotte. ACC football | Florida State, Clemson picked to top the...

One of the most under appreciated Canes of all time

by mbuendia @ CanesInSight

I think Harley and Roscoe share a lot of similarities...slight frame, special teams value, and speed to burn. Harley may have slightly more straight...

OT: Bucs Release Roberto Aguayo haha

by crimson_cane @ CanesInSight

SIAP Buccaneers release Roberto Aguayo after latest missed kicks | Larry Brown Sports...

Scout Team QB's

by TrueFloridian @ CanesInSight

Weldon and Debaise are the scout team QB's. I know Weldon is pretty quick. Wouldn't it make the most sense to put Dallas as the scout team QB to...

Walton Status?

by Hurracanes @ CanesInSight

Pete, what are you hearing?

Coach Richt & more... Post Practice Presser 8/18/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

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K. Timothy Kline To Serve As A Special Justice in Phon v. Commonwealth

by cshagedorn @ Sullivan, Mountjoy, Stainback & Miller

On February 21, 2017, by way of executive order, Governor Matthew Bevin appointed Firm shareholder K. Timothy Kline as a special justice in the matter styled Phon v. Commonwealth, No. 2016-SC-0468-D. The Kentucky Supreme Court granted discretionary review of the matter and is expected to hear the appeal in Fall 2017.

The post K. Timothy Kline To Serve As A Special Justice in Phon v. Commonwealth appeared first on Sullivan, Mountjoy, Stainback & Miller.

Best Guess Syracuse Game Time

by the storm @ CanesInSight

We just got a save the date card for a wedding that day :stupid: what is wrong with people who choose a football Saturday for their wedding?...


by I'm james Jackson brother @ CanesInSight


OT: USF On-Campus Stadium Proposal

by RBhurricane87 @ CanesInSight

Rendering looks nice...seats too far from the field though I wouldn't mind playing a home and home with them again Project estimated ~$200M ...

Richt's comment on the 2nd team oline

by brock @ CanesInSight

902568044244885506 This is great news, won't stop the worrying posters worried about depth every 5 minutes but it's good richt is showing confidence...

The Opening starts tomorrow 6/28

by Plzwork4 @ CanesInSight

Just figured we could have a thread to keep updates in for all our boys... The Opening 2017: Matchups and connections we can't wait to see...

How Miami's Recruiting can return us to greatness

by motorcitycane @ CanesInSight

It's no secret that recruiting is the lifeblood of college football. For most teams the better off recruiting transfers to many wins. There are...

OT: Is this Manny Diaz at Trump Cuba speech today?

by Salt @ CanesInSight Uncanny resemblance. Look at guy in the bottom left...

Canes 9-3 according to USA ToDay..

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes projected to go 9-3 by USA Today (

Why is Malek Young not starting?

by paksat @ CanesInSight

I'm re-watching the game now and all I see is this guy disturbing the fuking peace.. All over the damn field anyone else re-watched it yet and...

Now You Know: WordPress

by jWeb Media @ jWeb Media

If your business has a website or is thinking about getting one, finding the right platform for it is important. Not only will the right platform meet your needs, it will also improve user experience. With that in mind, WordPress can help you meet those needs. An Easy to Use CMS Simply put, WordPress is [...]

The post Now You Know: WordPress appeared first on jWeb Media.

Basic Football 101

by ghetto_gepetto @ CanesInSight

Hello everyone, i'm someone who love the Canes but don't know much about football. with football season still far away, can anyone explain...

Lots of Good and a few gripes

by Bennubird @ CanesInSight

This is a great win. Really happy for our guys. Lots of players stepped up. No question we have a QB. He's not perfect, but I'll take him. Love...

Story on Freshman QB N'Kosi Perry

by DaveK0341 @ CanesInSight

Junior offensive lineman Tyree St. Louis shared a story on freshman quarterback N'Kosi Perry impressing during 7-on-7 summer workouts. ...

OT: Fins vs. Chargers

by Zbrod95 @ CanesInSight

Looked good the first offensive series and the two defensive series....last one was absolute shit.

Last Drive Play Calling

by walker_0019 @ CanesInSight

Just watched the replay and something jumped out at me and this could have really gone horribly for us. CMR calls 2 huge run plays which Homer gets...

Coastal Carolina University – Jim Garren – Junior Golf Exposure Camp

by College Golf Camps @ College Golf Camps™

Registration Begins: September 15, 2017 Entry Deadline: November 1, 2017 Camp Fee: $295.00 Deposit: $295.00 Open To: Open to any [...]

The post Coastal Carolina University – Jim Garren – Junior Golf Exposure Camp appeared first on College Golf Camps™.


by Gator Hatar @ CanesInSight

Wasn't up to finding the similar post so phuck it! I just can't bring myself to root for alabaga. I rather watch a Oprah/Rick Ross sex tape before I...

Miami vs Ark State

by CaneToad @ CanesInSight

Watched some of the Ark State Georgia So. game last night and now know Miami would have crushed that team. All that talk about Miami avoiding them...

ESPN2: Carol City vs Northwestern

by amanan28 @ CanesInSight

Game is being televised on ESPN2 at 8pm EST. Liberty City El gogeta4 Are we looking at anybody in these games ?

Serious Discussion re: alabaga's Recruiting Decline

by Gator Hatar @ CanesInSight

I know many have for several years just assumed alabaga would have the top recruiting class and find it difficult that 2018 and forward will mark an...

Stephen Buckshot Calvert

by burgercane305 @ CanesInSight

He just lit up the Baylor Bears in a upset. He was a pretty good QB at Carol City. Another Dade county stud

How is Artur Sitkowski doing this season?

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

Is he having a solid season? Do you guys think he could be a starter for us one day? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk

OT (Sort of): Recruits should avoid Michigan

by RedSquare @ CanesInSight

Apparently, Zircon Jim isn't sparkly in the eyes of the people who know, i.e., his peers .... it's one thing to be mistrusted and despised, (Sabag),...

Antonio Callaway busted for weed

by Trescerocinco @ CanesInSight

Per ESPN was arrested with a quarter ounce of weed in Gainesville Should be a lesson to all these south Florida kids going out of town away from...

Miami vs Arkansas State Preview Video

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight

Alabama Recruiting?

by Canesrule230 @ CanesInSight

Maybe this is a dumb question but is there a reason bama has a small class right now? I get that its early in this cycle but I would think they'd be...

Rewatching the game on ESPN..

by HurricaneHauk @ CanesInSight

Was at the game yesterday and wanted to hear the commentaries. Greg McElroy is the biggest shitbag I've ever heard. This guy has to have had a...

How to Make Career in SEO | Full time Job | SEO Future Scope in India – 2017

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Half of the stadium looked like Canes fans

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

I have never seen that many fans travel to Tally and I am 62 years young.And they were loud.Props

Impact of The U Documentary - 2009

by TheUuuuu @ CanesInSight

Are we underestimating the impact that this documentary is having on up and coming recruits? I didn't realize that the documentary was released...

Defensive Rankings after Non P5 Opponents

by WilforkHOF @ CanesInSight

57th in Scoring Defense 73rd in Total Defense For comparison, Alabama and Clemson, the two best teams in FBS and the likely opponents in the...

Studying Bell

by shayleon @ CanesInSight

Walton obviously been studying LeVeon Bell. His patience and hesitation is looking real Bell like. I know its just Toledo but his vision is the truth...

Get used to the abbreviation CTE

by mianjomar @ CanesInSight

CTE (Defined in the article) just may take the game we love away from us. The movement has already started and Nicks story below will certainly add...

Walton and homer

by brock @ CanesInSight

Are the most physical rbs we have had in a while. On every run yesterday it seemed like they were looking for contact lol. Loved what I saw out of...

Richt See Progress for Hurricanes

by umhurricane2511 @ CanesInSight

As the start of his second season at UM nears, Richt sees progress for Hurricanes - Sun Sentinel...


by cshagedorn @ Sullivan, Mountjoy, Stainback & Miller

R. Michael Sullivan, a shareholder at Sullivan, Mountjoy, Stainback & Miller, P.S.C., will serve as president of the Kentucky Bar Association (KBA) for a one-year term beginning, Friday, July 1, 2016. Mike Sullivan participated in swearing-in ceremonies during the 2016 KBA Annual Convention. He received his oath of office during the Annual Banquet on Thursday, […]

The post R. MICHAEL SULLIVAN TO SERVE AS PRESIDENT OF THE KENTUCKY BAR ASSOCIATION appeared first on Sullivan, Mountjoy, Stainback & Miller.

SEO – Don’t believe everything you read or fall for sales gimmicks.

by mplysiak @ Website Design and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Every once in a while I get a call from a customer saying they read an article and why aren’t we doing this or I went to website and they scored my website as weak in this area. SEO is very complex and there are very few sources of information that can be considered completely […]

OT: Oklahoma Taking it to OSU

by canes1239 @ CanesInSight

Oklahoma is doing everything they want with them. PS JT Barrett is the most overrated player in college football. Heisman contender my @ss

Eight Recruits That Could Commit at Paradise Camp

by NY Shyne @ CanesInSight

LB Samuel Brooks '19 - Northwestern OT Michael Tarquin '19 - Belleview CB Nigel Bethel '18 - Northwestern DE Kayode Oladel '18- Champagnat WR...

SIAP fumble on fsu's final drive

by TheU1986 @ CanesInSight

was it me or was that a fumble by the fsu rb. the play def shouldnt have been called dead because the fsu rb was still fighting for yards. and after...

Time for change

by U2026 @ CanesInSight

If Miami can't beat FSU today then it will be another five years or so til we do. This is the most vulnerable they have been in years. Time for Richt...

Level 12

by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Level 12 is a custom software development company based in Jeffersonville Indiana.  Hatfield Media was tasked with creating an animated video highlighting the workflow and value proposition of Level 12’s agile software development.  Randy Syring, Chief Executive Developer for Level ...

Read More

The post Level 12 appeared first on Hatfield Media.

Top 50 College Football Players of the Past 50 Years

by fxd5122 @ CanesInSight

Really. Only one Cane!!! 2 Freaking Gators?????

What Is Search Engine Optimization SEO?

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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Does this give us a advantage or disadvantage for FSU?

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

With us not playing this game it gives FSU hardly any tape on us this year. We really did nothing but run a basic scheme against BCU. On the other...

Miami vs. GT - ACC Tournament

by Jaromir Jagr @ CanesInSight

Canes strike first on a Burns homer. Center fielder had it but it popped out of his glove. Two run double for GT. Of course, a leadoff, 4-pitch walk...

Remember our old friend Mike London?

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

His Howard team just beat UNLV as 45 point underdogs. Biggest spread based upset in history.

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The post Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization SEO You can buy our SEO Tutorial for blogger in Hindi appeared first on Houston SEO Expert.

Is it just me or...

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

Did this off-season absolutely fly? The bowl game seems like it happened yesterday and we kickoff tomorrow. Crazy.

7 Good Reminders from Pouring through Every #SEERQandA Chat

by Tylor Hermanson @ Sandbox SEO

I know. This is an oddly specific title for just my third post 1. Am I running out of ideas already? Why write about the Seer Interactive Q&A chats on Google Plus that were put to bed over two years ago? Besides having a minor man crush on Seer’s CEO, Wil Reynolds, the truth is [...]

The post 7 Good Reminders from Pouring through Every #SEERQandA Chat appeared first on Sandbox SEO.

Shout out to WALTON!!

by Taylor26 @ CanesInSight

You are a STUD my friend!! He has taken it to another level this year!!! I could�ve ran for probably 400 yards today if it wasn�t for the injury.

Could Dimare have a short reign?

by SmokeyRone @ CanesInSight

Say he takes over next year or 2019. Its a disaster. He is what we suspect. This is not far fetched. How many seasons, assuming disaster,...

Estimated construction date for Miami's new housing complex

by brock @ CanesInSight

Expected start date November 2017 Finish date July 2019 $193 million Big upgrade for Miami's facilities Attachment 45410...

What commit this season

by reidz5 @ CanesInSight

Will you keep your eyes on most? For me its Art Sitkowski. Kid has all of the physical & mental tools to be an elite QB. I'm really want to see if...

Should we go after either of the UF safeties?

by BTerrinoni @ CanesInSight

We currently only have one safety in Gurvin Hall. With CJ Smith in our backyard, he looks like a good prospect, would love to see more gayter tears....

Fall Tips to Prepare Your Trees for Winter

by United Country Real Estate @ – United Country – Country Homes

While it may appear that the trees in your yard are entering a state of hibernation as they lose their leaves in the fall, the cool months of autumn are actually an ideal time to give them a little extra care. Hard winters can be tough on trees, and taking the time to ensure they’re properly watered, pruned, insulated and protected before winter can ...

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This Year's Back-Up QB

by reidz5 @ CanesInSight

Ok this thread relies on the assumption that since both Sheriffs and Rosier are getting the most throwing attempts and performing the best, either...

Zatavian Morgan 2018 Pahokee

by Playboi3 @ CanesInSight

Mark Richt Spoke highly of Pahokee's H-Back yesterday after watching him yesterday at the 7on7 says he would love to bring him in says he wants to...

**Surge19' Must Gets**

by 337CaneNation @ CanesInSight

When we all look at the current roster and players that will be leaving after the 2017 season, who do you all look at as must get prospects for...

OTH request

by CFLCane @ CanesInSight

Can we get an OTH special about why Chad Wilson is such a ? Thanks in advance.

2017 CIS College Football Thread

by motorcitycane @ CanesInSight

College Football starts this weekend. Instead of having multiple game threads each week let's try to keep one thread discussing different games....

Visiting schedule for our coaches

by I'm james Jackson brother @ CanesInSight

Don't steal content.

Love this U

by reg @ CanesInSight

What's up Canesinsight crew? I am stoked about fall camp beginning in a few days. So much so, I had to drop this for the crew. I literally just...

2001 or 2001 Canes super hero poster?

by Cane44 @ CanesInSight

Anyone have an image of that poster in '01 or '02 that featured dorsey, coker, Mckinnie, and a couple more guys as super heroes?

Now You Know: SERP

by Alanna Redenour @ jWeb Media

SERP, or Search Engine Result Page, is the page that shows up after you’ve searched for a term in a search engine like Google. These results have been sifted through by the search engine’s crawlers to bring you the most relevant results. Two Types of SERPs There are two main types of SERP results: Organic [...]

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away he said 'I know you

by bgvbnbn @ CanesInSight

Yankees vs Astros Live Stream (


by Spookcane @ CanesInSight

Its sad!! Ive never seen a kid decline so much after an injury. He is stiff and has no lateral quickness. Its horrific to see. BC's QB made him...

QBs will be live and 2 scrimmages/weeks to determine starter

by fincane @ CanesInSight

Who will be the Miami Hurricanes’ starting quarterback in 2017? What Mark Richt said at the ACC Kickoff | Canes Watch...

SEO Rap (not provided)

by Tylor Hermanson @ Sandbox SEO

Share on Twitter Share on FacebookShare on LinkedinShare on Google+ SEO Rap Details Before you throw some shade, check outcha boy’s deets. Disclaimer I debated putting this part in here. Just by saying I wish not to offend, I’m basically implicating myself as being offensive. Oh well. Hopefully when listening to this, it’s highly apparent [...]

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Most Anticipated Game in Awhile

by wherrera8 @ CanesInSight

First off it has nothing to do with the opponent. They are another irrelevant school that should be thankful to take the field with us. I'm not...

South Florida '18- The Hybrids

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

Everyone knows South Florida is stacked at DB. But this class is also loaded with long, athletic hybrids who can get after the passer and play in...

Richt on Dan LeBatard at 12:30 EST

by thisismyusername @ CanesInSight

this is my first time making a thread post, so apologies in advance if I'm doing something wrong. CMR will be interviewed on LeBatard at 12:30 today...

Hobby Farming at High Altitudes

by United Country Real Estate @ – United Country – Country Homes

Owning a home with added acreage opens the door to a wide range of possibilities. One possible use for the land is hobby farming. A hobby farm is a small-scale farm that is for personal use and not used as a primary source of income. They range from gardening to owning a few animals. Hobby farms are becoming a growing trend across the U.S., ...

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2019 QB Zamar Wise receives offer

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

861668171207639041 video/3/6306126/5839deb7dfd8b827b0bd68d2 Zamar Wise, Barringer, Pro-Style Quarterback...

Champions League qualifies for the

by mircabi @ CanesInSight

Real Madrid vs Juventus Live Streaming (

Coach Richt, QB's & more... Post Practice Presser 8/7/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Making a run ???

by uprising @ CanesInSight

Impressive stat, 8-0 avg margin of victory 21 pts. Remembering hearing this in a CMR interview somewhere. When we win this game saturday, it's...

The Carter V

by CAT5Coming @ CanesInSight

With Redwine banged up, and the triple option on deck I think this might be a great week for *Amari Carter* to do his thing. Namely, hit stick & bust...

This board needs to get the fire started!!!!!!!!!

by troyskiles @ CanesInSight

Fellas, we got FSWhoo tomorrow. Get off your arse, throw up the fookin U and be proud. Tip those damn glasses, have another, and damn shout THE...


by tbaycane @ CanesInSight

Who got the stream tho? Tighten ya boy up!

Country home with land for sale Dale county, AL

by @ AL – – United Country – Country Homes

 Beautiful country home located on 41 acres of gorgeous pasture land. Nice stocked pond. Home sits back off the road with wood fencing around property and a paved drive. PROPERTY FEATURES: 41 acres Ranch rambler 3bd/2.5ba paved drive pasture land 2360 sqft 2 car garage wood fencing

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We had more Total Yrds/First Downs against FSU than Bama did

by Marcelo2988 @ CanesInSight

Don't know what that means...but it happened What a game!!!!!

Isn't Pinckney Suspended

by bowdenbme @ CanesInSight

Not the biggest of deals since we start with BCU. But, went back to watch the WVU game and totally forgot he was ejected for targeting. So he...

#Storm18 has its very own team at the Opening - Savage Pro

by the23Watcher @ CanesInSight


OT: Bruce Feldman announces he's joining Sports Illustrated

by brcane1 @ CanesInSight

Kirk Herbstreit Polygraph Results

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

Kirk Herbstreit has been associated with College Game Day for over 20 years and in that time I have never heard him utter one undeserved negative...

The Standard Has Been Reestablished...

by caneaddict @ CanesInSight

Play to the phucking standard, whoever's in, no excuses!!!!

Easiest reschedule in history

by 2FNFST4U @ CanesInSight

ASU -Georgia Southern play on wed 10/4 They are both off on 9/30 and 10/7. Move that game to 9/30 and the Miami game in our off week 10/7. If...

Michigan Game.

by Cognizantphotos @ CanesInSight

Only up 6-3 against Airforce halfway through the 2nd quarter. A lot of teams are going to be exposed this year.

Congrats Rok -- I called something

by kgranger17 @ CanesInSight

Congrats on making the team, Rok! So friggin happy for him The Denver Broncos have a “dog in the box” and his name is ‘Baby Monster’...

Gators are the softest program...

by gacaneaddict @ CanesInSight

In the history of college football. They are spineless and gutless. They have 3 true road games scheduled this year. How is this even...

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Here is the project I mentioned last month that I've been working on - Out The Huddle €“ Opening Soon ( Launch is this...

ESPN FPI rankings have Duke favored

by STORM_FRONT 1964 @ CanesInSight

If you want to point to a game that is under the radar but may show if we are really ready to take the next step it may be the Duke game. ESPN FPI...

Saban / Bama Dishonesty

by Esafille @ CanesInSight

Nick Saban tactics caught duo by surprise, ex-Alabama Crimson Tide quarterbacks say...

Miami oline performance vs ncstate

by brock @ CanesInSight

Was our oline perfect in that game? No but it was an encouraging performance against an elite run stopping defense. Credit to mark walton for getting...

Coming out of High School: Kaaya vs. N�Kosi (Long)

by JohnZarrilli @ CanesInSight

Most Hurricane fans are optimistic about the 2017 season (not Smokey, of course). The one position that dampens our optimism is the QB position, a...

Now You Know: LinkedIn Groups

by Alanna Redenour @ jWeb Media

For businesses, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool. The benefits to joining LinkedIn Groups include: Connecting with people both within and outside of your industry Messaging people you’re not connected to Keeping up with your industry and pick up tips and updates Building awareness and visibility for your company on LinkedIn LinkedIn Group Rules Always [...]

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Gaynor in starting rotation with KC sidelined + more

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes practice notes: Kc McDermott, Ahmmon Richards missing early | Canes Watch...

FSU vs. Wake Forest Full Game

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight look at the FSU left tackle when the first gets injured lol joe jackson will be on him

Miami 27 FSU 23

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

What's understood don't gotta be explained.

Stopping FSU run must be top focus

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

You know the strategy is to run Ackers all day long if they can.Taking pressure off Blackman.Golden defenses never got it right.Manny needs to be...

Does anyone know anything about the NBA combine?

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

I saw that Davon Reed was #3 ( among guards with a 7 foot wingspan, but then I...

B-C Game Observations (Too Long for a Crap Game)

by LuCane @ CanesInSight

Didn't get to watch the full game live, as I was on a plane and couldn't live stream. I cringed through the first half, though. Watched and charted...

tickets for pitt game

by canes1fan @ CanesInSight

looking for tickets to the pitt game, what is the best site to get tickets. thanks

Who Scores First TD of Season-SIAP

by QSTOKES @ CanesInSight

If we receive opening kickoff- Jeff Thomas house call If we kick to them first - Malek Young int return If they go 3 and out- Berrios punt...

Questions on players for Pete, or any of thboard's finest...

by skeeter @ CanesInSight

Wrong board...Sorry*****

Rank Our Commits

by nvlahos @ CanesInSight

Saw that 247 did an article on this. Thought it was interesting. Here's how I would rank them... 1. Josh Jobe 2. Lorenzo Lingard 3. Will...

OT- Anyone watch 'What Carter Lost' the latest 30 for 30?...

by k9cane @ CanesInSight

of course, nothing is better than 'the U'(which is the Citizen Kane of 30 for 30) but this was pretty damn good. Having read Friday Night Lights and...

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – Digital Marketing Course in Hindi

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – Digital Marketing Course in Hindi 5 Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: Facebook Myself: Instagram: Website: About : Intellectual Indies is a YouTube Channel, Intellectual Indies is all about improving Mentally, Emotionally, Psychologically, Spiritually & Physically. {videocomment}

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FBI Uncovers Massive NCAA Scandal, Miami Coach Investigated

by GenericYesMan @ CanesInSight Attachment 50467...

Unflocking believable.

by 1983canes @ CanesInSight

Did that just really happen. Braxton Berrios happened.

MozCon 2015 – 04 – An SEO’s Guide to the Insane World of Content with Matthew Brown

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

MozCon 2015 – 04 – An SEO’s Guide to the Insane World of Content with Matthew Brown 4.5 Find yourself arguing whether or not SEO is just great content? Matthew will talk through a strategic and tactical journey of content strategy from an SEO’s viewpoint and leave you with new tools and tactics. Matthew Brown is on the Product Strategy and Design team at Moz, where he spends equal time on new products and staying out of the way. He enjoys bourbon and working on his upcoming novel, “Fifty Shades of Ginger” (look for it in 2019). Follow him at @MatthewJBrown for his special brand of hot takes. {videocomment}

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IMG Academy Adding 2nd Varsity Team

by jmccomber5 @ CanesInSight

IMG is about to have 2 varsity teams. I wonder if this will be a standard thing now for these football factories like IMG, Bishop Gorman, etc. The...

Toledo vs Miami TV?

by Taylor26 @ CanesInSight

Question? Can you see this game on ESPN watch? If not where can I order from? Thanks in advance!!

Gaytors Under Title IX Investigation

by canes1239 @ CanesInSight

Lol it's about time University of Florida subject of Title IX investigation for handling of Antonio Callaway investigation...

OT - Pats acquire Dorsett from Colts.

by Cane Fan 4 Life @ CanesInSight

Just saw it on the ticker. Colts traded Dorsett for QB Brisett.

Best and worst case scenarios for the U. What you all think?

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Best and worst case scenarios for Hurricanes in 2017...

Ninja Marketing Tactics: How to Get More Out of Your Budget & Increase ROI w/Tom Cafarella

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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NFL teams must be at 53 active on Sat + 10 practice on Sun

by grover @ CanesInSight

Good luck to all our Cane alumni! I think several made their case, particularly Grace tonight. Hope all land well.


by @ AL – – United Country – Country Homes

4bed/2bath home located in Slocomb, Al w/in Peters subdivision – near Slocomb High School. Living, diningroom and kitchen are all open to each other. Built in 2008.1296 sq.ft. Nice shaded lot. Great price – property will qualify for USDA 100% financing. PROPERTY FEATURES: USDA QUALIFIED 100% CLOSE TO DOTHAN, AL 4 BEDROOMS-2 BATHS CLOSE TO MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL SHORT DISTANCE TO PCB NICE SHADED LOT ...

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Jerry Jeucy beef with Jeff Thomas??

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Proof of Randomness in College Baseball

by Jaromir Jagr @ CanesInSight

Who would have guessed that we would ever see this list of no-name teams in Omaha..... Cal-State Fullerton Florida Florida State Louisville...

Miami vs. FSU Game Thread 3:30 PM EST

by orange&green84 @ CanesInSight

Didn't see a game thread created yet. Been up for about 6 hours now. Go Canes!

Which ACC coach would you guess said this about Diaz?

by 58straight @ CanesInSight

I saw the new athlon college football preview mag this morning briefly in the grocery store and they had this anonymous quote "Manny Diaz does a...

Mark Walton Vision?

by Jimsartay @ CanesInSight

Is it me or has he really turned the corner on his vision, I feel like the last couple years he would hit a hole hard weather it was open or not....

Canes Inspired Jordans

by CANEMC @ CanesInSight

Nike still loves us. Dropping mid-December. :neonu: Attachment 51167 (

Gilbert Frierson

by rickmorty @ CanesInSight

Just had word with a few current and previous Coral Gables Teammates and 2 Coaches (1 former & 1 Current) Gilbert Frierson gone.... One more...

Jeff Thomas

by ChoadCane @ CanesInSight

Has had an odd start. Seems like he's being over or underthrown when open on offense. Not getting a lot of reps. KR has been average. He's way too...

Replay of game on Skycam

by FlaSportsFan88 @ CanesInSight

Slim Jim SkyCam - #13 Miami vs. Florida State (Football) - WatchESPN ( Awesome view of the game. Great...

jason geathers arrested for heroin and drug trafficking...

by 5XNC @ CanesInSight


Initial thoughts

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

DJ Ivey special, will continue to rise in rankings Josh Jobe really really solid Will Mallory might be the best player in the class ...

Ray Lewis Fired Back at Shannon Sharpe about Protest. LOl

by Cityboy4life82 @ CanesInSight


When the PARTY started...

by BigDikCane @ CanesInSight

Silky Smooth aka the spark plug always starts the party off right.... 4:53 is when the party started

Player You're Most Excited to Watch Against Bethune Cookman

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Mine's: Robert Burns Travis Homer, No. 2 on the depth chart, is faster than Joe Yearby (who inexplicably left school early and is still...

Berrios is a GREAT CANE!!.

by Cane Kenny @ CanesInSight

Neg away for starting another thread but Berrios is a GREAT CANE. He may not be the fastest and has taken crazy crap from people but that kid laid it...

I don't think we fully appreciate what happened this weekend

by citizenkane @ CanesInSight

It wasn't just ending the streak. It was a whole lot more than that. Back in 2010 when Jimbo took over he had a big win against Miami to start...

One on One with the New Canes

by Ohio_Cane @ CanesInSight

Harley up first:

Does Miami get in after the dust settles today?

by SBAMACANE @ CanesInSight

The 4 teams that hurt us today are Okla st, Rice, Iowa and Xavier! Those 4 teams bumped 4 teams off the bubble............. Here are my bubble...

OK, some thoughts on the opener....

by k9cane @ CanesInSight

not panicking but honestly a very mediocre and uninspired effort vs Bethune Cookman. Was particularly disappointed in the defense who did a poor job...

Would you rather

by MumbleRap @ CanesInSight

Canes beat FSU but drop 2 conference games, lose the costal and finish regular season 9-2 OR Canes lose to FSU but run the table afterwards to...

Kendrick Norton tidbit

by Tayt21 @ CanesInSight

Assumed someone would've seen it and posted already, but didn't see it. But I saw in Twitter recently where Coach Rumph said Norton is the only guy...

T U R N O V E R C H A I N ! ! !

by MiamiJoe @ CanesInSight

Keep the damn helmets on until you get to sideline. Pinckney could easily have been flagged as he was still on field when he took it off. 15 yards...

GT Predictions

by Mr. Dynasty1 @ CanesInSight

Please if you have time, stop by and have a look:


by TerragonSix @ CanesInSight

Well...lets get three for three today. FSU got beat. We beat Toledo. Now lets see some Kentucky Wildcat maul some Gator.

Ak St giving all it can handle

by caneworld @ CanesInSight

Nebraska looking like they have their hands full trying to handle Ark St. Looks like a good match up for next week. We better come ready to play.

First Completion of the Game

by WilforkHOF @ CanesInSight

Features Chad Thomas lined up as a 3-4 OLB, dropping into the flat. The number one complaint of the former retarded DC, and yet the Manny slurpers...

Most Important Thoughts Of The Week: Episode 2 Volume 67

by WhatTheHell @ CanesInSight

Narrated by Bobcat Goldthwait. - Mark Walton runs like LeVeon Bell - Richt might as well have called the first half from underneath a bed -...

Florida State Question

by ncncanes @ CanesInSight

Anyone know where the visitors section is located at Doak? - I wont buy from our ticket office - the worst customer service service ever

People/Programs That Have Shown What They Are....

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

.... despite earlier (and often idiotic) narratives that tried to say otherwise. Just a few falsehoods come to my mind immediately. Feel free to...

Ticket help

by CFLCane @ CanesInSight

Have single game tickets been released to the public yet? I don't see anything listed on ticketmaster, wondering if i should lock down notre dame...

Question for D$, Lu, Pete, et al on Offensive Philosophy

by ghost2 @ CanesInSight

Based on what you've seen in practice and heard from various sources... Do we have one? Not looking for specifics here since I know things are...

Beginners Guide to SEO | Part 1 Search Engines: How Does It Function?

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

Beginners Guide to SEO | Part 1 Search Engines: How Does It Function? 5 A Search Engine is a software program that searches for sites based on the words that you use as search terms. Search engines look through their massive databases of information in order to provide search results that are as relevant as possible with regards to a given search query. Search engines are not simple. They require very detailed processes and methodologies to perform effectively, and are updated all the time. In this video I teach you about: – Are Search Engines and Directories The Same Thing? – How Do Search Engines Process Searches? – What Happens After You Click Search – Types of Search Engines – Crawlers – Directories – Hybrids – Meta This episode is PART 2 in the beginners guide to SEO mini-series. Just click the link below to check out the entire series on our website! READ THE ARTICLE HERE FOLLOW ME HERE… Digital Marketing School | Mentorship Program | Guide To Building a 6 Figure Business | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Snapchat | Twitter | Free Facebook Group: DEALS Check Out Square Payment Processing Here: Get 50% OFF Quickbooks when you click here: Email Automation with Active Campaign: {videocomment}

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Can evan shirreffs win the starting spot ?????

by canam1965 @ CanesInSight

What say you

DB commits

by mikemike @ CanesInSight

Who are the possible flip candidates? I have a very hard time believing all these DB's will stick...

he wanted to see me

by bgvbnbn @ CanesInSight

Yankees vs Astros Live Stream (

Our run offense

by bowdenbme @ CanesInSight

I know I know. Most of yall hate our play calling. But I think we can all agree that our best assets on offense are at the skill positions. You gotta...

Effective Adwords Tactics – Tara West – BrightonSEO Sep 2013

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

Effective Adwords Tactics – Tara West – BrightonSEO Sep 2013 4.5 Tara West – SEO & PPC Specialist at Koozai gives her thoughts on the benefits of AdWords enhanced campaigns and tells us her top tips on how small businesses can get the most out of Google AdWords. {videocomment}

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Ashtan Pierre, DE/LB (Deerfield Beach)

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

I was saving this guy for my hybrid writeup, but the cat is starting to get out of the bag. Look for him to blow up with offers over the spring....

Canes Fans in North Louisiana?

by 318CANE @ CanesInSight

Any Canes fans on here live in North Louisiana (Bossier City / Shrevrport)? If so hit me up I have the place to catch the games. Tap Beer, great food...

Highlights: Art Sitkowski first 3 games (senior season)

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Here are some clips of Miami QB commit Artur Sitkowski from the first three games of his senior season at IMG. 909471115755614214

The Most Important Game of the Year

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Is us vs virginia tech I don't care if they beat clemson or not it doesn't make a single difference. I expect both of us to win every coastal...

Georgia Tech will be a hand full for us.....

by troyskiles @ CanesInSight

History says different, but we cannot think for a minute that they are not hungry, see a great opportunity and will come to play and win. Right now,...

OT: Cuck-Bo gets hair plugs

by CAT5Coming @ CanesInSight

This shyt is hilarious. He's not just a coach(and cuckold), he's also a client. 9/16/17 Pastor Richt gonna grab'em by all that fake hair and...

Heard Canes may be playing Auburn in Orlando

by hoover437 @ CanesInSight

to start the 2020 season. Anyone else here that?

Now I know why

by mianjomar @ CanesInSight

I couldn't understand how we could ever give burn to all of the elite DB's that are in this class. Now I know. This class could be 3/4 of our two...

OT: Canes Hockey 2016-2017 Schedule

by Canesfan3234 @ CanesInSight

I know there has been a thead or two about the hockey team in the past so wanted to post the schedule and talk about the team a bit. We just moved...

OT: Bama fan worried about language barrier for Hawaiian QB

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

It doesn't get any dumber than to worry about the transition for a kid from Hawaii to the "states." Alabama fan concerned about ?language barrier?...

Biggest program win the last 15 years.

by CanesFan23 @ CanesInSight

Feels good man! Living in Tallahassee makes it feel even better!

Unsportsmanlike penalty at the end of the game

by citizenkane @ CanesInSight

Look I know that the NCAA wants to clamp down on these types of penalties but I do have a big beef about this. On that last play Rosier throws a...

How do redirects affect page load time?

by Tylor Hermanson @ Sandbox SEO

photo credit: Sarah Caufield We talk about redirects in the SEO field regularly. From cleaning up 404s to preparing for a site migration, it continues to be a critical part of our website audits and site maintenance. However, when it comes to SEO, redirects are almost exclusively considered in how link equity is transferred. But [...]

The post How do redirects affect page load time? appeared first on Sandbox SEO.

What happened to Ahmon?

by cway313 @ CanesInSight

He wasnt in last 2 drives

Construction has started for the IPF

by brock @ CanesInSight


Now You Know: Webinars

by Alanna Redenour @ jWeb Media

Webinars, or “web seminars,” are a presentation or other educational talk that is hosted on and accessed over the Internet. Sometimes, the webinar is recorded so users can pause it whenever they need and come back to it later. But the webinar is often live and the lecturer can interact with the audience directly. Despite [...]

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More words on Rosier from Richt

by JustCanesBaby @ CanesInSight

"Coach Richt and I had a private session after our meeting," Rosier said. *"And he said, 'I'm proud of you. When I first came here, I didn't think...

How does our defense look in 2nd half

by Hemsleysalmons @ CanesInSight

Where are you posters that gave up on Diaz at half time and said he is a disaster; little premature comments by you know nothings.

32-30 and 9 in a row

by Cribby @ CanesInSight

Sneaky nine gm streak and regained a two game lead over fsu. And I expect that to grow with Richt

Overhyped Players of the Millennium

by OrdunaDrive @ CanesInSight

Ranking the Most Overhyped College Football Players Since 2000 | Bleacher Report...

A Question of Hard Rock seat locations

by caneworld @ CanesInSight

Those of you who have been to Hard Rock Stadium .... I was planning to drive down from Orlando for some home games this season with my young boys....

Tonight was huge

by Cane Kenny @ CanesInSight

These kids were 10-12 years old the last time we won. I kept telling my fam all week that these kids don't know what it's like to win a game like...

Why Standard Male Stripper Shows are Boring

by web_app @ HUNKS The Show

Ok, maybe a standard male stripper show isn’t totally boring—but it does pale in comparison to a HUNKS show! Male strippers are great: they’re fun, talented, and can certainly move, but most ladies leave a male strip performance knowing that something was lacking from the show. And that’s where the HUNKS come in: they take […]

The post Why Standard Male Stripper Shows are Boring appeared first on HUNKS The Show.

by whoopingcane @ CanesInSight

I'll start. rokulika Your lists are a joke. Your hot takes are stupid. And, you generally stink.

....wew we dodged a bullet

by jackbenimble71 @ CanesInSight

.......Watching ark state game on espn2. Man, they would have beat us down. Now I understand why Richt and our AD didn�t want to reschedule. For...

MozCon 2014 – 08 – Lexi Mills – Top 10 Successful PR Tactics and Strategies

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

MozCon 2014 – 08 – Lexi Mills – Top 10 Successful PR Tactics and Strategies 4.5 Everyone’s had an outreach pitch rejected, but Lexi will show you that by slicing and dicing your content, you can turn those no’s into yes’s. Lexi Mills is a PR SEO specialist, with over eight years experience working with both small firms and big brands. She has designed and implemented integrated PR, SEO, content, and social campaigns in the UK, Europe, and USA for B2B and B2C clients. {videocomment}

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Pete - Will there be media access this week?

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

Will they allow media pre or post practices? I need something to read about my Canes...

OT- white Supremacist Plans to Speak at UF

by Paranos @ CanesInSight

Well Well well, look at the University of Florida now even in the face of what is going on in Virginia they are working on a plan to let a white...

For all the gripes against Richt's playcalling...

by IndayArtHauz @ CanesInSight

We are 11th in total offense per game and 2nd in yards per play. I know we've only played one team with a pulse, but if you couple that with a...

We have a real shot at the playoffs

by John77 @ CanesInSight

Time to really start rooting for all the other undefeated teams to lose.

South FLA QBs can also be massive bussts

by FAKE Chip Brierre @ CanesInSight

see Sean White at Auburn and now John O'Korn at Michigan yet we only hear about winky and lamar balling out. DMoney Peter Ariz

Field looks like shit

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

Prob due to the storm but patchy AF. I guess it's better than a completely generic field bc of both teams.

Shocked to Learn That Richt, Diaz and Kool Were Not Fired

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

During yesterday�s first half against Toledo a large number of posters fired Richt, Diaz and put Coach Kool on notice when taking his defensive...


by the storm @ CanesInSight

Can someone who was there please post photos of team/fans celebrating? Thanks.

Around the ACC Week 2

by grogz26 @ CanesInSight

Duke up 21-3 right now on Northwestern is surprising. So far UNC sticking with UL at home.


by DC1986 @ CanesInSight

Just read on Facebook about losing a OL. Is it an injury or in the incoming class. Hopefully it's neither.

OT: Toledo's QB Woodside

by HurricaneKush @ CanesInSight

I was just able to watch the full game for the first time last night. The Canes related game reviews have been done ad naseum so there's not much to...

Orlando Canes!

by Cane44 @ CanesInSight

Will be up there this weekend, what channel is the ACC network up there? Any orlando watch party locations or just cane friendly joints to watch the...

Going to Miami @ FSU!!

by bdesing4 @ CanesInSight

Going to first Canes game & Driving from Tennessee to Tallahassee and was wondering if anybody had Intel on places to stay that weekend??!!

Who's headed to ARK ST game? Meetup Friday night&Tailgating

by AllAboutTheU615 @ CanesInSight

Posted last week and some of you said you are attending. But I'm trying to see if some of you would like to meet up Friday night somewhere, and...

Michael Tarquin

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Interested to watch this kid today. A lot of buzz around a possible commitment

OT: Antonio Cromartie's sperm is undefeated...

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

THIRD kid post-vasectomy... Former Jets, Colts Cornerback Antonio Cromartie Welcomes 14th Child | Bleacher Report...

their infrastructure data to help app users

by dumwunjakin @ CanesInSight

Saints vs Dolphins Live Stream (

TOP 25 GAMES OF 2016

by marshallrc13 @ CanesInSight

Watching tail end of Miami vs FSU from last season. Came in as 17th best game of last yr. I spool need the season to start already.

Building out ACC Network could cost each school $5-7M

by brcane1 @ CanesInSight

Building ACC Network infrastructure could cost each school $5-7 million...

After watching Richt's preeser

by CaneMonster @ CanesInSight

After watching Richt's presser don't be surprised if Richt goes with Perry sooner rather than later regardless of the stats yesterday. He made a...

Indoor Practice Facility

by Verobob @ CanesInSight

I wonder how far the construction has gone to date.

Anything on this Immokalee RB/WR/DB?

by 1953 @ CanesInSight

Charles Toombs - Hudl (

Has the Highlight cut up been posted yet

by itsacanething @ CanesInSight

haven't been able to find.

Blake Lively claims she was sexually harassed

Blake Lively claims she was sexually harassed

by By Celebretainment @ - RSS Results

Blake Lively has claimed she was sexually harassed by a make-up artist who filmed her whilst she slept and made inappropriate innuendos.

Robert Burns

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

Time to step up.

Cuck Alert

by Zbrod95 @ CanesInSight

Kirk Cuckstreit just said in live TV that we on upset alert due to the hurricane and "not seeing what we can do" How bout you eat a fat cack with...

Pete's Interview with Berrios from 4 years ago.

by NDE @ CanesInSight

One of the first things people notice about Berrios is that he is always wearing a big gold chain around his neck, no matter the scenario. He even...

Favorite Hurricane ROAD games you've attended?

by North Florida Cane @ CanesInSight

Hoping about two months from now in Trailerhassee there will be another one at the top ... In the meantime, these are the best two for me: ...

2019 RB's

by reidz5 @ CanesInSight

Help me I'm trying to figure out if Miami should just go for Nayquan Wright alone and maybe then a 2nd tier back or should we go for both Wright and...

Anonymous Rival Coaches Scout Top 25 Teams - Miami #20

by FRCane @ CanesInSight

Usually don't post or click on stuff from SI but .... ...

Amidst all the negativity (deserved in part),...

by The Franchise @ CanesInSight

...I want to prop up my boy Rosier. I think he's going a little unappreciated because so many respected posters on here had him dead and buried last...

Attract Monarchs to Your Lawn and Garden with Milkweed

by United Country Real Estate @ – United Country – Country Homes

The thought of adding a poisonous plant like milkweed into your garden or landscaping at your country home might seem like a damaging idea if you don’t know some of its benefits. Milkweed itself is a poisonous but useful and abundant plant that has many uses, including keeping most pests out of your garden and attracting good insects, like the Monarch Butterfly. Historically, milkweed ...

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College Football > NFL

by CaneSwag1995 @ CanesInSight is not even close. Neg me all you want, but I only speak facts. I live for college football Saturdays, and can watch almost any game...

Bleacher Report Defensive Line Rankings

by daddacane @ CanesInSight

Top Ten Ohio State and Clemson tied for Nb #1 ( FSU Nb #3...

The Big Lie about Mobile-Friendly Websites

by MedPB @ MedPB

Don't believe the lie that you don’t need a mobile friendly medical website. To get more patients to call you and schedule appointments via your website, you must have a website that works for them. Read More >

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Kevin Austin Jr commits to ND

by sotacane22 @ CanesInSight

any chance here Pete ?

Post Game Presser 10/7/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight


by Churt @ CanesInSight


Run game (online)

by itsacanething @ CanesInSight

O line sorry. Not sure if this is going to be unpopular or maybe I just don�t know what I�m taking about but I see a lot of inconstancy with the o...

LMAO at Kendrick Norton

by Us Against The World @ CanesInSight

NFL Canes this week

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Lamar miller off to a good start. 55 yds and 1 td still in first half. Please add on.

Lamont Finnie Jr. spring highlights

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Miami High wide receiver Lamont Finnie had a productive spring showing against Champagnat Catholic and Keys Gate Charter. The 2018 prospect is not a...

FSU Fans

by killab23 @ CanesInSight

Still after an 0-2 start and say no matter what happens in their game today, will still beat the shit out of us next Saturday because its a rivalry...

Nesta Silvera Flips...

by Hurricane Warrior @ CanesInSight

to the Army All American game... Image: Miami DT Commit Silvera Will Play in...

Brevin Jordan

by SwagUniversity @ CanesInSight

Just thought the young man deserved a round of applause. Not only did he commit without drama, but pledged to recruit and be vocal on the trail....

Poll: Who will be the QB against FSU.

by Southcane @ CanesInSight

The majority of us, certainly myself want to win and really don't care who will win games for us. But lets just do it for fun and see where...

New NHC Cone, Tropical Depression 16 forms (NATE)

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Attachment 51081 ( *sigh*, the ASCAT remote sensing system has found cyclonic...

Alternate Jerseys (Replicas)

by CF3 @ CanesInSight

Attachment 47958 ( Image has surfaced. Posted on Twitter by Matt Porter. Just passing...

CFL Bans Full Contact Practices During Season

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

Interesting. CFL immediately ends full-contact practices - Article - TSN...

So about that first big test..

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

Time off plus a very competent offense. Anymore jokes?

All right, I admit it...

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

I've been displaying some false bravado this week, I'm pretty shook about this game. We've been on par with them the last two years and choked it...

Coach brown discusses the backup running backs

by brock @ CanesInSight

� Brown, on where the shaky backup running back situation stands: �I would say Travis Homer has probably made the biggest jump from year one to...

So now....

by asap_lit @ CanesInSight

Assuming we accomplish our goals & make it to the ACCCG. Do we get revenge against Clemson? How do we matchup? Thoughts, comments feelings? I...

Quick BERRIOS question:

by UMFarArcher @ CanesInSight

When Berrios scores, he bows up a bit, then extends his hands and arms up. Does he by chance, yell, "*ARE YOU SATISFIED*?!!?" (because that's...

At least we can put the Pickney conditioning thing to bed...

by rberryjr @ CanesInSight

Kids a man child. Lots of L's to go around...

CMR Wqam 560 Interview

by TheNation305 @ CanesInSight

Pastor Richt sounds juiced up and confident ! Embracing the past and not shying away from expectations One of the better Interviews from him , He...

YouTube, Demonetization, & Censorship…Oh My?

by Alanna Redenour @ jWeb Media

I watch a lot of YouTube. In fact, it’s my primary source of entertainment—I rarely watch TV anymore. And like those YouTube users who do not have YouTube Red, I come across a lot of ads. These ads are from advertisers who have decided, “Hey, this content creator is getting a lot of engagement and [...]

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Tyquan Thornton Gets an Offer

by nvlahos @ CanesInSight

Thought this needed it's own thread. Kid looked like a stud in the clips from todays camp. T.Thornton 4️⃣‏ @Humble_Ty19 13m13 minutes ago More...

Still no word yet!!

by cway313 @ CanesInSight

On whether we roll?

I am so f-ing drunk right now.....

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

I literally was lying on the floor of Buffalo Wild Wings doing snow angels after the last TD. FUCK A NOLE!!!!!!!

Interesting issue/non issue

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight

So in light of the recent Brieon Fuller developments I was reminded of a post I saw years ago on Miami Scout (2006). The poster alluded to a coming...

Opening line: FSU -12

by scrantoncane @ CanesInSight

People all over twitter saying it's too high and I agree. FSU at home with an established QB should def be laying some points, but I'd have it...

May open 2021 season against Alabama

by Bull @ CanesInSight

From an Alabama website: For the first time in nearly three decades, it appears the University of Alabama will once again square off against the...

Jordan doing work

by #26-MEAST @ CanesInSight

Bishop Gorman is playing on ESPN right now. He is a monster blocker. They designed a halfback pass (No it's not snowing) where he broke wide open but...

Miami expects full exoneration after turning over records to

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

Miami expects full exoneration after turning over records to FBI investigation Encouraging...

let's be honest

by Canes21 @ CanesInSight

Would Duke beat Toledo? Their offense is not close to ours and our defense despite their reluctance to cover a slot WR and need to play the backups...

Let's Hope we Don't Lose Diaz/Funny how Golden wasn't named

by sitzee @ CanesInSight

Rubbish! DBC Lives On Forever.

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

The background isn't so much important here but it's the president of Barstool Sports in the midst of a minor company controversy feeling compelled...

Film Review of FSU Game

by HurricaneVision @ CanesInSight

Alright, you know the drill. This is going to be long. It is going to involve lots of stills from the game, and if that�s not your thing, I...

Do we have any reason to throw the ball?

by Canez1 @ CanesInSight

Walton and Homer should both have huge days against their defense. They have an NFL caliber Qb that can move the pocket and is very accurate on the...


by Vizslacane @ CanesInSight

In the other thread you indicated your friend lives across the street from the Davonta Smith's new house, given to them for going to Bama. Could you...

OT: How many of you have/don't have power?

by Gables Cane @ CanesInSight

I'm looking to get a sense of how many fans (and areas) are still without power following Hurricane Irma. If you could please just chime in and let...

Week 3 Depth Charts

by the23Watcher @ CanesInSight

per TOS Miami Hurricanes Football's Two-Deep Depth Chart After The First Scrimmage...

Anti Jim Morris Crowd

by txcane80 @ CanesInSight

Miami is up 3 to 1 against #2 ( team... very early... maybe we lose....either...

Shaq is down to 235lbs

by blackvern @ CanesInSight

ooooooohh weee!!!!! Quarterman says he wants to be a sleeker version of what fans saw last season while still maintaining his physical presence. ...

Kingston new coach at South Carolina

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Mark Kingston to be South Carolina baseball coach, report says | The State...

I just want to say...

by johnnytsunami01 @ CanesInSight

After all the sh*t that has happened with Hurricane Maria and my island, this moment has made me forget about all the negatives, even if it was for...

Where do y'all watch away games in South Florida?

by motorcitycane @ CanesInSight

What's the best spot to be at?

whats up with jeff thomas

by verobeachcane @ CanesInSight

this guy was electric in high school. i Still think he will be one of our best wideouts. My original feeling was that he was gonna be an instant...

Homer is FAST

by mikemike @ CanesInSight

Wow, speed kills !

anyone notice some posters missing since the 6th inning

by Miami04 @ CanesInSight

Seems like some of the regular posters who like to make call out threads have been missing since the 6th inning last night. I personally hope we...

¿Qué es el SEO y por qué usarlo para tener más vistas en Youtube?

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247 mock class

by Cribby @ CanesInSight

So I never travel over to 247, but they send emails. The latest email had " Mock class" as the title. I couldn't help but click just for shits and...

Big plays are the 3 pointers of football

by brcane1 @ CanesInSight

Alright appears the worst is over..

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

When do we get back to practice? Not trying to be hearless as it appears the storm weakened and didn't do as much damage as it could have if it...

What Is Onpage And Offpage In SEO?

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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Romeo Finley role

by brock @ CanesInSight

He has been mentioned a few times lately by the coaches and looks like one of our biggest safeties out of the group. It's starting to look like he's...

How good is the overall talent level in our two deeps?

by North Florida Cane @ CanesInSight

Top 25 team? Top 15? Top 10? I still feel we are two elite recruiting classes away from being at the Final Four tier, talent-wise.

Mark Richt diagramming

by LuCane @ CanesInSight

Attachment 47645 (

Drake Watch (Austin)

by CaneFan79 @ CanesInSight

Drake University Athletics - Football vs South Dakota on 9/2/2017 ( Don't see...

Need help finding a 2 bedroom for Steed and Jennings!!!

by waynejr31 @ CanesInSight

Does anyone in here know of any 2 bedroom condos or apartments for rent in Coral Gables? Jennings and Steed are trying to move off campus and are...

Heritage-Booker T

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

I'm here now and have been posting videos and updates on my Twitter. Here are some halftime thoughts Heritage leads 35-14. 5 interceptions thrown...

Booker T vs Miami Central

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Any ways to stream?

OT-Florida Reportedly Faces 2nd Title IX Investigation

by Aldmia @ CanesInSight

Saw it on Bleecher. For Bullshit handing of Callaway indecent.

NFL TD Streak

by 20EReedboii @ CanesInSight

As I watched Anthony Chickillo celebrate his TD today, I couldn't help but wonder.. What's our TD streak looking like right now? I think we are in...

We got some big boyz

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

872214790348967937 I remember richts first quote was where are all the big guys.... he won't need to say that anymore 872220397177122816

Hurricane Irma Question

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Hey I have not lived through any hurricanes since I was about 8 years old. My family moved to the west coast from miami at a young age so im not very...

Amari Daniels vs Chaminade

by BravoK9851 @ CanesInSight

Amari Daniels first high school game was a good one! Had two Beast Mode type runs for touchdowns. Never seen him before but he did get an offer from...


by harvestspanish @ Harvest Bible University Spanish

Welcome to Harvest Bible University

-16.5 @ Ark St.

by JgDaCane @ CanesInSight

My first thought is Vegas thinks we're a pretty good team. 16.5 on the road is alot especially with public perseption being Ark state just hung with...

What's the word about FSU's backup QB

by NVA CANE @ CanesInSight

I know he's a true freshman but what do the people that know their stuff think of him? Was he highly rated coming out of high school? Interesting...

Jon Ford

by doctaj11 @ CanesInSight

According to Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post, Jon Ford is the last remaining 2017 commit that has yet to arrive on campus. Anyone know why or what...

Diaz Post-Game Presser

by umhurricane2511 @ CanesInSight

Can someone explain why we "couldn't play nickel"?

OT Dukes backpack lol

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Browns dig through Duke Johnson's backpack and find a lost treasure - Cleveland Browns Blog- ESPN...

$uckeyestreit Picks 'Noles

by CaneFan79 @ CanesInSight

Aww, all you Kirky lovers can go cry in your beer, your "Miami Loving" man crush just picked F$U. No need to watch today, since he is a everything...

Community Work

by umhurricane2511 @ CanesInSight

What as the UM team been doing to help the community post storm? We made such a big deal about community service hours, but what have we done...

Pete what's up with these SPAM poters

by Armycane910 @ CanesInSight

For the over a year these guys has been posting crap here on the sight unrelated to UM sports is there anyway to get rid of them??

Guys, I'm worried about our chances against Irma.

by FAKE Chip Brierre @ CanesInSight

Someone tell me we skate.

Suckeyestreit Lovers come out wherever you are...

by CaneFan79 @ CanesInSight

Good Article On Perry

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Pretty good article on nkosi and why he will work in richts system.

Need someone new to step up -who will it be?

by HarryCarayisGoat @ CanesInSight

With Richards (likely out) and Walton out for GT, I really feel someone outside of Homer and Berrios needs to come up big and become an impact player...

Coach Brown & more... Post Practice Presser 9/26/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

My Post Game recap (Long)

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Attachment 50325 ( Okay, the Elephant in the room is obvious, the damn Defense has...

My prediction for the rest of the season

by HurricaneAlex @ CanesInSight

GT- Miami wins could be fun game to watch and high scoring. Syracuse- Miami wins in blow out fashion the Orangemen don't have the talent to...

Campbell and Reese CBs

by PittsburghCane @ CanesInSight

Hey y'all I'm having trouble locating info that led to the recent CB runs for Reese and Campbell. Reese is now 100 to us and Campbell 50. Most I...

HOT TAKE: 2017 Youth Movement Offensive Two-Deep Depth Chart

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

In this installment of the new HOT TAKE series, let us examine one possible scenario in which several upperclassmen are relegated to lesser roles to...


by canes_aaron @ CanesInSight

Didn't see a thread you know we always need one with the uniform combo or else something's not right GO CANES!!!!

Miami hosting who ?mod delete

by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

This weekend ?

Candidates for Switching Positions in 2017

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Depth is kinda shaky at a few spots. here's what I'm proposing: *Dallas to RB* - everyone who covers the team says that if Walton goes down...

Coach Richt, McIntosh & more... Post Practice Presser 8/1/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Yuva – Search Engine Optimization: A New Way For Earning From Your Home

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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SEO Weston WY

by @

SEO Weston WY

The post SEO Weston WY appeared first on .

Patrick Joyner

by Corch Enamelstain @ CanesInSight

How realistic of a chance do we have of flipping him from Florida State, and how does he project for the next level, as he can play both linebacker...

Anthony Moten

by Disgustipated @ CanesInSight

Sorry if I missed this but I just looked in the box score and saw he didn't play. Does anyone know why? Also very active performance by Jaquan...

NFCA 2017 – All Stars

by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Each year the National Fastpitch Coaching Association (NFCA) announces their all star teams! We are proud to have produced videos for the past four years! This project included acquiring and utilizing footage from over universities 100 across the United States. ...

Read More

The post NFCA 2017 – All Stars appeared first on Hatfield Media.

CMR: "We gotta fill that stadium" for Ga Tech game

by Ole Blue @ CanesInSight

CMR wanting 65k on Saturday... hope it happens!

Pete - Anthony Schwartz?

by rustywalkedaway @ CanesInSight

His name has bounced around here some and, last I thought I heard, he wasn't part of the staff's plan for this class (too similar to a couple guys in...

Canes open -14.5 over the Rockets

by Canes-11 @ CanesInSight

FSU -14 over NC State


by LoungeLord @ CanesInSight

Great start to the second half.

Great call Concierge

by canesproponent @ CanesInSight

Hockey-rat must be livid! Luckily, our players possess more spirit than the hockey-gnome. Boom!! There was a sweep this weekend.... just not...

Official Visits

by casualcane @ CanesInSight

Dates and faces updated as needed Jalen Carey August 25 IQ September 9 *cancelled due to Irma no word...

How I feel about the season starting!

by Ibis Wingz @ CanesInSight

Quick hits

by HurricaneU @ CanesInSight

Nothing is going to bring me off this high right now. Just glad we finally did what it takes to win. We stayed physical and aggressive and got the...

How to Respond to Negative Patient Reviews Online

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Thanks, Al -- POWER RANKING the 38 Remaining Golden Players

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Thomas - poised for a monster year Walton - should be 1st team all-acc Norton - likely day 2 draft pick Herndon - next in line at TE U McIntosh -...

SIAP: Browns Moving Duke to WR?

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

I'd actually say this is a good move (especially for Duke's long-term career prospects) but I question almost anything this organization does. ...

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Tyler Byrd

by doctaj11 @ CanesInSight Not sure why this kid's flip pissed me off so much last year, but it did. Made...

Deejay dallas to rb?

by brock @ CanesInSight

This is the move that many thought would be most logical given the fact that deejay dallas is electric with the ball in his hands and looks like a...

Fiutak Take on the 2017 Season

by NJshoreCane @ CanesInSight

We go 10-1 going into Pitt with, apparently, the Coastal already clinched. Only loss is to FSU. We lose at Pitt to finish 10-2. Lose again to FSU...

How many bad calls by officials tonight?

by harphong @ CanesInSight

6-8 total against us, at least 4 for dook. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk

Look At This Stone Cold Killer

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

The Grim Rick-ter. He knows exactly what he's doing. On eSECpn this afternoon talking about undefeated Toledo being ready to "shock the world". This...

Random thought - The More You Know

by amanan28 @ CanesInSight

It's been a while but Dan. E Dangerously used to start "The More you Know" topics every week before gameday. It was written more like a blog than a...

Run defense

by wacane @ CanesInSight

Can someone explain what they think is wrong? I don't understand it. We have a deep defensive line full of talented players. Our starting linebackers...


by canes_aaron @ CanesInSight

THE MONKEY IS OFF OUR BACK. LETS ROLL!!!! Our toughest games left are VT and ND both at home let's get it!!!!!

Top Medical Marketing Ideas for October

by MedPB @ MedPB

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IMO our biggest area of "need/weakness" is a playmaking FS/S

by Tweed @ CanesInSight

Jaquan Johnson had an opportunity to put his name next to those who have made HUGE plays in rivalry games & he just plained dropped it. He had 95...

247 rankings changes

by SwagUniversity @ CanesInSight

Every single canes commit in the 247 rankings went down today. The only ones that haven't gone down are Nesta Silvera and DJ Scaife, both earning...

ALL eyeZ on Diaz

by snipergang @ CanesInSight

I think we can all say we are not happy with his play calling and how the defense has played. We are still lacking leadership. Champions hold them...

On field - post game video

by sstcane @ CanesInSight

Hybrid Secondary Defenders the best new thing?

by dukebeeasy305 @ CanesInSight

Ran across this article about hybrid defenders being such an important role for defenses specifically in the secondary. What current player or...

Kalon Gervin 4* DB possible recruit?

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

He is a 4 Star DB who seems like he wants to play for the U! Do you think we will reach out to him? Kalon Gervin, Cass Technical, Athlete...

Defensive Backs - You Guys Are Over Thinking It

by Category 6 @ CanesInSight

There's some odd stuff being said on this board right now about Diaz, Dee, the whole defense ect. The reality is the current situation is exactly...

New Subscriber

by LouCane @ CanesInSight

Just registered, been reading threads on site for a year now, don�t know why I waited so long. I was 13 the last time the canes were in the...

Dumbo Fisher with and without Jameis-, the numbers don't LIE

by citizenkane @ CanesInSight

With J. Winston 2013-2014 Overall record 27-1 ACC record 16-0 ACC Atlantic champs . 2 ACC titles . 2 Heisman winners . 1 National Titles ...

Did Charles Perry take Zach McClouds spot?

by KrazyCane @ CanesInSight

Bc I barely even notice when McCloud is on the field lately.

Film Review of Duke Game

by HurricaneVision @ CanesInSight

Taking a look at the Duke game this week we see some changes and some improved play in several areas. I'll take a look at picture stills of the game,...


by the storm @ CanesInSight

KICK THEIR AZZ...LETS GO CANES! WHOOSH WHOOSH :machinegun::machinegun::machinegun::machinegun::stormwarningflag-sm

What do you think is the the most memorable Miami VS Fsu gam

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

What has been your favorite Miami VS Fsu game of all time? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk

Anyone notice coachs tweet

by Cognizantphotos @ CanesInSight My bad internet at work is boo boo, peep the comments looks like ALL UGA fans are...

Full 2015 game vs Duke - Rosier starts and The Return

by FreeVilma @ CanesInSight

Will we see both Sheriffs & Rosier in Bethune Game?

by the storm @ CanesInSight

Will Coach Richt go with both QB's the first couple of games? Hope an announcement comes tomorrow. Personally I would like to see both of them in...

SIAP Richt's demeanor last night

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

So what was up with Right last night, he seemed more irritable than I ever seen him. Dropping F-bombs left and right. Looked like he even called out...

Croot List for UM/FSU

by PittsburghCane @ CanesInSight

I know we have Tyson Campbell, Pat Surtain and Dennis Briggs coming for the game but does anyone know of other recruits coming or of a running list...

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Recruiting question

by Cribby @ CanesInSight

If a kid is kicked off as a Fr or Soph, when does their spot open up in the recruiting numbers? Say they're kicked off in Sep, that extra spot...

Gurvan Hall

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight

Our boy getting some love. You could tell the radio host...

Pics from the Palm Beach Post

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Attachment 51312 ( Attachment 51313...

2017-2018 Canes ARE NOT under the radar

by tcgrad1014 @ CanesInSight

5. *Can Miami actually win an ACC title?*: Simply put: Yes, they can. They won one in 2013 and finishing a game out of first place in 2016, and this...

Off Season Thread: FSU-Bama Week 1

by TheUBack @ CanesInSight

The season is coming up so quick I can taste it. Excited for the season and I think we have an excellent shot to win the Coastal. September 2 just...

Today was a good day

by Shogungts @ CanesInSight

I know nobody else cares, but man today was a good day. I watched the first half of the Miami game, I paused the game and went to the Nats vs...

Major potential rule change - Transfers eligible immediately

by joshgavidia @ CanesInSight

This change would seem to impact college football pretty significantly in my opinion. Just not sure weather it would be a good or bad change....

Peter-The scoop on Blades ?

by mianjomar @ CanesInSight

Did he miss the train and finds himself in a beauty contest with Tyson Campbell? Will we take both? Do you think the ballsin his court and he's ...

Gainesville...whiteout....not what you think

by JerseyCanes @ CanesInSight Not Surprising.... JC

Put together a remix for today's game!! Let's GET it fellas!

by BillyFindings @ CanesInSight

Copy and paste it! Now Lets GO kick some mothafucking ass!!

Fau runs through smoke now?

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

First it�s thefaU, now this, damn they wanna be Miami Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight


Great Job Coach Richt & rest of staff!

by CanesGoGetta @ CanesInSight

UM/Coach Richt did an outstanding job handling the hurricane Irma situation by prioritizing his players and their family "life" concerns before a...

Condensed Miami vs Duke Game

by ChosenOne @ CanesInSight

We can finally flap to the defense again. We actually fixed and simplified the things schematically. The alignment looks just like it did last year....

Rohan said it best...

by skillydoo @ CanesInSight Rohan getting me pumped for the game at 2:47. Go Canes!

Morris getting a shot to start?

by Esafille @ CanesInSight

Happy to see him possibly get some increased reps / exposure with Luck outImage:...

OT: Leonard Hankerson gets coaching gig

by Astcloud11 @ CanesInSight

Former WR Leonard Hankerson will be taking on his first coaching job @ UMASS. BVqLdjhllDO ---Quote--- I've decided to take my talents to...

A little Um vs GT history 2005 for this week

by Canesmonkey @ CanesInSight

After an opening game loss to FSU The Hurricanes rebounded by winning 8 straight games (including a 27�7 win over previously unbeaten Virginia Tech...

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The post Purchasing a Property Abroad appeared first on - United Country - Country Homes.

Eichorst Out @ Nebraska

by RBhurricane87 @ CanesInSight

Guy is an absolute buffoon 910928945503244290

Just bought my tickets! WE READY

by Jayhud11 @ CanesInSight

Just bought tickets to the game this weekend. First ever Miami / fsu game. Where's everyone sitting?! We're in section 12!! GO CANES

Rosier Article

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

I like this article on Rosier and I think he will ball out against FSU. After happy home start, Malik Rosier hopes to silence crowds on road |...

Miami Toledo Vid

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight I know I sound hella tired but decided to do this last minute

The Official Mark Dorito Houston Defense Thread*************

by NVA CANE @ CanesInSight

Houstons defense was 14th in total defense and 4th in scoring defense last year. Let's see how many spots they drop by the end of the year. ...

Stay safe!!!

by asuato @ CanesInSight

While I'm a huge A-State fan and was highly looking forward to Saturday, I certainly can understand the reasoning behind the cancellation. Shame it...

What time is the scrimmage tomorrow?

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

Just curious

Week 6 (Upset) Picks - 10/4

by Tetragrammaton Cane @ CanesInSight

Winners in *bold* Louisville (-4) at *North Carolina State* *Pitt* at Syracuse (-4) *Minnesota* at Purdue (-3) Arkansas (-2.5) at *South...

South Florida '18- Position-by-position

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

Below are my position-by-position breakdowns of the best prospects in South Florida for 2018. *QB*-...

Malik Rosier

by wacane @ CanesInSight

Way to step up and break the noles hearts just the way we used to. We owned those close games for a long time and fsu has dominated them recently....

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OT: Canes fans in Tuscaloosa

by cooks002 @ CanesInSight

As some of you know I am a teacher and PhD student at Alabama; my daughter has Down syndrome and Nick Saban has a charity organization here known as...


by I'm james Jackson brother @ CanesInSight

According to the storm prediction.... Safety first right families and such ...... NOW that the entire season is about to be forfeit because...

Miami and the Spread Offense

by JaxonCane @ CanesInSight

It seems like a lot of Miami fans hate the spread offense and think we have always been pro style. I would argue that 2 of our Titles were won...

Anybody on Noah Cain....

by Fightinibis @ CanesInSight

I'm just curious on this kid. Seriously. He seems like the rah rah guy for Texas, L$U, Michigan, UFag........just about everyone except UM. Anybody...

OT: Western Michigan 14, (4) USC 7 2nd Qtr

by TemplarCane @ CanesInSight

S*hit happens. I'll bet Trojan fans are besides themselves.

Game of the year!

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

This is the first time in awhile I felt like we had more talented team! Our team just kept shooting them self in the foot with the missed tackles...

So we gonna act like Gus isn't starting for Rutgers?

by blackvern @ CanesInSight

My dog gonna ball out, check him out tomorrow night... as he thrashes Washington.

Mark Pope still open

by Ajax @ CanesInSight


Miami getting a little be of love from CFN Contributors

by Shogungts @ CanesInSight

I'm not sure I am buying a playoff level team yet (obviously hope that I am wrong), but at least some non local media folk are: Image:...

Adrian Colbert to start on TNF

by Kendall Boy Cane @ CanesInSight

Attachment 50213 ( **SIAP** This game is now not totally unbearable to watch for...

Where is tailgate for duke game

by Drewski @ CanesInSight

First time going to the Duke game and was wondering where does all The Canes fan tailgate at?

OT: is anyone bewildered by that fsu D coordinator?

by paksat @ CanesInSight

I'm not even talking about the schemes he runs or anything like that.. I'm talking about that fuking guy he has behind him constantly tugging on...


by I'm james Jackson brother @ CanesInSight

Mark RICHT needs an offensive coordinator And mark Walton needs to come out the game clearly were not running him because he's hurt also they're...

North American Christian Convention 2017

by Drake Hatfield @ Hatfield Media

This year’s North American Christian Convention took place in Kansas City, MO from June 27th to the 29th at the Kansas City Convention Center. Hatfield Media was privileged to once again provide live online event streaming of the main sessions at: ...

Read More

The post North American Christian Convention 2017 appeared first on Hatfield Media.

Do you think they will Cancel Ark St. Game

by JeffreyG @ CanesInSight

For selfish reasons I hope not. Missouri resident excited to see them play plus wouldnt get a refund from Vivid Seats anyway. I know it would be...

Jashaun Corbin

by gatorsSUCK! @ CanesInSight

Jashaun Corbin just de-committed from Tennessee. He normally plays RB/slot and safety. He has offers essentially everywhere but us. His...

Coach Richt, Dugans & more... Post Practice Presser 8/4/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

The Less You Care... about Bethune-Cookman

by ghost2 @ CanesInSight

Carrying on the rich tradition of Dan E. Dangerously et al, we take a detailed (and slightly nihilistic) look at Miami's season opener against...

Totally outplayed today, but

by tpres @ CanesInSight

A win is a win, even if against the worst FSU team in quite a while. berrios had the game of his life., saved us Now lets move on and get some...

Gage Gaynor 2020 OL

by Tayt21 @ CanesInSight

Spotlight article on the Douglas HS OL group. They also mention Cory's little brother, Gage, but the article listed them as cousins which I believe...

OT- Ray, Rogan, & Batali

by Canestastic1980 @ CanesInSight

It's a slow day so I figured I would post this cool show I just caught on Viceland. Ray Lewis & Rohan Marley eating with Batali. They are best...

Va. Tech vs WVU Discussion thread

by ChosenOne @ CanesInSight

Based on this game we'll see what our coastal chances are looking like.

SIAP, but status on big Vaughn D?

by AFCane11 @ CanesInSight

Man, i hope the big fella is ok. Any word on him?

kicking game

by CanesFan23 @ CanesInSight

Anyone have any info on the kicking game for this year and how it's looking. Specifically the punting. I see Feagles listed as the starter, but...

Langham...You are the fookin' man!

by troyskiles @ CanesInSight

Young man, you stepped up big time in a big time game. Props to you. I will always remember your catch. AWESOME! Canes Win!!!!!!!!!!!

Pj Johnson (dj brother's highlight)

by jawbreaker70 @ CanesInSight

Pete, Do you know if there's any interest in Dj brother? PJ Johnson The kid is a beast and wants to be a Cane. He plays DT for JUCO. Check out his...

Injured/Dinged List

by UMFarArcher @ CanesInSight

Anyone got words on our players that are dinged up, injured, or in between? I about vapor-locked when I say Mark go down, and not get up. And we...

Is Malek Young the best corner in the state?

by brock @ CanesInSight

He had them receivers on clamps today as always...

Huntsville Alabama Features So Many Wonderful Attractions

by educationsupercenter @ Kentucky's Education SuperCenter !

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The post Huntsville Alabama Features So Many Wonderful Attractions appeared first on Kentucky's Education SuperCenter !.

NFL Linebacker Denzel Perryman down 4-6 weeks

by cubin10 @ CanesInSight

Was carted off, best wishes and heal quickly to a great CANE!


by CFLCane @ CanesInSight

Saw these two names on TOS. Figured i'd start a list of candidates seeing as how it's been said multiple times we were going to look for a juco or...

Raise your hand if you thought Rosier, Berrios and Langham.

by Ibis Wingz @ CanesInSight

..would even be players for us, let alone heroes. I'll hang up and listen.

Malik, born leader

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Attachment 48973 ( He's matured 10 years since the start of spring camp. Get behind...

Week 5 betting thread.

by CaneOil @ CanesInSight

I took Miss +30 for 200. The lines are getting high, If I lose I'll bet against Bama again next week. The lines will be getting huge with them

Game Highlights

by Hylights @ CanesInSight

I made a highlight reel of the game yesterday! Feel free to check it out.

Tidbits from Richt - Long

by rmcid @ CanesInSight

I got the chance to attend a small gathering with Coach Richt and even get one of Lu's questions in. A few points I remembered (note that quotes are...

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Blackman, Tate, and Delaney

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

SIAP, but wanted to bring forth this brief article by David Hale. ---Quote--- It's not that Florida State's rookie QB James Blackman has been...

Scariest thing in Football (Ed Reed)

by calinative umstudent @ CanesInSight

This is pretty funny 890630154376040450

So how many of you are watching tonight..

by caneaddict @ CanesInSight

just to criticize and hope things go wrong so you can jump on here and start slamming just curious because if you are, you are phucked Canes...

How do you think CMR will gameplan vs Bethune and Week 2?

by Voted_Trump @ CanesInSight

considering we have FSU week 3. How do you think he'll take these opponents? will he be conservative or run the starters for longer then...

Thoughts on the Delaney Mystery

by HurricaneKush @ CanesInSight

I've seen the first two games, and obviously Delaney has been a straight up liability. I can't think of a single corner we've ever had get picked on...

Phil Steele bullish on Miami (560 interview)

by ebfinest @ CanesInSight

Audio « CBS Miami (

FSU seems to save some of their worst performances for Wake

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

If anyone thinks that the FSU team they watched today is going to show up at Doak next Saturday then they will be very, very disappointed. FSU...

Richt's offense this year

by astabooty @ CanesInSight

The WR screen and RPO were staples of the offense last year, yet so far they are mostly absent. What do you think the reason for the change is?

F$U - Miami Game "likely postponed"

by CaneSwag1995 @ CanesInSight

FSU-Miami game likely to be moved to Oct. 7...

my 2 cents

by QSTOKES @ CanesInSight

couldn't have asked for a better experience for my first fsu/miami game. great atmosphere and canes took over the stadium after the win. CLASSIC...

Targeting Penalties are ruining college football.

by TerragonSix @ CanesInSight

Watching Clemson v. Louisville. Yes, Muse hit him helmet to helmet, but as he was launching, lamar was starting to come down. It wasnt...

Saivion Smith - LSU DB Transfer

by arinand1 @ CanesInSight

Former 5-star cornerback Saivion Smith says he is leaving LSU football program |

.02 cent Wrap Up on CFB Weekend

by Rellyrell @ CanesInSight

Quick Hitters: -Pls continue to overrank FSU; it's their Achilles heel -Cam Akers AIN'T Dalvin at all -Coastal looks like ours for...


by Jmhcane @ CanesInSight

we had better get pressure on him. He just made some great throws. They also seem to have a pretty strong D line.

Bruce Brown at Adidas Nations

by jhtheking @ CanesInSight

Bruce Brown and Dewan Huell were invited to this year's Adidas Nations. I unfortunately can't find any stats that include them, but some highlights...

It�s rosier�s 4th career start

by brock @ CanesInSight

Adjust your expectations accordingly.... He looked very well at times and then was inconsistent at others however that was all not on him. There was...

Easy solution

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

I assume the team and program is discussing this but here is the best solution IMO Use our bye week before toledo(I know thats dumb but best...

Hatfield Media - Louisville Marketing & Web Design Agency

Hatfield Media - Louisville Marketing & Web Design Agency

Hatfield Media

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Dean question

by Cribby @ CanesInSight

Did anybody notice him out there much or at all? I thought I saw him in mop up time , even though mop up time was only 5 minutes lol

Hurricane Irma

by BBBBB @ CanesInSight

Off topic but guys please be safe out there I been watching the track of this storm it's it's not looking good. Huge in size and cat 3 and...

OT: Interesting Article on CTE and Football

by d--1 @ CanesInSight

This scientist raises some good points and represents another side to the discussion of CTE in football players and other athletes. Think there's a...

Dan Sileo Jr = Franchise alt account?

by Mao @ CanesInSight


Gators suspend 7 players for Michigan Game! Lol!!!!

by ObjectiveCane @ CanesInSight,amp.html

The D

by canecrazy23 @ CanesInSight

The D played really good against our biggest rival. Imagine how much better their going to be this year! OMG!!!

Were there any signs of ingenuity on offense this spring?

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

I'd like to know if our staff displayed some willingness to think outside the box. Regardless of our questionable depth at the RB position, did...

Coach Diaz & more... Post Practice Presser 8/25/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Freshman FB transfer from alabama?....

by BiltmoreCANE @ CanesInSight

Had no idea he made the move. He was a preferred WO at bammer. Any info on this? Michael Parrott - 2017 Football Roster - University of Miami...

How to delete the Fox News Roller Coaster Accident Spam/Scam Post and App Permissions from Facebook

by mplysiak @ Website Design and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

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How UT came back to beat GT

by CaneMonster @ CanesInSight

They threw the ball deep and high to their 6'4" WR, which GT didn't have answer for. GT CBs are 5'10" smallish. We should launch a jump contest for...

Miles Wilson commits

by Problem2 @ CanesInSight

Mount St. Mary's transfer Miles Wilson committed to Miami (Fl) on Thursday, he told Scout. "The relationship that I've built with Coach...

Rosier and Barrios

by fraggle @ CanesInSight

Rosier did something I do not remember Kaaya ever a clutch game. I think Kaaya would've choked faced with that last drive. For us old...

Barry's personnel notes post-game

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Thoughts, notes from UM's win against Toledo | Miami Herald (

Props to J.Richt

by jjm305 @ CanesInSight

If Malik was looking bad there would be alot of people (myself included) posting about how he doesn't belong on this staff so its only right we give...

Which Comeback Player Will Have The Best Season in 2017?

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

a) Cager b) Gray c) Patchan d) Gordinier

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OT: Fins game

by Zbrod95 @ CanesInSight

EL O EL #SuckforDarnold ( Spending my Sunday preparing a...

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Michael Jackson

by mlw352 @ CanesInSight

I started a thread on this kid a few Months back to ask where he was as a player. for this year and now look at him he's a starter he's gonna be a...

Aguayo Cut....again

by WilforkHOF @ CanesInSight

This time by the Bears. Tampa wasted a 2nd round pick on that Semenhole. Aguayo was a big part of their recent success and it thrills me that hes...


by U2026 @ CanesInSight

So all I read about was all the explosive guys on offense and all we do is 3 yard passes. And the defense is lucky to only give up 6 so far. Diaz is...

5-Star QB Justin Fields announcing his decision tomorrow

by Firesite @ CanesInSight

916066033760432128 I think hes going to Georgia.

I'm soiling myself for Pitt in November - scary cold weather

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

Somebody please hold me and tell me that everything will be OK... Good lord, some of the porsters on this board have spines made of wet toilet...

OFFICIAL: Game Time Staying @ 3:30

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

Lets ride!


by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Great coverage skills. Stays right in receivers hip. If he learns to turn and find the ball he could be special. Unfortunately I see no improvement...

How are they going to keep this monster off the field?

by LuCane @ CanesInSight

Some buzz about him today made me curious to look back at my recruiting notes and re-watch a lot of his available film. Despite having two...

Hats off to the Offensive Line.

by Mico Jones @ CanesInSight

Didn't dominate but didn't collapse like prior years. Turnstile St. Louis and KC MDonut no more. They and Darling played their best games when we...

New all Green Uni for Toledo?

by battlecatcane21 @ CanesInSight

Sorry if I missed this discussed, but I remember seeing this earlier in the year. Are we still wearing them this week?

Well ... Glad he transfered

by calinative umstudent @ CanesInSight

Charlotte 49ers QB Kevin Olsen Arrested: Grand Jury Indicts on Rape, Assault Charges | WSOC-TV...

Barry Jackson's "ten things we're hearing" 2: THE DEFENSE

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Ten things we're hearing on the University of Miami defense and surprise twist | Miami Herald...

Florida – Florida State – South Florida – Junior Golf Exposure Camp – Boys

by College Golf Camps @ College Golf Camps™

Registration Begins September 30, 2017 Entry Deadline: December 15, 2017 Camp Fee: $495.00 Deposit: $495.00 Open To: Open to any [...]

The post Florida – Florida State – South Florida – Junior Golf Exposure Camp – Boys appeared first on College Golf Camps™.

No suspension for Bama's DT Hand after DUI

by dfagundo @ CanesInSight

Alabama Crimson Tide DL Da'Shawn Hand won't be suspended for DUI arrest...

Semenhole Douchebags

by getcaned @ CanesInSight

This is for those people on this board that are Semenhole apologist, sympathizers, sword swallowers, closet hiding fans. Im just saying. If the...

Most Important Thoughts Of The Week: Episode 12 Vol. 9.9

by WhatTheHell @ CanesInSight

As read by Morgan Freeman: - Rosier is on pace for 3,600 total yards, 40 total TDs and only 8 turnovers - He came out dropping more dimes than...

How to Talk Your Friends Into Seeing an All Male Revue

by web_app @ HUNKS The Show

A male revue is a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday, girls’ night, or a bachelorette party, and it’s also a great way to spend a Saturday night or help a newly single friend get back out in the field. But if you’re worried that your friends might need some convincing, here are six amazing […]

The post How to Talk Your Friends Into Seeing an All Male Revue appeared first on HUNKS The Show.

Closet FSU fans

by Canemang @ CanesInSight

NYStateofmind Biz423 Who am I missing? Add their names to this thread for everyone to know

American Heritage article on Espn is pretty dope

by Hurricanes_5 @ CanesInSight

I've always wondered what was the beef between Miami and American Heritage beef from years past?

Poppa Shaq - A Question

by UMFarArcher @ CanesInSight

Last season, and especially this year - in camps, here, there, and yonder - I see seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen being interviewed - and...

Canes Football QB starter will be named tomorrow

by motorcitycane @ CanesInSight

Per Susan Dingbat. Says that Richt would announce tomorrow.

MIA -11.5

by ball915 @ CanesInSight

at Arkansas State

Single Game Tickets on sale for HC members starting 7/26

by OriginalCanesCanesCanes @ CanesInSight

These are single game ticket sales for Hurricane Club members only - probably the best opportunity to get single game tickets for Notre Dame. Single...

Where did all the momentum go?

by Canes1968 @ CanesInSight

There is obviously going to be ebbs and flows throughout the remainder of this recruiting cycle, but damn, it sure seems like the Storm18 momentum...

Georgia Tech Film Study

by jw410 @ CanesInSight Let's talk X's and O's

Mark richards

by brock @ CanesInSight

Ahmmon's brother is starting to blow up, he already had miami and auburn offers. This week he has picked up offers from osu, uf and Louisville

Hard Rock seating

by DC1986 @ CanesInSight

What are the best seats in the lower level at Hard Rock. Looking at sections 144 and 148. Never been to the stadium and wondering if you can see over...

Rosier highlights

by brock @ CanesInSight He threw some strikes and had a couple good runs. He will be okay this season. Will definitely get better as he gets...

College Golf Camps™ – BIG 5 – Junior Golf Exposure Camp – Pinehurst, NC 2016 – Girls

by admin @ College Golf Camps™

CAMP IS SOLD OUT!!! College Golf Camps is coming back to the “Home of American Golf”, Pinehurst, North Carolina, November [...]

The post College Golf Camps™ – BIG 5 – Junior Golf Exposure Camp – Pinehurst, NC 2016 – Girls appeared first on College Golf Camps™.

OT: Another SEC cheating scandal

by TimeB0mb @ CanesInSight

Auburn hires law firm to investigate allegations tutor took final exam for football player...

Can DJ Johnson help our DT problems

by canesfever @ CanesInSight

He did play the position at the under armor game and look good doing it, with his size and track he could be a beast.... What Yall think???

Andrew chatfield offered by UF

by brock @ CanesInSight

I posted this in another thread but my thoughts. So Andrew chatfield just got offered by UF. We are already competing with Ohio state who has...

4 Stars George Karlaftis III Puts the Canes On Top Three

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Four-star DE George Karlaftis III puts Hurricanes in top three...

Immanuel Quickley's Choice

by Restonp @ CanesInSight kinda of a bummer imo..

Said it earlier and Walton > Barkley

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

Walton has more electricity. Very similar game but I'd take Walton in a draft first.

OT: Betting Man

by Austen @ CanesInSight

Saw the line opened up at 8.5 wins this season and is now 9 most places. Any idea where I can bet some at that 8.5 line. Money to be made. Sent...

Hard Rock to Get New Turf

by Loose Cannon @ CanesInSight

"The Dolphins also intend to use a different strain of grass than the one that faltered Thursday and are fully confident the field will be impeccable...

Past Clearing house issues

by villain @ CanesInSight

As it stands this will be 2nd yr in row where everyone on the commit list has made it in with no clearing house issues. Why was it so difficult...

Spinoff - You get to have dinner with 3 CIS posters

by RVACane @ CanesInSight

All at the same time and it can't be Pete or D$. Who are you picking? For me it's a steak dinner and I'm picking Brooklyndee, The Franchise and...

It's summer, kick rocks hot pocket's.

by 1983canes @ CanesInSight

yes, I always come in pistol's flying !! Listen here Monkey Dic&s, the NBA only gets you so far. Our Cane vid highlights is getting sad.......

ICYMI Nesta snags Tyson?

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

894296111439130624 Tweet was up for a bit before Nesta deleted it. That + Pete's confidence on who's leading = I see a silent commit.

Jaqaun johnson

by canesjip @ CanesInSight

I am really excited for him this year, He recently stated that he took a backseat last year to the seniors..... With that being said , we should...

Payton Wilson 2018 LB is a recruit UM should reach out to

by Paranos @ CanesInSight

2018 LB Payton Wilson apparently is kicking the tires on looking at other schools despite being committed to UNC. He was at NC State this past...

Manny Diaz hosts Podcast Aint Played Nobody

by IndayArtHauz @ CanesInSight

Talks about a lot of good stuff. Very relaxed.

I'm Gonna Give It To Ya Straight, Bubs -- Linebackers

by WhatTheHell @ CanesInSight

Let me get a few things out of the way before moving on to the point. 1. Rosier Wilson. Malik is basically Brett fucking Favre. He taunted their...

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Won't lie

by Hoosiercane3 @ CanesInSight

I keep hoping justin fields sticks with Penn state and doesn't go to UF. They will be in the gutter in a few years without him. With him that...

Duke 2015

by Bpayne32 @ CanesInSight

Watching Malik's only start and looks like he can make all the necessary throws for our offense this year throws a beautiful deep ball as long as he...

Time to step up for DJAX and the kids!

by CAT5Coming @ CanesInSight

DJAX, Demetrius Jackson, is trying to raise a little money for the community this Thanksgiving. Please donate if you can. 917371585304186881 ...

17-18 Schedule

by Gables Canes @ CanesInSight

When is it released? I seem to remember it normally coming out in early to mid August.

The Fur-man strikes again?

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

Anyone else seeing this? When you try to go to, it now redirects to CaneSport? And the only way you get to "good old" is...

SIAP but an interesting story on Manny Diaz's time at Texas

by k9cane @ CanesInSight

How a Texas-sized failure helped reboot Manny Diaz's career...

My first born

by Cribby @ CanesInSight

Will be Malik Langham. Anyone that ever speaks ill of 12 again ( including myself ) will be banned and possibly assasinated. Btw, I'll tell you...

Coach Richt & more... Post Game Presser 9/2/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Miles Wilson on campus right now with Coach L.

by Geo305 @ CanesInSight

Transfer candidate from Mount St. Mary's.

Big HS football game tomorrow night: Heritage at Gibbons

by Ibis Wingz @ CanesInSight

Gibbons played Heritage tough twice last season and Gibbons has improved since last season. Heritage is loaded on defense again, but I am not that...

Stadium question? Going to 1st game ever.

by Jayhud11 @ CanesInSight

What's up guys, I usually don't post. But I've got a question, in looking to go to the GT game in oct. tickets are so much cheaper in the visitor...

Hard rock Stadium timings

by caneworld @ CanesInSight

A quick question about Hard Rock Stadium to some of you tailgating veterans: What time do they start letting fans in to the Orange lot and then to...

Baylor & UF - 2 of the worst places on earth...

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

If you missed Josh Gordon's revelations, there is a link below. 1. Is anyone surprised that a Baylor coach helped him to beat drug tests? 2. Is...

Just seen this on Rivals. Dont know if anybody posted it yet

by BigDikCane @ CanesInSight *Rivals Roundtable: Which cities are producing...

What is website design?

by mplysiak @ Website Design and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Website design is a very in-depth topic that goes far beyond the look of the site. It is also about the languages (html, php, javascript, css, and many more) used to construct the site and add functionality, and the structure of the code, files, and  folders within the website. All these areas must work together […]

"Rutgers gets probation for failing to monitor program"

by dfagundo @ CanesInSight

Rutgers Scarlet Knights get probation for failing to monitor football program under former coach Kyle Flood...

247 composite Class ranking

by brock @ CanesInSight

Osu just jumped miami to #1 ( in the composite after the commit of matt jones a...

Perry #5

by brock @ CanesInSight

876925864654405632 In the #5 ( Jersey for picture day

OT: DWade- Canes Castoff?

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight


Suggestion for minuscule facility upgrades

by brock @ CanesInSight

Ok we all know the 34 million indoor practice facility upgrade will be up by august of next year and that will be great for us on a number of...

**USC (most overrated program)**

by 337CaneNation @ CanesInSight

I don't want to hear sh!t about this team being a contender and their QB being the best QB in CFB!! Bullsh!t, Bullsh!t, Bullsh!t.. ESPN is been...

Double post please delete

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Doubled post when sharing the richt article by accident, delete this please

FSU game

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Assuming we both win in week 2 do you think college football gameday will come? last year we didn't get them so I was wondering. We would be...

Proud of the U

by Themadcane @ CanesInSight

Once again leading the state. I know there are too many threads but with all the disgraceful posts by "fans" about needing to play this game, athe U...

Barry Jackson latest blog

by brock @ CanesInSight

UM loses WRs, CBs to draft yet arguably stronger there | Miami Herald...

Whitney Port gets anxiety

Whitney Port gets anxiety

by By Celebretainment @ - RSS Results

Whitney Port gets "anxiety" taking her baby son out, because she "freaks out" when he becomes "hysterical" in the car and she if always nervous she hasn't packed a vital item he may need.

saban scheduling idea

by canesstevealum08 @ CanesInSight brilliant

Obligatory Jon Ford Is Huge Post

by OrdunaDrive @ CanesInSight

Richt said today on WQAM That Ford is 6-5 318! Listed at 275, and was 245 hen he was offered. "You couldn't tell he didn't have pads on."

What's In Your Tailgate for Sat?

by the storm @ CanesInSight

Bloody Mary's for starters....then on to the burgers, wings, brats/sauerkraut, potato salad & barbecue beans...don't forget the brownies.......GO...

How does Jimbo gameplan vs Canes now?

by ejfudd @ CanesInSight

I'm guessing priority one is protecting his freshman QB...So, he'll try to establish the run, throw sparingly, likely hot passing out of the gun.

Coach Richt, Diaz & more... Post Practice Presser 10/11/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Types of Websites

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by nickster @ CanesInSight

You know who you are. Over the past years trying to convince us that Kaaya is all world and Rosier is a nobody mired in inconsistent play. Well maybe...

Anybody know what Dent is thinking going into FSU GAME

by snipergang @ CanesInSight

saw andrew ivans post an article on 247.. really hope we can flip dent

Al Blades and Tennessee?

by PAPACANE5X @ CanesInSight

One of the headlines from Rivals camp notes suggesting he is seriously considering Rocky Top due to his bond with Kevin Beard? This has to be a...

We in like Flynt?

by SmokeyRone @ CanesInSight

Out like Fout, or is our destiny tied to winning the ACC tourney?

Rick: "very optimistic on OL play" + WQAM recap 8/28

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Richt on Radio: Miami coach’s comments open Bethune-Cookman week | Canes Watch...

IMG Game live stream

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

In case any of you sickos are awake. Sitkowski dropping dimes so far. Hightower also making plays: ...


by MetiSkeemz @ CanesInSight

I'm watching The U part 2 on ESPN and we were supposed to get the "death penalty" during that Shapiro's Ponzi scheme investigation. I don't mean to...

Uniform Appreciation

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight

So it's the offseason, I was bored and was watching all the games from last year on YouTube . The new uniforms may not be Nike but they make us look...

Doo Doo brown

by Cane Dynasty @ CanesInSight

Arguably one of the best lyrics ever spit on the mic. (Despite what Luke has become since) Doo Doo brown

OT: FSU Tickets for Sale

by rsa coral gables @ CanesInSight

We have 3 tickets in Sec 15, Row 59 and 6 tickets in Sec 15, Row 60 for sale for the FSU game. $195 a piece if any one is interested. PM me for...

SIAP - Pfenninger

by Dingaan1828 @ CanesInSight

AP caught his first pass for Drake yesterday.

Note to UM and Coach Richt

by caneaddict @ CanesInSight

If you want to increase your attendance per game by 10-15K, do not schhdule noon games.. last years opener was at 6:00 PM, and there was a good...

Lb canes report video...

by brock @ CanesInSight

897586158036766722 Mccloud look like damn monster. Breakout player this year

DMoney: Fire Erick Marrero

by canespimp433 @ CanesInSight

Everyone's least favorite high school jock sniffer is running around playing cyber tonsil hockey with CJ Henderson. I can't think of a better...

Shane Larkin on Hoopshype

by RocketsandCanes @ CanesInSight

Shane Larkin was on the HoopsHype podcast with Alex Kennedy. Really good background about his career so far and how he expects this year to go with...

Looks like Rain.

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight

Right now forcast for Tally is 60% precipitation. I think this bodes well for us. Low scoring game. Defense takes over. Long as we win.

OT-Deshaun Watson gives game check to workers who lost homes

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight Very cool.

Coach Richt, Brown & more... Post Practice Presser 10/10/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Mack Brown announcing tonight

by Cane Kenny @ CanesInSight

Was it just me (and the booze) or was Mack all over Duke's nuts tonight. I swear it sounded like his kid plays there or something. Pissed me off...

Top Performing Web Designs for 2017

by MedPB @ MedPB

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The post Top Performing Web Designs for 2017 appeared first on MedPB.

Pete, or any of the board's finest...

by skeeter @ CanesInSight

Thanks in advance Pete, any updates on Jordan Davis- at one point, you expected him in this class...Do you know what the mutual interest level...

New offer at OT: Jalen Goss

by Zbrod95 @ CanesInSight

From Valdosta, GA & is reportedly 6’7 265 ...

by Maddog71 @ CanesInSight

What was once the best Cane message board is now completely gone. For those of us who cut our teeth on Grassy " I say unto thee, Grassy, huzzah!"

Where were you ,when this happened......Part 3

by 1CN @ CanesInSight

Where were you ,when this happened......Part 3 Enjoy....Must see ...

Tyreke Johnson

by brock @ CanesInSight

Luke stampini and some other uf reporters says the gators staff aren't high on him and don't expect him in their class. Will Miami make a move to...

Kevin Patrick. D line coach NCState

by Bird4um @ CanesInSight

Just got props on TV. SHould be on staff if we loose Kool.

Another way to look at it

by mianjomar @ CanesInSight

Jimmy Johnson once said after a poor performance against an unranked team "It's hard to get the players up for some game. Sometimes you have to win...

Anyone willing to give Cliff Notes?

by 1983canes @ CanesInSight

Game was tough to get links on the West Coast. I know we did not look too hot in the first half. What was the second half adjustement?

Now You Know: PPC Landing Pages

by Alanna Redenour @ jWeb Media

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The post Now You Know: PPC Landing Pages appeared first on jWeb Media.

College Football Betting (Week 6)

by Ohio_Cane @ CanesInSight

Who ya'll got? So far I've got West Virginia +13� Duke +2� Clemson -21� Penn State -14 Duke -2 Miami (FL) -3�

Richt on BCU/Ark St and more

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Richt’s review: Miami Hurricanes coach on Turnover Chain, Bethune-Cookman win, Arkansas State | Canes Watch...

Bid snatchers

by SBAMACANE @ CanesInSight

We are not completely in right now. Looking over today's schedule there is a multitude of bid takers out there: East Carolina Oklahoma st Xavier...


by @ AL – – United Country – Country Homes

Great location! 3B/2B Brick home on 1 acre. Corner lot on Lakeview Drive, Hartford, AL. 1538 sq.ft. with nice kitchen, a lot of cabinets and large island. Open floor plan with vaulted ceiling and crown molding. Master bath has garden tub, separate shower and walk-in-closet. NEW ROOF 2016!!! Large 2 bay barn with work shop and bathroom. A man cave with a/c and storage ...

The post 3B/2B BRICK HOME ON 1 ACRE FOR SALE IN HARTFORD, ALABAMA appeared first on - United Country - Country Homes.

Are We An Inferior Program?

by Theedy50 @ CanesInSight

It�s literally sickening to see all the threads and posts every other week about why we�re so worried about another team. Are we inferior to GT? I�m...

Week 1 Lines and Picks

by MiamiChris @ CanesInSight

It seems I've heard in the past the first couple weeks of College Football gives you some easy bets, my question to you pros what are those bets in...

Walton is a stud

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

I know it was BC but he runs with a passion and has some incredible balance/power. He looks a little faster this year as well. I watched Penn State...

STORM '18 vid

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight

I'm telling y'all boys. We keep this class together , we WILL be back! SIAP

We have arrived!

by ATL-BRAD @ CanesInSight

We arrived safely this morning at 7am in the RV to the Coliseum parking lot in Tally. We're the first ones here see y'all soon! Go Canes!!

Bill Connelly's 2017 Miami Hurricanes preview

by TI_Inspire @ CanesInSight For those who are unaware, Bill...

LSU shutting down UT's Satellite Camps

by supersaiyanshel @ CanesInSight

Interesting article about how LSU is basically shutting down camps set up by Texas in Lousiana. deadspin-quote-carrot-aligned-w-bgr-2...

Best Canes Reporter?

by Paskudnyak @ CanesInSight

I'm goin with Susie Miller Degnan. She gets a lot of heat (pardon the pun) around here but she really brought it during camp. I feel like she...

Carrol city qb

by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

Why are we not going after him instead ?

Chaminade Madonna -vs- American Heritage. (9/22)

by SFbayCane @ CanesInSight

ESPNU national game of the week this Friday. Is there anyone of interest that I should watch for in this game? If so, who?

Is Xavier Williams a silent commit or trolling the U?

by Number1CanesFan @ CanesInSight

Just watched a highlight video of Chaminade vs. Miami Central on YouTube. After scoring a touchdown, Xavier Williams throws up the "U", then makes a...

Very interesting....

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

The College Football Playoff Four Teams Will Be … | College Football News...

Tom Herman is better than Coach Richt poRsters on this site

by KrazyCane @ CanesInSight

I remember it so vividly.... would Charlie Strong have gotten embarrassed by Maryland lol, let along Coach Richt?? The answer is clearly no. Tom...


by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Thermex Thermatron has been a progressive leader in the manufacturing of Heat Sealing and Industrial Microwave systems for over 75 years, serving aerospace, automotive, medical, and other industries. Their reputation is built on the engineering of quality equipment that lasts ...

Read More

The post Thermex-Thermatron appeared first on Hatfield Media.

Who else had tickets this Sat? (venting therapeutic thread)

by Sofla native @ CanesInSight

I bought ark state season tix 9 months agojust for this one game. also booked airbnb which they wont refund since policy was "strict". Live in Fort...

Richt tweet looking for grad transfer rb

by g8rh8rMD @ CanesInSight

UM�s Manny Diaz on havoc and stopping the run-pass option

by Paranos @ CanesInSight

Great article and Podcast with Manny Diaz, breaking down Miami's defense an his philosophy. Link to article and Podcast. PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED...

Post game thought (was at the game)

by M3N @ CanesInSight

Some thoughts. Defense I thought we played well, but we still left a lot on the field. The first couple possessions we stayed in base and got...

Since 2009 vs UF and FSU tells the story

by tcgrad1014 @ CanesInSight

Combined 20 wins, 43 losses vs UF: 9 wins, 26 losses (including an amazing stretch of post-season ineptitude resulting in a record of 0 wins and 8...

Terrace Marshall changes his list of top schools

by DB4 @ CanesInSight Apologies if anyone posted or mentioned this already, I looked but didn't see it. But...

5* QB Matt Corral

by Brock Berlin @ CanesInSight

recent USC decommit, now following CMR, Hartley and Baez Matt Corral, Long Beach Poly, Pro-Style Quarterback...

Bethune-Cookman TV/Online Options

by LuCane @ CanesInSight

This may be a bit premature, but trying to figure out what BCC game TV options exist for those who'll be out of Miami on opening day. Brief search...

3 Star Studs/Underated Recruits

by nvlahos @ CanesInSight

As D$ mentioned on the recent podcast - this is what makes Miami, Miami. Underrated players that just have true competitive fire, work ethic, drive,...

OT: Former �Last Chance U� star charged with homicide

by Dy-lan @ CanesInSight

Isaiah Wright and his brother Camion Patrick have been charged with Criminal Homicide in connection to a stabbing in July. Camion Patrick, Isaiah...

Post Game Thoughts to FSU

by TrueFloridian @ CanesInSight

This was the most complete game UM has played this season. The defense and offense stepped up when it mattered most. UM just crushed a 4-0 conference...

Sean Taylor 10 years later

by edge @ CanesInSight

Very touching piece on Sean. Make sure you watch the video. Man I miss that dude. Remembering Sean Taylor of Washington Redskins - Oral history...

Just watched the Nebraska-ARKY state game

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

Arkansas State is a solid team. They can really move the football. Battled to the end and only lost by 7. Obviously we're much more talented...

Sam Bruce : second chance ?

by canesjip @ CanesInSight

He tweeted a pic of him playing for miami and said "God got me....U for life" Just wondering if its possible at all for us to take him back and...

AllCanes Help

by Boots @ CanesInSight

Wanting to get a white jersey for my first ever Canes game. It doesn't give me option to overnight to my address. Will I be able to purchase one at...

Any post-game quotes/interviews from Diaz?

by ghost2 @ CanesInSight

Just curious if he's weighed in yet.

Few things I heard today

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

**At linebacker, the top two targets are still Patrick Joyner and Rosendo Louis. After Louis visited on Thursday, Miami is squarely in the picture....

We are going to have to outscore tech

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

Assuming what we know the defense will have to adjust and at FSU it all went south.So Malik has to keep improving and maybe we see more Harly and...

Official don't be a

by imurcane @ CanesInSight

prick since football season is starting . . . but if you insist on it at the least be funny with it. In fact if you have to be a prick just post...

Miami Post game Review

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight

OT: Pete what's the deal with you and the Miami heat

by Brock Berlin @ CanesInSight

I see you on there constantly chirping the home team what's the deal? Back in the day I coulda swear you were a heat fan?

How SPOOKY Is The Evil Within 2? – SEO Play Season 3, Episode 3

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Elevate Kentucky Class Held In Owensboro

by cshagedorn @ Sullivan, Mountjoy, Stainback & Miller

The Elevate Kentucky class held its first session of 2017 in Owensboro on March 2-3, 2017. Elevate Kentucky is a program of Leadership Kentucky that offers young professionals in-depth personal and professional development, while fostering a better understanding of challenges facing our Commonwealth. The session theme was “Know Your State.” Sullivan, Mountjoy, Stainback & Miller was […]

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Best NFL draft picks since 2000 (duh)

by ghost2 @ CanesInSight

Seven schools that produced best NFL draft picks since 2000 -

Scrimmage 2 Thread

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Scrimmage two today, post updates below gents EDIT: It's tomorrow

worst fsu team in 30 years?

by 58straight @ CanesInSight

i see many fsu fans and even some so called canes fans trying to discredit the win by saying it's the worst fsu team in decades. here are the espn...

Watch Parties.

by SoFlaSmitty @ CanesInSight

I just moved to Boyton Beach and I'm looking for a bar that is a Hurricanes game day bar. Boca to Boyton is kind of the area I'd like to stay ubering...

The Wide Receiver Room

by SwagUniversity @ CanesInSight

884215507477463040 You'll notice MY quarterbyke is having a blast with WR1, don't see Malik or the sheriff anywhere. #Cluesareeverywhere...

Maintaining a Backyard Pond

by United Country Real Estate @ – United Country – Country Homes

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The post Maintaining a Backyard Pond appeared first on - United Country - Country Homes.

**Greg Schiano's comment**

by 337CaneNation @ CanesInSight

This Buckeye's DLine is the best he's ever coached!!

SEO’s Can No Longer Rely On a Great Domain Name for Rankings

by mplysiak @ Website Design and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

October 2012 brought with it a new, and in my opinion a welcome, change to Google’s algorithm. Companies and SEO’s can no longer rely on a strong domain name that matches the search terms to propel their website to the top of the Google SERP. For example, in the past if someone did a search […]

How BS Was That Last Unsportsmanlike Call?

by SnookMagnet @ CanesInSight

After watching the replay several times, unless somebody ran on the field from the bench I didn't see anything that constituted excessive...

Arkansas st!

by swag0618 @ CanesInSight

We might have lost that game fellas

Me at work last night

by thereds @ CanesInSight

Couldn't resist my self Attachment 45244 (

For Those in Charge of Firing Coaches and Players

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

First of all; I feel your pain, because at times the first half offered hope that we would be lopping of some heads after the game. ...

Richt cussing up a storm tonight

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

F bomb every other word when they show him. I love it!

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2017 Canes = 2003 Canes (or 2005 UGA)

by ghost2 @ CanesInSight

With Rosier under center, does anyone else see similarities between this team and the 2003 team? Championship defense, stout running game, new QB...


by cscramon @ CanesInSight

I am trying to sign up to tryout until Aug. 21st but is asking for my credit card. I do not want to provide that info unless I am ready to subscribe....

Adrian Colbert back on the podcast tomorrow

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

What do you want to know

Tyshon Dye to transfer to ECU

by Ray52 @ CanesInSight

861058051335434241 Thought it was us or SMU. Must have been guaranteed playing time at ECU. Would have been nice for depth.

Halftime adjustments

by chrisRMNU @ CanesInSight

Pretty impressed with our staffs adjustments at the half so far this season. We have a combined 51-31 first half score this year, but in the...

My Post Game Recap

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Attachment 51257 ( Boom! First let me start off by saying hell of a game for...

Rayshawn Jenkins already impressing

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

Per Gus Bradley, when asked what stood out most about OTAs: “Rayshawn has done a nice job, the safety we drafted out of Miami. To come in and play...

GT fans are firing shots

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Not that I give a shit, but..... I feel a lot better about our game versus Miami after that. I honestly put us at a 70% chance of winning now. ...

Chad Thomas in pass coverage

by ZBHCane @ CanesInSight

As suspect as our defense has been so far this year, this has been a specific issue that has really stuck out for me. Seeing another defensive end...

That Arkansas State AD needs to STFU

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

That little weasel has lit the fire for all of the troll-like Arkansas State fans to spread. I'm in favor of never scheduling those losers again,...

special teams

by jtaz34 @ CanesInSight

i think we're laying off of st because of the bad defense but man we need someone to take over that knows what to do. kickoffs - it seems any...

The Benefits Of Content Marketing

by Alanna Redenour @ jWeb Media

You’ve heard it time and time again: “Invest in content marketing!” But what exactly is content marketing, and why is it such a big deal? Do you even need it? Simply put, content marketing is a way to help your brand find its voice and stand out from the competition. When done correctly, you will [...]

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KPSC Approves Big Rivers’ Solar Application

by cshagedorn @ Sullivan, Mountjoy, Stainback & Miller

The Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC) has approved a proposal by SMSM client Big Rivers Electric Corporation to build seven small solar power facilities across its service territory. In its application to the PSC, Big Rivers said the facilities would be used to test how well solar power can be integrated into the utility’s grid […]

The post KPSC Approves Big Rivers’ Solar Application appeared first on Sullivan, Mountjoy, Stainback & Miller.


by HarryCarayisGoat @ CanesInSight

By all practice reports and today's scrimmage seems like he may be the best weapon we have after Richards. Thought he'd be good but didn't think...

Anyone else see A. Richards' IG Live video tonight?

by d--1 @ CanesInSight

Team unity looking STRONG

those at the game i hope you talked a ton of shit

by Sofla native @ CanesInSight

to FSU fans while leaving. i wanna hear stories....


by Cognizantphotos @ CanesInSight

Charlie strong strikes again, USF playing like dog shit. I think they get housed tonight.


by IndayArtHauz @ CanesInSight


Quick Recap

by ChosenOne @ CanesInSight

.... of the greatest day we've had as Canes fan in a long, long time. First and Foremost. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The Gayturds lost to a LSU team...

Couple key words for 2017 season

by LuCane @ CanesInSight

Up to this point of fall camp, having listened to all the interviews, read all the summaries and paid attention to what the players are saying, the...

The real question is:

by Mao @ CanesInSight

If Rosier has a phenomenal season, does he stay his Senior year and start? Or will Perry's talent and year one under his belt push him over the...

Coach Richt & more... Post Practice Presser 8/22/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Online Etiquette: How to Talk About Customers on Social Media

by Liz Keimon @ jWeb Media

Customer service should not be taken lightly. Customer service can build or destroy a company. These days, social media is one of the most impactful places to affect customer impressions and satisfaction. This fact was made most clear to me a few days ago while I was considering hiring a business for my own personal [...]

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by Sebastian_29 @ CanesInSight

He will start at FSU. Mark my words. Bump this on 9/16

OT: Jon Jones

by Lokest @ CanesInSight

dude just can't not fuck up Jon Jones Tests Positive for Steroids after UFC 214, Title Stripped |

The Mighty Huskers are getting destroyed!!!

by CaneTheGaytors @ CanesInSight

So much for the Arky St. theory that they gave Nebraska a tough game so we were scared to play them. Oregon is putting a beating on NU of epic...

Best CFB coach and to think could've been ours

by cocanes @ CanesInSight

Dan big dic Mullen!!! Who was the comepinga who interviewed the guy and didn't take him?! He is the sh!t

Susan Miller Degnan, bringing the heat...

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

"The good news injury-wise was that linebacker Michael Pinckney, who is nursing a hamstring strain/pull (Mark Richt has used both words to describe...

Post Practice Presser 8/17/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

College Football ATS: Week 5

by CaneClassic @ CanesInSight

I did horrifically last week, went 2-4. Luckily, I bet heaviest on Miami and despite my having two heart attacks and a conniption, we covered. I...

Gus Felder & Paradise Camp

by CaneFan954 @ CanesInSight

I wonder if today is the first time Gus Felder has seen some of those '01 Canes since they were puttin a whoopin on him and his up in Happy Valley....

Glad Willis returns next year

by filmcane @ CanesInSight

With both of our starting DT's more than likely heading for the league, I am relieved that Willis is returning next year. That will really help us...

Question for you old timer grassyholics....

by Maddog71 @ CanesInSight

Wouldn't it be amazing to witness the birth of a Cane dynasty for the second time in your life?

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by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

Link Building Webinar – Part 3 4 The Most Advanced SEO Link Building Tactics in the World. Watch this Tutorial NOW! {videocomment}

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Favorite Players From Hated Schools

by ben @ CanesInSight

For the most part, it is impossible to root for a rival in college, and only slightly less difficult to root for one of their players once they get...

Could use some help

by Gibyaj @ CanesInSight

Below are two kids I coach, just wondering if you guys think these kids have the potential to be low d1, or d2 kids. Could use some input on what...

HUNKS the Show is Coming in Hot to San Diego at Pala Casino

by web_app @ HUNKS The Show

The post HUNKS the Show is Coming in Hot to San Diego at Pala Casino appeared first on HUNKS The Show.

Alabama Country Homes For Sale

Alabama Country Homes For Sale

- United Country - Country Homes

Find country homes, luxury properties, homes with acreage and rural properties located in Alabama.


by Salt @ CanesInSight

Definitely coming across has it's his job to lose. Sounding like an alpha. Sorry if this was posted here elsewhere. Did not see it. Incoming...

Kosi with the moves

by Savannahcane @ CanesInSight

Bluegrass Indoor Karting

by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Bluegrass Indoor Karting is the best indoor racing facility in Louisville Kentucky.  Equipped with top-performing cars with top speeds exceeding 40mph, this is not the go carts you grew up with.  Helmet and neck-guard required!  As the agency of record ...

Read More

The post Bluegrass Indoor Karting appeared first on Hatfield Media.

Richt play calling

by Trescerocinco @ CanesInSight

I have noticed on this board that one of the main things that people constantly want to see is improvement from richt in terms of play calling. I am...

Brendan Radley-Hiles

by Section 133 @ CanesInSight

Didn't this guy have interest in us before? Dude is a straight baller and has respect from the top talented players on our team from what it seems on...

Practice 4

by Gables Canes @ CanesInSight

Starting a thread for people to post updates. Has Susan pissed anyone off again yet?

Move DJ Dallas to Corner

by Hurricanes_5 @ CanesInSight

Please Jesus move him to corner he does no good standing on the sideline and we need his help on defense

Go Gata! Stand up guys, at it again!

by Port Knox @ CanesInSight

Congrats Austin

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Just wanted to say congrats to u Austin. Great player, person, and poster. 860294987828908032

Dumb Question about recruiting numbers

by citizenkane @ CanesInSight

With the new rule changes I"m a little confused. So a program can have max 85 football scholarship players and 25 per recruiting class. However,...

Film room A Film room B

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

Room a study Gt formations.Film room B get your secondary and linebackers to see all the missed tackles and missed assignments from last game.Should...

Can we expect anything form Tyreic Martin this season.

by Odin @ CanesInSight

Now that both Jenkins and Willis are out,Martin is in line for some burn.He's been listed at 280 the last 2 years so I got to believe he's put on at...

Gilbert Frierson possible Deccomitt?

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

I'm hearing Rumours he might Decommit from us and flip to Georgia is this true? I guess now is the best time to happen so we can work on finding his...

How many of you?

by Kempo Cane @ CanesInSight

Who is thinking with me that Nkosi should be starting he did not come here to sit behind Rosier for 2 yrs so lets get the learning curve over with...

The University of Miami Hurricanes

by Clwtrdan @ CanesInSight

The University of Miami Hurricanes FSU....There's a storm a comin'.

The Battle of the Freshman

by TrueFloridian @ CanesInSight

That would be if Perry starts against FSU is so incredibly sexy. I know most of us wish he won the job. Hey, obviously he isn't quite ready yet. That...

3rd down offense

by brock @ CanesInSight

That's the key to taking our offense to another level. Last year and in previous years we put ourselves in bad 3 3rd and long situations....

I'm a little nervous about this season...

by MovingZen @ CanesInSight

I was pretty nervous about the QB spot but now MR has named a starter in Rosier. 407cane Somebody tell me we roll this season!

Pat Surtain, Jr and Tyson Campbell speak on Canes

by the23Watcher @ CanesInSight

Two of nation's best cornerbacks say they're considering UM | Miami Herald...

Anyone familiar with 2020 Issac Joseph of Dr. Krop?

by randolph herndon @ CanesInSight

Pretty big kid at 6-3/270 and started as a freshman. Most kids are baby fat at that age. Kid will be 300 or more as a senior probably a guard unless...

Richt says walton may be the best fb player hes ever coached

by brock @ CanesInSight

He loves walton, says a lot considering the likes he has coached especially at running back. I mean from Moreno, to Crowell to gurley to Marshall to...


by BigDikCane @ CanesInSight

He's doing this with 2 star wrs mane, and they're from FL...


by butchs'revenge @ CanesInSight

Hey so im doing a little redocorating for a pool table room and i wanted to hang some hurricane pictures up, not signed or nothing just large prints...

What Are the Best Tactics for Dealing with Haters?

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

What Are the Best Tactics for Dealing with Haters? 4.5 Everyone has haters, but dealing with them can be tricky. Come and see how we handle our haters! Our answer to the Quora question: {videocomment}

The post What Are the Best Tactics for Dealing with Haters? appeared first on Houston SEO Expert.

Canes tears

by MIA42178 @ CanesInSight

We have the #2 ( class for 2018 Stop being s over a project WR and a...

Dj Johnson 1 on 1

by brock @ CanesInSight

896129130831335424 Impressive size for the true freshman. Looks like a fast edge player

semenholes and gayturds

by getcaned @ CanesInSight

Sorry the info previously posted in a different thread. i missed it. And by the way Arky inbred st AD and Rick the prick nueheisel can eat...

Links were piss, glad the canes are rolling...

by 1983canes @ CanesInSight

To party through the night and he's hard up on the west coast, and then have difficulty seeing the game sucks. But you know what it looks like a...

Mark Richt�s Run Game Playbook in 2017

by Paranos @ CanesInSight

This was an excellent read. Link to full article & play diagram video clips Possible Additions to Mark Richt?s Run Game Playbook in 2017 - State...

Tell the team to beat FSU for me

by johnnytsunami01 @ CanesInSight

Well guys, its been real. I don't expect to have power till 2018 so I won't be able to watch live the game vs FSU. Maria is about to destroy Puerto...

What date does fall camp start?

by motorcitycane @ CanesInSight

Does anyone know?


by Ookie_Thegreat @ CanesInSight

Real talk I think that crap about him being a mid grade NFL pick was just a bunch of hype to get him to UM. I'm not buying he doesn't belong at...

Coach Diaz, Shaq & more... Post Practice Presser 8/2/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

IRMA impact on recruiting

by Canez1 @ CanesInSight

The '18 class and future classes are being built on staying home and playing at the U. If this storm does bring the same devastation to Miami and...

Jon Ford podcast video

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

CanesWear discount code at the end of the clip: 872476033580191745

My Personal Recruiter Rankings (Miami Coaching Staff)

by canesjip @ CanesInSight

1.Richt (Closer) (Perry, Young, Lorenzo& Cuzo A. Williams) 2. Dugans (Richards,Thomas,Harley,Pope,) 2.5 Kool ( Jo Jackson, DJ,Ford, Hunter) 3....

according to Score Stream...

by tcgrad1014 @ CanesInSight

We got a game tonight. Who's ready?

Don’t Let Your Best SEO Ideas Die in Your Client’s Inbox

by Tylor Hermanson @ Sandbox SEO

Disclaimer 1: This post is written from the agency SEO perspective, but if you replace “client” with “boss” or “CEO”, it should be pretty applicable. Disclaimer 2: This is true for all of my posts, but please know these opinions are entirely my own. You know the feeling… Great idea. Great rationale. Great mojo. But [...]

The post Don’t Let Your Best SEO Ideas Die in Your Client’s Inbox appeared first on Sandbox SEO.

Coach Diaz, Brown & more... Post Practice Presser 9/19/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Rewatching the Game Did D Jack or Pat Bethel Play?

by jandman514 @ CanesInSight

D Jackson is usually first off the bench

Props to the recent graduates

by Clwtrdan @ CanesInSight

Former players who came back and got heir degrees this year: Javarris James- General Studies Kenny Phillips- Sports Administration Randy Phillips-...


by STORM_FRONT 1964 @ CanesInSight

I apologize for reading info on another board and posting an opinion here based on what I read. Was wondering how odd it was how very few new threads...

player development

by Ceeski75 @ CanesInSight

If there is anything I can notice from this staff that I have not seen since butch. It's player development. Just look at Homer and Rosier for...

This is 98 UCLA, 2000 FSU...

by caneaddict @ CanesInSight

and get #20 ( the phuck off my field

New Stadium

by Sofla native @ CanesInSight

do you think well pursue one after the Hard Rock 25 year lease expires? We are almost half way through already. I don't mind hard rock. I just think...

DMoney, question about OTH....

by MedleyCane @ CanesInSight

Is this Marerro puto a contributor to this?

Post Practice Interviews......

by troyskiles @ CanesInSight

WTF....Do they try and find the noisiest fvcking place on earth for the guys to be interviewed? It is every fvcking time, WTF, get it together and...

F**k fsu we gotta beat them

by Golsen82 @ CanesInSight

At the bar and dj starts playing the semenhole chant, I was only one to walk in the middle of dance floor throwing up the U! Fu*k fsu

2020 QB Drew Pyne receives offer

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

877918481034891264 video/3/7600673/57fe6540688ec4d73cc62361 Drew Pyne, New Canaan, Pro-Style Quarterback...

Parody: Kool Arrested at Bonnaroo Doing "God's Work"?!

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

Pastor Rick sent Deacon Kool on a mission under an alias to teach the druggies at Bonnaroo a lesson. This staff is tireless! All charges should be...

How To Get Traffic To Your Website – 3 Internet Marketing Tactics – Online Marketing Tactics &

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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A simple SEO hack you cannot afford to miss

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OT: He will always be the man!

by Cane Dynasty @ CanesInSight

The Pimp slappin, Stylin, profilin, limousine ridin, jet flying,kiss-stealing, wheelin & dealin' son of a GUN! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Hope...

GT game time (six day hold)

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

We'll find out today, but there are 2 ACC games on a six day hold. Us, and FSU-Duke. FSU and and Duke both lost yesterday. Obviously, we will get...

Live Post Game Interviews with Players and Coaches

by Just-W2 @ CanesInSight


ITU article on Rosier

by bhall960 @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes QB Malik Rosier Delivers Message at Halftime, Makes Statement in Second Half...

Freshmen War Daddies

by SwagUniversity @ CanesInSight

Attachment 45793 ( Dykstra gained a ton weight and muscle since coming in early....

OT Jacksonvilee

by SPAMM @ CanesInSight

had read last week that some team members, including Shaq, had "escaped" to Jacksonville. They have now experienced record flooding. Wonder if we...

Defensive strategy on our last TD

by PensacolaCane @ CanesInSight

We were already in almost sure range for a game tying FG. There was only enough time for one play before otherwise having to kick the FG. Why...

Best fsu meme's y'all got?

by bling121 @ CanesInSight

Here's one I made a couple months ago! Share a little ammo for sh*t talking to noles

Miami -FSU is the Best rivalry... Don't tell me..

by JerseyCanes @ CanesInSight

About any other rivalry.. Miami -FSU is the best thing going.. F'Mich-OSU JC

SEO Wapiti WY

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SEO Wapiti WY

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Defending the screen and Deejay trick play?

by bling121 @ CanesInSight

I swear I�ll lose my sh*t if they somehow haven�t been over practicing defending the screen. Feel that�s gonna be the biggest thing to stop! Also,...


by CFLCane @ CanesInSight

Don't we have a gameday discussion board for reason? Why are you letting all these beta's menstruate all over the board?

I'm glad the streak is over

by powelkm @ CanesInSight

happy for the football team, coach Richt, um fans, and even the shittiest attitude posters on canes insight.

Future summary of the Nole game

by filmcane @ CanesInSight

This is guessing the score, but also, speaking in broad strokes, how we got there. Love to see someone else's version. Here goes: My...

Kiffin is a cancer in south Florida

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Florida Atlantic Owls to host Tennessee Volunteers, Michigan Wolverines coaches at football camp...

SW Louisiana

by ealleyn @ CanesInSight

Does anyone here live in Sw Louisiana? Looking for some other canes fans around here, I'm in Lafayette

Why Hunks the Show is Better than a Male Stripper

by web_app @ HUNKS The Show

Girls’ night, birthdays, bachelorettes, divorce, and just because parties aren’t parties until there are burly hunks involved, but planning yet another trip to the strip club or even hiring a male stripper for your party is so 2005. What your girls’ night or celebration needs is HUNKS the Show, a touring male revue that’s bringing […]

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by mikemike @ CanesInSight

Dude is a baller. Needs to be on the field as much as possible. & Malik should be starting week 2

Trent Harris...

by brock @ CanesInSight

Shout out to him.... he has the best get off of a canes dlineman that I�ve seen in the last 10 years easily

can someone tell me

by matty1 @ CanesInSight

so can someone post the last time Miami ran any kind of motion plays. I'm thinking 2-3 years. Watching Alabama and FSU in motion 50% of the time...

ATTENTION PETE. RE: Practice Schedule?

by NJshoreCane @ CanesInSight

Edit: Too many unknowns. School is closed. Coral Gables is being evacuated. Stay safe.


by umiamifan1 @ CanesInSight

Consistent, reliable, and he actually even looks a bit faster. Him and Walton were our rocks today and it appears that Rosier...

FSU vs.Miami replay

by Pete @ CanesInSight

The Noles tv program was on Ft.Myers channel this afternoon.Interesting to hear the FSU coach saw the game vs.So.Fla. First of all had Jimbo...

ESPN: Miami's 2001 legacy Living on in a new team

by MiamiVice7 @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes carrying legacy of 2001 team ( ...

SEO Wilson WY

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SEO Wilson WY

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Top 25 most valuable CFB teams

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

Attachment 50298 (

Miami Win Streak Still #1

by Stony157 @ CanesInSight

In the LSU-Troy game, there was a statistic that going into tonight's game, LSU had an active 49 game home winning streak against non-conference...

Thomas Burns transferring out-of-state

by DB4 @ CanesInSight

He's going to live with Artie up in the Pittsburgh area and he's going to play at Pine-Richland up there. Here's the article on it: Artie Burns'...

FS: Two Duke tickets

by TLSingleton @ CanesInSight

Hey guys, this is my first post here. I'm not sure if there are rules for these types of replies/posts, but I'm unfortunately not going to be able to...

Heat Your Country Home without the High Bill

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by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

Thought this would be a cool idea. Post pics of whatever you're indulging in during the game. For me, two personal pies from the local brick oven...

Most Against-All-Odds Play In UM History?

by AUcane @ CanesInSight

Last play of the game and rosier - on the road - has a 2 option play. Richt said he had the option to go either side. On one side - a guy�s first...

Don Cheney Jr. vs. American Heritage Del Rey

by alexleon005 @ CanesInSight

Was able to catch a little bit of the game and he looked like a man amongst boys. Anyone know what his final stat line was?


by rokulika @ CanesInSight


adjustments/opening it up, where and when????

by frostycane @ CanesInSight

Looking back at both games so far, it feels like we played them more like scrimmages. Mixing a lot of guys, giving many guys the chance to show out....

David njoku training camp

by brock @ CanesInSight

Sounds like he's struggling a little bit early on with holding on to the ball according to the twitter reports . The ball was stripped 2 times...

SEO Worland WY

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SEO Worland WY

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Where are the Berrios stinks as a PR guys?

by Juancane @ CanesInSight

Guy is steady catching the tough kicks and takes opportunities when there are there. Not to mention Dallas and Thomas haven't exactly been lighting...

DJ Ivey

by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

D.J. Ivey, South Dade, Cornerback ( Thought he deserved his own thread . Why is he a 3 star, imo he's the...

Insane Ecommerce SEO Link Building Techniques

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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NFLU Training Camp thread

by brock @ CanesInSight

just updates on some of our pro canes through training camp In Atlanta Jermaine grace was getting first team reps at will linebacker with the...

Team deserves a full house for GT game

by Ole Blue @ CanesInSight

Y'all know what to do. The Rock gonna be rockin on saturday 3,600 tickets left starting at $5...

Players Post Practice Presser 9/17/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Firing college football coach's

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

Maybe I'm just an insensitive a-hole, but I can't take seeing another article about the life of a college coach on the hot seats family. Most of...

DeeJay Dallas role?

by jnf2257 @ CanesInSight

Pete DMoney or anyone else in the know: What's the staff's plan for DeeJay Dallas? After rave reviews coming out of spring and fall camp it's pretty...


by "U"crazy @ CanesInSight

90% Pvssies & D1ckheads over there. Starting with Lake & Stock

The 1st annual Al Golden corch of the year award

by Zbrod95 @ CanesInSight

Ok guys very simple. Throughout the year gather candidates of corch of the year. Put up quotes, horrendous plays calls, and horrendous game...

Pete? Anyone in the know?

by Agecane @ CanesInSight

Is Homer really only 195lbs? He looks huge and defenders bounce off his legs constantly.

Local talent question for Liberty City El, gogeta, et al

by North Florida Cane @ CanesInSight

With the number of powerhouse public and private school football programs in Dade + Broward + Palm Beach and the FHSAA's increasing relaxed...

Shelters if you get stuck on the road.......

by Tweed @ CanesInSight

Hey guys, my wife works for the State Health Dept. here in Central Florida & is running a shelter for those families with "special needs". They will...

Norton playing guitar

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Best stuff of Week 6 (

Last Chance Kiffin At it Again

by the storm @ CanesInSight

Now he's picked up WR Duarte who was just dismissed from WVU....Maybe he can rename the team Last Chance Owls....LOL

Leave early for this? Really?

by CaneFan79 @ CanesInSight

NOTEBOOK: Where Kaaya stands after preseason finale...

Vernon Carey Jr interview with 247Sports (Interesting)

by CaneFan954 @ CanesInSight

The interview covers his AAU season, his international competition season with Team USA, & all the elite schools recruiting him (including Miami)....

ESPN's Computer Prediction for Sat...

by ironarrow97 @ CanesInSight

Hahaha. ESPN. You never learn. Didn't your dumb computer also say DOOK was gonna beat The U?!?! ESPN?s Early Prediction For Miami-Florida State...

Season tickets just arrived

by Dfrec1981 @ CanesInSight

My body is ready:U5PyXda: Image:

OT: FIU Game

by razrcane @ CanesInSight

At the game. FIU not looking too good against Alcorn St. FIU just missed their opening field goal.

Has Dee Delaney destroyed his NFL dreams by coming to Miami?

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

According to draft scouts Delaney was a 5th round pickin last year draft. He decided to come to Miami to help his draft stock. If seems pretty clear...

We are going to blow them out

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Old fashioned curb stomping. They fucking suck.

What Is A Search Engine Optimization?

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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At peace with the past

At peace with the past

The Daily Iberian

LAFAYETTE — Simeon Thomas is at peace about his past.

Time of possession

by Miami04 @ CanesInSight

I was just curious so I looked it up. With Richt as our coach against D1 teams we have won the ToP battle 5 out of 15 games. It's not a super...

OT Daniel Faalele

by Tayt21 @ CanesInSight

Looks like we are outside of his main 5 schools. Just got a CB to UGA. I hope we pick it up with him over the summer and can get him down to Paradise...

Good Bugs vs. Bad Bugs – Keeping Your Garden Healthy

by United Country Real Estate @ – United Country – Country Homes

Although we may not always enjoy having them around, especially in our homes, insects and spiders are an essential part of the ecosystem in our yards and gardens. However, some are more beneficial guests than others. By encouraging these “good” bugs to stick around we can help keep the “bad” bugs in check, leading to a healthier garden and a more enjoyable yard. So, ...

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FSU Game Roll Call

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

Who is still going and where are you sitting? We're in Section 16 but will also be tailgating out of an RV starting Thursday evening through...

who posted those streaming sites last week?

by paksat @ CanesInSight

one of those was VERY good

Herald Article (Diaz)

by uprising @ CanesInSight

UM's Diaz eager to see defense that could be one of nation's best | Miami Herald...

Coach Brown & more... Post Practice Presser 8/9/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

who's got streams of what?

by paksat @ CanesInSight

Post in this thread edit: whose

Amazon knows what the fans want

by SevnandSevn @ CanesInSight

Attachment 45216 ( Saw this for their Fire Stick/TV. Wonder what made then use Kyle...

Noles in trouble soon?

by TruCane @ CanesInSight

This book will be damn interesting. Dropping right when the season starts. I have popcorn ready. ...

In leiu of Dan E. Dangerously we are expecting....

by Cane Dynasty @ CanesInSight

Dwinstitles (w/either bird or dog) and reg (prose) & AllAboutTheU83 (the drunk guy with the epic ginger beard) to provide the pre-game...

Richt is a genius grooms-man

by cully @ CanesInSight

I believe that Richt is grooming kosi as the starter by using some of the slightest manipulations. Main point: I don't know the last time we...

Ole Bobby Bowden and special teams

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

Didn't have the greatest kickers but he found ways to block punts etc.My guess is Jumbo tries to take a page out of Bobbys book to compensate for...

Hopefully UM administration has learned

by Ookie_Thegreat @ CanesInSight

Scheduling these home-away games with these low level programs like Arkansas st aren't worth it. UM should never be flying to Jonesboro Arkansas to...

Coach Richt & more... Post Game Presser 9/29/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

I just read that Jumbo Swisher, since taking over at FSU....

by troyskiles @ CanesInSight

in 2010, is 17-1 againt teams from Florida. 13-1 against us and that gainsville school. Shit, that is better than Satan, minus the natties. It is...

Polar Force 18-1 slated to kick off Oct. 16

Polar Force 18-1 slated to kick off Oct. 16

by By Airman 1st Class CAITLIN RUSSELL JBER Public Affairs @ - RSS Results

Personnel of the 673d Air Base Wing and 3rd Wing are scheduled to participate in a two-week Polar Force exercise designed to test JBER’s readiness from Oct. 16 to 27.

2nd string OL

by Gables Canes @ CanesInSight

With all the non-stop QB talk going on, my biggest concern has been and remains with our OL depth. I feel comfortable with our starting tackles...

AP #16, Coaches #17

by eqzeb @ CanesInSight

FSU dropped to #10 ( /9, UF to #22...

Week 1 Predictions

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Thursday: Ohio State 42 Indiana 21 OK St 49 Tulsa 20 Friday: Washington 65 Rutgers 14

**The U smokes Blue Devils**

by 337CaneNation @ CanesInSight

I must say, last night our Canes DEFENSE showed up!! PPL will say what they want and everybody is entitled to their own opinion BUT I saw a team...

Q & A with Kai-Leon Herbert

by mhkemh @ CanesInSight

Question & Answer with Miami offensive tackle Kai-Leon Herbert...

Game day

by miami4348 @ CanesInSight

Well to say the excitement is building is an understatement lets go! We're gonna down Bethune 77-0! Take no phukking prisoners!

No Canes in Kiper's Top 160 Draft Eligible Players

by Ajax @ CanesInSight

I released last week the way-too-early 2018 Big Board of my top 25 prospects, but that short list was pulled from a huge number of prospects...

Bianchi takes off on UFlop

by the storm @ CanesInSight

LOL LOL.....Calls UFlop suspended players a 'band of thieves'. Apparently McEltooth has a real cluster on his hands.

Kosi meets with media for first time

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

N'Kosi Perry meets the media | Miami Herald ( Edit: I've...

OT: CNN's new report on what JoePa knew and when he knew it

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

Joe Paterno may have known of earlier Jerry Sandusky abuse claim, police report reveals - CNN...

wtf is this....

by CFLCane @ CanesInSight

Ohio State Buckeyes to wear LeBron James cleats against Oklahoma Sooners...

SEO Wyarno WY

by @

SEO Wyarno WY

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Official 8-4 Club Thread

by db305 @ CanesInSight

---Quote (Originally by DanSileo #93)--- look at these little ego turds on here....why dont u guys go start ur own thread and PUMP EACH other...i...

Page Rank in Layman’s Terms

by mplysiak @ Website Design and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Page rank is a very important aspect of SEO. Search engines rank pages based on their relevance, uniqueness, and importance. A number of factors go into determining this including: The content contained within each page and across the website The structure of the content and code The use of internal links The number and relevance […]

Game times announced for Bethune, Ark St, Duke, GT

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Image: Image:

Motion to limit Broke's posting

by SwagUniversity @ CanesInSight

Seems like every thread I read, he's timidly b**tching about something like cuckbo fisher after he got sent the footage of the train on his wife. Can...

Miami @ FSU Gametime Set at 330PM

by jandman514 @ CanesInSight

Televised on Espn/ABC will we get those clowns this year.. It's a cycle our streak starts next Saturday...


by apfenny3 @ CanesInSight

Decided to commit to Drake University, sorry to paranos and the other bryant contingent on the board. First TD I'll be throwing up The U

Refuse to lose Canes

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

Being at home will help to offset some 5 starters who are not going to play on SaturdayNo doubt a loud crowd will help but Vegas has already taken...

Invest 90L forms in the W Caribbean....

by BiltmoreCANE @ CanesInSight

All global models and ensembles bring this to the N Gulf coast by the weekend with varying degrees of strength. Hurricane hunters scheduled to fly...

Mark richt on his qbs

by brock @ CanesInSight

Seems pretty confident in each of them Mark Richt weighs in on Miami Hurricanes QB race, one week before first scrimmage | Canes Watch...

High School Spring Games & Jamborees for 2018 Targets

by No_Fly_Zone @ CanesInSight

Somebody asked in an earlier thread and since I was bored I thought I would oblige in a new post. Doing this by game in chronological order (fairly...

Cowboys vs Colts

by GAhurricane @ CanesInSight

I know about Stephen Morris, are there any other Miami guys that will play in this game?

Nesta Silvera commitment status

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

I know there have been a bunch of questions on this topic so just wanted to share what I know. I've heard from a couple of extremely reliable sources...

All time greatest canes plays

by TheZacMamba @ CanesInSight

Not sure if this has already been done. Sorry if it has. But what are your top 3 favorite canes plays? For me, in descending order: 3- Devin...

Lingard and Campbell Game

by Canefan70 @ CanesInSight

I wanted to post a few bits of information on Lingard and Campbell from last nights game. DP came from behind to win 24-21. I must say that the...

Jeff Thomas some Under the Radar stuff

by STORM_FRONT 1964 @ CanesInSight

from "Under the Radar" site... seen most of these highlights, but still impressive...nice music 2...

Jalen Carey Final 6

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Miami, Kansas, Villanova, Syracuse, UConn, Rutgers I think most people think he's SU bound Jalen Carey, Immaculate Conception, Point Guard...

Tornado activity detected near Hard Rock during storm

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Dolphins assess what, if any, damage Irma caused to stadium | Miami Herald...

Sam Bruce

by Boots @ CanesInSight

Realize it's not the most favorable topic, but still a little sad seeing as he non stop is always retweeting canes things or saying how much he...

What game scares you the rest of the way?

by Katzenboyer @ CanesInSight

I think everyone is gonna say Va Tech. That makes sense because of the ACC ramifications. But I thought ND was dead in the water after their year...

Gus Bradley-Chargers Film Breakdown RJ26

by Tayt21 @ CanesInSight

My apologies if this was already posted, but here he is breaking down what the organization liked in Rayshawn Jenkins on film and what they like...

1985 All-Dade Defense (Randal Hill and Willie Peguese)

by Barboni @ CanesInSight

Pic is from a Facebook page called: "Ghosts of the Orange Bowl." Attachment 45353...

UM offers 19' Dillard DE Braylen Ingraham

by Zbrod95 @ CanesInSight

Per Twitter/247 Braylen Ingraham, Dillard, Strong-Side Defensive End ( ...

Officially a Miami Hurricanes season ticket holder

by Kendall Boy Cane @ CanesInSight

After graduating this past May, decided to pull the trigger with a few of my buddies from high school. Love that the investment is coming at a time...

Rosier leads ACC and is 12th nationally in QBR

by duke4heisman @ CanesInSight

166.8 per Palm Beach Post, good stuff.

Coley got the biggest W of all

by orange&green84 @ CanesInSight


I don't want to be that guy, but......

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Another fucking storm? Attachment 50082 (

Njoku just caught his first NFL touchdown

by FreeVilma @ CanesInSight

909480890455265280 Hopefully the first of many


by the storm @ CanesInSight

from Noon to 4 at Hard at 1 pm for those who are interested. :stormwarningflag-sm

Canes Fans in Texas?

by Sofla native @ CanesInSight

I live in Fort Worth. Curious who else on here lives in Texas. You better believe I am all over that LSU Miami game at Cowboys Stadium next...

Locals will play in AJGA tourney

Locals will play in AJGA tourney

Four local golfers will be in the field for the Dalhousie Junior Championship, an American Junior Golf Association tournament set for Aug. 12 through 14 at Dalhousie Golf Club. Tanner Werner of Jackson, Jordan Sheets of Central and Joe Wiggans of Notre Dame will compete in the boys field, while Emily Matthews, a Notre Dame graduate who is headed to Missouri State to play college golf, will be in the girls field...

Fall Ball?

by native @ CanesInSight

Anyone know when it starts?

11 wins? 10? 9? Coastal Champs? Call it.

by SmokeyRone @ CanesInSight

We gonna win, or what? Schedule is fortuitous. Very fortuitous. "Freshman QB" is hardly an excuse since we didnt win with a 3rd year starter,...

great story on Edgerrin James....

by k9cane @ CanesInSight

one of the all-time great Hurricanes and a guy who should be in Canton, one day... ...

IMG v Carol City Preseason

by DerekDohrman @ CanesInSight

game is tonight Preseason or not, Carol City at IMG an interesting Super 25 matchup | USA Today High School Sports...

Malik Rosier tweets "Thanks Kirk Herbstreit

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

for not picking us".Now that is pretty funny.Ya think these guys don't watch stuff.No matter what Kirk has always made sure the Canes have been...

#1 WR in the Country

by Tsmoove94 @ CanesInSight #WatchtheBands (

Ahmon Richards hurt?

by DunedinCANE @ CanesInSight

Miami wideout Ahmmon Richards sits out Hurricanes’ scrimmage with pulled hamstring – CollegeFootballTalk...

Who is the dick who wanted dan Mullen?

by tdub85 @ CanesInSight

Guys is a fucking corch. 2-15 record against ranked opponents but some of you wanted this bum. Smh guy chokes on cock hard when he has to play real...

Ereck flowers

by brock @ CanesInSight

He's getting abused out there man.... career has unfortunately been a bust so far . Didn't expect this one

OT - Boy Beaten by Family

by djrion @ CanesInSight

Very sad story. I'm sure most on this site will shed tears after reading.Image:...

After watching a day full of CFB

by Ookie_Thegreat @ CanesInSight

im totally convinced bama & fsu are on Roids. Our boys still look nowhere near those teams 😳😳

Toledo Scares me...

by UofToledofans @ CanesInSight

click bait I know... Wassup Miami forum! My name is a Dan and I'm a G5 fan, but a Toledo fan first and foremost. I have a bi weekly podcast about the...

Important Benefits of a Girls Night Out

by web_app @ HUNKS The Show

Girls’ night out has long been heralded as the best night of the week, and there’s even research out there that proves girls’ night is even good for your health! There are a number of reasons why this time with your ladies is so important, including that it brings you and your gal pals closer […]

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John Campbell and Gurvan Hall on campus

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Miami offensive tackle target John Campbell and Gurvan Hall are on campus. Campbell is here with his sister and brother in law. It's their...

Aaron Hernandez Verified with CTE

by The Svengali @ CanesInSight

Very Interesting. Hes found to have SEVERE CTE, per reports

Goodbye Monkey

by reg @ CanesInSight

So much for Richt not being able to win a big game, right? He just went into Doak with his two superstars (Walton/Richards) playing at 50% capacity...

ACC Football 2017 All-Conference Projections

by SouthernM @ CanesInSight First teamers: WR- Ahmmon Richards TE- Christopher Herndon RB-...

OT: Food and Other Upgrades to Hard Rock

by DualThreat @ CanesInSight

Hard Rock Stadium debuts 6 new food options – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale...

Get More Patients To Read Your Facebook Posts

by MedPB @ MedPB

Daily Facebook posts help patients think of your practice as medical experts. Use 4-6 posts a week to stay in front of patients so they think of you when they are ready to schedule an appointment. Read More >

The post Get More Patients To Read Your Facebook Posts appeared first on MedPB.

The 2001 Canes, Greatest CFB Team Ever ...

by SnookMagnet @ CanesInSight

... barely survived at a mediocre Boston College. A win is a win.

Canes smell blood in the water.

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

In case you weren't paying attention, our team is on an 8 game win streak starting back from last season. We won our first bowl game in years. We're...

Coach Richt Post Practice Presser 8/19/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Favorite Game Ever Attended?

by Boots @ CanesInSight

Going to my first game this year in Jonesboro, but was more interested to know what everyone's favorite game they ever attended live was? Whether it...

UNC scandal

by M3N @ CanesInSight

Once again NCAA shows its ineptitude. Benihana dinners from a booster gets us 2 year bowl ban... Meanwhile UNC skates from fake academia. ...

Full Game Replay

by Astcloud11 @ CanesInSight

Posted by Matheus Milanez on youtube who has all of last season's games as well.

Zach Mccloud picked by CBS to be 1 of 15 breakout players

by I'm james Jackson brother @ CanesInSight

Attachment 48678 ( Miami sophomore linebackerZach McCloudcould be in store of a big...

A Shaq Interview

by UknowWhat @ CanesInSight Almost missed this one... Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk

Best Cities to Get an SEO Job

by Tylor Hermanson @ Sandbox SEO

This research has been updated. View the most recent results here. Does where you live affect your odds of getting a job in SEO? Do large metropolises only seemingly have more SEO career opportunity until you adjust for population size? Supply and demand – that’s ultimately what I’m after with this exploration. And while there [...]

The post Best Cities to Get an SEO Job appeared first on Sandbox SEO.

Canes #6 seed in Lunardi's 1st Bracketology

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Because it's never too early NCAAM Bracketology - ESPN (®ion=2&year=2017)


by scrantoncane @ CanesInSight

Yes, another RPO threat and another FSU thread. This post is a little long and technical, but I wanted to start this one to expand on some stuff I...

UM�s loaded 2018 class says it will help catapult Canes...

by umiamifan1 @ CanesInSight

Courtesy of Barry Jackson and the Miami Herald UM�s loaded 2018 class says it will help catapult Canes past FSU for years UM chatter as we...

Imagine if they stayed

by joe239 @ CanesInSight

Imagine if all those quitters didn't bail on their brothers, what would our roster look like. Yearby, Gus Edwards, Jenkins, Linder, Odogwu, Allison,...

Exercise Polar Force 17-4

Exercise Polar Force 17-4

by Airman 1st Class Valerie Monroy @ - RSS Results

Airmen participate in Exercise Polar Force 17-4 at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson April 6. During the routine training exercise, Airmen donned Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear and engaged in various scenarios which tested their ability to handle real-world situations. Polar Force…

Daniel Carter, STA 2019 RB

by Ibis Wingz @ CanesInSight

STA people are raving about him. Is UM all in on him? Daniel Carter, St. Thomas Aquinas, Running Back...

FSU seating

by HurricaneHauk @ CanesInSight

For those who have been to Doak about what row is good for best view. Was thinking about row 20

2016 Boston Marathon results - The Boston Globe

2016 Boston Marathon results - The Boston Globe

2016 Boston Marathon results from The Boston Globe

What Is SEO Wiki?

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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by Seantaylor21 @ CanesInSight

You guys are so dramatic yes wasn’t great football first half especially play calling on both sides but watch us adjust at half coaching staff proved...

Oumar Bolla the next Shaq

by edcanes @ CanesInSight Offer this kid a scolie

Sheldrick Redwine Might Be Trippin

by Paskudnyak @ CanesInSight

Honestly, what the fuck is mango and vinegar with salt and pepper? How many of you jokers drink this stuff? The 2:46 mark ...

Nole Tears

by TruCane @ CanesInSight

Feel free to copy and post laughable tidbits, irrational musings, pipe dream predictions, and overall illiterate banter from our rape apologist...

So uhhhh....Miami vs. FSU predictions, then?

by TheU1988 @ CanesInSight

2 weeks "off" and an abysmal performance against mighty Bethune Cookman leads me to believe the losing streak stays alive. Not a blowout and probably...

Heard a rumor we lost an OL- Linder transferring

by CanesFan23 @ CanesInSight

is it true? If so, who is it?

DREAMer Aid @ The U

by CaneFan79 @ CanesInSight I know politics...


by the storm @ CanesInSight

JUST DO IT!!! To the D...take that pencil of a QB & stuff him down the sprinkler pipes.... ...

Pensacola Canes

by umhurricane2511 @ CanesInSight

Where's the best place to catch a game? Most sports bars I've been to are mostly Nole hangouts.

Kelvin Harmon, NC St.

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

Sleeper WR that Dugans targeted when he got here. Signed with NC St. and looks extremely impressive against Louisville (#3). Dugans can spot...

OT: Texas vs Iowa State

by Cognizantphotos @ CanesInSight

Texas is so terrible, anyteam worth a damn will destroy them all day.

Trent Harris potential

by brock @ CanesInSight

He's not often mentioned when listing our front 7 but the kid can play. He was 3rd on the team in sacks last year and had 9.5 tackles for loss while...

Rewatching game this season

by Pariscane @ CanesInSight

Apologies if I am posting something that was already talked about As most of you I have orange and green in my veins but my problem is I live abroad...

2021 Miami Central OL/DL:Laurence "Big Baby" Seymour offered

by Geo305 @ CanesInSight Have brought him up before...

Like trying to hold onto a greased pig...

by CAT5Coming @ CanesInSight

GT has fumbled the ball a remarkable 12 times (8 lost) in 4 games, ranking #125...

So who's got the details on the recruit BBQ

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

I rarely start threads, but I also love a good BBQ thread. Apparently, it was on a rooftop spot at the Athletic Center. I'm loving our new...

Damn, Jerome Washington

by CaneMonster @ CanesInSight

looked good tonight at TE for Rutgers. We could have used that guy this year. Arguably the best player on Rutgers' team tonight. He stood out! What...

Turned on Florida State: Jimbo Fisher Show for a chuckle

by SaltyCraker @ CanesInSight

10 minutes in Jimbo just referred to James Blackmon as "Jameis" clear as day its the little things in life

Quick tutorial on 247's crystal balls

by Thread Killa @ CanesInSight

They don't mean shit.

DMoney and Bandrew - Whooping Cane's thread

by De Pinga @ CanesInSight

The thread from yesterday, where did it go? I wanted to shoot whoopingcane a pm.

Goal line shot of winning TD!

by SolNine @ CanesInSight

Glad we are exonerated from any nonsense. CLEARLY well over the goal line. Phenomenal play! Found pic on Twitter fyi just resharing.

Let's Fing go!!

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

Make a stop and score again and again!

Lonnie Walker update

by casualcane @ CanesInSight

Slide 32 of 136: The Walker and Brown

by arusdaman @ CanesInSight

Tennessee vs Georgia Tech Live Stream (

SiriusXM 84 Canes Preview

by scrantoncane @ CanesInSight

During a long car ride today, I caught a 2 hour canes preview. Hosted by Gino Torretta and Jon Vilma. They interviewed Walton, Joe Jackson,...

So where's the Pep Rally Friday night & tailgating in Tally?

by AllAboutTheU615 @ CanesInSight

First time coming to Tally for the game, what's the plans?! Where's the Pep Rally Friday night and where's usually all the Canes tailgating? Is...

Coach Searels, Brown & more... Post Practice Presser 8/3/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Coach L with Adam Z

by casualcane @ CanesInSight

Worth a listen, if lacking in details. Miami HC Jim Larranaga, Molloy HC Mike McCleary, NBA Buzz and National Recruiting Update - VSporto...

Hypothetical what say you

by canam1965 @ CanesInSight

Perry becomes the starter. Sitkowski looks like he will stick and stay.........who bails of the existing QB's

Miami v. FSU Depth Chart

by amanan28 @ CanesInSight

915211900396425216 Travis Homer starting KR over Jeff Thomas. Can't afford bad field position this game. Pinckney and Malek Young named full time...

2017 Pro Canes Thread

by motorcitycane @ CanesInSight

Let's keep the TD streak rolling again. Post regular season Pro Canes updates and stats here. Congrats to AQM for being the pre-season sack...

Im concerned about Syracuse next week..... theyre scary.

by KrazyCane @ CanesInSight

Since we've already determined that GaTechs triple option is unstoppable so that L is a given up next is Syracuse... Now on a scale of 1 - 10 I am...

Whats Beef?

by gogeta4 @ CanesInSight

Any of yall pick up on Peter Ariz's beef w dude The Beast. Been all over local sports radio all morning and early afternoon. Go hard Young Pete

Preseason Predictions

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Lindy's Magazine has Miami 16th in the nation and 5th in the ACC. That's all I had a chance to see at the store before my 5 year old got bored in...

Miami Adds Former Alabama Walk-on FB Parrott

by SevnandSevn @ CanesInSight

Just read this on 247. Miami Adds Former Alabama Walk-on FB Parrott Miami Adds Former Alabama Walk-on FB Parrott...

Fau vs bcu

by brock @ CanesInSight

This is concerning to me. Diaz and the defense got to step it up next weekend. There was no reason for that type of performance against bcu and then...

Miami +3 vs FSU

by RyanCane26 @ CanesInSight

Although I'm sure game gets moved thought the line was interesting

Predict our starting lineup on offense against Bethune

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Just copy/paste this template: QB Rosier or Perry RB Walton WR Berrios WR Richards WR Cager TE Herndon LT McDermott LG Darling

Does The Streak End?

by Hurracanes @ CanesInSight

I invite everyone to make their predictions. That includes Pete, D$, Lu, Dee, etc. Does Miami have the dog in them to take that monkey off their...

Bags at Doak

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight

So taking my mama to the game tmw. It�s both our first game. Can I bring a bag in with a poncho and other stuff. I�m talking about those small gym...

Lingard's Spring Game stats

by bmorecane @ CanesInSight

Attachment 45572 ( Ivins has him with 119 yards and 2 tds on 23 carries. Played...

Point Spread predictions?

by CTCANE @ CanesInSight

It is not out yet. Tricky one but I will go with pickem or Miami -1 or 2. A few weeks ago FSU would have been favored by 5 or 6.

Funny Stat About UiF's (Non-existent) Offense...This Decade

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

Excellent company with the Ol' Gatas in this stat. But but but McEltoof is an offensive guru!!! The only thing worse than morons that bought into...

17 Returning Starters - is this refutable?

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Walton Richards Herndon McDermott Darling Linder Gauthier St. Louis Thomas Norton

Espn game link?

by 1983canes @ CanesInSight

Anybody else having trouble getting an link on ESPN stream ? It's all about college football news, and the Noles going down.

FSU Podcast calls out FSU weaknesses. (Hear their Pain)

by bigsonnyu @ CanesInSight

( I was looking for the...

OT upset picks for this week

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Anything to keep mind off Irma Pitt over Pedo st Notre Dame over UGA Stanford over USC All outright. Regardless of spreads.

Best license plate ever

by DTP @ CanesInSight

My boy sent me this picture. It's up in the Tampa/St. Pete area. Anybody here drive a green Benz with a Canes plate? Attachment 45494...

10,000% Commitment list

by Mao @ CanesInSight

Can we get a list of the current 10,000% Commitments? I believe some of the current ones include: Brevin Jordan Mark Pope D Wiggins Nesta...

Week 5 (Upset) Picks - 9/28

by Tetragrammaton Cane @ CanesInSight

Winners in *bold* *Mississippi State* at Auburn (-9.5) Clemson (-6.5) at *Virginia Tech* Georgia (-6.5) at *Tennessee* USC (-4) at *Washington...

Chatfield to osu

by brock @ CanesInSight

He just committed to osu. I really think the canes should have offered him, he is the best pass rushing de in south Florida.

Phil Steele Say's

by daddacane @ CanesInSight

What a year to have according to the ACC we're ranked number #1 ( ...

It's gonna take 3 MFn things!

by M3N @ CanesInSight

You know the rest. Let's go!

I fvckin hate Pat Forde

by Cane Dynasty @ CanesInSight

Forde's hate for Miami is so obvious. Where the fvck is Mark Richt? About to take the Canes to our first ACC title game. But not on this list. ...

Country home for sale in Gordon, AL

by @ AL – – United Country – Country Homes

 Quiet country living! This 3bd / 2ba home is located near the Chattahoochee State Park. Home comes with large bedrooms, inside laundry, separate dining room , central heat and air, fenced yard, basketball court, and storage building. Property extends past the fence. Property on well and septic. PROPERTY FEATURES: quiet living 3bd/2 ba state park nearby basketball court has well & septic large bedrooms ...

The post Country home for sale in Gordon, AL appeared first on - United Country - Country Homes.

Hard rock stadium is elite!

by canesstevealum08 @ CanesInSight

Fins and canes need to eliminate the bad rep it had pre 2016

2019 CB Jaden Davis receives offer

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

867859761873780737 video/3/6704770/584f4b7b3deaaa09c0fe779c Jaden Davis, St. Thomas Aquinas, Cornerback...

Picture of Langham touchdown taken on field

by Cityboy4life82 @ CanesInSight Image:

Coach Diaz, Rumph & more... Post Practice Presser 8/8/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Ivy League Junior Golf Camps Princeton

by Rhonda Kuhn @ College Golf Camps™

Ivy League Junior Golf Camps Princeton BIG 5 Trump National Doral, Miami, Florida, West Lake Village, Los Angeles, California and [...]

The post Ivy League Junior Golf Camps Princeton appeared first on College Golf Camps™.

Taking Uber/Lyft to game Saturday.

by Southcane @ CanesInSight

I always rented a car when I flew in to watch games. This time, I'm thinking just to take Uber or Lyft from my hotel to the stadium and back. Any of...

Would Coach Morris forego his final year w a buyout?

by BP Joe @ CanesInSight

I have no interest in getting into the whole "he said, she said" nonsense on this board lately, but am interested in opinions on my question. It...

SIAP: Interesting Manny Diaz quote on Jhavonte Dean

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight


ND comes out through the smoke

by rccollins @ CanesInSight

I know our Smoke entrance and fourth quarter four finger holding up traditions have been stolen by most in major college football, but I have noticed...

scant A cryptic notebook

by fgnalloy @ CanesInSight

Seahawks vs Rams Live Stream (

HOT TAKE: WR Lawrence Cager will be the next to transfer

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Richards, Mullins, Harris, Dallas, Thomas, Harley, Njoku is quite a WR haul through two cycles. Cager will get lost in the wash and transfer after...


by @


The post SEO Wolf WY appeared first on .

Interview requests or info?

by skeeter @ CanesInSight

For pete or anyone with good info... Where we stand with the following? Bethel D.Hawkins Joyner A.Pierre Alce

Harley officially starting at WR.

by reg @ CanesInSight

Per the other site, Mike Harley has earned a starting spot at WR. At first glance, I assumed it was because Richards is being held out the first...

PSU running the RPO very effectively

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

We have better athletes and they are just schooling Pitt right now with the RPO.

The Turnover Chain question

by jjm305 @ CanesInSight

Anyone wanna take a educated guess on how much that thing costs?

Facebook Video Spam/Scam Removal Step 2

by mplysiak @ Website Design and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Step 2 Then click on the apps, select edit next to the app named something like “if you are 18+” or ” 18 and over” (I’m not exactly sure what it was), next first select report app  then remove app: Click here to goto step 3

Predictions on Tonight's Big Games

by CaneSwag1995 @ CanesInSight

Give me your predictions on all four: Auburn @ Clemson Georgia @ Notre Shame Oklahoma @ Ohio Taint Stanford @ USC

OT: Bob Stoops retiring from Oklahoma

by RocketsandCanes @ CanesInSight

Wow. Lincoln Riley to take over.

RJ Mcintosh

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight Dont have a subscription but good to hear Diaz was pissed! Can anyone that has one post it thanks.

Moten injured?

by MiamiVice7 @ CanesInSight

Saw a blurb that he is questionable for the game, what's that all about? I didn't have a chance to read the story. Anyone know the deal?

Derwin James

by Problem2 @ CanesInSight

IS A FRAUD OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE. Buddy was ghost all day. Sean Taylor my ass And fuck McFadden while we're at it too And every single Miami...

Bandy & Dean

by Jane usher @ CanesInSight

Lmao you guys are worried about Dee being out. Dean & Bandy are straight dogs... They'll play with a point to prove, not worried.

Can I please change my username?

by SamBruceMyBabyDaddy @ CanesInSight

Cause I can't make a post without y'all laughing at me lmaooooooooo

Injury Report 10/12

by grogz26 @ CanesInSight

Donaldson, Delaney, & Redwine all OUT Richards Questionable...

Da pirate just knocked off USC

by duke4heisman @ CanesInSight

Great game.

OT: Bad news for the chargers

by Zbrod95 @ CanesInSight

Don't know what exactly happened because I missed the play and replay but Denzel Perryman just got carted off the sideline after hurting his ankle

FSU Shocker

by orange&green84 @ CanesInSight

And the NCAA likely won't do anything here.

University of Central Florida – Emily Marron – Junior Golf Exposure Camp – Girls – 12.16.17

by College Golf Camps @ College Golf Camps™

  Registration Begins: September 1, 2017 Entry Deadline: December 1, 2017 Camp Fee: $225.00 Deposit: $225.00 Open To: Open to [...]

The post University of Central Florida – Emily Marron – Junior Golf Exposure Camp – Girls – 12.16.17 appeared first on College Golf Camps™.

Pete Glen Logan?

by Canesfan0024 @ CanesInSight

Is this still an option?

A HUGE middle finger to Matt Thomas

by CspotOandG @ CanesInSight

F*ck you, dude, f*ckin traitor. Bet you're still wishing you went to USC right about aren't ya, ya little punk azz b*tch.


by Tree @ CanesInSight

Anyone have a gif from yesterday when Sebastian broke the spear?

Desmond Howard picks the Canes to win the ACC

by NJshoreCane @ CanesInSight

On Mike and Mike this morning. Loves our defense, especially the front 7. Yes Desmond, we know. Herbstreit goes FSU.

Thomas on His way

by STORM_FRONT 1964 @ CanesInSight

Sure everyone knows... but can't yell this out enough...welcome Jeff Thomas. Can't wait to see this youngster doing his thing: Jeff Thomas ✔...

Phil Steele top 30 preseason team list

by brock @ CanesInSight

Miami ranked #11 ( in the country. High praise Phil Steele's top college...

2 Canes Tabbed Most Unstoppable Defenders Since-2000

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Two former Hurricanes tabbed?most unstoppable? defen...

2019 St. Thomas Aquinas LB Jahmar Brown is camping at Miami

by ErickMarreroU @ CanesInSight

Big time 2019 LB Jahmar Brown is currently on campus at Miami. Great size and length. He was chatting with coach Manny Diaz earlier Attachment...

Realistically speaking..

by brock @ CanesInSight

Miami has the edge over fsu at every position not named db right?

Al Blades Jr. Revisited

by Clwtrdan @ CanesInSight

Just came across this. Enjoy. Sorry if it's been posted already. April 13, 2015. Al Blades’ son disrespects Florida State in the name of the...

Rosier looked rattled when the pressure came in second half

by calebcs8 @ CanesInSight

I�m not sure what kind of route concepts richt was calling with those few stalled drives but it�s concerning how rattled he looked.

University of Oklahoma – Veronique Drouin – Junior Golf Exposure Camp – Girls

by College Golf Camps @ College Golf Camps™

  Registration Begins: September 1, 2017 Entry Deadline: November 1, 2017 Camp Fee: $295.00 Deposit: $295.00 Open To: Open to [...]

The post University of Oklahoma – Veronique Drouin – Junior Golf Exposure Camp – Girls appeared first on College Golf Camps™.

Tickets in the Mail

by JeffreyG @ CanesInSight

Got my Arkansas St. Tickets today! Row 1 Sec QQ. Season is nearing.

New Grad Transfer RB On the Market

by Official Cane Gang @ CanesInSight

Juan Day from Arkansas Listed at 6-2 210 Has 2 years to play

OT - Bloodline Season 3 Episode 5

by UMCenturion @ CanesInSight

Can see the Miami FSU game in the background about half way through. Cant wait for football to start.

No turnovers

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

This was big. I know it was only BC but still first game of season with a new qb. Nice accomplishment. Rosier was holding tight on to the rock. Homer...

Who will be at the Arkansas State game? Need to plan!

by AllAboutTheU615 @ CanesInSight

Me and about 3-4 guys coming from Nashville, I know there's going to be a small amount, but should guys coming to plan tailgating and maybe even a...

This whole Homer false narrative

by CalCane @ CanesInSight

What is the agenda with people saying Homer can't pass block? The season is over because he can't pass block? First of all, even if it was a weak...

Atlanta Area Canes

by imurcane @ CanesInSight

I know there are some options out there . . . Any interest in a Canesinsight gameday at least 1x this season? As far as locations go, Id be up for...

Thoughts on D

by joeyhh @ CanesInSight

Chaotic, swarming D results in impressive stats - tackles for loss and sacks. Probably costs us with over-pursuit and breakaway runs allowed. Can't...


by ItownCane @ CanesInSight

Help. Any suggestions on a Cane friendly bar in the St.Pete, Clearwater area. Flew in today from Knoxville. Thanks


by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

903665838640828417 Diaz with the goat reply. How fast can we get these shirts made?

Paradise Camp 2017 (July 21-22)

by Hurricane Warrior @ CanesInSight

*_Former Players:_* Michael Irvin - WR (1987) Cowboys (1st Rd, 5x Pro Bowl, 3x All-Pro, 3x SB Champ, NFL HOF, NC) Leon Searcy - OL (1992) Steelers ...

Please read before hitting send button

by matty1 @ CanesInSight

It's so hard to believe the post on this board this morning.. Before hitting the send button, read what you just wrote. One poster wrote in caps...

Willie Williams and Kenny Phillips High School Highlight

by BravoK9851 @ CanesInSight

Willie Williams and Kenny Phillips were animals! Crazy to think that 2003 Defense had both of them and Ricky Jean Francois! Willie Williams...

How bad is Arkansas St?

by ILCane2011 @ CanesInSight

Nebraska down 14-0 to NIU at half. And yes this needed it's own thread because those inbred rednecks read this board, so fuck them

So we are "No. 3, at best" on FSU's list of rivals?

by North Florida Cane @ CanesInSight

That's what I heard on the radio were while making that long drive east on I-10 last week. FSU's top rivals 1. Turds 2. Clemson 3. Toss-up: UM...

All you weak, spineless, panicky motherfkcers front & center

by OriginalCanesCanesCanes @ CanesInSight

Call yourselves out and take your punishment like real men. We beat the spread, we didn't play a perfect game, but considering the layoff, it...

Five coaches on the hot seat

by Pete @ CanesInSight

Another site lists five coaches as being on the hot seat.It may be because of their past record,strength of 2017 schedule,tough away games but never...

SEO Wheatland WY

by @

SEO Wheatland WY

The post SEO Wheatland WY appeared first on .

This is for all the FSU Trolls on this board.

by troyskiles @ CanesInSight

Attachment 50772 ( The Azz Whoopin' starts at 3:30pm on Saturday. Get ready!

Please tell me we going to offer this stud

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight this the type of kid that gets away and we bytch............... dmoney peter ariz...


by QSTOKES @ CanesInSight

I have 2 tix for sale, section 14, row 32. PM if interested. $90 each.

FSU game seating

by DuvalCane @ CanesInSight

I just saw that I'm in 118 looks like corner endzone. I purchased through HC, I'm assuming that's one of our sections? Where's everyone's seats at?

The Opener

by RedSquare @ CanesInSight

Everyone picked us to win the coastal, but in the words of winston wolf: "let's not start sucking each other's di*ks just yet, gentlemen" The...

I know...

by Cognizantphotos @ CanesInSight

Uncle is probably dead to most, myself included for the most part. Last night though was the BET hip-hop awards and the boys came out representing,...

Perry said something telling in the interview

by CaneMonster @ CanesInSight

with Peter Aziz that stood out most with me. He said he believes that he could compete with Jameis Winston if given the chance. He said it like...

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Anyone put money on Miami at 8.5+ or 9+ wins for the season?

by Cane Dynasty @ CanesInSight

Just curious.

Scholarship offers by P5 School

by calinative umstudent @ CanesInSight

We always talk about how we need to get to the point where our offers mean something again. And we can't just be sending out meaningless offers to...

SEO Yellowstone National Park WY

by @

SEO Yellowstone National Park WY

The post SEO Yellowstone National Park WY appeared first on .

POS Neuhiesel

by Canes2082 @ CanesInSight

Still talking sh*t about us.. Picked GT to win then says "wonder how many fans show up. They play 40 miles from campus"

ESPN CFB Power Rankings...What the...???

by SoCalPete73 @ CanesInSight

Top 25 loaded with familiar names ( I get Alabama being #1...

2017 Random Defensive Predictions Thread

by LuCane @ CanesInSight

Malek Young and Shaq Quarterman will have more INTs than the entire defense had last year. Malek Young will return an INT for a TD. If healthy,...

High School Football

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

I haven't been following high school football in south florida much this year. I know miami northwestern is good and booker t and central are...

Opening: State of Florida

by rustywalkedaway @ CanesInSight

FYI: Prospects from Florida that stood out at The Opening...

The Gator HC trying to catch the big fish

by edcanes @ CanesInSight

WTF??? 45032 (

Nikolas Bonitto. This Kid is a beast.

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Nikolas Bonitto. This Kid is a beast. He nade play after play tonight.

OT - Garica vs Broner

by mikemike @ CanesInSight

That was easy work for Garcia last night It's time for Broner to hang up the gloves... The most overrated boxer in history

The thing I want to see most this week vs Duke

by HarryCarayisGoat @ CanesInSight

Is that goddam gold chain

Nervous About Seeing an All Male Revue? Here are Some Tips to Help You Get Over It

by web_app @ HUNKS The Show

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Jags make Brandon Linder highest paid center in NFL history

by MgDuBzZ @ CanesInSight

Jaguars' Brandon Linder signs five-year extension -

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by MedPB @ MedPB

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WF with 18 TFL against fsu today

by 407cane @ CanesInSight

Kool and co. Are going to have a field day Sad to see those fuckers win today but maybe it'll give them false confidence heading into us next week...

Miami vs Duke (Breakdown)

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight We play Duke this Friday & instead of spending all week on Toledo, we need to shift...


by CalCane @ CanesInSight

I hope the coaches can light a fire under the kid. After watching the FSU game I just keep seeing the same thing over and over with him and it�s all...

SMD does it again...

by doctaj11 @ CanesInSight

Has a story about how Rosier has been added to the Manning award watch list. In her column she states that, �Rosier is the first UM QB to start 5-0...

The refs were on our side screwing Fsuck

by FAKE Chip Brierre @ CanesInSight

that false flag by the ref on Berrio's PR which set up the first TD and the catalyst for our offense, was an egregious call on the ref. also,...

OT: Favorite Rapper

by Boots @ CanesInSight

Just curious because of all the people either complaining about or loving the music on a lot of modern highlight vids. For me, I'd have to say...

Jeff Thomas

by AustinCane6688 @ CanesInSight

Anyone else notice we lined him up in the backfield yesterday? Wouldn't be shocked to see more of that as well with Walton out.

Jim Cantore

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

Is reporting a tropical wave that will definitely bring bad weather here this weekend.So far models stay with mainly rain.Who might this favor ? Any...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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Artie Burns arrested

by cocanes @ CanesInSight

For a suspended license and unpaid parking tickets


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Offensive Perspective

by Category 6 @ CanesInSight

Going over the boards lately some folks have had concerns about CMR's offense. I decided to review the last near decade of Miami offenses to try and...

Dade vs broward

by brock @ CanesInSight

Who in your opinion have been producing the best talent lately the last couple of years? I think it's starting to tilt towards broward in some...

My .02 cents Week 2

by Rellyrell @ CanesInSight

First, and foremost, prayers and best wishes to all my Canes brethens out in Fla. I know we were all looking forward to seeing our Canes play ball...

Duke Game Omen

by TheUuuuu @ CanesInSight

We play Duke on Sept. *29*.... The last time we played Duke on their field we won. The player that won the game: Corn Elder. His number.... ...

My Post Game Recap: Duke

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Attachment 50689 ( Defense, Defense, Defense! Last week vs Toledo a lot of us...

Double B fans

by ncncanes @ CanesInSight

For those of you on the board that predicted BB would have a big year back in the slot .... you were right .... I was wrong Go Canes ... best...

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gators stooping to new low

by MiamiJoe @ CanesInSight

On 247 they are showing a Craig's List ad showing Miami looking for a grad transfer RB. One of their fans must have put that up to discredit us

Louisville vs. NC State

by Zbrod95 @ CanesInSight

State is legit, someone put Dave Doeren on job watch in the SEC.

Coach Diaz & more... Post Practice Presser 8/15/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Chickillo blocks a punt for a TD

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

Quite a few SoFla boys on the Steelers (Canes and guys who should have been Canes). Might have to start rooting for Pittsburgh. EDIT: Sorry,...

Shouldve expected this...

by shayleon @ CanesInSight

Im beyond pissed at the first half performance but when I calm down, I realize that I shouldve expected this. Miami played 1 game verse a JV team and...


by BigDikCane @ CanesInSight

Just watch how good our dbs will be this season...

Deejay Dallas?

by walker_0019 @ CanesInSight

Just wondering if he has played or if he's been injured. I haven't had an opportunity to watch a full game yet so just wondering.

Players evacuating article

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Hurricane Irma: Miami Hurricanes players, coaches flee South Florida; some Arkansas State fans upset about football game | Canes Watch...

Rosier's deep ball

by canefan88xbl @ CanesInSight

Can someone explain to me why Rosier puts so much air under his deep throws? He clearly has arm strength, why doesn't he throw them open and let our...

Walton returning?

by umiamifan1 @ CanesInSight

Haven't seen this posted yet, my apologies if it has been. Could mean nothing... Attachment 51537...

Jacob Eason

by sfcane2 @ CanesInSight

Have to assume he'll leave Georgia this year. It seems that Miami would be a natural destination for him given his relationship with Richt. Would fit...

Week 7 (Upset) Picks - 10/11

by Tetragrammaton Cane @ CanesInSight

Winners in *bold* Northwestern (-3) at *Maryland* Virginia (-4) at *North Carolina* *Rutgers* at Illinois (-1.5) *UCLA* at Arizona (-1)...

Most seem to think this team is a year away...

by SinCityCane @ CanesInSight

I believe the time is now. We are really fuqhin stacked. NFL talent all across the front 7. Ballhawk DBs that are gonna thrive off the pressure put...

Best Two-Way Players and Multi-Sport Athletes

by ben @ CanesInSight

Not a huge follower on recruiting, but always feel better about players who play and excel at multiple sports and/or play multiple positions (offense...

The SEO Hero Contest Doesn’t End for 6 Weeks but I May Have Already Lost

by Tylor Hermanson @ Sandbox SEO

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Peds State tears LOL

by Southcane @ CanesInSight

Penn State's decommitment list is better than Alabama's recruiting class -

Diaz Concepts

by bAMACANE @ CanesInSight

By no means am I a defensive guru, however I just don't understand this about Diaz's defense. This alignment is from yesterday's game. Attachment...

Why our run defense sucks. (Breakdown)

by ChosenOne @ CanesInSight

First play here. Base Defense. Look at Michael Pinckney. Pinckney runs in *Shaq's ga*p and the RB breaks loose running through *Pinckney's gap*....

Freshmen class...

by Gandara @ CanesInSight

So after watching the first game who do you guys see being the top freshmens in this class in 2019 when they're draft elidgible? I know it's only one...

Berrios more than made up for>>>>>>>

by onplane @ CanesInSight

his end zone drop on the Kaaya pass a couple of years ago. Brady must be foaming at the mouth at his fit with the Pats. FSU could not cover the...

The Opening Charlotte OL vs DL

by mbuendia @ CanesInSight

Sandidge is like that old Sega game "Altered Beast". Hope we get the kid. Chatmam looked good too but man oh man can u imagine what Kool would do...

Hello Canes

by bojo1324 @ CanesInSight

Been a little while, I think almost 3 years to the day. Congratulations on a win. First week of the season, sloppiness is expected. We come...

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Coach Richt, Kool & more... Post Practice Presser 8/30/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

Mike Rumph on WQAM - 8/15/17

by RVACane @ CanesInSight

Just a few points: Said that Delaney has come in and is the leader. Said Jhevontae Dean is his fastest DB running a 4.3 but he's playing at about...

More players raving about Perry

by reg @ CanesInSight

And another one......,amp.html

How much longer will McElwain last before getting fired?

by Cane707 @ CanesInSight

I think he's going to pull off a Muschamp 2013 sooner or later, possibly this year.

2017 O/U Win Total - 9 Wins

by jmccomber5 @ CanesInSight

Vegas says 9 is the o/u total this year. That's without a starter named at QB. If you don't think this team should be winning the shitty Coastal,...

Miami- FSU Game Time Change

by rejuvaphan @ CanesInSight

Just spoke to the our Athletic Director's Dept. I also called FSU AD Dept. AS OF NOW . the only thing being considered is a time change. I guess...

assistant in the hotel

by bgvbnbn @ CanesInSight

Astros vs Yankees Live Stream (

[538 Interactive] 2017 College Football Predictions

by brcane1 @ CanesInSight

OT: O$U girl calls out ex boyfriend for dating black girl

by dfagundo @ CanesInSight

Ohio State student's offensive video facing backlash - NY Daily News...

UF is garbage

by Dmorgan15 @ CanesInSight

We should never lose a recruit to them. Especially on the offensive side. Straight garbage! Hot garbage!

Les Miles is awful

by NMB Cane @ CanesInSight

Might be worse as a broadcaster. Give that man a redbull and an [emoji463] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Ring of Honor Induction Ceremony

by SpikeUM @ CanesInSight

Was held today at Turnberry, and it was a first class event. Inducted were Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, Warren Sapp, Ray Lewis, and Michael Irvin. ...

Another sofla bust at FSU

by Brock Berlin @ CanesInSight

First the news that Keith Bryant was no longer on the roster now Sh'Mar Kilby-Lane Kid looked like he was going to be an animal out of Hallandale...

B. Jackson Sports Buzz, can't wait for next season to start

by Southcane @ CanesInSight

UM injects high-end talent at cornerback | Miami Herald ( ...

SEO Yoder WY

by @

SEO Yoder WY

The post SEO Yoder WY appeared first on .

Jackson comment on Garvin

by brock @ CanesInSight

Yeesh...... That's scary.... 895307144374996992 Let's not forget joe Jackson had 30 tackles 8.5 sack 11.5 tfls season while only starting...

Richt still looking

by FIUMCane @ CanesInSight

Attachment 45140 (

Bleak's Toledo Player Grades

by blackvern @ CanesInSight

Missed the game due to my daughters soccer game but just watched it on watch ESPN. Just gonna blurt out names that came to my mind *Coach Diaz*-...

Storm 18 Shirts

by Sigma_Cane_7 @ CanesInSight

Not a shameless plug but I'm ordering one and wearing it to all the local games this season. I live in Lakeland, FL(Gator Country). I suggest guys on...

Dear FSU...

by Loose Cannon @ CanesInSight

Take care of business on 9/2 because on 9/16 I want that #1 ( to be next to your...

2 QB prospects

by RedSquare @ CanesInSight

there are 2 QB prospects that I would really like to see UM make a run at, both of whom could be there for the taking. the first is Jack Tuttle...

Dbs ?

by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

Say we have one decommit or one who we thought was going to end up in storm 18 but didn't . Who would we go after ?

OT:Tiger Woods still .....

by 1CN @ CanesInSight

fucking up.... 869212793282678785

Thoughts upon rewatching the game

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

Overall, I thought it was a good win. Toledo punches above their weight class, and Miami beat them by three scores under unique circumstances. -...

Notes from Caneshades show monday night.

by CaneShades @ CanesInSight

*Michael Tarquin 2019 OL from Bellview. 6'5 290 and he's only 15 years old! Will be one of the best OL prospects in the country for the 2019 class....

The Streak Ends...

by KWConch @ CanesInSight

Canes out after 44 straight years in the NCAA tourney.....just another reason Morris needs to go

Where do we play the rest of the season?

by sfowler06 @ CanesInSight

Hopefully Irma misses Miami and keeps east but if not and the entire state of FL is fucked, where do we practice and play for the rest of the season?...

Kirk Herbstreit tweet during the second half of Duke game

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

Mark Richt has Canes Football lookin GOOOOOD!!!! That defense is scary fast, Coach Manny Diaz, I see ya big boy!!! And QB is steady hand.

5 Questions: Mizzou at Kentucky

5 Questions: Mizzou at Kentucky

Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman

1. Can Mizzou build a ground game?

Why N'Kosi Perry will be Starting QB

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight

I just posted a video covering why I believe that N'Kosi Perry will be the starting QB at Miami: ...

The South Florida Talent across CFB

by motorcitycane @ CanesInSight

It's crazy watching so many kids from south Florida ball out across CFB. Most surprising is seeing all of the underrated QBs making starts across...

How would bad weather affect the game?

by the23Watcher @ CanesInSight

Just checking out the weather and its predicting Thunderstorms during the time of the game. I feel like that would help fsu more than us as it would...

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I'm going to leave this here.

by theribdoctor @ CanesInSight

Favored by 5 against a real good Duke team / win by 25

by canecat @ CanesInSight

If this board is full of people ing about that game ( especailly that sick ass D we played) then they just need to give it up . Really we have one...

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2019 LB Anthony Solomon receives offer

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

890540594623393793 video/3/5418429/5850aa5eb018fd185036486f Anthony Solomon, St. Thomas Aquinas, Outside Linebacker...

Cant Work

by Jax Cane @ CanesInSight

Who Else is having a hard time focusing on work this week. feels like the day before Christmas. Cant wait for Saturday to get here. Lets...

Schwartz + Hecht Renovation =IPF office space

by canesstevealum08 @ CanesInSight

Or is there "new construction" for that? Will those two buildings have an IPF entrance?

Degnan on Finebaum...

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

I usually don't go in on the bagging of her train but wow, what a bad person to have on to break down Malik Rosier after being named starter. It...

Does no-one think the D adjusted in the 2nd Half?

by caneaddict @ CanesInSight

it was basically 42-7 if you take out Malik's pick.. The first half was full of miscommunications with corners and safeties playing 2 different...

Michael Andre Ahmmon

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

We have had many prolific receivers but 2 of these 3 names are considerably best by not only the numbers but they were had very key attribute to make...

Does Walton finish season as UM career rush TD record holder

by tinman_96 @ CanesInSight

UM career rushing TD record standings 1. Stephen McGuire (1989-92) 35 TD 2. Edgerrin James (1996-98) 32 TD 3. Willis McGahee (2001-02) 31 TD...

Amazing Tips And Tricks For Search Engine Optimization

by seohoustonpros @ Houston SEO Expert

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Team Defense Stats

by edge @ CanesInSight

10th in nation in sacks. This despite playing 1 or 2 games less then the teams above them. 2nd in nation in Tackles for Loss per game. 17th in...

OT Betting Man

by Austen @ CanesInSight

Saw the line opened up at 8.5 wins this season and is now 9 most places. Any idea where I can bet some at that 8.5 line. Money to be made Sent...

OT...Gators finally topped themselves.

by 406Cane @ CanesInSight

Attachment 51554 ( Must really be desperate for recruits.

Slow Day.. So What if UF never stop playing Miami? My result

by ChosenOne @ CanesInSight

Trying to be unbiased.. Trying to be fair. What do y'all think? *88: UM 89: UM 90: UM 91: UM 92: UM 93: UM 94: UM* 95: UF


by Cane18 @ CanesInSight

Never see his name in the receiving stats, is he injured?

Criminoles vs Nc State

by JgDaCane @ CanesInSight

here we go..fuck the noles!!!

Gregory Rousseau Spring Highlights

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

Interesting player video/3/6059454/59210340176bea1018e3c3c4

Tennessee starting QB quits the team

by plrwkyes @ CanesInSight

917797994707259392 a year after jalen Hurd quit

New storm in the gulf headed towards Tallahassee

by CanesFan23 @ CanesInSight

TROPICAL DEPRESSION SIXTEEN ( Projected to hit panhandle early sunday morning.....

We'll be talking about this game for the rest of our lives.

by BoxingRobes @ CanesInSight

Just pause for a minute. Let it sink in. Regardless of what happens next week, or the week after, or by season's end - we will talk about this win...

Indoor Practice Facility Construction Photos

by GPB @ CanesInSight

I know the construction of the IPF has just started, but I thought these photos would be of interest, especially to anyone not familiar with the...


by MizCane @ CanesInSight

Seemed like we came out very apprehensive and had ALOT of jitters. It's a little understandable being on the road against a stout D but I am starting...

HS games this week

by miami4348 @ CanesInSight

Any good games in SoFL tonight and if so any way to stream them? If my memory serves me right the IMG games will streamed but I was wondering about...

How many more can we take in '18?

by Clwtrdan @ CanesInSight

For the '18 class, how many can we take? I believe the early enrollies from this year count against last year? Please comment.


by Palm Harbor Cane @ CanesInSight

Is a dumbo in a game that's out of reach he leaves his starting quarterback in against a dline that is feasting. To all you South Florida players...

Losing Walton will cost us

by Saltycane @ CanesInSight

A game or two. You don't lose your best offensive player and keep trucking, especially when you are razor thin at the position.

Wyoming at Utah State: Key players

Wyoming at Utah State: Key players

by @ - RSS Results

Kent Myers

@Andrew the site is fvcing up.

by Cane Dynasty @ CanesInSight

Double porsts everywhere. "Leave page or stay on page" After porsting. Stand to.

OT: Positive?

by imurcane @ CanesInSight

I have been reading the board some today. I wanted to ask, is there anything positive about anything in your lives? It seems most everyting is so...

OT- U can't break the U Family

by TrueFloridian @ CanesInSight

My family and I spent 4 days evading Irma ending up in Pensacola. We went to the famous Fish House for dinner last night. Best shrimp and grits on...


by TI_Inspire @ CanesInSight

Should be a good game, I hope WF sends FSU to an 0-3 start!

Berios I Salute

by Armycane910 @ CanesInSight

You played your guts out today, you laid all out on line for the last four years. If you wasn�t in the game I�m not sure we even sniff the W. You...

Jeff Thomas Comparison

by Demetrius Lowe @ CanesInSight

We hear a lot of crazy comparisons for Jeff Thomas, but I think a realist and very good comparison would be Andrew Hawkins. The quickness in his...

NFL Scouts

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Heres your big chance Dee make the most of it 913861528390127619

We can't look past Arkansas St

by MiamiJoe @ CanesInSight

They scored 36 points in Lincoln yesterday and threw 65 passes. We can't play lazy on defense like yesterday on the road vs a better opponent or we...

Richt Tweets

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

"To set the record straight we have not practiced since Tuesday and we won't til everyone gets back in town after this CATEGORY 5 hurricane!" "Nor...

**UPDATE 7/12/17** The Opening FIRST & SECOND Teams

by Tweed @ CanesInSight

We won game 1 in pool play 29-12 against the Lunar team with Surtain & Campbell.

Heisman Dark Horse pick: Mark Walton

by KrazyCane @ CanesInSight

The usual suspects will be talked about first... Lamar Jackson, JT Barrett (trash), Sam Darnold, and Baker Mayfield. But as the season starts to...

**ONE WEEK AT A TIME......**

by 337CaneNation @ CanesInSight

This has been my moto for this UM team since the offseason!! And every week since the season has started, I have been saying it and I continue to...

OT: Jamal Anderson / South Dade

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Question for the local guys who know a lot about South Florida recruiting. How good is Jamal Anderson, the safety at South Dade and Ivey's DB...

Jenna Dewan Tatum's cast in 'Berlin, I Love You'

Jenna Dewan Tatum's cast in 'Berlin, I Love You'

by By Celebretainment @ - RSS Results

Jenna Dewan Tatum has landed a role in 'Berlin, I Love You', alongside Jared Leto, Dame Helen Mirren and Renee Zellwegger.

Barry Jackson fall camp buzz

by brock @ CanesInSight

This might be the most positive fall camp buzz I've seen us have in a while. We have talent everywhere finally. And in 2018 this roster will be...

Chick Starting Today.......And Just Scored a TD

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight


Lsu losing to TROY!?!?

by I'm james Jackson brother @ CanesInSight

It's close to halftime TROY has the ball 3rd and 1 7 point lead They'll probably lose but that's still good on lsu's part getting shutout...

Back to Football: My thoughts on BC

by scrantoncane @ CanesInSight

I know everyone is focused on the storm and the Ark St cancellation, but hopefully this thread will be an outlet for those wishing to discuss...

New Subscriber

by turbojenkins @ CanesInSight

Long time listener, first time caller (for the most part). I love the canes. Dan Sailho is the best Cane of all time. Franchise is cool....

Campus Conversation with Head Coach Mark Richt

by IndayArtHauz @ CanesInSight

Mark Richt, Miami - ESPN ( 15 minutes of easy listening.

Announcers - Final Review

by TheUuuuu @ CanesInSight

Not that anyone should be surprised, but I just rewatched the final drive, and during the review of Langham's TD it's fucking sickenning how much...

Class of oUr own

by dukebeeasy305 @ CanesInSight

It's time like Dmoney said in last weeks podcast

Testaverde Jr. Transferring

by JimmyJohnsonsHair @ CanesInSight

Well, bye: Vincent Testaverde, son of Miami Hurricanes great, to leave UM | Canes Watch...

Thornton interested again?

by Esafille @ CanesInSight

Saw one of the other Cane sites indicating he is reaching back out to UM. Maybe jumped the gun in his commitment and regrets it. Any news /...

Miami vs. Bethune Stats and Recap [Video]

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight

Miami vs Bethune Stats and recap:

OL is weak and soft

by 561Cane @ CanesInSight

By far the weakest link to the UM chain!

Damn it feels good

by BigCaneAl @ CanesInSight

Sorry, just have to share. For a Monday, it's been great. Coffee tastes better, air smells fresher, traffic was nice and easy (Columbus day I know)....

Nebraska set to host highly ranked official visitor from Mike Riley's hometown

Nebraska set to host highly ranked official visitor from Mike Riley's hometown

by By Evan Bland / World-Herald staff writer @ - RSS Results

Nebraska will have a chance to woo a top 2018 recruit under the lights at Memorial Stadium for a second straight week.

OT: Providence RI

by apfenny3 @ CanesInSight

Got an offer from Bryant University just outside of Providence and visited over the weekend. Trying to decide between there and Drake in the next few...

FAU +32 vs Wisky

by Cane Dynasty @ CanesInSight

I took Wisky to cover. Can we talk football?

Georgia/App St question?

by OrangetieFatface @ CanesInSight

Huge win today. Great success. Also, I think App St is playing at Georgia? Does anyone know how UGA got them to travel?

LaTarie Kinsler 2020 DE Pahokee

by CarolCityHigh @ CanesInSight

when he stop growing vertically and fill out will be a force. LaTarie Kinsler - Hudl (

Houston versus Arizona

by ThomasM @ CanesInSight

This might be the most interesting game of the weekend. Here's hoping Arizona puts 100 on Houston.

Libertycity el please post interviews

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

Thank you

SEO Wright WY

by @

SEO Wright WY

The post SEO Wright WY appeared first on .

SIAP: Artur left out of Elite 11 Finals Competition?

by Southcane @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes Recruiting Radar: Artur Sitkowski Left Out of Elite 11 Finals Competition - State of The U...


by I'm james Jackson brother @ CanesInSight


Arkstate article

by mjl7atlas @ CanesInSight

SIAP, but this is unreal. I hope we destroy them beyond what we would normallythe next time we play them because of articles like this. Good...

Hypothetical 2017 Miami Offense

by ghost2 @ CanesInSight

So, from what DMoney and others have been hinting at regarding our offense ("more Clemson than 2001 Miami"), I thought I'd revisit an old post...

Anyone Else Relieved that FSU is Not 0-3?

by Jack71 @ CanesInSight

Maybe I'm just superstitious, but I just don't see the Noles losing 4 games in a row to start the season. Plus, if they'd have lost to WF, I wonder...

Sean White Booted From Auburn

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

Not a great week for South Florida kids chasing SEC dreams: Auburn QB Sean White dismissed from team following arrest |

2nd Half will say alot about this Canes team

by HurricaneAlex @ CanesInSight

So far Miami has looked awful this 1st half both on offense and defense the question now is can Richt adjust the game plan so that Miami can come...

Pardon the interruption But

by bear @ CanesInSight

Fuck FSU. Took my family to mexico but during rivalry week I still want to say one thing: Fuck FSU

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The legacy of Miami's 2001 title team passed on by one of it

by Clwtrdan @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes carrying legacy of 2001 team (

QB Situation

by Hoosiercane3 @ CanesInSight

Pete, Not to beat a dead horse on this Sitkowski situation. Do you think we will make another run at another QB? I havent seen that question...

Website Traffic Analysis Decision Tree

by Tylor Hermanson @ Sandbox SEO

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The post Website Traffic Analysis Decision Tree appeared first on Sandbox SEO.

Dear Dee Delaney

by frostycane @ CanesInSight

Congratulations young man! You picked yourself up and played a pretty darn good game! We may just have been too quick to write you off your a darn...


by mikemike @ CanesInSight

Is the best player on the defense Imo

Freshman QB N'Kosi Perry at First Miami Practice

by canes_aaron @ CanesInSight

Freshman Quarterback N'Kosi Perry at First Miami Practice - YouTube (

Cut Costs with Eco-Friendly Options

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The post Cut Costs with Eco-Friendly Options appeared first on - United Country - Country Homes.

Comments About Dbs From Diaz

by 252cane @ CanesInSight

He said jackson is the starting cb in the base defense but in nickel young goes outside and bandy is the nickel.

Q & A with Mike Harley

by mhkemh @ CanesInSight

Question & Answer with Miami wide receiver signee Mike Harley...

Man you all are funny...

by Canesforlife31 @ CanesInSight

I don't post often but I just wanted to post to let you know how much you all have made me laugh by your "Doomsday" and your "we are slow"...

OT: last chance u

by SoFlaSmitty @ CanesInSight

New season is on Netflix now. Good show.

Strong Hold

by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Strong Hold is a Louisville-based manufacturer of heavy-duty steel industrial grade storage and workspace solutions.  Our video team recently spent some time at their facility to capture the people and processes that run the business.  The goal of the video project ...

Read More

The post Strong Hold appeared first on Hatfield Media.

Another Article on Perry.... Interesting..

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

N?Kosi Perry is UM?s biggest?wild card? (

**Now I see why.....**

by 337CaneNation @ CanesInSight

RECRUITS keep picking Bama over other schools!! This team just dominates.. This Bama team just makes it look super easy.. DAMN, watching them...

Black ultraboost cleats for the opener

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight


Louisville vs. Clemson

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Who do u guys have... I have Louisville winning 31-28 My playoff prediction is this #1...

FSU game time?...SIAP

by caneofny @ CanesInSight

Is this game still at 8, or is it TBA? I've seen both. TIA.

Braxton Berrios named Pre-season All-ACC PR

by SwagUniversity @ CanesInSight Slander gotta stop

NCAA Tournament Change

by scane @ CanesInSight

The NCAA Tournament will now seed 1-16 instead of just 1-8. No more automatic trips to Gainesville when we host but aren't a national seed. ...


by doberman1 @ CanesInSight

Setting aside football, coaches, opinions, AD's, and universities.........understand that there will be people in Jonesboro, AR praying for people in...

FSU Lookalikes

by Insanecane @ CanesInSight

Courtesy of the WEZ

Kevin Sumlin

by NMB Cane @ CanesInSight

Is he still the wizard of gurus head corch ? His "fans" have blindly defended him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Rosendo Louis commits to FSU

by canefan96 @ CanesInSight

Rosendo Louis may be ready to announce soon, I see him crystalled ball to FSPuke. Do we have a shot? I thought he was one of our priorities.

Open House here in Charlotte Area

by troyskiles @ CanesInSight

To All Canes Football Players, If you are still needing a place to crash, I have 2 spare bedrooms just south of Charlotte, NC in Lake Wylie, SC. ...


by JHallCanes @ CanesInSight

I don't remember ever seeing him on the field yesterday. Did he play? I was pretty hyped so details of the game are just coming to me.

New 2018 offer out

by The U Code @ CanesInSight

Jeremiah Salaam from frostproof Florida is reporting a Miami offer, rivals lists him as a 3star athlete and shows him having some pretty good offers...

Offense came in clutch late

by brock @ CanesInSight

People will say oh fsu was 1-3.... don�t let that sh*t full you thats still a defense with elite talent and we scored 2 late scoring tds in the last...

College Golf Camps™ – BIG 5 – Junior Golf Exposure Camp – Pinehurst, NC 2016 – Boys

by admin @ College Golf Camps™

CAMP IS SOLD OUT!!! College Golf Camps is coming back to the “Home of American Golf”, Pinehurst, North Carolina, November [...]

The post College Golf Camps™ – BIG 5 – Junior Golf Exposure Camp – Pinehurst, NC 2016 – Boys appeared first on College Golf Camps™.

DJ Johnson

by Hoosiercane3 @ CanesInSight

Has he been getting any burn? Don't recall seeing him on field at all. Update - espn stats says did not play any game except fsu and in fsu he had...

Watch Parties in Arizona?

by Canesrule230 @ CanesInSight

Any of you fine folks live in arizona and want to catch some Canes games this fall? Not many Canes in this state but it'd be nice watch some games...

Visitor Section for FSU game?

by Canesforlife31 @ CanesInSight

Hey guys, Don't post much but about to buy my tickets for the FSU game. Do you k ow what section the visitors is in? Don't want to make the same...

Creating Backlinks

by mplysiak @ Website Design and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

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Virginia Tech Game

by D_G87 @ CanesInSight

Girlfriend got us 2 tix to Va Tech game. Flying in from Indiana. We are staying in Boca Raton. We get in Thursday night so we will have all day...

Funny article with Tallahasse & Gainesville ranked 3rd & 4th

by MadCane19 @ CanesInSight

Not sure if posted in the right spot or not but thought this was a funny little write up

Arkansas State DB's

by 407cane @ CanesInSight

Arky State Corners #1 ( corner Blaise Taylor - 5'9 #2...


by marshallrc13 @ CanesInSight

Ill take it. Thought we played scared in 1st half. But it's a win fellas.

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Ray Lewis, Is he the greatest hurricane of all time?

by ajone228 @ CanesInSight He's my favorite hurricane Sorry, I don't know how to post videos or embed tweets

Blackout vs GT

by nocane_nogain @ CanesInSight

Is it still on? Gonna be hot AF

SI Top 100 Players in CFB

by Boots @ CanesInSight

Ahmmon Richards clocks in at number 56, although it is noted he should be ranked much higher, the unknown at QB holds him back... honestly...

***Countdown to Fall Camp 2017***

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Camp begins August 1 11 days Image:...

Lo Lingard # 8 overall recruit in new The Rivals 100

by Tweed @ CanesInSight

The season is finally upon us and all the summer workouts & camps are over. He's now 6'1 198 and he is NOTICEABLY faster after his new training...

Beatdowns in 2017

by Theedy50 @ CanesInSight

I just want to discuss the topic of winning by large margins. I dont want us to be conservative. I want us to win by 30+ every game if we can. Im not...

No One Getting Photos at Canefest?

by UMFarArcher @ CanesInSight

Some of us don't live there - and we're starving each and every day for all things Canes. Somebody post some photos of the action. Spare us...

ACC semifinals vs UNC thread

by Miami04 @ CanesInSight

I hope I don't screw this lead up. Great start from Lepore so far. He's an Edgar Error away from having a one hit shutout. They said the...

Carolina claims Brad Kaaya

by FreeVilma @ CanesInSight

2019 LB Jahmar Brown receives offer

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

890328536292225024 video/3/5645825/581e787e7bddf85604ad107c Jahmar Brown, St. Thomas Aquinas, Outside Linebacker...

Draft Breakdown 2018

by mojoxd @ CanesInSight

I know we just concluded the 2017 draft but Draft Breakdown has put together some vids for our potential 2018 prospects. I'll keep updating the OP as...

ESPN article (Richt's expectations for the offense)

by MiamiVice7 @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes coach Mark Richt expects step forward for his offense - ACC Blog- ESPN...

Have you ever seen such blatant holding by an oline as with

by CountDookoo @ CanesInSight

FSU on Saturday. They were grabbing UM defenders from behind, had fists full of jersey all game long. Very poorly officiated game from that...

Delone Scaife

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

Won MVP of the national Rivals camp. They haven't released video of the PM session but word is he was dominating five stars. In my opinion, Scaife...

Update on 2019 Northwestern LB Samuel Brooks Jr.

by ErickMarreroU @ CanesInSight

Brooks was just offered by Miami. I spoke to a few people at Miami's camp today including Samuel Brooks. Don't be suprised if he pulls the trigger....

Dionte Mullins hurt?

by Gables Cane @ CanesInSight

Tweeted the following this morning: I'm really hurt😢 Feels like things are going down hill me for me! First my family and now this?? Smh🤦🏾️ ...

The Ambassador 1000% Committed

by mhkemh @ CanesInSight We all know Lingard is strongly committed but this young man is a class act...

Soeiro explained that her school is

by quiszard @ CanesInSight

Colts vs 49ers Live Stream (

Scrimmage #2 Stats Video [Let's talk about Rosier]

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight

Kevin Austin

by brock @ CanesInSight

Pete, is the staff pushing for him or is it a done deal to notre dame? He was named as one of the top performers at receiver at the opening and...

For all the people who want to just cut kids

by ATL-BRAD @ CanesInSight

This is why you do not. Some of you want kids like Langham, Gray and a few others gone. Now one of those 2 makes the biggest play in about 10 years...

The Dark(er) Side of Google Keyword Grouping

by Tylor Hermanson @ Sandbox SEO

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The post The Dark(er) Side of Google Keyword Grouping appeared first on Sandbox SEO.

Week 3 (Upset) Picks - 9/16

by Tetragrammaton Cane @ CanesInSight

Winners in *bold* *Kentucky* at South Carolina (-6.5) *Kent St.* at Marshall (-15) *Connecticut* at Virginia (-10) Oklahoma State (-14) vs....

2018 Nigel Bethel, Jr.

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Miami staff fell in love with his game at camp last weekend and I expect an offer coming his way at corner in the near future. He's a track guy...

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Pete, do you know if Kosy gained any weight? Any bigger?

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Pete, do you know if Kosy gained any weight? Does he looks bigger and stronger? How tall is Kosy?

7on7 Practice Notes

by Astcloud11 @ CanesInSight

Don't know the credibility of the poster, but this was posted on TOS (I found it on 247, so idk where it originated from). ---Quote--- "I will go...

Why All Businesses Should Invest In Search Engine Optimization

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by miamimarine @ CanesInSight

Only two penalties in the game last night. A nice change of pace from the previous games. I wish we keep this trend up. Well done, well done. ...

Tallahassee Fri and Sat night?

by im4umia @ CanesInSight

Where is everyone planning to hang out tomorrow night and post game on Sat night up in Tallahassee?

IPF info

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight

So a buddy of mine is a member of Canesport and he says there is a poster who works for Lemartec (Firm hired to build the IPF). He sent me these...

At end of 2017, where will this DL be ranked in U History?

by LuCane @ CanesInSight


Former UM DT Lester Williams Passes at Age 58

by CaneFan954 @ CanesInSight

Saw these tweets from Matt Porter on his passing. Haven't seen it elsewhere but if true, that's gotta be rough. 58 is not 28 but its still young...

2018 QB Casey Thompson

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

video/3/3959497/59da5efd3449380a44cbcb47 video/3/3959497/59d676e50dc059119c6d30ae 2018 4-star QB Casey Thompson Southmoore OK, this film is...

Is our defense overrated?

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

It's clear the talent is everywhere on this team but they lack fundamentals. They have missed 5 huge tackles that led to big gains or first downs. ...

Bad news guys

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

South Dakota 77 Drake 7 I don't think Austin is going to win a natty this year

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First time in tally.

by Jayhud11 @ CanesInSight

My first time going to tally to watch the game. Where are all the canes tailgates?

Dee Delaney

by Tetragrammaton Cane @ CanesInSight

It was great to see Dee Delaney get his first interception. He also was all over the field on tackles.

Facebook Video Spam/Scam Removal Step 3

by mplysiak @ Website Design and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Step 3 Now finally goto your wall and click the arrow next to the post and select report/mark as spam:

The 30 Hottest Names on This Year's Coaching Carousel

by Rollin 60s @ CanesInSight

lol Jimbob

by Problem2 @ CanesInSight

Gentleman, the last desperate gasp has begun :U5PyXda: 918261627698290689

Chris herndon next up

by brock @ CanesInSight

862729837580103682 He's always quietly been one of the most talented players we have had the past couple of years it's just the fact we had another...

Give the boys credit in the 2nd half thread

by "U"crazy @ CanesInSight

I was a pissed little Bltch in the 1st half ! But what a difference in 2nd half. Good job with adjustments by the coaches, play calling still needs...

This time last year

by yeaman @ CanesInSight

Recruiting: Four-star DE D.J. Johnson commits to Miami Hurricanes | Canes Watch...

All my Nole friends are remarkably quiet!

by TheEye @ CanesInSight

Nothing! No talks of loving college football! Hating the Canes! Nothing! It's like they have forgotten what week this is! They are hosting us! Guys,...

Gators making up stories about Dugans

by Problem2 @ CanesInSight ---Quote--- TAMPA, Fla. — After being committed to the Florida Gators for...

Sullivan University – 2017 Spring Graduation Live Stream

by Hatfield Media @ Hatfield Media

Sullivan University has chosen Hatfield Media as the live streaming provider for Sullivan’s Spring and Fall graduation broadcast events.  Graduation is held at Southeast Christian Church with the full capabilities of the facility and personnel in use.  The first live ...

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by nickster @ CanesInSight

Many of you are simply a bunch of crybabies and simply have NO OBJECTIVITY. What would people say about our first week of play? Give it a break about...

Remembering Hurricane Andrew

by FRCane @ CanesInSight

Came across this article ... I was actually on campus a day or two after the storm hit. I think it was the day after "move in day" for the fall...

Jenna Dewan Tatum's cast in 'Berlin, I Love You'

Jenna Dewan Tatum's cast in 'Berlin, I Love You'

by @ - RSS Results

ESPN Clown

by SoFlaSmitty @ CanesInSight

This guy Trevor just said that ND has better skill players on offense then every team they face including Miami? Is this real? He thinks ND will be...

Jalen rivers OT 2020

by brock @ CanesInSight

Will this kid be a future 5 star in his class? look how big he is at his age. That's crazy..... have to think we sit well with him with the oak leaf...

Definitely not looking good for today...

by Fightinibis @ CanesInSight

Probably not a bad thing for us at all if this severe weather keeps coming across to Louisville UM

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Staff rumor on 247

by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

Some one like to share that info

Very impressed with our offensive line!

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

Even though our defense and offense struggled with execution our offensive line was great today. Rozier had all day to throw and the running lanes...

Miami Offers '18 DL Tyler Friday (NJ)

by Tayt21 @ CanesInSight

Don Bosco Prep star 861645722386649092 Kool on the prowl Still can't figure out how to embed the tweets, help appreciated.

Sebastian being a savage

by nflU @ CanesInSight

Speed: Are our pants too baggy and saggy/thigh pads too big?

by The Svengali @ CanesInSight

Go ahead and neg me---neg me to death, goddamitt, but it needs to be said (and I know many of you are thinking it) Our damn pants are just too...

John Wall + Sheldon Mac Training at the U

by jhtheking @ CanesInSight

Feat Larranaga at the 0:40 mark. It's a series that follows Wall around, and features him at our gym and a local boxing venue. Last half of the...

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