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Five Little Reasons - And One Big One - To Hire an Ad Agency Part 2

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

4. You don’t want to spend all your time wrangling freelancers.  I’m the last person in the world to bag on freelancers. I used to be one. I’d encourage anyone who wants the freedom of a freelance career to give it a go. It’s not for everyone but, for a great decade, it sure was for me. 

It’s also likely that you can get really good freelance marketing help for less than you’d pay an ad agency for the same work. Freelancers have lower overhead. 

But hiring and coordinating freelancers can be a hassle. With an ad agency, you ideally have a single point of contact - an account executive - you can lean on to coordinate getting all your work done. Having a great account executive you can rely on to oversee your advertising business can save you countless hours you’d otherwise spend bringing together the right team for each part of the job and keeping your projects moving. Ask anyone who’s ever had one: a great AE is worth his or her weight in the paperwork you don’t have to do to coordinate your advertising efforts. 

5. You want to do the best advertising you possibly can.  If you think any advertising is good advertising, you may not need an agency. If you want to shake up your market and rocket your company to power, influence, and wealth - and you’re committed to expending the brainpower, time, and money to do the advertising it takes to help you get there - you probably need an ad agency. 

All of which brings me back to my first thought: The reason you hire an ad agency is that we’re professionals. We’re really good at this stuff. When you invest the time and money in great advertising, it works. 

You want your advertising to work? Hire a great ad agency and trust them. That works. 

WebMedley is Now Part of Fusioncorp Design™!

by Bill Dotson @ WebMedley

WebMedley is now a part of Fusioncorp Design™. Fusioncorp is another Lexington-based digital marketing company. You can learn more about the company by viewing [...]

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4 Benefits of Facebook Live that Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing Plan

by Tiffany Moss @ Allegra Design Print Mail – Lexington, KY

Since its debut in January 2016, Facebook Live – the service that allows users to live-stream video directly from their mobile devices to their friends and page followers – has infiltrated every user’s timeline and changed the way the world views live news. In fact, Facebook says that one in every five videos is a… [Read More]

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I think I’m kind of glamorous

by @ Advertise | &

Scott Robinson has always had a love for the stage, performing in musical theater when he was in high school and college. When he was 19 years old, he went … Click to Continue »

The Power of Pink

by @ Advertise | &

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, there is no better time to embrace your love for all things pink. Both the fashion and beauty industry have colossally stepped up … Click to Continue »


by Fairway IT @ Fairway

Ray Kosis has been promoted to General Manager of Fairway Outdoor Advertising’s North Central Division.  Based in Rochester Minnesota, this division covers a large area of south Minnesota and northern Iowa. Ray started his career in the outdoor industry in 1982 becoming the General Manager of Park Outdoor Advertising in upstate New York. In 1996 …

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Can you believe it’s November!!

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

Yes, we survived another Halloween season and are busy working on Black Friday and the Holiday plans for several clients.  We're also busy preparing 2015 marketing plans and a few new pitches, so stay tuned for more news from the BAG team. In addition, we are thrilled to welcome Kentucky Bank as a new client!!

Something to Pink About

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we want to give you something to "pink" about. We are living in a world where practically any person you meet has in … Click to Continue »

Dealing with belligerent kids

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Parents know all too well that kids are experts at pushing our buttons – talking back, refusing to mind, picking fights with their siblings – at precisely those moments when … Click to Continue »

Viewing Truck Communication Differently:  Truck Graphics as Part of a Marketing Campaign

by AV Admin @ Advertising Vehicles

Marketing strategies and options are always evolving.  With the advancements in technology, the marketing options feel endless now and the opportunity to skip/avoid advertising is stronger than ever.  Using the traditional forms of advertising no longer ensures that your message is received by your target market.   Just as marketing has evolved, so have the […]

How We Build Strong Agency-Client Relationships

by c360 @ Current360

Serving Lexington through PR

by Rosie Ecker @ Wiser Strategies

What comes to mind when you hear the term “Public Relations?” Untying myself from seeing it firsthand here at Wiser Strategies, I think of Public Relations as the professionals hired to fix a scandal. For example, The 2014 Taco Bell rat issue in New York City,...

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Cable TV Advertising, Online and Mobile Advertising | Viamedia

Cable TV Advertising, Online and Mobile Advertising | Viamedia


Viamedia is the leading independent cable advertising management company in the US. Providing advertising solutions for cable tv, online and mobile.

Simple Ways to Personalize Your Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

by Tiffany Moss @ Allegra Design Print Mail – Lexington, KY

Today’s top marketers are always exploring meaningful ways to reach and engage prospective and existing customers. One of the most widely embraced marketing strategies for establishing and maintaining customer rapport and loyalty? Personalized marketing leverages your customer data to individualize messaging, adding important relevancy. Personalization can be applied to most of your marketing channels: direct… [Read More]

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The Ripple Effect: How to be An Everyday Innovator

by Tiffany Moss @ Allegra Design Print Mail – Lexington, KY

When it comes to developing fresh approaches that lead to significant growth and powerful transformation, many leaders of businesses and nonprofits struggle with out-of-the-box thinking. In fact, research shows that 98 percent of adults don’t consider themselves creative and 80 percent of Americans report feeling an increasing amount of pressure to be productive rather than… [Read More]

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Equipment Depot

by AV Admin @ Advertising Vehicles

Advertising Vehicles’ high quality products, flexible service, and professionalism ensure Equipment Depot has consistent branding across their entire fleet.

Free Tree Giveaway For Kentucky Arbor Day

by BoxcarPR @ Boxcar PR

Oxmoor Auto Group was looking for a way to not only give back to their loyal customers but also to give back to the city of Louisville. With spring just around the corner, Boxcar facilitated a partnership with Brightside and the Division of Community Forestry to celebrate Kentucky Arbor Day. Through these partnerships, Oxmoor was […]

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2016 at Zipie

2016 at Zipie

by Zack Massey @ ZIPIE Advertising

  As is traditional, we’ve spent the first few weeks of 2017 looking back at the year that was. Not because we’re in an especially reflective mood, but because we’ve been in a mad, panicked dash to get our ADDY...

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Statewide Data on the Oral Health of Kentucky’s Youth

by BoxcarPR @ Boxcar PR

Delta Dental of Kentucky and Kentucky Youth Advocates Releases Statewide Data on the Oral Health of Kentucky’s Youth Delta Dental of Kentucky teamed up with Kentucky Youth Advocates to study and assess the oral health of Kentucky’s 3rd and 6th graders. The report, Making Smiles Happen: 2016 Oral Health Study of Kentucky’s Youth, presents findings […]

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Build Your Store’s Customer Base Through Special Events

by Jill Estep @ Sheehy

Nothing says “we appreciate you” like a big party. Be sure your special event has all the elements to become a big splash and not a bust… It’s that time of year in Louisville, Kentucky: fedora fanfare is at a premium, a hint of mint will hit multitudes of julep glasses and the sound of […]

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Love on a Leash: Local nonprofit shares joy, one doggie lick at a time

by @ Advertise | &

Megan Lovett and her Doberman Pinscher, Josie, were a perfect team. As a volunteer pair with Love on a Leash, Megan and Josie visited Lexington spots like the VA Hospital, … Click to Continue »

Doe-Anderson Advertising | Louisville, KY

Doe-Anderson Advertising | Louisville, KY

Doe-Anderson Advertising

At Doe-Anderson we have been helping our clients compete and win since 1915. We move brands where customers are headed – before everyone else gets there.

Bridal bliss

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Since this is our Cherish issue, it only seems fitting to focus on bridal season. Whether you’re the bride to be, a member of the wedding party, or simply an … Click to Continue »

Take Your Ads on the Road with a Bus Campaign.

by admin @ medialeaseooh

Bus advertising is an effective means to reach audiences of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds. Placing your ads on buses and in bus shelters lets you […]

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Girls just wanna have fun

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Since this issue is all about getting saucy, we are here to help you spice up your wardrobe for a girl's night out. Going out for an evening with the … Click to Continue »

Centre College Football Mural

by BoxcarPR @ Boxcar PR

Boxcar recently completed the design of a wall mural at Centre College in Danville, KY. The athletic mural spanned 625 sq. ft. in the college’s football gym. Our graphic designers incorporated Centre’s athletes, school quotes and past championships and participations into their design. The mural “pops” off the wall and and celebrates the success of […]

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Zipie at the ADDY Awards: 2017 Edition

by Zack Massey @ ZIPIE Advertising

Another ADDY Awards is in the books! This annual event is always a major part of our calendar, allowing us to reflect on the past year’s work while getting inspired by the work of the rest of Lexington’s creative community....

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Comfortable in her own skin

by @ Advertise | &

Personal experience motivates Lexington physician assistant

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What Makes Startup Production Different?

by NicoleMueller @ Startup Production

Each day my clients are bombarded with emails from companies saying their website needs to be redone, that they can help them climb the SERPs (search engine results page), or there are a host of errors on their website that only they can solve.  Many of these emails are from money-making schemes from international companies.

Nashville HOT Opens in Cincinnati

by BoxcarPR @ Boxcar PR

Former Investor and President of Tom+Chee David Krikorian wanted to bring the first Nashville-style hot chicken restaurant to the Cincinnati tri-state. Hiring Nashville-native James Hutchison as the head chef and pinning down his first location in Crescent Springs, Kentucky, he hired Boxcar to build awareness and generate a following with goal of opening future locations […]

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oOh! – Australia’s Most Diverse DOOH Ad Network Converts to BroadSign International, LLC’s Platform

by admin @ medialeaseooh

oOh! Media, Australia’s largest owner of digital out-of-home advertising environments, has completed the conversion of its digital signs to BroadSign International, LLC’s software, BroadSign X. The […]

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How to Survive South by Southwest

by Zack Massey @ ZIPIE Advertising

The Zipie SXSW Handbook: Year 3 Just like that, it’s March again—and that means we’re headed back to Texas for another year of South by Southwest. This is our third year going, and we’ve developed a few tips for how...

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Bravetart: Lexington pastry whiz earns praise for new book 

by Staff @ Ace Weekly

Would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR COOKIES!   Would you eat Girl Scout cookies all year round if they were available? (They […]

Where is Spring?

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

Been so crazy weather here in Central KY! The first day of spring was this week and we've been from sunny and 70's to snow! More snow next week.. Crazy! Been buys here at BAG. We've added a couple new clients and building several new websites. We are gaining a new person and losing a longtime BAG "girl" Barbara Huber.

Consistency in your Image

by AV Admin @ Advertising Vehicles

It amazes me how many businesses I visit have this great brand/image yet their vehicles do not match. Their website is great looking and informative, their company uniforms are clean and slick, their business cards, letterhead and brochures are consistent, their store front sign is bright and eye catching; yet, their vehicles are white, boring […]

The scoop on gelato

by @ Advertise | &

The sisters at Sorella Gelateria have added a special ingredient to downtown Lexington. Alma Kajtazovic and Selma Sulejmanagic opened the gelato shop at 219 N. Limestone last year, making it … Click to Continue »

Five Little Reasons–And One Big One–To Hire an Ad Agency Part 1

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

1. You value outside opinions and professional expertise.  The people who work in ad agencies are professionals - like lawyers and plumbers and accountants. I’ve dabbled in all three of those areas enough to know that dealing with them is best left to professionals. I’ve also learned that sometimes I’m too close to a situation and I need outside advisors to help me sort out a plan of action. Those are good reasons to hire an ad agency. It’s shocking how often we reveal strategic advantages and pitfalls our clients never anticipated - just because we have an outsider’s perspective. And because we’re professionals. You do what you do because you’re good at it. We’re good at advertising. 

2. You have ongoing advertising/marketing needs that require professional attention.  If you need a product flyer or a radio spot, you may not need an ad agency. If you need a coordinated campaign that includes several media, or you need a big collateral system, or ongoing content for your blog, or videos and programs and speeches for your big event, or - well, you get it. Ad agencies are great for planning, coordinating, and executing complicated marketing communications programs and helping you get the most for the money you spend. 

3. You can’t afford to have top-level advertising talent on staff.  We employ the talents of expert writers, designers, art directors, creative directors, web developers, business and marketing strategists, media planners, project managers, and account executives - not to mention photographers, videographers, directors, audio engineers, models and actors, printers, etc. All of these people have professional and technical expertise used in the creation of advertising. 

You probably don’t want all these people on staff (neither do we). If you’re a big company, you can probably afford to have some of them on the payroll, and you may be able to keep them busy enough to justify their salaries. And if you’re lucky, you can snag a great writer or a fabulous designer with the promise of a steady paycheck in a stable environment. We know lots of great creative people who work on the client side. 

But most top ad people don’t want to work for in-house departments. Most want to work for ad agencies, where they can use their talents to work on a variety of challenging assignments for different clients in different industries. They’re motivated less by job security and more by the prospect of doing daring work. 

By: Ken Honeywell 

(Part 2 coming soon)


Catalyst for change

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Earlier this year Alison Lundergan Grimes was hailed as one of the new stars of the Democratic Party following her address to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. She now … Click to Continue »

Welcome to 2015!

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog


Wow it makes a personal milestone for me... 30 years in the advertising and marketing business!  Yes, go ahead with the OLD jokes!  A lot has changed in the last 30 years, and I continue to work hard at keeping "ahead of the curve" on the latest trends. I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me get to this milestone in my career - all the clients, employers, mentors, managers, co-workers, employees, interns and family who have been with me along the way. I've learned so much from all of you. Looking forward to being here for MANY more! 

  "I'm still Learning"  -Michelangelo at 87

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!


Our Facebook Top 10 of 2016

by Zack Massey @ ZIPIE Advertising

We do social. A lot of social. We create thousands of posts each year for our clients and for ourselves, but even as we’re strategizing, customizing, optimizing, and analyzing each and every one of them, a few rise to the...

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Changes at BAG

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

School is finally out! Yeah!!!  We're BUSY here at bag. Several new projects are in the works. We are also in the throws of summer selling season with the auto dealers. Believe it or not, Halloween Express is gearing up and we'll be attending corporate meeting in a couple weeks.

The warmer winds have also blown some change here at bag. Jamie Hall, media director, is going into television sales for WDKY-TV, Fox 56. Jamie has been a part of the bag team(family) for over 8 years!!!  She has been a wonderful team member & friend. We wish her all the best in her new adventure!

Happy to announce that Karlie Fort has accepted the position as bag media director!  Karlie's attention to detail and bubbly personalty makes her a perfect fit.

Out and About in Lexington

by Katie McDaniel @ Wiser Strategies

The past couple of months at Wiser Strategies we have been very busy with video work, creating new collateral materials, enhancing digital marketing, as well as assisting with event planning for our clients. Although we have been busy with client work, we still make it...

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Facebook Introduces Family Targeting

by Scott Lowery @ Digital Tulip

Your family may not look at the same content on Facebook but they may soon be seeing the same advertisement.  Creepy-feeling?  Maybe, but not that far removed from the niche targeted advertising we’ve already become accustomed to.  Facebook already allows advertiser the distinct advantage of spending their advertising dollars based on profile interests targeting someone who is likely already interested in their product….and now they are offering the ability to advertise to the entire household. How does Facebook do this? Facebook utilizes its vast data to consider relationships people declare on Facebook profiles, if they share the same last name,…

The Art and Science of Listening…or, Is your Agency really giving you what you asked for?

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

Does your current agency REALLY listen to your needs or, do they have another agenda?

Guest Commentary: Rick Stafford - Brand Advertising Group. a.k.a. “bag boy”

     Several years ago I went to purchase a car at a local dealership. I had a basic idea of what I was looking for: brand, model, color, extras and cost. So, I get to the dealership, I am assigned a sales person, they ask a few benign questions to “qualify” me while we take a walk around the lot. At this point all was good; I thought that this person had my best interests in mind and would lead me to the car of my dreams - NOT! In fact, I saw the car I wanted and could afford while we were walking around the lot, but as I approached it, the sales person said: “Oh no, that’s not the one you are looking for; the one you are looking for is over here!” Somewhat puzzled, I looked at the salesperson and said: “Well, based on what I just told you, THIS is the car I think best meets what I want and what I am looking for.” The Salesperson, this time a bit more firmly said: “Well I really think the one you are looking for is right over hear.” Sadly, rather than resist, I relented and went to look at HIS vehicle. It was not at all what I was interested in, in the least!  This game of cat and mouse went on for a while, and I might add - on more than one occasion and more than one dealership over the years. More times than not, I would get to the point of exasperation, get up and tell the salesperson “Thank you,” while scurrying out the door with said salesman and manager in tow saying something like: “I don’t understand, I thought we had a deal, come back and give us a chance!” They had their chance all right, and I was taking my chance to escape before they got their hands on my wallet! 

     Turns out that in many cases, particularly with cars that are considered older stock, there is an extra incentive to sell a particular vehicle NOT necessarily for the benefit of the customer, rather to the benefit of the dealer and the pocket book of the salesperson…I should have guessed. Agencies and other entities can often do the same: allow us to believe we are headed one direction while they are trying to steer us to a different path. So much non-sense in business today, in relationships and just basic communication becomes futile if not frustrating, simply because we do not ACTIVELY LISTEN to what the other person is REALLY trying to say. Think about it- I find myself resorting to putting what the other person is saying on hold while thinking about what my next point or rebuttal is going to be; have YOU ever done that? I thought so.

   People, much more knowledgeable about such things than I, say up to 66% of our first impressions are wrong, WHY? Because we assume everyone does or should think like we do, which of course is either wishful thinking or insanity. Very seldom will we find anyone we become friends or do business with that agrees with us even small percentage of the time. And almost always, when there is a breakdown in communication, it is because we either DO NOT listen or, LISTEN with ulterior motives. ACTIVE LISTENING includes keeping an open mind while the other person is speaking, giving the benefit of the doubt, and believing that the client you seek is telling what they want and possibly how, despite the fact they may not be an expert on the subject matter and you might be. ACTIVE QUESTIONING implies lots of questions; specific, pointed and direct repeated back verbatim for clarification, for instance: “If I understand you correctly, this is what I am hearing YOU say, is that correct?” How many arguments and misunderstandings (and possibly wars and divorces) could be avoided if we simply slow down, ask more questions and put ourselves in the client’s shoes?

  One last thought, often it is not WHAT we say as much as HOW. Depending on how you are wired and your background i.e. family, culture, gender, age, education, life experience and the like…HOW you say something or ask a question can many times be more important then the words we use. Again, by several folks who are much smarter about these things, one study showed we interpret what other say when face to face by: 

Body Language (How you carry yourself) 55% Tone of voice (Awareness is key) 38% Words we use (Choice thereof) 7%

  Let that settle for a moment, the conclusion of this study was HOW you say something is FAR more important than WHAT you say…something politicians have known for ages. On the phone we need to be aware (all the more) of what we say and the tone we use:

Tone of Voice: 86% Words we use: 14%

BOTTOM LINE: Does your current agency ACTIVELY listen? Do they ACTIVELY question? Are they sincere and responsive, do they honor you as a client by taking YOUR wants, needs and desires into account? Or, are they trying to sell you a “car” that benefits their pocketbook, rather than your business and best interests? If not, it might be time for a change…and you can always be assured that with us, it is always in the B.A.G!

Looking for a Public Relations Firm in Kentucky?

by Nancy Wiser @ Wiser Strategies

Would you like to be more successful in reaching your goals? Are you wondering if public relations might help? Maybe public awareness of and confidence in your company are not what you want them to be. Perhaps you wonder if your marketing and communication investment...

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Pet project

by @ Advertise | &

Dog days are far from over for manager of hotel for hounds

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Snapchat’s Rise and What it means for Social Advertising

by Stephen Tackett @ Right Place Media

The rise of Snapchat has been quick, even for digital media standards. First released in September 2011, the photo and video based social app currently bolsters 34 million unique users in the U.S. and 100 million users worldwide. It offers users the ability to share moments as they happen but allows users to retain some […]

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August is Here - BAG in full press mode!

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

It's August - school is starting, car dealers hare having model year end clearance sales and Halloween is in full swing. As always, August is a busy month at Brand Advertising Group. AND we are expecting a new BAG baby in October, (Yes - in case you had not heard, Jamie is having a baby girl the first of October!).  We are so blessed to have such great clients, many who have been our partners for a long time, and continue to add new clients and new web/online partners.  Are you looking for a new marketing partner?  Call and see what unique way we can ramp up your marketing efforts!  859-293-5760

What Determines Startup Success?

by Jill Estep @ Sheehy

For startup genius Bill Gross, sharing the secret to success wouldn’t be possible without experiencing failure. Few know success quite as well as Idealab founder and CEO Bill Gross. With more than 100 startups birthed from Idealab, including NetZero, Pet Smart and, Gross has lead plenty of new stores to sky-high profits and unparalleled […]

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Studio 34 Productions

Studio 34 Productions

Studio 34 Productions | Advertising Agency, Lexington, KY

Studio 34 Productions is a full-service marketing, advertising and design agency specializing in the Thoroughbred racing, sales and breeding industries.

Secrets to Unlocking Creativity - Can you say: “Weekend Re-Creation?”

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog


Blogpost: Secrets to Unlocking Creativity FOR the workweek. 

Lindsay Kolowich 


Let me make one thing clear: This is not a post about how you should spend your weekends working yourself to the bone.

“Productivity” has a much wider definition than many of us give it credit for. We tend to equate productivity with doing things, rather than with taking time to think, reflect, rest and “re-create.”

But busyness is not the same as productivity. Being productive can mean working on a project efficiently, but it can also mean giving your mind a break. After all, w hen people are exhausted and burnt out, they become less engaged at work—and Gallup reports that engaged employees are a whopping 28% more productive than unengaged employees. (Not to mention they’re happier, more attentive, and more innovative.)

So, what are some ways you can make your weekends more productive, in every sense of the word?

Check out the list below for some ideas. Some of these are geared toward the more conventional definition of productivity, while others are biased toward giving yourself a break so you can be happier, more creative, and more efficient in the long-term.

(Note: If you’re finding you’re still working nonstop on weekends, check out our guide on how to be more productive to learn how to manage your time and maximize your workplace performance during the week.) You probably spend the majority of your workweek sitting at your desk or in conference rooms, slogging away at your day-to-day tasks. That’s why changing the types of activities you do on weekends can play a big role in both your level of happiness and productivity.

1) Use different skills than you use during the week.

Why? By changing the types of activities you’re doing, you can actually change the neurons firing inside your head. Using different neurons makes it easier for you to make different types of connections and associations. When composers get stuck writing a piece of music, for example, it’s not uncommon for them to switch to a different instrument to help get over their writer’s block. The different instrument helps them think about the “problem” in a different way.

Laura Vanderkam, author of the book What Successful People Do Before Breakfast, agrees, saying your weekends need to feel different from your weekdays. She suggests rotating in different activities and hobbies that you don’t have time to do during the week. Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson plays soccer on the weekends, for example. And billionaire Warren Buffet plays the ukulele. Making time for hobbies and non-work activities can foster creativity, relieve stress, and make you a happier, more successful person. If you wake up on Saturday with a list of 20 to-do list items, you’re setting yourself up for failure. (Or at least for a whole lot of stress.) The key is to prioritize so you get the most important things done, not all the things done. That way, you allow yourself the time to do them well. 

2) Don’t try to do it all.

One technique for prioritizing your to-do list is called the impact vs. effort analysis. Here’s how it works: Before you begin a task, ask yourself how much effort this task will take, and what the immediate impact will be. This’ll help you quickly figure out which of the items on your to-do list will have the most immediate impact in the least amount of time.

For example, if you wake up on a Saturday and find your inbox is overflowing but you were hoping to bang out a blog post before lunch, run a quick impact vs. effort analysis in your head. You might realize that getting through 30+ emails takes a significant amount of effort, but actually has little impact on your success. Writing that blog post, on the other hand, requires more effort, but it carries a much higher impact.

“The early bird catches the worm” isn’t a common phrase for nothing. Practically every article out there on productivity says waking up early can help you get more done—provided you went to bed at a reasonable hour the night before. If not, it may be better to catch up on sleep. (See #6.)

3) Kick into gear first thing in the morning.

Either way, when you do get up, try to get up and out of bed as soon as you can. Mornings tend to be slower and lend fewer distractions, making it easier for you to get things done more quickly.

“I try to leave my house as early as possible,” says Leslie Ye, writer and editor for HubSpot’s Sales Blog . “That way, I get fresh air and don’t just sit on my couch all day.” “If I do an easy but rote chore right when I wake up, like clean the kitchen or empty the dishwasher, I’m usually really productive the rest of that day,” says HubSpot’s Director of Content Corey Wainwright. The idea is that, if you kick yourself into gear first thing in the morning, you don’t give yourself a chance to laze around—and you’ll put yourself in the mindset to get things done.

Alternatively, if you don’t have anything specific if you need to get done, sometimes the best thing you can do for your future productivity is to give your mind a break.

4) Give your mind a break.

After all, time off is good for your productivity and performance at work. Almost nine out of ten American workers feel like time off increases their happiness, and 91% of business leaders believe their employees return from breaks recharged and ready to work more effectively.

Ye likes to use weekends to get outside and get some fresh air. “Being in an office five days a week leaves me drained by Friday,” she says. “Taking the time to do an outside activity, even if it’s just taking a walk along the Charles River, helps me recharge and gives my mind a break.”

Meditating is another way to release your mind from stressors—and it happens to have extraordinary health and productivity benefits, like increased focus, reduced stress, and greater creativity. Plenty of successful people—Jack Dorsey, Rupert Murdoch, and Oprah Winfrey— all meditate daily.

If you’ve never meditated before, there are a few great apps that offer guided meditations, like Headspace (which gives you 10 free guided meditation sessions with the option of subscribing later) or Calm (which offers two-dozen guided meditation session ranging from a few minutes long to about 30 minutes long). Sleep deficit is a real thing. The downsides of sleep debt aren’t just that you’re tired all the time—chronic sleep debt raises the risk of obesity, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. And in the short-term, lack of sleep can have significant effects on the hippocampus—an area of the brain involved in memory creation and consolidation.

5) Catch up on sleep.

The good news is, if you find yourself getting fewer than the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night, you can make up that debt on weekends. One University of Chicago study followed a group of student volunteers who slept only four hours per night for six consecutive days. All of the changes they experienced during that period of sleep deprivation—from high blood pressure to fewer antibodies to insulin resistance—were reversed when the students made up the hours of sleep they’d lost. So if you missed, say, ten hours of sleep over the course of a week, then add three or four extra sleep hours on the weekend, and an extra one to two hours to nights the following week—until you’ve repaid all 10 of those hours.  Don’t make this a habit, though. Try to factor those seven to eight hours of sleep per night into your daily schedule as much as you can. (Read more about the science of sleep here.) 

While you should use your workweek to nail the job you have, if you’re gunning for a promotion—or another job altogether—then why not use some of your weekend time learning the skills of the job you want? Learning a new skill or diving deeper into an area of specialization that’s growing might be just the ammunition you need to land that coveted position.

6) Hone a skill for the job you want. 

The skills you choose to work on will depend on the role you have your eye on. For example, if you want to move up as a digital marketer, you may want to improve your HTML/CSS skills, read up on trends in modern technology and emerging platforms, or brush up on your SEO knowledge. If you want to work for an agency, you’ll want to gain experience with cross-channel marketing, mobile marketing, and design. Want to be a CMO? Make sure you master personnel development—perhaps by taking on mentorship roles outside of work—as well as financial analysis and strategic thinking.

For more ideas on which skills to work on, here’s a list of 13 valuable skills you can learn for free.

Want to get your get her name out there as a thought leader and industry expert? Most media outlets allow people to submit authentic, original articles on topics that are relevant to their readership.

7) Write a guest post for a publication.

Each one has different requirements and submission instructions, though. While some require you to submit full articles, others accept topic pitches and are willing to work with you on an outline. To help you sort through these requirements, here are guest blogging instructions and guidelines for 11 top media outlets, including The New York Times, Business Insider,, Mashable, and more.

If you want to write more regularly, consider creating a personal blog. The social publishing platform Medium is a great place to publish personal blog posts because it comes with a built-in audience. This is especially helpful for people who don’t have time to do a lot of content promotion. (Here’s a beginner’s guide to Medium to get you started.) Weekends are for stepping away from the daily grind, spending time with friends and family, doing things that make you smile, and generally keeping your work-life balance in check. These things may not necessarily boost your company’s profits by 200% or make you CEO next week, but that doesn’t make them any less important.

8) Pick at least one obligation-free day.

But some of you might find it hard to step away from all those obligations—work-related or not—for the entire two-day period. If that sounds like you, then try to choose at least one of the two days to remain totally obligation-free. Saturday is my no-guilt, 100% work-free day,” says Ye. “I don’t do any errands, chores, or open my work computer—I save that for Sunday. Giving myself one day a week to do exactly what I want with no guilt makes it that much easier to tackle my chores and errands the next day.” I find it harder to work efficiently on the weekends, simply because it feels like I have so much more time. But time can fly, and all of a sudden it’s 5:00 p.m. and I just spent the last several hours in limbo between getting work done and procrastinating hardcore.

9) If you choose to work, set a time limit.

When you literally reserve blocks of time to get specific tasks done, it can be much easier to focus and get your work done quicker—leaving you with more time to actually enjoy your weekend.

Emma Brudner, who manages HubSpot’s Sales Blog, uses laundry as a work timer when she works from home. ” I set mini-deadlines for myself corresponding to when I have to go downstairs to switch loads,” she says. “If I’m working on an article, I tell myself I’ll get to a certain point before the wash cycle ends. Then I set another goal for the dryer.”

Tyler Littwin, a content strategist and graphic designer at HubSpot, agrees it’s important to set a limit on work when you’re at home. “If you work from home full-time (or on a regular basis), it’s really easy to let your work life bleed into your personal life. Maintaining a boundary is important for both halves of the equation.”

Another handy trick? The laptop battery countdown. This one comes from Ginny Soskey, who manages HubSpot’s Marketing Blog. She suggests bringing your laptop with you to a remote location—like the coffee shop downstairs—without your computer charger. Then, aim to work until your computer dies. This is a way of gamifying your productivity, and it works: The pressure of a looming deadline can do wonders to keep you focused and working smarter.

Didn’t get as much done as you wanted to in your designated block of time? Forgive yourself, and then move on. The more you set these hard time limits for yourself, the more efficient you’ll get during your designated work time. Think about all the things in your home that you haven’t touched in months or years, but can’t bear to throw away. Those shoes you never wear anymore. That unopened kitchen gadget you got for Christmas three years ago. All those old notes and receipts you haven’t looked at in years.

10) Declutter your living spaces.

A lot of us simply have too much stuff. Why not spend some time over the weekend getting rid of it, little by little? Decluttering your living spaces will make you feel a lot better—especially if you can give some of those items to charity, or sell them online.

Donating is the easiest way to get rid of things without throwing it away. Start by finding the nearest Salvation Army or Goodwill or other local charitable organization. For the more expensive things—like that unopened kitchen gadget—try selling it. If you’re in the U.S., try using Craigslist for items you don’t want to ship, like furniture or other large items. For items you feel comfortable boxing and shipping, try eBay. You can also trade in old items like electronics on Amazon for Amazon credit. (For more ideas, here’s a great guide to decluttering your home from Lifehacker.)

Billionaire Richard Branson said, “It is amazing how focusing your mind on issues like health, poverty, conservation and climate change can help to re-energize your thinking in other areas.”

11) Volunteer.

Serving others has a long list of intangible benefits, like pride, satisfaction, accomplishment, connections with others, strengthening your community, and improving the lives of others. Nothing helps put things into perspective—and can make your problems seem a little smaller—than helping those less fortunate. Plus, along with social benefits, research shows there’s a strong relationship between volunteering and physical health, too.

Weekends are a great time to get involved in local and community volunteer events. If you don’t have a specific cause in mind, check out your local library, youth center, animal shelter, homeless shelter, or hospital to see if they’re in need of volunteers. is another great place to find good causes in your local community for a wide variety of time commitments. Sunday night blues are never fun. Instead of using those last few golden weekend hours to check through all your boring work emails, do something you’ll actually look forward to. For me, it’s watching Game of Thrones. For you, it might be reading a book, taking a run with your dog, meditating, or cooking a nice meal.

12) Do something fun on Sunday night.

Another idea is to take the time to reflect on the week gone by. Reflection is something you should be doing daily, but weekends are a great time to step back and think about what made you smile, what you’re grateful for, what you’ve accomplished, and how to make the next week even better.

“This extends the weekend and keeps you focused on the fun to come, rather than on Monday morning,” writes Vanderkam in her book. That way, you’ll go to bed with a calmer mindset, unperturbed by all the stuff you have to do the next day.




Small Business Marketing in Lexington, KY

Small Business Marketing in Lexington, KY


From local online marketing, to local print directories, Vivial helps small businesses in the Lexington area grow, succeed, and serve the community.

Novel ideas

by @ Advertise | &

Contemporary romance author inspired by faith

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Traditional Media is ALL that? Hold your Horses!

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

Did you know that 58% of the entire adult population use Facebook? 

Usage among seniors and baby boomers continues to grow. In fact, 56% of internet users ages 65 and older are now using Facebook. Women are more likely to utilize Facebook than men. The average number of friends on Facebook is 155 (Today’s guest writer has nearly 800…I really should cut back!) On average, 50 of those 155 friends are family members. 

Think about the impact this one social media outlet has with regard to communicating, persuading, influencing, reminding and informing YOUR customer - not just your customer…your TARGETED customer!

And that’s not all:

87% of current user keep in touch with friends from the past; high school, college and former co-workers.

58% are connected to current co-workers.

43% are friends with their children.

39% are connected to people they have never met in person.

Now, consider all of the other social media opportunities. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

In addition to your current traditional media dollars, how much farther can your advertising dollar go, IF…you explore the world of opportunity at 71% of the general population? Not just to communicate with current customers as a reminder, but future customers who may have a need for your product, business or service…RIGHT NOW!

Give us a call - NOW! We guarantee NOT to waste your time. Our services are uniquely designed to connecting you and your specific audience.

Experience the BRAND difference - it’s already in the B.A.G.





3 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Email Marketing Results

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Welcome to the Boom-Boom Room

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Valentine’s Day is coming up. Perhaps you’re considering having some intimate photographs taken for that special someone in your life. It’s called boudoir photography. Are you a feeling little trepidation, … Click to Continue »

Startup Production

Startup Production

Startup Production

Web Design & Internet Marketing in Lexington KY

What Do Clients Want From Their Advertising Agency?

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What Should I Consider When Designing my Company’s Transit Ad?

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Transit advertising design creates a visual story for your audience. A creatively done bus ad not only catches attention, but will boost your brand awareness. Designing bus ads can be challenging, but with these tips you will capture consumers’ attention and see your company’s sales rise.   Create a visual keeping in mind that your […]

How and Where to Watch Eclipse 2017 in Lexington KY

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So, you’ve heard about the Solar Eclipse 2017.  Lexington will experience a 94 percent partial eclipse beginning at 1pm and reach maximum coverage at 2:30pm. The next solar eclipse isn’t til 2024; plan accordingly. If you already have your special viewing glasses, you’re all set. If not, there’s still hope. Here’s a small sampling of […]

Randy Martin Retires; Dukes and Moore Promoted

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Fairway’s Northern Georgia Operations Director, Randy Martin Retires; Dukes and Moore Promoted Fairway Outdoor Advertising announces management changes to its Atlanta/Athens and Valdosta, Georgia markets. Randy Martin, director of operations for the company’s Northern Georgia Division in Atlanta and Athens, will be retiring this August. Before joining Fairway in 2010, Martin ran outdoor operations in …

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International, Multi-lingual, Original, Unforgettable

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Branding a multi-national company from an ocean away   Let’s talk about branding for a minute. Coming up with an identity for a new business isn’t a low-pressure situation—you’re tasked with creating a personality, a first impression, something that’s going...

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Why Business Women need Community

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Why Do Women Need Community “Women-owned firms (51% or more) account for 31% of all privately held firms and contribute 14% of employment and 12% of revenues.” – NAWBO   “Today, on average, a woman earns 79 cents for every dollar a man earns, and women’s median annual earnings are $10,800 less than men’s”- Senate Joint Economic

Hia Magazine

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Model Ruby K. showcases luxury fashion in a new Marie Antoinette-inspired editorial in Hia Magazine! Working internationally, Ruby is signed to agencies in London, Milan, Paris, and Miami.    

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What is a Human-Centric Experience?

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I didn’t go to college to study graphic design. I stumbled on it while navigating a double major in dramatic arts and anthropology. That might sound like a hard sell to agencies, but I can draw a line back from every successful design to those four years researching storytelling and …

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A courageous career

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One of the most courageous careers anyone can choose is to be a firefighter. Firefighters charge into the midst of chaos, often at the risk of their own lives, to … Click to Continue »

It’s Electric: Unique trio overcomes resistance

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Whenever the women of Electria go against the current, it never quite works out. The trio got its start when Zara Bolone, a then-Louisville transplant from Arizona, was seeking members … Click to Continue »

Fall in Love with Promotional Products

by Tiffany Moss @ Allegra Design Print Mail – Lexington, KY

Fall is the perfect time for small business marketers to make a bold move that leaves lasting impressions on current and potential customers ahead of the busy year-end holiday season. One of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to increase your brand’s awareness is with promotional products. According to a recent Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)… [Read More]

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Zipie’s March Badness

by Zack Massey @ ZIPIE Advertising

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How YOU and YOUR Customers Benefit From Surveys and Focus Groups

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

​All to many times, we assume that other people THINK THE WAY WE DO - in fact, statistics tell us that 60% of our first impressions are WRONG due to this assumption. Think about it, age, gender, education, culture, family background, life experience, personality type, emotional make-up and the like, ALL make us who we are and go along way to determine HOW we think. The result of NOT finding out HOW our customers think and ASSUMING we already know is a clear path to marketing, advertising, promotion and “Campaign-Aggedon!”

Here are a few things to think about when setting up the audience, type, verbiage and general content of an effective survey campaign or focus group. Keep in mind - surveys are great to find out what your customer is thinking (who, what, when and where) while focus groups tend to be less objective, more subjective and tell us WHY and HOW! So, a few things to consider…


Top 12 Survey Best Practices

One of the best ways to keep your finger on the pulse of your business or organization is to gather feedback from your most valuable asset: your customers and members and vendors. Then, efficiently gathering feedback, analyzing it, and acting on it in a meaningful way to increase your business or organization’s success and strengthen your relationships. To help you gather feedback from your customers, donors, members, and constituents, we’ve assembled the top 12 best practices for effectively building and promoting an online survey. Put them to work as you plan and implement your next one, and it’s sure to be a success!

1. Have a single, well-defined objective. 

What feedback do you really want from your customers? Narrow down what you want to know to the key questions that get to theroot of the issue. For instance, when conducting a post-transaction satisfaction survey, stick to questions surrounding the sale process and nothing more. This will keep your survey focused and help avoid the “just one more question” syndrome when building your survey. Take a few minutes to plan your survey and consider what you want to get out of the results before building your questions.

2. Keep your survey short. 

In a best-case scenario, a survey should take 5 minutes or less to complete in order to get the best response rate. Anything longer than 10 minutes should be re-thought, or survey takers should be given an incentive for giving that much of their time to answer your questions. Another key for keeping your survey to the point: Avoid questions with more than 10 answer options. Too many options for a single answer can confuse the survey taker and slow down completion time. Break the question into multiple questions or consider another way to phrase and answer it.   

3. Design your survey for easily measurable results. 

The key is to ask closed-ended questions that generate results that are easy to analyze, spot trends, and set base lines. A good example of a closed ended question is:

What service(s) of ours do you use?

a) Digital Marketing/Advertising

b) TV and radio

c) Billboards

Using too many open-ended questions that require respondents to type out responses (i.e., “What do you like about our business”) will take time to read, code,and trend. Plus, they make for a longer survey completion time. Closed-ended questions make it easy for the survey taker to whisk through the questions and give you easily quantifiable data.

4Ask one thing per question. 

Seems simple enough, but it’s an easy trap to fall into when compiling questions. Avoid such inquiries as “Do you like pizza and ice cream?” These are two unrelated subjects and should be broken into separate questions that will allow survey takers to answer both independently.Make sure to give respondents a full opportunity to answer the question with an: “Other”, “Prefer Not to Answer”, or “Not Applicable” option where necessary. These answers, while vague, can provide better insight than a non-answer. Note: When giving an option of “Other,” it’s best to provide a text box for write-in answers.

5. Avoid biasing the response. 

Ask questions in a manner that doesn’t trend or lead to a preferred answer in a particular way. For instance, when gauging a customer’s likelihood of referring your business to friends, use a scale that ranges from “not very” to “extremely” with a few options in between. Avoid using “Always” or “Never” extremes as they can bias responses in the opposite direction.

6. Limit required questions.

Too many required questions in a survey can ruin the flow and likely decrease your response rate. We recommend making required questions only those that you absolutely need to make a business decision. 

7. Question order matters.

The first question or two should be easy and interesting to engage the respondent and get them into the ow of the survey. Place profile or demographic related questions at the end of the survey to avoid scaring people off. If a person has taken the time to answer all your questions first, they are more likely to provide at least some of their profile information at the end.

8. Create a logical flow. 

Group questions that cover similar topics together and use text boxes to introduce each section of the survey. Page breaks should be used to break up longer surveys to prevent what seems like an endless scroll of questions. A side bene t to page breaks is that they provide for an auto-save of prior responses every time someone clicks on them.

9. Test the survey.

Once you’ve completed building your survey, send it to a couple of trusted associates for testing purposes. Have them time how long it takes to complete and provide feedback on the overall ow of the survey. You can also check on the test entries to ensure the answers’ format will provide useful data.

10. Spell out time expectations in your invite and on the greeting page. 

When using an email survey invitation or a survey greeting page, tell the audience why you’re asking these questions, provide an estimated completion time, and explain what you will be doing with the data collected. Make the invite about the customer/survey taker by using “you” pronouns in your text.

11. Get it in front of the right people. To get the most out of your survey efforts, you have to get the right people to take it, thereby providing the feedback about your organization that you’re looking for. Your objective and how well you know your customers will determine the appropriate audience for your survey. For a good response rate, we recommend sending it to the segment of your audience that will care most about the topic(s).

12. Share the results and actions with respondents. 

Once the survey is complete and the data is collected and analyzed, let the respondents know what you’ve learned and what actions you’ll be taking as a result. Following up with respondents (and customers in general) helps validate your relationship with them and sends the message that their opinions make a difference. When customers feel like a part of a business, they’re more likely to provide feedback in the future. 

And so, you have the 12 Commandments of good survey questions. Here at Brand Advertising Group, we want to ensure YOUR success by giving you the very latest and up to date information so as a TEAM, we can make the best business decisions with your Marketing and Advertising dollars! And remember, with us - YOUR success is already in the B.A.G.!

    Adapted and Researched by Rick Stafford - Research Director and “bag boy.”

4 Ways to Use Keywords to Build Your Brand

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If you’re new to digital marketing and have been looking at ways to help build your company’s online presence, chances are you’ve come across the term SEO in your research. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Among other tactics, it’s how the use of certain words, or keywords, can help search engines find you and… [Read More]

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Streaming Video: It’s Time to Get Serious

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It’s time to get serious about streaming video. With TV streaming services gaining momentum, cross-training between traditional TV buyers and digital buyers has become more important than ever. As an agency, we have long felt the most effective media plans have a strategic mix of traditional and digital media buys. But with OTT breaking the […]

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Consumers Use Ad Blocking To Voice Concerns: Time For Us To Listen

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Ad blocking technology has been available to web users since the early 2000’s. Until recently, only a small percentage of consumers utilized ad blockers and those who did tended to be more tech-savvy than the general population. However, as mainstream companies such as Google and Apple have begun to make ad blockers easily accessible to […]

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Media Training Seminar – Fresh Perspectives

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Journalist and Lexington public relations firm collaborate on media training Journalists have the need to find and tell interesting stories. That’s just the type of person I was looking for on a part-time basis when I learned about Brent Carney. He and his wife had...

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Glitter all the way

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The Christmas holiday season is always filled with joy and merriment, and that should be reflected in what you wear. With parties, dinners and events going in full swing, there … Click to Continue »

When Is It Time to Rebrand?

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When Is It Time to Rebrand? A company’s brand represents its core values and goals. It’s the answer to the question, “Who are you?” Brand identity is how that brand is brought to life, connecting a business to its customers through design. Over time, businesses change, they evolve. Knowing when …

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The Joy Cart

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

If you don’t know the motivating story of Jarrett Myner and Jarrett’s Joy Cart, you should definitely check it out. Jarrett survived 7 bouts with cancer while helping thousands. While Jarrett is no longer with us, the continuation of Jarrett’s Joy Cart and being the inspiration behind DanceBlue at the University of Kentucky his legacy and inspiration lives on. Because of the impact Jarrett left on all of us we are proud to support The Joy Cart Movie, and encourage you to check out the video below about Jarrett’s story.

Hashtags Turn 10: 3 Tips to Use Them Effectively

by Tiffany Moss @ Allegra Design Print Mail – Lexington, KY

The hashtag, once only known as the pound sign, recently celebrated its tenth birthday. Used primarily on Twitter and Instagram with some Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ overlap, hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the pound or hash (#) sign that make it easier for users to find information and conversation about a given topic.… [Read More]

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How Do You Rebrand a Non-Profit That Has a Wide Range of Services?

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In March 2014, Community Ventures reached out to Wiser Strategies to help update their brand. They had previously worked with other firms, but felt they were not adequately capturing the company’s essence. Nancy Wiser, our president has always said, “we may not immediately give the...

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Transit Advertising, the Perfect Medium to Deliver Your Brand’s “Visual Hammer”

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You’re probably wondering what a Visual Hammer is. Well, the idea of a visual hammer is a visual that reinforces a positioning concept. Al Ries introduced us to the concept in a 2008 Ad Age article, and Laura Ries went in-depth on the topic in her 2015 book Visual Hammer.   When your business creates […]

New Client - Legacy Nissan

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

Excited to Announce our newest client - Legacy Nissan in London, KY. Welcome!!!

Right Place Media Celebrates 15 Years of Service

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Lexington, KY – January 29, 2016 – Right Place Media, one of the largest independent media agencies in the Southeast, celebrates its 15th anniversary on Monday February 01, 2016. Headquartered in Lexington, KY, Right Place Media was founded on February 01, 2001 by CEO, President Joel Rapp.  Right Place Media offers expertise in traditional, interactive […]

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Petal power

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Coffee Keeps Wiser Strategies Running

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At Wiser Strategies, our staff always stays busy whether that be with branding a new company, running a social media account or designing a PR campaign. One thing that keeps us going, coffee. September 29 is National Coffee Day so to celebrate we asked our...

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Six Big Thoughts from South by Southwest 2017

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Another year at South by Southwest and we’ve come back with our bellies full of BBQ and our brains full of big ideas for how we’re going to deploy everything we learned over our time in Austin. With everything there...

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It’s a Wrap!

by Ginny Schumacher @ Advertising Vehicles

When it comes to Marketing in the 21st Century companies have various options to choose from. You can go old school like TV, radio spots or dare I say…newspaper ads, or go new school with various digital and social media platforms to get your message out to the masses. For companies with vehicles, using vehicle […]

2015 Lexington Ad Club – Gold Addy Award

by Bita Fesharaki @ Right Place Media

Right Place Media is honored to have received the Lexington Advertising Club’s Gold ADDY Award in the Outdoor category this year.  

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Courage: A key to bullying prevention

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4 Tips for Creating Engaging B2B Content

by Tiffany Moss @ Allegra Design Print Mail – Lexington, KY

Intentional or not, most businesses and organizations create an enormous amount of content every day. With more web writing, blogs, emails, case studies and the like, the risk of favoring quantity over quality grows. Content should be engaging, educational and/or actionable to your key audience. Here are four reminders for your content producers: 1. Share… [Read More]

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Operation Surprise and Delight

by Zack Massey @ ZIPIE Advertising

Sharing the love with Integrity IT Everybody loves getting gifts. That’s a basic fact of the universe. Secondary to that: everybody loves giving gifts, too. Surprising someone with an unexpected present is something we all wish we could do more...

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Transit Advertising: How Long Does it Take to Have My Advertisements Rolling Around Town?

by Blake Castetter @ Adsposure

Your transit ads will be up and running 5-10 business days after your print-ready art has been approved. Two variables that can delay a campaign are not having print-ready art and a delay in approving the designs. Transit Advertisements are eye-level with consumers! Print-ready art: With transit advertising, billboards are eye-level, not sky-level, which means […]

Breast cancer survivor beats odds, spreads awareness

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It’s been five years since Lexington resident Marletta McDermott was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she’s still beating very, very heavy odds. In early 2011, Marletta was experiencing pain on … Click to Continue »

Etched in history

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In a time when women were written into the backgrounds of history books, the women of Bryan Station were busy breaking the mold. A 119-year-old memorial stands today just off … Click to Continue »

Fairway has successfully joined forces with GTCR and Adams Outdoor

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Fairway has successfully joined forces with GTCR and Adams Outdoor We are pleased to announce that Fairway has successfully joined forces with GTCR and Adams Outdoor Advertising (“Adams Outdoor”). A copy of the press release issued regarding the transaction can be viewed here. Fairway will continue to operate independently and it is business as usual …

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I Wanna Go Fast: Car Wraps, Pace Trucks, and NASCAR

I Wanna Go Fast: Car Wraps, Pace Trucks, and NASCAR

by Zack Massey @ ZIPIE Advertising

  If you’ve been to a NASCAR race, you’ve seen a pace car. If you’ve been to a NASCAR race at the Kentucky Speedway, you’ve probably seen a pace car that we’ve had our hands on. Ford has been supplying...

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Current360 | Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Digital Agency

Current360 | Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Digital Agency


Louisville’s Leading Interactive Marketing, Branding and Advertising Agency. Whatever you need to build your brand — we do that.

Transit Advertising Creates Spontaneous Recall!

by Ginny Schumacher @ Adsposure

When you’re competing for share in the marketplace you need your brand to have what we at Adsposure call Spontaneous Recall. Spontaneous recall is creating enough awareness and familiarity with your brand to ensure your business is top-of-mind when a consumer needs the products and/or services you offer. We’ll be talking a lot more about […]

Spreading joy this holiday season

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As holiday time rolls around, kids invariably start to think about their gift wish lists. And while there’s no denying the joy of ripping into a freshly wrapped present on … Click to Continue »

GTCR Partners with Adams Outdoor Advertising to Acquire Fairway Media Group

by Fairway IT @ Fairway

GTCR Partners with Adams Outdoor Advertising to Acquire Fairway Media Group Strategic acquisition expands strong outdoor advertising platform CHICAGO, IL GTCR, a leading private equity firm, today announced it has partnered with Adams Outdoor Advertising (“Adams Outdoor”) to acquire Fairway Media Group, LLC (“Fairway”) from ACON Investments and MidOcean Partners. Fairway is one of the …

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Proud of this Work!

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog


We are so proud of this project we did for Kentucky Children's Hospital!! 

Alternatives to White Papers – Be a “Cheat Sheet Hero” with Sales Segmentation

by Scott Clark @ Scott Clark – SEO, SEM, ORM and Content Marketing

I agree with David Meerman Scott most white papers are pretty lame.  I think if most companies looked at analytics for these they’d see few actually reading what they poured hours of work into.  The content is too generic and too unfocused on the buyer’s needs.  Research has shown that building content and service bundles […]

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What side of the bus do I want my advertisements to go on?

by Blake Castetter @ Adsposure

This is a question we commonly receive in the beginning stages of our transit advertising consultation and it depends on what your goals are. Side Displays: Placing your ads on the Driver or Passenger side of the bus will reach commuters on every major artery as well as consumers who are using the sidewalks. Your […]

Fayette Heating and Air - Web Videos

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

We wanted to share the first of several web videos we did for Fayette Heating & Air. They wanted a vehicle to show more about the company and the people than we could in a thirty second television spot. They are fun, informative and gives you more a sense of the personality of Fayette Heating & Air. Give us a call and let us know if you are interested in producing some for your company!

Keeping the lights on

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It’s that time of year again. As winter draws near and the nights get longer and darker, a beam of light shines out from the Kentucky Horse Park. It comes … Click to Continue »

Shatterbox clients set to entertain

by Jeff Ruth @ Shatterbox

Looking for something fun to do in Lexington on Friday June 10th? Check out the Warehouse Block Party no. 2 on National Ave. from 5-9pm. There will be food, music, local shops, and more to help kick off the first of this summer series. Be sure to stop by and see our …

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Why with Brand Advertising Group…it’s in the B.A.G.!

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

​By: Drew McLellan 

Despite their best efforts to stand out, nearly every agency looks, sounds and acts just like every other one. We all think we have figured out how to differentiate ourselves using catchy tag lines and clever techniques, but from the outside looking in, it’s hard to tell the difference from one to the next. 

Don’t believe me? See whether any of these phrases ring a bell: 

• “We are a full-service integrated marketing agency.” • “We partner with our clients.” • “We’ve been in business for X years and have more than X years of experience.”

Don’t Please Everyone All The Time -  New avenues of competition are part of the reason for this. Agencies are now commodities competing with freelancers and others who take advantage of low barriers to entry. Differentiating your agency from the masses requires clearly defined areas of expertise. Clients want specialists, not indistinguishable, cookie-cutter generalists. According to our research, one of the biggest factors for clients choosing an agency is industry-specific expertise, which they define as having 25-50% of the agency’s business in one industry. 

Although most agencies struggle to stand out, differentiating isn’t as hard as it seems. These four strategies help the most successful agencies split from the pack and say something interesting, while other companies waste their breath trying to shout louder than everyone else. 

Ideally, you need four areas of expertise or industry specialization. We all watched entire market evaporate in the recession of the late 2000’s, and agencies that served only single markets dried up with them. Standing on a four-legged stool lets you invest 25% of your business in different markets, meeting the 25-50% specialization criteria of your clients while insulating you from disaster should one niche dry up.

Create a philosophy around how and why you do what you do. Take a specific position or point of view that puts you squarely on one side of an argument, then merchandise that position heavily to the client base to which you want to appeal.

Specialization works even better when it extends beyond client selection and into services provided. Choose a specialization like SEO, public relations, branding, or digital media. Don’t do generalist work - do one thing better than everyone else. 

Are you fully virtual and therefore less expensive than others? Do you have only senior-level executives on your team, ensuring that no client works with a rookie? Does everyone on the team have client-side experience? Make your structure stand out by building a company that doesn’t look like any other. 

Differentiate Your Agency (for real)  1. Create a four-legged stool  2. Believe in something 3. Specialize further 4. Build a unique structure 

A Different Avenue of Success  You can’t serve everyone and expect to stand out from the other agencies trying to do the same. Differentiate your business at every opportunity, and clients will flock to you for the specialized services you provide. This is how we make the BAG difference with each and every one of our clients. 

New Image Spot for Rocky Top Chrysler Jeep Dodge

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

Premiere of the new Rocky Top Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram image spot for their "Advantage" campaign. Rocky Topis in Kodak/Sevierville, TN - just outside of Knoxville.

A Beginner’s Guide to Shopper Marketing [Infographic]

by Scott Kuhn @ Sheehy

If you don’t have a plan for marketing to your customers inside your store, you’re missing the bigger picture – and the opportunity to grow. There was a time when retail-marketing firms were quick to point out that their primary objective was to help get consumers in their clients’ front doors. Then, the onus was […]

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I’ve Chosen Custom Vehicle Graphics. What Do I Need to Know?

by Ginny Schumacher @ Advertising Vehicles

Congratulations, you’ve decided to turn your fleet of company vehicles into mobile billboards! Whether you’ve chosen a full vehicle wrap, partial wrap, or the Traxx™ changeable graphics system, you obviously know fleet graphics attract the attention of not only your customers, but all your prospective customers. There’s no better way to deliver your brand message […]

Dance teacher carrys on love of arts and community

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At Premiere Dance, little girls can learn ballet, moms can take yoga and senior citizens can learn to foxtrot with their spouses all in one place. That’s what owner Rebecca … Click to Continue »

Adams+Fairway Will Pause Digital Billboards in Honor of the National Moment of Remembrance

by Todd Turner @ Fairway

ATLANTA, GA (May 25, 2017) – On Memorial Day, May 29, Adams Outdoor and Fairway Outdoor will pause all advertising on 468 digital billboards in 21 states in honor of the National Moment of Remembrance. The little-known National Moment of Remembrance — established by Congress — asks Americans to pause in national unity for one …

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Is Billboard Advertising Effective in 2017?

by admin @ medialeaseooh

Have you ever looked at large billboards on your way to work and wondered if they are still effective? Like many managers or business owners, you […]

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Jarrett's Joy Cart

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Jennifer Mynear knew her son Jarrett was special from a young age. Though she had always known he was smart, she first saw his rare fearlessness at age 2. After … Click to Continue »

Home and garden news and events for September 2017

by Staff @ Ace Weekly

Friday, Sept. 1 The Arboretum will host an Insect Safari 7 to 9 p.m. The annual family-friendly night of insects, spiders and science provided by the University of Kentucky’s Department of Entomology. Be sure to bring a flashlight. There will  be  a guided Garden Tour of the Home Demonstration Garden Friday, Sept. 1 from 11 […]

Tabula Rasa and Agency Life

by Zack Massey @ ZIPIE Advertising

We’ve been in our new office for a little over four months now. Building a new space from the ground up gave us an opportunity to intentionally shape our new office to reflect who we are and how we work—and...

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Startup Production joins Local First Lexington!

by NicoleMueller @ Startup Production

Shop Local, Eat Local & Spend Local … that’s what Local First Lexington! is all about.  Local First Lexington is a non-profit alliance of locally owned, independently operated businesses, and their membership includes a directory listing, advertising possibilities, education, networking opportunities and mixers.   Formed in 2008, Local First Lexington is a non-profit business alliance of


by Bita Fesharaki @ Right Place Media

By Bita Fesharaki With under 4 months left to the Rio de Janiero Olympics, NBC is about to break advertising sales records despite concerns in Brazil about the Zika virus, corruption, political turmoil, and high crime rates. Last month, Advertising Age reported that NBC had passed the $1 billion mark in national ad sales across […]


Thoughts on marketing that matters.

by @ Group CJ Lexington Kentucky

We have a passion for marketing that matters. We seek out important clients and causes we are proud to support and make them highly visible and relevant. For 25 years, we’ve been engaged in enterprises that directly or indirectly serve the cause of Lexington’s economic development by improving the quality of life which all of us enjoy. We're not just Continue Reading

Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill Opens in Bowling Green, KY!

by Danielle Roberts @ Boxcar PR

On Thursday, November 10 Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill opened its doors in Bowling Green, KY making this their 3rd location in the Bluegrass. Smokey Bones is an all-American restaurant known for its house-smoked and fire-grilled menu, providing diners, endless opportunity to enjoy craft cocktails, local beers and a memorable dining experience. Boxcar had […]

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CHEERS: A Toast to Bourbon Month 

by Staff @ Ace Weekly

By Tom Yates Twenty minutes before service, I left the controlled chaos of the kitchen to gather my thoughts and take a quiet stroll through the shaded grounds of My Old Kentucky Home State Park. September means different things to different people. To me, it’s a nostalgic reminder of the two years I taught the […]

The secret style of pets

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With so many of us being pet owners and animal lovers I don’t think we realize how big of an influence these beautiful creatures have in our lives, specifically our … Click to Continue »


by AV Admin @ Advertising Vehicles

Advertising Vehicles’ changeable graphics system creates opportunities for Utz that their customers notice and appreciate.


by Fairway IT @ Fairway

Barbie Large and Linda Sturgis make a great creative team at our Wisconsin division. One of Barb’s designs recently was on the cover of Outdoor Advertising magazine. She enjoys the camaraderie she has developed with co-workers and clients and recently celebrated 19 years in outdoor advertising. Linda joined Fairway’s predecessor , Collins Outdoor in 1985. …

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She takes the cake

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Self-taught baker loves to make elaborate treats

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by AV Admin @ Advertising Vehicles

Advertising Vehicles’ attention to detail, quality products, and service sets Teasdale Fenton apart from the competition; delivering a 24/7 impression.

My Story: Cancer does not define the survivor

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In 2011 at just 34 years old, I was told I had breast cancer. I felt a lump while I was breastfeeding and my ob/gyn told me that I had … Click to Continue »

JCDecaux JV Signs Chicago’s First Large Digital Billboard Network Contract

by admin @ medialeaseooh

JC Deacux, worldwide outdoor advertising company, announced Wednesday that its newly formed joint venture with Interstate Outdoor Advertising and its sister company, Foster Interstate, has signed […]

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How to Optimize Your Ad Campaign’s Return on Investment through Facebook’s Pixel

by kristylowery @ Digital Tulip

Have you heard of the benefits of using Facebook pixels? Facebook just released this info-graphic on what you need to be doing to utilize this powerful piece of code. It enables you to measure, optimize and build audiences. Using the Facebook pixel, you can track and use the actions people take on your website to build more effective advertising campaigns. Better advertising every step of the way Find people who will love your business The Facebook pixel makes it easy to learn more about the people who visit your website, and build new audiences of similar people who are likely…

Top 10 Tactics to Avoid Brand Crushing Social Media Blunders

by Scott Kuhn @ Sheehy

One bad social media mishap can lead to years of brand rebuilding. When KitchenAid took to social media to hop into the 2012 presidential debates, when candidates first began to utilize social media in their campaigns, they never fathomed the backlash they would suffer from a company tweet implying President Barack Obama’s grandmother died because […]

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Pick of the Week – Friday, October 6th

by Amanda Laborio @ Right Place Media

Marketing, advertising included, relies on frequent evaluation and optimization of tactics. In the post below from Forbes, see how to get started with utilizing analytics to create a baseline for your campaigns and determine effectiveness in the future. Here at RPM, we enjoy working with our clients to set clear objectives, optimize campaigns, and utilize […]

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International Display Advertising’s 2013 Global Marketing Strategy Begins With Launch Into Canada And Latin America

by admin @ medialeaseooh

International Display Advertising, Inc. (OTC PINK: IDAD) (“Display Ads”), For IDAD’s entrance into the $9 billion USD Global Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising market, the […]

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Drone Footage Offers a Unique Way to Market Your Business

by Scott Lowery @ Digital Tulip

Aerial drone video footage has become an awesome tool for advertising and marketing! Drone video footage not only allows you to tell your company’s story better, but you can literally take your potential customers on a ride.  The bird’s eye view allows for a unique, often majestic perspective not available with normal video footage. At Digital Tulip, we’ve embraced this new technology and added it to our services. Below is a short clip we recently shot for Six Winter’s Farm in Lexington, KY.  Six Winter’s wanted to advertise available stable space for top quality performance horses.  As you can imagine,…

Home - H&L Partners

Home - H&L Partners

H&L Partners

We create advertising for Toyota, McDonald's, Maytag, USC, Touchstone Energy, Missouri Division of Tourism, St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission, and several other companies. H&L Partners is headquartered in San Francisco, with full-service offices in St. Louis and Boston.

3 Ways to Build the Perfect List for Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

by Tiffany Moss @ Allegra Design Print Mail – Lexington, KY

In today’s digital world, the physicality of direct mail can help amplify your marketing strategy to break through the clutter and drive action. In fact, according to the Online Marketing Institute, direct mail yields the highest conversion rates for both B2B and B2C campaigns in terms of response rates. When it comes to direct mail… [Read More]

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How to Target 6 Online Shopper Personalities

by Jill Estep @ Sheehy

Online shoppers come in all shapes, sizes and styles. But, is your store still targeting all customers the same? As more consumers shop from behind digital screens instead of in-store, identifying your customer base can be tricky. Liraz Margalit, customer experience psychologist at ClickTale, believes knowing who your customers are and targeting the right audience can […]

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Advertise with Herald-Leader

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Advertising Opportunities The Lexington Herald-Leader is more than a newspaper or a mass media advertising buy. Whether your strategic objectives call for image building, name familiarity or target marketing designed … Click to Continue »

Creative Marketing Agency | Lexington, Kentucky

Creative Marketing Agency | Lexington, Kentucky

Serif Group

Serif Group is a creative marketing agency in Kentucky offering high quality work and outstanding customer service specializing in out-of-the-box solutions.

Branding vs. Marketing: What’s the difference?

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

Branding vs. Marketing: Creating “Top of Mind Awareness” or TOMA. 

Branding is strategic. 

Branding should both precede and underlie any marketing effort.  Branding is the expression of the essential truth or value of an organization, product, or service. It directly supports whatever sales or marketing activities are in play. It creates awareness so that when the customer has a NEED, you are the first company they think of to meet that specific need.

Marketing is tactical.

Marketing directly supports whatever sales or marketing activities are in play, (type of media and message: inform, persuade or remind) its message is simple: “Buy me – NOW!”  Marketing unearths and activates buyers to purchase your BRAND! It is –  THE CALL TO ACTION!

Perception is reality

by Bill Michul @ ideas are BORN

Bill Michul Creative Director + Partner We speak with companies everyday about building brands. So,...

Clear Channel Unveils Huge Screens At Denver Airport

by admin @ medialeaseooh

Clear Channel Airports has installed four “video towers” in the Denver International Airport, the company announced this week. The spectacular displays consist of LED screens measuring […]

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Shatterbox Wins Again

by Braidi Kase @ Shatterbox

The American Advertising Awards, formerly, and better known as the Addy’s is an event that you don’t want to miss. Shatterbox has been attending and competing at the Addy’s since we opened 7 years ago. We have won countless awards for work we have completed for various local companies in …

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PM Advertising - Website Design and Full Service Marketing Agency in Lexington KY

PM Advertising - Website Design and Full Service Marketing Agency in Lexington KY

PM Advertising, LLC

Located in Lexington, Kentucky, PM Advertising specializes in responsive web design, development, programming, SEO optimization, video production and print production.

Comic relief

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For LaRonda Clay, the hardest part about comedy was getting up the nerve to do it in the first place. She had waffled about doing amateur night at Comedy Off … Click to Continue »

In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence…

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

Excerpted from: Wiley Publishers, The Art of Client Service: The Classic Guide, Updated for Today’s Marketers and Advertisers, 3rd Edition by Robert Solomon. Copyright (c) 2016 by Robert Solomon. All rights reserved. This book is available at all booksellers.

​Maurice Levy, the chair and CEO of the French holding company Publicis, is reputed to have said about new business, “You never really know why you win; you never really know why you lose.” I have no idea if Levy actually said this, but no matter. I believe it to be true. 

I have been on the receiving end of many a condolence call from the prospective client that goes something like this: “You and your team were great, really great, and it was a hard, really, really hard decision, but we’ve decided to go in a different direction. But let’s stay in touch.”

And there have been a few occasions when I received this kind of call: “You and your team were great, really great, and it was a really, really hard decision, but we’ve decided to go with you and your team. When can we get together to kick things off?”

The difference between winning and losing is often the thinnest of margins, and there are so many variables in play when you pursue a new client - money, the work, the people, the politics, did I say money - it is impossible to know exactly how you won or lost. My agencies have done extraordinary work for prospective clients and lost. My agencies have done average work for prospective clients and won. I had one prospective client tell me our agency didn’t understand their business and that’s why we lost. I had another prospective client tell me we understood their business so well that’s why we won. 

In a new business effort in which there might be anywhere from 3 to 10 finalists, how do you avoid becoming one of the silver medalists? How do you walk off with that one gold medal? With new business, there might be as many pieces of advice - some wise, others not so wise - as there are agencies, but I think there are three relatively simple rules to follow: 

1. Be ruthless about the accounts you pursue - You want to avoid the long shot opportunities and focus instead on those in which you have a reasonable chance to prevail. The key to winning is less about the accounts for which you decide to compete, and more about the accounts for which you decide not to compete.

2. Once you’re in, go all out - If your agency is selective about the accounts and clients it chooses to pursue, it should be better able to devote the time, attention, and resources necessary to compete effectively. They follow every step included in the previous chapter. They leave everything on the field. I was in a pitch once for a major financial services account. The agency I was working with was eliminated; the client chose another shop. But at the proverbial eleventh hour, a very senior client person stepped in and steered the account to an agency that also had been eliminated, proving once again that, in new business, relationships matter.

3. Pay attention to relationships - It’s easy to say the clients decision will be based on strategy, the ideas, and the work, and I know of no clients who willingly will admit to choosing an agency because they felt comfortable with the people they interacted with during the pitch process, but do not underestimate the power of personal connection.

Step Up Your Swag to Build Brand Awareness

by Tiffany Moss @ Allegra Design Print Mail – Lexington, KY

For building brand awareness, one of the most effective tools is logoed promotional products. According to a 2016 study by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), approximately 87 percent of marketers credit promotional products with helping them to reach marketing goals. In today’s multi-channel landscape, what can brands do to get their best ROI out… [Read More]

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DOOH Gaining Momentum Around the World, Accenture Finds

by admin @ medialeaseooh

Despite continuing economic uncertainty, digital out-of-home networks are expanding around the world, often piggybacking onto big-ticket infrastructure projects, while new technology makes DOOH advertising more interactive […]

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To former Fayette County educator,in the end, only kindness matters

by @ Advertise | &

For Marian Moore Sims, nurturing students for 46 years shaped not only their lives, but also her own. Marian may be one of the most memorable teachers in Fayette County … Click to Continue »

Examine the Old and Plan for the New

by kristylowery @ Digital Tulip

As we approach a brand new calendar year, it’s beneficial to set aside time to examine what has worked for us personally in 2016 and what we can do to better ourselves in 2017. This type of examination holds many benefits for a business as well. As you examine your company’s social media/digital marketing plan for the new year, delve into the analytics to see what’s worked and what has not. For example: Facebook provides extremely detailed analytics. You are able to access metrics that show the Actions on Page (the number of times people have clicked a call to…

New Bank Sites launch!

by @ Fayette Heating and Air News / Blog

We're SO excited! Four new bank websites we designed are finally live! Farmer's Bank and Trust Unite,d Bank Citiz,ens Bank of Northern Kentucky and Farmer's Capital Bank Corporation Go c.heck them out.

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